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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday 17th June, 2014- Chambers of Rock status - The site is sadly now closed!

Chambers of Rock status

The site is sadly now closed!
Tuesday 17th June, 2014
Hello All,
Since I still receive many enquiries and requests for reviews at the site, I just thought I had better post an updated message at the site, to make it clear to all that sadly 'Chambers of Rock' is indeed closed, until further notice.
Put simply, I just do not have time any longer outside of a hectic day job and many activities with my young family.
Perhaps if there were 48 hours in a day it might work, but alas we all know this is not the case, even though it feels like our work can be that way sometimes.
I did originally announce at the beginning of the year, the site's imminent closure upon completion of some final reviews but since those reviews have posted, people are assuming the site is still active.
Sorry folks, but sadly it is no more.
Once again, my immense thanks to all who have visited and supported the site and of course to all the PR contacts, artist managers and artists themselves that helped me do as much as I could with the site.
All my very best wishes to one and all and never stop rockin' folks!
Alun Williams
Owner / Editor
Chambers of Rock