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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock News for Saturday 13th March, 2010

Ronnie James Dio update from Wendy Dio

March Update on The State of Ronnie
Well, now it has been Ronnie’s 7th chemo, another cat scan and another endoscopy, and the results are good – the main tumor has shrunk considerably, and our visits to Houston are now every three weeks instead of every two weeks.

Ronnie and Vinny went down to the studio to have a listen and see how the DVD is coming along, NOT to overdub anything as presumed by Hoss2112 or Shattered 73 on the Blabbermouth rants.
I was very annoyed to read these comments, and if they were truly fans of Ronnie’s, they would know #1) that Ronnie is a SINGER and does not need to overdub a live show, and #2) He would never cheat his fans by overdubbing a Live DVD. I will not be showing these comments to Ronnie, as I know they would hurt and upset him as they did me. He has been going to the REHEARSAL studio to sing, not the recording studio!

Ronnie’s cousin Rock (from The Rods, who used to be in Elf with him) flew in from New York to visit Ronnie for a week and they enjoyed spending some time together, going to the movies and taking walks, and Ronnie and Rock went to the studio to master Rock’s new album, which Ronnie sings a track on. And Craig Goldy will be coming over to start writing new songs with Ronnie next week. It will be great to see him again, as he has been away touring with the British band Budgie.

That’s all I can think of right now until the next update. God bless you all and we are still reading all the wonderful cards and letters.
Many, many thanks,

Wendy Dio



March 12, 2010 -- SEVENDUST--Lajon Witherspoon (vocals), Morgan Rose (drums/vocals), Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals), Vince Hornsby (bass/vocals), John Connolly (guitar/vocals)--are set to release their eight studio album, 'COLD DAY MEMORY,' April 20 on their own 7Bros. Records, through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group. COLD DAY MEMORY—produced by Grammy® Award winner Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, 3 Doors Down, Plain White T's) is the band's first new album with their original line-up back together with Lowery’s return after his departure in 2003.

The album’s first single, "Unraveling," is already getting a great reaction at Rock Radio and is currently #20 on the Active Rock charts (it’s jumping to #18 next week). With back-to-back double-digit add weeks at Active Rock before its actual add date, this is the most well-received Sevendust track in the last decade. The song is currently available on iTunes and is available to stream on their Myspace page. A video is currently in the works.

COLD DAY MEMORY capitalizes on all of Sevendust’s chemistry and potential. While the band’s last few efforts were mainly heavy and rhythmic, the new songs balance brutality with textural passages and infectious counter-melodies. There are even fleet-fingered guitar solos. But whether confronting the listener with double-bass drums and staccato power chords or using melodic arpeggios and soft brush strokes to sweeten the sound of Witherspoon’s multi-faceted vocals, Sevendust sound excited, energized and ready to take on the world.

All five band members contributed to the lyrics on COLD DAY MEMORY, and the songs were works in progress up until the moment they were recorded. In the end, the band crafted songs that encapsulated their experiences with the world and one another. Witherspoon, who recently became a father, penned some lines about commitment and responsibility, while Rose, who was going through a painful divorce, wrote lyrics about heartbreak and disillusionment. The album’s first single, “Unraveling,” was co-written by Lowery and Dave Bassett (Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd) and is about the collapse of a relationship, while “Confession” indirectly addresses Lowery quitting and returning to the band.

“Since we all write, it’s hard to tell exactly what each song is about, but we like to leave it up to the listeners to decide for themselves,” Rose says. “It’s funny because in the end you almost don’t know what you wrote. I remember telling John one time, ‘Dude, that was an amazing line you wrote,’ and he went, ‘What are you talking about? You wrote that.’ We wanted to change the template completely from what we did with our last album, 'HOPE AND SORROW.' We were going, ‘Let’s bring back those other elements Clint brought in that made us what we were.’ So we sort of made a silent agreement that we were going to let Clint run wild. We said we’ll jump in when it’s time, but if you’ve got an idea let’s go with it.”

There’s something almost intangible about a band with strong chemistry. When the guitarists vibe off each other just right, the bassist is lock in step with the drummer, the music almost transcends the musicians. And when the vocalist is feeding off the power of the other players, almost anything is possible. It’s something Sevendust learned early in their career when guitarist Clint Lowery joined forces with the eclectic Atlanta group.
“I knew once I got him in there that he could definitely change the band fully,” says drummer Morgan Rose. “His background vocals and his writing style and guitar playing were the final ingredients for us to become the band that we needed to be.”
With Lowery as a major contributor, Sevendust released four albums that stretched the limits of hard rock and metal, combining elements of thrash, classic metal, southern rock and soul into songs that were both sinfully tuneful and ruthlessly aggressive. Then in 2003, after the release of 'SEASONS,' the guitarist quit to focus on his other band Dark New Day. Sevendust continued for three more albums, and enjoyed considerable success, but something was clearly missing. So, when the band reunited with Lowery in early 2008, it was like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle was finally reinserted and the picture was again complete.
"This record personally has been one of the most difficult, but most rewarding records I've ever worked on," explains Lowery. "I put a lot of pressure on myself to contribute good material to the guys after being gone for last three records and that helped me focus more than I ever had." Adds Lajon Witherspoon: "I feel this album shows new growth for the band. We're very happy to have Clint back and are looking forward for everyone hearing the magic that's made when we're all together!"

In-Progress Headlining Tour Dates:
with Drowning Pool
March 2010
3/10/10 W. Hollywood CA House of Blues
3/12/10 Las Vegas NV House of Blues
3/13/10 Anaheim CA House of Blues
3/14/10 Tempe AZ Marquee Theatre
3/16/10 Albuquerque NM Sunshine Theatre
3/17/10 Colorado Springs CO The Black Sheep
3/19/10 San Antonio TX Scout Bar
3/20/10 Houston TX Scout Bar
3/21/10 Corpus Christi TX The Pavilion @ Concrete St.
3/22/10 Mission TX Las Palmas Race Track
3/24/10 Lubbock TX The Pavillion
3/26/10 Dallas TX Trees
3/27/10 Odessa TX Dos Amigos
3/30/10 Panama City FL Club LaVela

April 2010
4/24/10 Tampa FL St. Pete Times Forum (WXTB 98 Rockfest)
May 2010
5/22 Columbus, OH Rock On The Range

Two more covers added to W.I.P. Stryper Covers release

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has revealed through his Twitter site another 2 interesting covers being tracked right now from the new Stryper covers CD, as yet to be named / titled and still very much, W.I.P. (Work In Progress folks!). 
The two new additions mentioned are:
Kiss - Shout It Out Loud
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wilde Starr Debut CD Review

Wilde Starr Debut CD Review (Furnace Maximus Records)

This San Francisco, Bay Area project Wilde Starr is the brainchild of female vocalist / keyboardist London Wilde and metal veteran guitarist Dave Starr. The two are ably supported here by drummer Jim Hawthorne.

Self described as Power metal meets Symphonic metal along the lines of Judas Priest, Queensryche, Dream Theater and a former band of Dave Starr’s Vicious Rumors, to name a few, is an interesting mix. I will say this is not my typical listening, but with Dave Starr’s background of having played with the aforementioned Vicious Rumors (Which at one point boasted Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis as a member), Laaz Rockit, Chastain, Press and Destillery caught my curiosity along with a new (To me) female vocalist, in London Wilde.

"Arrival' is a dark affair, of that there is no doubt, the albums artwork, the creepy intro ‘noises’ of ‘Rose In The Dark’ and London Wilde …Well, it’s funny at times I think Evanescence, Nightwish and … Tony Mills (Shy) from way back even Tygers of Pan Tangs, Jon Deverill, as well as hints of early Geoff Tate (Queensryche) but musically it’s intense, early Judas Priest perhaps, Iron Maiden too but heavier and really darker. Sometime though, Starr’s harmonizing guitar solos bring to mind Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and even Night Ranger, yes, all in the first song! Well, it is seven and a half minutes long and does get a little repetitive.

Title track ‘Arrival’ next starts again eerily, with some astronaut like voices before getting into the dark musical territory again. Here Wilde’s voice is to a point, scary! I do hear elements of Dream Theater about this now I think about it and that strong symphonic stabbing keyboard sound throughout. Another lengthy track at just under six minutes. I will say, I do like elements of this, like the aforementioned solos’ from Starr, but sometimes musically, the overall tracks can become a little ‘over and over’ and not really grabbing me with any hook.

‘Touching God’ starts with a little offbeat drumming before getting into the dark eeriness again, with bells tolling and some guitar work that reminds me a little of Ozzy players Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde a little, while some of Wilde’s delivery reminds me of Dio. It’s weird but the lyrics describe someone having been slaying people

Wow! London Wilde ‘screeching’ in next track ‘Rise’ is simply terrifying! Holy …!
This track is tough to get through to be honest … Phew! Again, a really intense track in structure. Pummeling drums drive all these tracks throughout, rarely easing up at all.

‘Down Of The Sun’ starts making me think, ah, maybe they’ve actually got a rock ballad here but no, it soon picks up where everything goes and drives at a pace, although it’s possibly the closest they’ve come to taking the pace down a little.
Again, Starr’s solo sounds good here and Wilde’s voice is reaching without really destroying you as ‘Rise’ did.

With ‘In This World’ it’s almost a similar less intense pace as ‘Down Of The Sun,’ again there is no doubting the range of London Wilde’s voice, it’s can soar high and impress, but also sometimes it’s low enough to sound like many strong metal vocalist who attack with a lower range.

There’s something in ‘Generation Next’ almost punky, yet almost reaching a Metallica type attack in it, but again we have those harmonizing guitar parts that are so strong and change the theme a little.

‘Nevermore’ starts soulfully with acoustic guitar, before a soaring harmony lead solo reaches out before the full band kicks in at a slower pace than typical elsewhere here, but huge power chords give the metallic sound you come to expect here. Yet again Wilde’s voice reaches a screech just before Starr’s solo here.

‘Voice In The Silence’ is a mid paced track, driven in the choruses with a vocal reaching heights not unlike the previously mentioned Geoff Tate or early Rob Halford, while the verses keep the song at a steady range.

Closing track, ‘The Chain’ hits you like a train out of the blocks, serious metal here!

A seriously metallic release, bound to impress the metal masses, not really for me, but there’s no doubting the clear ability of these guys, some seriously nice guitar work and London Wilde’s vocals, wow, scary, dark and strong, but sometimes they just destroy you!

Rating: 3 out of 5

Rock News for Friday 12th March, 2010

Meat Loaf Signs to Roadrunner/ Loud & Proud!

Roadrunner Records/Loud & Proud Records is pleased to announce the signing of Meat Loaf to the label! Meat Loaf has been a towering monument on the musical landscape for the past 35 years and his new deal with Roadrunner/Loud & Proud will allow him to retain his post as the pre-eminent voice in rock music and beyond.

His new album, 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear,' whose title was taken from a line in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, is 13 tracks of classic Meat Loaf, primed and ready for the 21st century. More than four decades into his career, the man and his voice are as big, bold and relevant as ever. The album features a hot producer, a slew of impressive guest appearances, ranging from guitar god Steve Vai to actor Hugh Laurie, and of course, Meat Loaf’s signature pipes!

"I wanted it big, I wanted it dramatic, I wanted a rock record,” Meat Loaf said about the new album. “Yes, it sounds like a Meat Loaf record. But it sounds different too: it sounds new, it sounds fresh. It speaks to you in a different way.” For Hang Cool Teddy Bear, Meat Loaf’s creativity was sparked by working with a new collaborator, producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Fleetwood Mac), a lifelong Meat Loaf fan who has worked with some of the most explosive names in rock music and who helped to foster a modern and contemporary vibe for the album. Of their relationship, Meat Loaf said, “Rob is the number one rock producer in the world because he leaves his ego out of the equation and gives an artist his voice, making it sound better than the artist could even imagine.”

Regarding Roadrunner/Loud & Proud, Meat Loaf is excited about his new label digs, saying, “In my bones, I've always been a rocker and I finally found a home that rocks.” Loud & Proud President Tom Lipsky also commented on the signing, saying “Meat Loaf has once again created a masterpiece and we are excited and proud to be his new label partner.”

Thematically, like most Meat Loaf albums, Hang Cool Teddy Bear has a larger concept and was inspired by a short story written by Los Angeles screenwriter, director and longtime Meat Loaf friend Kilian Kerwin.

“It's the story of a soldier,” revealed Meat Loaf. “He's been in battle and he's lying face down on the ground. He can't move, but he turns his head and starts to see blood run across the ground, and so he thinks he's going to die. They always say you see your life flash backward when you're about to die. But his life flashes forward - into what possibly could happen. He sees what his life could be: the good and the bad. The songs are the different scenarios he finds himself in. It's not always the same time or the same place, but it's always the same woman. But I don't want to give too much away. I want people to work it out for themselves.”

Hang Cool Teddy Bear also features a stellar array of big-name guests, including Steve Vai (who appears on ‘Love is Not Real’), former Queen guitarist Brian May (who appears on ‘Song of Madness’ and ‘Love is Not Real’), American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi (who co-wrote and sings on ‘If I Can't Have You’) and Hollywood star Jack Black, who duets with Meat Loaf on ‘Like a Rose.’ Additionally, English actor Hugh Laurie of TV’s House fame has a cameo on the album, playing piano on ‘If I Can’t Have You.’ The pair met after Meat Loaf guested on Laurie’s hit series and discovered the star was a classically trained pianist.

For Hang Cool Teddy Bear, the singer enlisted elite musicians, including Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins, who co-wrote two songs for the album, guitarists Tim Pierce, Paul Crook and Randy Flowers, legendary bass players Chris Chaney and Kasim Sulton, genius keyboardist Jamie Mulhoberac and the world’s greatest rock drummer, John Micelli.

Hang Cool Teddy Bear is due out May 11 in the US.

While Meat Loaf certainly requires no introduction, he burst onto the world music stage in 1977, with his landmark release, 'Bat Out Of Hell,' which transformed him from a stage actor into an American rock ‘n’ roll icon, as the album sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and is the 3rd biggest selling record of all time. Following Bat Out Of Hell with further masterpieces like 1981’s 'Dead Ringer,' 1984’s 'Bad Attitude' and the Bat Out Of Hell sequels, 1993’s 'Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell' and 2006’s 'Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster is Loose' proves what Rob Cavallo believes about Meat Loaf: that he has more rock ‘n’ roll in his bones than anyone he’s ever met.

See Daughtry LIVE In Baltimore For FREE!

That's right Daughtry fans! In honor of the LIVE webcast that's scheduled to air right here on next Thursday 03/18, we're giving 15 fans the chance to go see Daughtry LIVE IN CONCERT at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. All you have to do to enter is send us an email ... it's that easy! Each winner will be awarded 2 tickets, one for themselves and one for a guest.

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Joe Elliott and Rick Savage to perform at Dave Kilner Tribute show

On April 30, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and Rick Savage will be part of "A Night To Remember," a tribute show to honor Sheffield's local hero and radio presenter Dave Kilner, who passed away last year. Tickets for the show that will take place at Sheffield City Hall, are available here:

As a DJ with Radio Hallam and Hallam FM, Dave Kilner made his initial major impression. Starting as a 17-year-old trainee, he was with the radio station for more than 20 years. After his radio career, he became fundraising manager for Help A Hallam Child, running charity balls and other events.

Joe and Sav will perform with the Down N' Outz, a band consisting of Joe and members of the Quireboys, who originally intended to be a one-night-only affair, opening for Mott The Hoople at one of their 2009 reunion shows. Down N' Outz are currently recording an album of songs by Mott, Ian Hunter and British Lions.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rock News for Thursday 11th March, 2010

Pink Floyd wins court battle with EMI over online sales

Pink Floyd have won a High Court battle to stop their record label EMI selling individual songs online.
The rock legends, who have been signed to EMI since 1967, said their contract meant their albums could not be split up without their permission.
A judge agreed, saying the contract contained a clause to "preserve the artistic integrity of the albums".
EMI has been ordered to pay £40,000 ($60,000) in costs, with a further fine to be decided.

This story originates from the BBC site here:

Floyd's latest contract with EMI was signed before download stores like iTunes appeared, also disputed the way royalties for digital sales were calculated.

In court, Chancellor Sir Andrew Morritt declared that the contract means EMI is not entitled to exploit recordings by online distribution or by any other means other than the complete original album without Pink Floyd's consent.

Earlier this week, Robert Howe QC, appearing for the group, said the the band's deal with EMI stipulated that their "seamless" albums should not be split up and that they "wanted to retain artistic control".
He said it would have been "a very odd result" if band members were able to control exactly how their music was sold as a physical product but there was "a free-for-all with no limitation on online distribution".

Sales of individual tracks online has been a sore point for many artists, who want their albums to be seen as complete works. Bands also receive less money if fans pick and choose tracks instead of buying the whole album, that songs are from.

It is believed to be one reason why The Beatles - whose catalogue is also owned by EMI - have not appeared in download stores like iTunes.

Likewise Garth Brooks and AC/DC are among the others artists who have objected to their albums being split up.
The full BBC story can be read here:

Is it me or does Billy Corgan really think he's seriously something ultra special, above and beyond all those who surround him in the band The Smashing Pumpkins. Just look at this Press Release from the bands website, all references to Corgan are capitalised, all others in regular font size.

With the news that THE SMASHING PUMPKINS bassist Ginger Pooley has left the band to raise her new baby with her husband, BILLY CORGAN has announced that he will look for a new bassist in the same manner as he found new drummer Mike Byrne last year: via an open audition process (see below for details). CORGAN also says that auditions will be held (again, see below) for a new keyboardist who is a fan of -- and can play in the prog-rock style of -- Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman.

Until a new bassist is found, Mark Tulin of The Electric Prunes -- with whom BILLY toured last year in Spirits In The Sky -- will fill in on an interim basis. Look for The Pumpkins to soon announce a world tour including dates in the U.S.

Says Ginger, who toured the world with the band in 2007 and 2008: "With sorrow and yet with much thankfulness for the opportunity to have played in the Pumpkins, I am sad to say that I can no longer tour with the Pumpkins. Although I've been blessed beyond belief over the past few years through playing with the Pumpkins, my priority now is to keep our little family unit together, which includes my husband and my baby. Although I do plan on continuing to do music in different forms, my priority is for neither for my husband nor myself to be apart from our daughter so that we can raise her together. I wish Billy all the best and look forward to seeing the Pumpkins in the near future. I would also like to thank all of the Pumpkins fans for all of their support. I will see you at the Pumpkins shows!"

Says BILLY: "Although I am heartbroken that Ginger is leaving the group, I really respect her decision to put her family first. I appreciate everything that she has contributed to The Smashing Pumpkins, and I'm proud of her for being such a great musician and friend.

"We were lucky enough to find drummer Mike Byrne through an open audition process," BILLY adds, "so why not open the doors again to anyone who might be interested for the bass or keyboard position. As you can see from our past and present, age, race, or a person's background is not an issue. Everyone is truly welcome to audition."

Audition Info:
Bassists and keyboardists looking to play with The Pumpkins should send their background info (including age, a resume of any bands/recorded work), photos and performance web links via email only, either to or Note: only musicians with video clips can be considered. type posts are perfect -- that's how Mike was found.
Final date for submission is March 31st.

You can see the Press Release at the site for yourself here:

Interesting that he's looking for a keys player in the vein of Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman, a change in direction for the next Pumpkins album perhaps?

STYX Gives Back to Chicago - A note from JY

This note from James 'JY' Young on the Styx site - - Doing their bit for local charities!
A note from JY:
As the new millennium dawned, Styx recognized that we had a responsibility to give back to the great city that spawned us. Sweet Home Chicago. City of the Big Shoulders. It was and is time for us to lend our shoulders to support causes that resonate with who we are as a band.

Styx believes that we as citizens of the world all deserve a chance to succeed. Sometimes people start to believe that the world has conspired against them, and that they have no chance.

Styx supports San Miguel Schools, because they give a chance to young people at the 5th-8th grade levels who are academically underachieving, from low income homes, and in many ways at risk. San Miguel provides them with a model of education that includes extended day schedule and a year-round calendar, features individualized instruction with a 10:1 student teacher ratio, and insistence on strong parental involvement.

A very high percentage of San Miguel students have gone on not only to graduate from high school, but ultimately attend college. Give people a chance, and they will rise to meet the challenge...!!!!

To raise money for this worthy non-profit cause, Styx is performing at the House of Blues in Chicago on Thursday evening Oct. 22nd, 2009. Please join us for a great night of rockin' fun...!!!
Your $100.00 ticket includes some finger food and a beverage or two, so go to the House of Blues box office, or Ticketmaster, or to buy one.
Watch the You Tube trailer for this event here:

We will surf the Wave of Joy brought on by doing good things for others, and have a blast while we are doing it.....!!!!!!

FM provides Metopolis album soundclips for those that didn't make the CD launch party
UK AOR rockers FM, are offering fans of their music - who were not able to attend the bands recent listening party of their forthcoming new album, 'Metropolis' - the chance to hear samples now!


If you weren't able to attend our METROPOLIS launch party in February or you just want to remind yourself why our new album is receiving such rave reviews . . .

. . . listen to some soundclips now!

Don't forget if you pre-order METROPOLIS from our webshop now you'll receive your copy before the official release date of 29th March 2010! Copies will be sent out 19th March.


ASIA Featuring John Payne Inks Deal with Steve Vai's Favored Nations
Classic AOR band set for a June/July 2010 release

Los Angeles, CA - Classic AOR band ASIA Featuring John Payne has inked a recording deal with Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label. A June/July release is scheduled for the yet-to-be-named CD. Asia Featuring John Payne is currently planning worldwide tourdates to support the new album.

"I am very excited at working with Steve Vai and Dean Schachtel [Favored Nations A&R]," John Payne states. "Apart from being consummate professionals that I admire and respect, their added knowledge of the business is superlative. In a time of change within this industry and conglomerates run by bean counters, Favored Nations is the ideal company for our music and our future. I could not be more happy with this union."

"The artists signed to Favored Nations are a unique, dedicated breed that have attained the highest performance level on their chosen instruments. If you're a music lover who is passionate about real musicianship, we know you will want to hear our albums. " - Steve Vai, from

John Payne became the frontman of the supergroup ASIA in 1992 at the invitation of keyboardist Geoff Downes, replacing vocalist/bassist John Wetton. ASIA extensively toured the world for the next 14 years performing new classics and old favorites. With John Payne fronting the band, ASIA released 8 stunning studio albums and several live recordings. In 2006, Geoff Downes left the band to reform the 1982 line up for their 25th anniversary. On the 9th of May 2006, John Payne, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Carl Palmer and Steve Howe contractually agreed that John Payne would continue his 14 year legacy with ASIA as "ASIA Featuring John Payne".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 10th March, 2010

Frontiers Records to release new EXTREME Live DVD and CD recorded August 8th, 2009 in Boston!
“Take Us Alive”
Napoli, March 2010 – Reunited Massachusetts hard rockers EXTREME will release the "Take Us Alive" live 2CD and DVD on April 23 in Europe and May 4 in the U.S. via Frontiers Records.

In 2008, following a 13-year hiatus, EXTREME returned to the stage for its "Take Us Alive" world tour, which encompassed 75 cities and multiple continents in support of the band's new record, "Saudades de Rock".
This recording captures EXTREME at the peak of its game with a renewed enthusiasm led by Gary Cherone's spellbinding stage performance and powerful vocals, Nuno Bettencourt's ferocious guitar, Pat Badger's flawless bass and Kevin Figueiredo's pounding drums and spot-on back-up vocals.

This brilliant performance was recorded on the last night of their tour at the House of Blues on August 8, 2009 in EXTREME's hometown of Boston.

"We wanted to do something really special for our hometown fans that were there for us since the beginning… the club days," states Nuno. "It was the last night of the tour and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by bringing it back to where it all started… Boston."

The concert showcases material from all five EXTREME albums and exhibits the band's broad stylistic abilities. Features include a blistering rendition of the Led Zeppelin-minded "Comfortably Dumb", the scorching "Play With Me", the funked-up "Cupid's Dead" as well as the anthemic "Get The Funk Out". Songs like EXTREME's #1 hit "More Than Words" and the Top 5 single "Hole Hearted" highlight the crowds enthusiasm and loyal support their fan base has had for this beloved foursome.

"As much as we enjoy recording, for me, I've always loved playing live for the fans," Cherone says. "We couldn't wait to get out there and play for our fans."

The DVD will contain four unreleased bonus videos from "Saudades de Rock" — "King of the Ladies", "Interface", "Run" and "Ghost". The clips were produced by Nuno Bettencourt.

"This DVD/CD is a culmination of all the years we played together and the chemistry the four of us put out live," explains Bettencourt.
"Take Us Alive" concert track listing:
01. Decadence Dance
02. Comfortably Dumb
03. Rest in Peace
04. It's a Monster
05. Star
06. Tell me Something I Don't Know
07. Medley - Kid Ego / Little Girls / Teacher's Pet
08. Play With Me
09. Midnight Express
10. More Than Words
11. Ghost
12. Cupid's Dead
13. Take us Alive
14. Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee
15. Get the Funk Out
16. Am I Ever Gonna Change
17. Hole Hearted

Bonus music videos (DVD only)
18. King of the Ladies
19. Interface
20. Run
21. Ghost
Watch Youtube DVD teaser

About Extreme:
To date, the Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released five albums, plus a greatest hits set—selling over 10 million records worldwide. They also achieved a #1 hit single, “More Than Words”—from their 1990 multi-platinum album Extreme II: Pornograffitti—on the Billboard Hot 100, which they followed with the Top Five “Hole Hearted.” Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, the band’s trademark sound has always been more a mix of hard rock funk—fueled by guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt’s signature style, Gary Cherone’s resonant vocals and socially conscious lyrics, Pat Badger’s rock solid bass, and the hard hitting Kevin Figueiredo on drums.

Z-Rock 2010 Line up confirmed

The controversial UK festival Z-Rock have announced the line up for 2010.
Many people have voiced opinions about this festival in the past, about bands pulling out and line up constantly changing, non payments to bands, etc, but all that said it does seem that each year the event takes place, people say they had a great time!
Last years event was headlined by John Waite, but many people lauded the talents of the band Newman, as the standout act of the day. 
Here's the flyer for Z-Rock 2010:

I Wanna Rock Live .., in Vegas!

In world full of imitation and impersonators, it’s nice to know you can still have the opportunity to see and hear the real thing. In 'I WANNA ROCK!'

LIVE! … you’ll get to do just that. This exclusive show at the Las Vegas Hilton offers up some of the biggest stars in rock music performing their biggest hits … one after the other, in a solid night of REAL ROCKSTARS and MEGA HITS. The show stars Twisted Sister frontman and all-around heavy metal icon, Dee Snider, and Lita Ford, former lead guitarist for The Runaways, who then went on to a successful solo rock career. They’ll be joined by Jeff Keith, lead singer of Tesla, and Mark Slaughter of the group Slaughter. If you like rock, don’t accept second best … you deserve the REAL ROCKSTARS and the MEGA HITS. Don’t miss this special event in the Hilton Theater.

Date: March 26-27, 2010
Time: 8:00PM
Price: $29 - $49 (plus tax and service charge)
Location: Las Vegas Hilton Theater

Book today! Please call the Las Vegas Hilton Box Office (24 hours a day) at 800-222-5361 for tickets or click here to buy tickets online. COMING SOON!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rock News for Tuesday 9th March, 2010


The album that introduced “Breaking The Law” and “Living After Midnight”

Judas Priest - Winners of the 2010 Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance”
• CD features 2001 remaster of original 9-song album with two bonus tracks
• DVD features live 16-song set from the 2009 tour (the album sequence plus seven more tunes) plus new “Making of British Steel” interview
Available at both physical and digital retail outlets starting May 11, 2010

In the summer and fall of 2009, while on tour throughout North America and Japan, Judas Priest celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album British Steel at each of their concert stops. Each night featured a complete performance of their breakthrough album – source of “Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” “Metal Gods,” “Grinder,” and more. Released in April 1980, British Steel became Priest’s first RIAA platinum Top 40 album in the U.S., their first Top 10 studio album in the UK.

Judas Priest is comprised of lead vocalist Rob Halford, dueling lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill, and (since 1989) drummer Scott Travis.

Now British Steel’s 30th anniversary moment officially arrives, commemorating one of the most influential albums in heavy metal, a record that fellow musicians and disciples credit for unleashing metal from its blues origins. BRITISH STEEL: LEGACY EDITION will be available through standard retail and digital outlets starting May 11, 2010, on Columbia/Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

BRITISH STEEL: LEGACY EDITION features the 2001 remaster of the original 36-minute, nine-song album (plus two bonus tracks). Also included is a DVD which combines a live 16-song concert filmed in August 2009 at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood, Florida (the album sequence plus seven more cuts), with a 30-minute “Making of British Steel” interview that includes all four original band members.

There is no overstating Judas Priest’s position at the very top of heavy metal’s Mount Olympus, and the critical importance of their deep album catalog on Columbia Records in the U.S., from 1977’s 'Sin After Sin' to 1990’s 'Painkiller.' In 2004, Halford reunited with Judas Priest and the band returned to Sony Music Entertainment. The appropriately leather-bound and metal-spiked five-disc retrospective boxed set 'Metalogy' was followed in 2005 by 'Angel of Retribution' (#13 on the Billboard 200 albums chart) and in 2008 by 'Nostradamus' (#11).

In 2009, 'A Touch of Evil: Live' recapped Judas Priest’s world tours of the previous four years. One of its tracks, “Dissident Aggressor” earned Judas Priest their first Grammy Award this year, for Best Metal Performance.

Indeed, Judas Priest is celebrated as progenitors of metal’s defining sound. The upgraded version of 'Behind The Music – Judas Priest' (Re-Mastered) continues in circulation on VH1, and the band’s influence spreads far beyond the 30 million albums, singles and videos they have sold worldwide in their career.

British Steel
The long-term association (eight consecutive live and studio albums) between Judas Priest and producer Tom Allom includes this classic, their second LP together. It was recorded in four weeks at Tittenhurst Park, previously owned by John Lennon, and the home of Ringo Starr at the time. Radio airplay on AOR (album-oriented rock) stations for “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking the Law” (with its early promo video clip by Julien Temple) propelled the LP to #34 in Billboard and an 18-week stay on the chart.

When the Judas Priest album catalog on Columbia was restored for the first time starting in 2001, the band members offered their own recollections (in lieu of a liner notes essay) on each individual CD. They recalled the clanging sounds of “trays of cutlery” and “billiard cues” heard in “Metal Gods,” which became a concert favorite along with “The Rage.” Of the bonus tracks, “Grinder” is a live version recorded in 1984; and “Red, White & Blue,” written as a sing-along for the 'Turbo' album sessions in 1985, never quite made the cut. “A little tongue in cheek,” the 2001 notes declared, “it is also very patriotic and may bring a tear to your eye!”

When British Steel was issued in 1980, a Columbia Records promotion involved a giveaway contest for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (signed by the band members) that Rob had taken to riding onstage at shows each night. Three decades later, the 2009 tour resurrected the contest with another ‘autographed’ Harley.

The British Steel 2009 Live Tour
As planned, Judas Priest hit the stage running every night of their summer tour, crashing into “Rapid Fire,” the opening track of British Steel, and reclaiming the other eight songs on the record in grand style. Of course, the concerts did not end there. The band tore through another program-length of songs from the four corners of their history, starting with “The Ripper,” from their first Columbia LP, 1977’s Sin After Sin.

“Prophecy” dated from their most recent studio album of 2008, Nostradamus; “Hell Patrol” was from the Columbia album of 1990, Painkiller; “Victim Of Changes” is one of the staples from their 1976 album Sad Wings of Destiny; “Freewheel Burning” was one of the stellar tracks (along with “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”) that sent their 1984 album 'Defenders of the Faith' to RIAA platinum; “Diamonds & Rust” is their jaw-dropping treatment of a Joan Baez song from Sin After Sin; and the show closed with “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” Judas Priest’s singular appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, from 1982’s 'Screaming for Vengeance.'

Tom Allom and Judas Priest were reunited again (having worked together not so long ago on the audio for the DVD 'Rising In The East') for the live recordings that comprised 2009’s A Touch of Evil. Allom is responsible for the stereo and 5.1 SurroundSound mixes of the live recording from the Seminole Hard Rock Arena concert that appears in this Legacy Edition. The DVD will include bonus content as well, “The Making Of British Steel,” a 30-minute interview featuring the four original band members.

(Columbia/Legacy 88697 66744 2)

Disc One: CD - BRITISH STEEL (remastered in 2001) 1. Breaking the Law • 2. Rapid Fire • 3. Metal Gods • 4. Grinder • 5. United • 6. Living After Midnight • 7. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise • 8. The Rage • 9. Steeler • Bonus tracks: 10. Red, White & Blue (studio track) • 11. Grinder (live version).

Disc Two: DVD - THE BRITISH STEEL 2009 TOUR (Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida, August 17, 2009) 1. Breaking the Law • 2. Rapid Fire • 3. Metal Gods • 4. Grinder • 5. United • 6. Living After Midnight • 7. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise • 8. The Rage • 9. Steeler • 10. The Ripper • 11. Prophecy • 12. Hell Patrol • 13. Victim Of Changes • 14. Freewheel Burning • 15. Diamonds And Rust • 16. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.

Heart Brings New Material to North America

Classic rockers Heart will spend time this spring and summer on a North American tour in anticipation of a long-awaited new studio set, their first as Heart since 2004's 'Jupiter's Darling.'
According to the outfit's website they are working on their 14th studio album for a 2010 release, though no confirmed date has been announced. Grammy-winning producer Ben Mink (Barenaked Ladies) helmed the project, some songs from which will be performed during the forthcoming run.

The Wilson sisters both contributed to the recently reworked "We Are the World," the proceeds for which will go to the We Are The World foundation, a newly created, not-for-profit organization founded by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie.

Last year, the sibling musicians were given the ASCAP Founders Award at the organization's 26th Annual Pop Music Awards.

The band has tour dates lined up, from now through into August 2010, which you can keep up with through their website's tour page:

Foreigner, Styx and Kansas - Seven More Dates Added to Spring Tour!
Seven more shows have been confirmed for the Spring 2010 Tour, that will feature classic rockers, Foreigner, Styx and Kansas.

Date City Venue
May 2010
5/14 Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre
5/15 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
5/18 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
5/21 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
5/23 Jackpot, NV Cactus Petes Casino
5/25 Concord, CA Sleep Train Pavilion
5/30 Denver, CO Red Rocks Amphitheatre

June 2010
6/3 Kansas City, MO Starlight Theatre
6/4 Maryland Heights, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis
6/5 Chicago, IL Charter One Pavilion
6/7 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
6/13 Gilford, NH US Cellular Pavilion
6/20 Boston, MA Bank Of America Pavilion

Don't see your city? Check out the list below to see if Foreigner, Styx, and Kansas is coming to a city near you! You won't want to miss this line-up! - Dates to be finalized:
Grand Prairie, TX
Ontario, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Billings, MT
Salt Lake City, UT
Grand Island, NE
Cary, NC
Virginia Beach, VA
Washington, DC
Uncasville, CT
Wantagh, NY
Cleveland, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Pittsburgh, PA
Detroit, MI
Milwaukee, WI
Omaha, NE
Lampe, MO

Status Quo's Francis Rossi solo work update

Francis Rossi's second solo album: 'One Step At A Time' will be released in the UK and Europe on May 3rd. The album will feature the following 10 songs:

1. Sleeping On The Job (Rossi/Young)
2. Tallulahs Waiting (Rossi/Young)
3. Crazy For You (Rossi/Young)
4. One Step At A Time (Rossi/Johnson)
5. Here I Go (Rossi/Johnson)
6. Faded Memory (Rossi/Young)
7. Strike Like Lightning (Rossi/Young)
8. Rolling Down The Road (Nicholas Rossi)
9. Caroline (Rossi/Young)
10. If You Believe (Rossi/Young)

Francis will undertake his first ever solo tour in May 2010. The "One Step At A Time" tour, that takes the name of his solo album to be released by EarMUSIC, through Edel in April 2010, will take in six UK dates. He will be accompanied by an 8 piece band.
Support for the tour will be The North, featuring Francis's daughter Bernadette Rossi.
Solo UK tour dates as follows:
12th May 2010 Edinburgh Queens Hall
13th May 2010 Birmingham Town Hall
14th May 2010 Manchester Academy,
16th May 2010 London Her Majesty's
17th May 2010 Sheffield Memorial Hall
18th May 2010 Cardiff Glee Club

More info at:

Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, ON – March 9, 2010 – Leading independent studio, E1 Entertainment is thrilled to finalize their production and development deal with legendary rock band KISS. E1 will tap the worldwide enthusiasm for the KISS brand, collaborating with founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to create a comedic half-hour kids television series that galvanizes the band’s iconic personas for its young fans.

“We’re honored to be involved in carrying on the KISS legacy,” comments Frank Saperstein, Senior VP of Kids and Animation for E1. “It’s wonderful to collaborate with the creative forces behind one of the greatest rock bands of all time and unquestionably one of the most recognized worldwide.”

E1 has snagged the KISS brand as it eclipses its roots, building energy in new family and youth media outlets. KISS’s role as the face of Dr. Pepper, their significant presence during Super Bowl XLIV, and their appearance on the 2009 American Idol Finale, which reached over thirty million viewers, has made the make-up and leather-clad giants a household name for kids and families today. The KISS tradition continues to grow generation after generation transcending age, race and creed.

"KISS continues to be the juggernaut of licensing and merchandising, from KISS M&M's to KISS Dr Pepper,” remarks KISS co-founder Gene Simmons, “KISS is a band, but also the only music BRAND. Continuing in our 35 year history of going where no band has gone before, we are proud to partner with E1. Like all things KISS, we intend to make this a very special show for our fans."

“We couldn’t be more excited. Coupling E1’s successes and ingenuity with the global force of KISS guarantees an express pass into the homes of our youngest KISS Army members with a show of superior quality,“ adds KISS co-founder Paul Stanley.

The as- yet untitled series will be produced and distributed worldwide by E1. Executive Producers are John Morayniss and Frank Saperstein for E1 Entertainment; Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS. E1 and KISS will handle all licensing and merchandise for the series.

About E1 Entertainment
E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content enterprise that acquires and exploits world-class film, television and music properties around the globe. Its four primary businesses units (E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution) operate in Canada, the U.S., the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Holland and Belgium, providing extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production and distribution, kids programming, and merchandising and licensing. E1's growing content library, which currently includes more than 4,000 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks, is distributed across all media formats in more than 190 countries.

About KISS
With thirty-seven years of record‐breaking tours across the globe, KISS is truly a multi-generational phenomenon. Whether joining forces with Hasbro for their Tooth Tunes musical toothbrushes, featuring KISS music in the Guitar Hero games series, lending their voices and images to popular animated series like "Fairly Odd Parents" and "SquidBillies" or designing their own line of toddler and infant clothing, KISS has proven to be as popular with "KISS Kids" today as they were with teenagers of the 70's who originally created the KISS ARMY (and who continue to attend their legendary live shows). Having sold 80 million albums throughout their career, the 2009 release of their chart topping "Sonic Boom" album (exclusive with Wal-Mart) and the announcement of their Sonic Boom: From The Beginning To The Boom 2010 World Tour only proves that KISS remains the “Hottest Band in the World”.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rock News for Monday 8th March, 2010

Ok folks, I know, I didn't get anything more posted after my brief note on Saturday, likewise Sunday, but here you go ..., midnight has past (A while back now!) and it IS Monday here now! So, here's your news updates!

Come Together - Tribute DVD to the life of Brad Delp
Various artists, friends and former bandmates of the late Boston singer, Brad Delp who tragically took his own life 3 years ago on the 9th March, 2007 recently got together to pay tribute to the man behind that incredible and sadly much missed voice for a concert.
The show was recorded and is now available on DVD and is titled, 'Come Together - A Tribute To The Life of Brad Delp' and it features RTZ, Extreme, Godsmack, Farrenheit, Beatlejuice and Ernie and the Automatics.
You can order it for $25, by following this link:

RIP Brad Delp - June 12th, 1951 to March 9th, 2007

New Scrap Metal Tour Dates!!!

Scrap Metal, the side all star project that was put together by the Nelson brothers, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson (Nelson) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) and Eric Martin (Mr.Big, Eric Martin Band), have announced a few exclusive shows!

Check these out:
Date, Venue / City, State.
May 2010
May 14, 2010 - Center Stage Rainbow City, AL - 7:30pm
May 15, 2010 - Nathan Goff Armory Clarksburg , WV - 7:30pm
August 2010
August 21, 2010- Mohegan Sun Wolf Den Uncasville , CT
Supergroup 'Black Country' forced to change it's name
Well, according to Joe Bonamassa, guitarist in the band called, er ..., I guess we''ll have wait on a replacement, that also features, Glenn Hughes (vocals/bass), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Jason Bonham (drums), told Undercover magazine.
I learned of this through Classic Rock magazine in the UK.
They have the story here:
Stryper Covers album getting closer!
The soon to be released new covers album by Christian rockers Stryper is getting near completion.
The band posted through Twitter and Facebook, that tracking is currently under way and the band are loving it!
Covers are set to include:
Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Scorpions - Blackout
Ozzy Osbourne - Over the Mountain
Sweet - Set Me Free
Van Halen - On Fire
Deep Purple - Highway Star
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
UFO - Lights Out
Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

Believe it or not, this notice was posted at Black Sabbath's site:

Christian Band Stryper to cover Black Sabbath
Saw this morning (oddly enough as I was getting ready for Church myself) a story that surprised me a little. The Christian metal band Stryper's new album will be an album of covers. That kind of thing has been done a few times before, most recently Queensryche's album of covers "Take Cover", where they covered Sabbath's Neon Knights. I found it amusing that Stryper is covering Sabbath too, and the Dio Era as well with the title track of "Heaven & Hell".
I know a lot of Black Sabbath fans see "Christian Metal", and check out, but that's a shame. Stryper has done some great stuff over the years, and you should check 'em out. Yes, I am a Christian too, so the message is far more uplifting than the garbage that permeates hard rock and metal music (Yeah, I'm thinking of drek like Slayer). Anyway, you should check 'em out if you haven't done so - some of their recent output (Murder by Pride & Reborn) has been quite good stuff! They preach the good word of the Lord, and that's always a good thing! I realize I'll probably take some grief for this paragraph, but there's far worse things to be hated over than wanting people to know God. If you want to attack me for that, bring it on. Or if you want to know about God, email me about that, I'd love to talk to you. As for those who would attack me.. Matthew 5:10 states "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the track list, which didn't appear on the Stryper site, oddly enough.
Posted by Joe Siegler
Thanks Joe, good to hear stuff like that! :)
W.E.T. replacement at Melodicrock Fest 2 announced
This announcement made at today - Mon. 8th March.

I am very pleased to announce that New Jersey rockers Trixter will be joining the MelodicRockFest 2 event for Sunday May 2. The guys have not played in the Chicago region for 14 years and will bring a true “best of” set to fans gathered.

Tickets available now via:

Thanks for the terrific support following the frustrating MRF2 update and the loss of W.E.T. and Eclipse from the bill. No more bad news! It's great to see most folks are in for the event, not just one artist in particular. Tune in for more updates.
A few people have asked after tickets - they had to be re-designed with the updated line-up and should arrive back from the printers at the end of this week – to be shipped out first thing next week.