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Friday, September 17, 2010

Brief Rock News for Friday 17th September, 2010


David "Rock" Feinstein - the former member of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, The Electric Elves, Elf, and the leader of the legendary NYC band, The Rods - is readying a new solo effort via the Niji Entertainment Group, 'Bitten By The Beast.' Released on November 23, 2010, the nine-track disc will be available as a deluxe digipack, and will certainly be of interest to metal fans worldwide, due to Feinstein's impressive hard rock pedigree. But also, because the album features what turned out to be one of the last-ever recorded vocals by Ronnie James Dio (Feinstein's cousin), on the headbanging anthem "Metal Will Never Die."

"I feel like it was meant for me to write 'Metal Will Never Die'," explains Feinstein. "And it was meant to be that Ronnie James Dio should sing it! Whatever power it was that brought the two of us back together musically, I am so thankful for. Now, 'Metal Will Never Die' means more to me than any other song that I have written in my whole career as a songwriter and musician. I can't wait for the world to hear it!"

"Metal Will Never Die" is sure to be a hit at active, hard rock, and metal radio (which the Skateboard Marketing team will be heavily promoting for the coming months). Additionally, Feinstein will be supporting the release with live dates with The Rods for all of 2011. 'Bitten By The Beast' will surely catch the attention of Dio fans, as well as fans of vintage, anthemic metal sounds. "Nobody could really know how Ronnie worked in the studio, unless they saw it for themselves," adds Feinstein. "How effortless it was for him to sing. Years ago, Ronnie and I spoke about doing some kind of project together again." Soon, fans will be able to hear firsthand what Ronnie James Dio had known for decades - Feinstein is the real deal, and 'Bitten By The Beast' will prove this point once and for all.

The Niji Entertainment Group was started by Ronnie James Dio and his wife/manager, Wendy Dio, in early 2010 (shortly before Dio's tragic passing in May of this year).

The first non-Dio related release will be 'Bitten By The Beast,' which will lead to further releases by other artists throughout next year, including solo efforts by Tim "Ripper" Owens, Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan, and former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson.

'Bitten By The Beast' Tracklisting:
Smoke On The Horizon
Evil In Me
Break Down The Walls
Metal Will Never Die (Featuring Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals)
Kill The Demon
Rock's Boogie
Give Me Mercy
Run For Your Life
Gambler Gambler

Nate Horton: Drums ***Special guest performances by Ronnie James Dio: Vocals, Carl Canedy: Drums, and Garry Bordonaro: Bass*** On the song: "Metal Will Never Die"
For more information, visit:

There actually seems a little conflict about the release date of 'Bitten by the Beast', as Niji are saying November 23rd, but Dave's own site says:
David "Rock" Feinstein: Guitar, Bass, and Vocals, release date: November 9th, 2010?!

And while we're on a Ronnie James Dio related track and I don't mean the song ....
This from Craig Goldy posted over at the Dio website:

A Note From Craig Goldy

Even to this day I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around Ronnie’s passing!
He was such an amazing person, visionary, band leader, lyricist, songwriter and everything else he was that would take me a lifetime to explain…..but I am so very grateful to have been able to call him…..Friend.!

There is still a whole in my soul where once his greatness of being had occupied and now the memories of him and his influence on me shall remain! I will miss him until the day I die!
I also wish to follow Simon’s example and say a few words to Wendy:

I have said this before, but it is still true….Ronnie’s influence on my life is not over! Each and every day, something arises that makes me think of him and how he might respond to the current storms that life can bring along with it. My greatest wish is that I become someone that he would be proud of!
I also wish to follow Simon’s example and say a few words to the fans:

I know your pain….some of you were there that day of the memorial and we were able to hold each other in our arms and cry tears of the most intense loss we could ever imagine that life could throw our way! I will never forget that connection! I also wish to encourage you, that his music and his ways will never die! They are a part of everyone that he has ever worked with and came in contact with!

He is not dead…..he is just no longer in pain!
I love you all and miss you terribly and hope to see you soon again!
Your friend and fellow fan, Craig Goldy

Queen movie to star Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury

Brian May, Queen's unique guitarist, has confirmed to the BBC that star of British TV offbeat comedy Ali G and the main man in the 'Borat' movie, Sacha Baron Cohen, is to play the late Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury in a forthcoming movie about the flamboyant frontman.

"We have Sacha Baron Cohen, which will probably be a shock to a lot of people, but he's been talking with us for a long time," May told the HARDtalk show.

Frost / Nixon writer Peter Morgan is writing the screenplay, he added.
Peter Morgan was also the writer behind successes "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland."
The film, which will focus on the period leading up to Live Aid in 1985, will begin shooting next year.

"Freddie Mercury was an awe-inspiring performer so with Sacha in the starring role, coupled with Peter's screenplay and the support of Queen, we have the perfect combination to tell the real story behind their success” said Graham King, of GK Films
"I think we'll try and keep ourselves out of it as much as we can," May said.
Baron Cohen had been "on this project since we started talking about it seriously with Peter Morgan a couple of years ago,". he added

May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor will oversee music featured in the film, which will include songs by the band and by Mercury as a solo performer.
The full details of this, can be read at:

New ZZ Top album on the way
A new album it seems is on the way for ZZ Top, based on information at where guitarist / singer Billy Gibbons, recently did an interview with them.
This will be their first studio album since 2003.
They'll be entering the studio with Rick Rubin, once they finish some current live dates with Tom Petty.
Read more on the story here:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock News for Thursday 16th September, 2010

The Eternal Idol - Black Sabbath album - Feat. Ray Gillen to finally be released

It seems after years and years having passed and the original version of 'Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol' having been released years ago, featuring the vocals of Tony Martin, something has happened to make Tony Iommi agree to the release of the original recording of the album.

Back in 1986, after Glenn Hughes had sung lead vocals on the 'Black Sabbath (Feat. Tony Iommi - Seventh Star" and had done a few tour dates, Hughes was let go. Enter one Ray Gillen to fill the lead vocalist slot!
Ray Gillen had then gone on to record 'The Eternal Idol' album with Tony Iommi and crew, but he then left to form the hard rock act, 'Badlands' with another ex-Sabbath member Eric Singer.
Well, the album wasn't quite finished and Tony Iommi then found Tony Martin, to complete things and thus, 'The Eternal Idol,' featuring the new vocals of Tony Martin was released.

Well, now 'The Eternal Idol' is to be reissued, as a double CD set, with Disc one, the Tony Martin album with two bonus tracks in, "Some Kind of Woman" and "Black Moon (demo).'
Disc two, will feature the Ray Gillen recorded version of the album.

Anyway, enough of my info on it, for further info on this and all things Balck Sabbath related, go to the excellent site:

Ace Frehley to Appear at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, FL on October 8-10

Sounds a little sad to me but ....
Ace Frehley will appear at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend on October 8, 9, and 10 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Please click here - - for additional information.
Meantime, check out Ace's site here:

Stryper make new 'Covering' material available through iTunes ...

... Sadly don't get too excited though, as it's only one track, their tribute to Ronnie James Dio - Which is cool, but ... - in their cover of Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell' track.

You can make the download right here:
The princely sum of $1.29

I just wish they'd release the full album of 'The Covering!'

Phil Collins explains Genesis is most likely all done now

Phil Collins recently did an interview with and talked a lot about a forthcoming Motown and Soul covers album to be released later this month on the 28th September ... Yawn! Sorry, it just does nothing for me!

During his interview with Billboard's Craig Mclean, McLean asked the obvious question most fans of Genesis wanted to hear, 'What does the future hold for Genesis?'

Phil Collins replied:
I think Genesis are no longer. I don't foresee me doing any more Genesis shows. Not because I don't like it or don't want to. But it doesn't fit in with my life and wanting to be with the boys, and taking onboard [my other interests like] the Alamo and writing a book about that. And the other stuff that I'd like to do-and that includes doing nothing as well. But also, I can't physically play the drums. I don't want to sound like a spoiled kid, like I've had my stuff and I don't want to do it anymore. But I have done it all my life, and now I'm enjoying another side of life.

So there you have it .... That's all folks! He doesn't feel up to it anymore it seems.
I guess if anything was a pointer to where his heart was, just check out his solo material. Not a lot of rock or very much with a Genesis direction, is there?
Ah well, if you wanted to read the full interview, go to:

MelodicRock Records introduces Degreed - Life, Love, Loss

MelodicRock Records is proud to add another fantastic band to its small roster of artists in signing Swedish melodic hard rocker band Degreed for the release of their debut album Life, Love, Loss. The album will be released worldwide October 29, with pre-orders (available from today) shipped the week of October 22.

Degreed were founded during 2005 at the Conservatory of Music in Stockholm by Mats Ericsson, Robin Ericsson, Jonas Erkers and Daniel Johansson. With the same musical interest and the same taste of music Degreed started writing music with the result of a hard/melodic/alternative musical mix of five peoples minds and feelings.

During 2006 they participated in Emergenza, and won the Swedish/Norwegian/Finish finals, which resulted in that Degreed represented these three countries in the world finals in Rothenburg, Germany. 8000 bands participated in the competition but only 21 of these 8000 came to the world finals. Degreed finished at the 10th place but won a couple individual prices such as 2nd best drummer, best arrangement, 2nd best guitarist.

2007 Micke Jansson, who's Robin's and Mats cousin, joined the band on keyboards, which brought the band to a whole new level musically.
After the band came home from playing the Frankfurt Music fair Jonas left the band due to musical differences and Jesper Adefelt took his place.

Vocalist Robin Ericsson participated in the Swedish Idol during the fall of 2008 and took the Swedish people by storm and gained a lot of respect and credibility among the young as well as the older viewers. He ended up in sixth place and got himself and Degreed a load of fans that voted and followed him through Idol and are now following Degreed.

During the fall of 2008 and the spring/summer 2009 Degreed recorded their first full length CD with the producer/songwriter Erik Lidbom (Sheri, Masterplan, Paulo Meneguzzi, Kat-Tun etc).
Another new track was added to the final sessions just a week ago, resulting in the completion of the final master for an amazing debut album set to be unleashed upon the world.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: "Degreed is another band I have been friends with for some time now, and have been following the recording of their debut from the demo stage until now. Quite frankly, it is once again a shock to me that such a fantastic sounding band with quality musicianship and brilliant songwriting hasn't already been signed up by a major label, leaving me the great pleasure of being able to sign them myself. I can't wait to unleash another quality fresh new face on the rock scene and believe this is just the beginning for a great group of guys. Fans of fellow Swede's Eclipse, Goran Edman and Europe need to check these guys out pronto. Another album without a filler in sight. I'm really proud of these guys."

Track Listing:
01) B.O.D.
02) Arms Of Misery (Full Length Song Download)
03) A Little Bit
04) Captured By The Moment (Steve Perry cover)
05) Just Imagine
06) Story Of Life
07) Human Being
08) Colour Me
09) Catch The Feeling
10) Keep Me Alive
11) My Fall
12) By Your Side


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 15th September, 2010

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of updates today, very little time last night or this morning to do the rounds to grab you everything I would've liked to, so just a few bits and pieces today. Hopefully it's better tomorrow. :)
Without doubt there's certainly 'only' a metal update on the news items that I have for you today!
Have a great day!

The Gruesome Two-Some Are Back For Another Round Of Horror
Special Guests Murderdolls


HOLLYWOOD, CA (September 15, 2010) – The masters of musical mayhem have paired up yet again to embark on a three week tour of debauchery. Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper have returned to destroy a city near you on The Halloween Hootenanny Tour with special guests Murderdolls. The tour kicks off in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Thursday, September 30th and will criss-cross the USA with a tour de force of ghoulish delights for your aural pleasure, giving the fans a show of a lifetime.

In other Zombie news, fans will soon get the ultimate interactive experience as their hero is joining forces with Universal Studios Hollywood to create the new 3D maze, “Rob Zombie’s House Of 1000 Corpses: In 3D ZombieVision.” As part of the Halloween Horror Nights event, fans will be treated to a nightmarish world of carnage and chaos Rob Zombie-style based upon Zombie’s cult hit film “House Of 1000 Corpses.” Vampire buffs also got a treat when the track “What” from Rob Zombie’s latest release HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 appeared in an episode of the smash HBO series “True Blood.”

Zombie addicts can also look forward to the release of the special edition of HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 set to street on Friday, September 24th. This deluxe version of HD2 will feature 3 brand new tracks called “Everything Is Boring,” “Michael” and “Devil’s Hole Girls And The Big Revolution,” as well as a re-imagining of “The Man Who Laughs.” Additionally, the package will include a brand new video for “Mars Needs Women” (shot during the Gruesome Twosome tour with Alice Cooper), a live version of Cooper’s classic “School’s Out” performed with Cooper and a 30-minute DVD featuring a tour documentary entitled “Transylvanian Transmissions,” along with all-new expanded artwork.

With more than 15 million albums sold, 7 Grammy nominations, the helming of 5 major motion pictures and dozens of music videos under his belt, Rob Zombie is a force to be reckoned with in today’s entertainment landscape. Zombie’s unique meld of horror and hard rock has influenced his sound as a musician, and more recently his vision as a director and writer.

The Halloween Hootenanny Tour Featuring The Gruesome Twosome with special guests Murderdolls:

30 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
1 San Diego, CA Harrah’s Rincon
2 Tucson, AZ Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater
4 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amphitheatre
6 Kansas City, MO Independence Event Center
7 St. Charles, MO The Family Arena
8 Bloomington, IL U.S. Cellular Coliseum
12 Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena
14 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
15 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
16 Worcester, MA DCU Center
19 Roanoke, VA Roanoke Performing Arts Theater
20 Nashville, TN Nashville Municipal Auditorium

For more information, please click on

Metal God Records and Rob Halford are pleased to confirm Halford North American concert dates November and December with Ozzy Osbourne!

Twelve cities are currently available for sale with additional dates to be announced.
Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Halford 2010 North America Fall Tour:

Nov. 2010
Nov. 12 - Victoria, BC - Save On Foods Memorial Centre
Nov. 14 - Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena
Nov. 16 - Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome
Nov. 18 - Edmonton, MB - Rexall Place
Nov. 20 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
Nov. 23 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
Nov. 25 - Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Place
Nov. 27 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
Dec. 2010Dec. 01 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden Arena
Dec. 03 - E. Rutherford, NJ - Izod Center
Dec. 05 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
Dec. 12 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center

Halford will also perform at Seattle’s Showbox on November 10th and Denver’s Ogden Theatre on December 15th. Tickets available September 17th and 18th for Halford’s Seattle and Denver Headline Performances at

Rob Halford will be touring in support of his new studio release Halford IV Made Of Metal featuring fourteen (14) new Halford studio recordings debuting world-wide September 27, Oct 8 (UK & EU), September 28th (North America) and October 13, 2010 (Japan).

Halford’s first live performances in more than seven years have included appearances this year in San Francisco, Montreal’s Heavy Metal Festival and Ozzfest 2010.

Halford have confirmed Headline performances October 15, 2010 in Nagoya, Japan and October 16, 2010 at Tokyo’s Loud Park Festival 10.

Halford have also confirmed South America Headline performances October 20 Lima, Peru; October 22 Santiago, Chile; October 24 Sao Paulo, Brazil; October 26 and October 27, 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Halford’s new NASCAR-themed, animated-music video 'Made Of Metal’ created by London-based Animator Dean Wright debuts September 13, 2010 at:

The single 'Made Of Metal' digital download is available at iTunes and

Halford IV Made Of Metal
Track Listing:
1. Undisputed
2. Fire and Ice
3. Made Of Metal
4. Speed Of Sound
5. Like There's No Tomorrow
6. Till The Day I Die
7. We Own The Night
8. Heartless
9. Hell Razor
10. Thunder and Lightning
11. Twenty-Five Years
12. Matador
13. I Know We Stand A Chance
14. The Mower

2010 Metal God Records LLC

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rock News for Tuesday 14th September, 2010


September 2010 - Whitesnake have announced keyboardist Timothy Drury is leaving the band to pursue a solo career...

"For over seven years now I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, to play and sing my heart out and to share the stage with David Coverdale as a part of Whitesnake.
I've learned so much from David Coverdale and this experience, about following one's heart, about being authentic, about never letting fear prevent one from pursuing one's destiny.

More than ever, I see the value of what I can express as a composer and producer, photographer, songwriter, singer... as an artist. That is why I must now say my goodbyes to you all and take my leave to pursue some very important creative projects that have been brewing for some time now.

I am currently preparing for my first photography show in the Winfield Gallery in Carmel where I will be performing my cinematic music at the opening and projecting my images and video on screens. The event will be happening as part of the Carmel Art and Film Festival, October 6th through the 10th. "

Whitesnake singer David Coverdale said... "We are sad to lose such a valued member of the band, but, we understand, support & sincerely wish Timothy every success in his solo career & thank him for a great, fun journey together."
At this time the band are focusing on finishing the new studio album before seeking a replacement keyboard player.
For the full statement from Timothy please visit


After the tragic passing of co-founding Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow in 2007, many figured that the band was over. But while going through the vaults of vintage video material for an upcoming documentary of the band's history, the spark was reignited once more for drummer Frankie Banali to kick QR back in gear. The easy part was filling the guitar and bass slots - as former members Chuck Wright (bass) and Alex Grossi (guitar) promptly signed on. However, having to fill DuBrow's large shoes was no small task.

A longtime fan of heavy metal, singer Mark Huff came to Banali's attention while fronting a California-based Van Halen tribute band (that focused on the "Sammy Hagar era"). A true Cinderella story, Huff auditioned via a cattle call audition, promptly blew Banali away, and got the gig. After getting the blessing from DuBrow's mother to carry on with Quiet Riot (and to celebrate her son's music), the group was ready to rock once more.

Quiet Riot hit mega-success with their first-ever US release in 1983, the classic 'Metal Health.' Spawning two hit singles that have gone on to become synonymous with heavy metal - "Cum On Feel the Noize" and "Metal Health" - the 'Metal Health' album went on to become the first-ever metal US debut to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard album charts, and resulted in a solid year of sold-out arena shows and non-stop MTV video airplay. However, it was the DuBrow-Banali-Wright-Grossi line-up that proved to be DuBrow's favorite touring line-up (and also, most stable).

Quiet Riot is currently firming up plans for a full U.S. tour - their first in three years. And with the aforementioned documentary on the horizon, and the band's music being used in hit films ('The Wrestler,' 'Tropic Thunder'), video games ('Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's'), and even musicals ('Rock of Ages') - as well as QR being name-checked in songs by Weezer and Ben Folds - Quiet Riot remains a major force in heavy metal. And soon, you will get a chance to bang your head once more to Quiet Riot, at a concert venue near you!


In addition to the info above, the band has posted classic Quiet Riot tracks featuring new singer Mark Huff on vocals. They state that these tracks will NOT be used for commercial purposes.
Go here to hear the tracks:

Fancy getting an autographed copy of Stan Bush' new release?

Stan Bush, the man who is about to release his 13th studio release, 'Dream the Dream' this Wednesday 15th September, is making a special offer to fans who want to order his new release.
This message shared through Stan Bush' MySpace page:

To all my friends and fans on MySpace,

Thanks for supporting me and my music in the past. Whether you've been with me since "The Touch," or just discovered me through "In This Life," your support means the world to me.

This week, my brand new CD "Dream The Dream" is being released (on Wednesday, September 15th.) It will be available for download as well in iTunes - in fact, it's already listed there ahead of schedule.

For those of you that buy the CD through on the release date (Wednesday,) I will personally autograph it for you. It's just my small way of saying "thanks" for supporting my music. Give this new one a try - you won't be disappointed!

Sounds like a pretty good deal!
His MySpace page is:

Voyage (Featuring Hugo) line up new live shows

The rather good sounding Journey tribute band, Voyage featuring the impressive Hugo on lead vocals, have announced some new live shows.
They shared this message with fans of the band:

Dear Friends,
Hope you all had a great summer. Thanks again for all your amazing support. We have a bunch of shows coming up and hope to see you all there.

October 2010
Saturday October 9 - Nutty Irishman - Bayshore, LI/NY
Friday October 15 - Canal Room - NY, NY
Saturday October 23 - Starland Ballroom - Sayerville, NJ
November 2010
Saturday November 13 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

Come join us on FB and Myspace:


Legendary 80's rockers Big Country are all set to return to the stage and have announced 4 UK shows to take place in January 2011. More may be added.

The band exploded onto the scene in 1983 with anthemic songs such as 'Fields Of Fire' and 'In A Big Country' which were culled from their classic debut album 'The Crossing' which sold several million worldwide. They followed up with a number one album 'Steeltown' and released 8 studio albums all of which entered the Top Ten. Big Country released 28 singles 5 of which were also Top Ten.

Approaching their 30th anniversary, the band are lining up concerts for a period of celebration that will not only embrace their illustrious past but also honour the life and times of original lead singer, guitarist and co-founder Stuart Adamson, who passed away so tragically in 2001. Taking on the mantle of lead singer and joining the band for these dates and more will be Mike Peters of fellow celtic rockers The Alarm.

"I first met Stuart on stage at a U2 concert in Hammersmith Palais back in 1983" says Mike Peters. "Bono introduced us to his audience as being "part of the the new breed" and Stuart was literally passed up onto the stage by the fans and I shook his hand as I handed him a guitar - an unforgettable entrance. The last time I saw him was also on stage with Big Country at Glasgow Barrowlands for the last night of the Final Fling tour in 2000, when we sang Neil Young's 'Rockin' In The Freeworld' together. When Bruce Watson called and asked me to sing for Big Country, it was something I didn't need to think twice about. I'm looking forward to meeting all the fans again and playing a part in keeping the spirit of Stuart Adamson alive and celebrating the music of a band I have loved from near and afar for the whole of my adult life".

Bass guitarist Tony Butler says "To play again as Big Country was something that was only going to happen if we could find someone who could compliment the band and sing the songs in the way they need to be sung - with heart and soul. Mike Peters from The Alarm has stepped in to fill the premise. It's about time the songs got another airing, and we think Stuart would be pleased too".

The new line up consists of:
Tony Butler - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Vocals
Mike Peters - Vocals and Guitar
Bruce Watson - Guitar and Vocals
Jamie Watson - Guitar

Dates are:
January 2011
Wednesday 5th Newcastle O2 Academy
Thursday 6th London Islington O2 Academy
Friday 7th Birmingham O2 Academy
Saturday 8th Liverpool O2 Academy

All shows are on sale from Saturday 11th September @ 9am via or on 0844 811 0051. Tickets are priced £20 regionally (£22.50 London).

The band's official website will be selling tickets from Wednesday 8th September.

Journey's Deen Castronovo to release solo album

It seems that Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, plans to go ahead and release a solo album! Cool!
The band - Journey - has currently been recording new material with producer Kevin Shirley and perhaps it's already done, based on the fact that they were recording last year .... Since then or between now and then, Shirley has produced the new Black Country Communion, new Iron Maiden, Joe Bonamassa, etc, etc ...
So when we're going to actually see the new Journey album - 2011? - is anyone's guess in reality!
The other three artists mentioned have or are just about to release their albums.

Anyway, I guess latest Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda has been bored, as he's been doing live shows with his own band amid rumours of inner band rifts - Already! Neal Schon even did some solo gigs too and now it seems Deen Castronova is recording or working on a solo album.

He's posted a couple of recent updates at his site.
This posted on August 28th:
Deen called to give us an update on what he's been up to since Journey is taking the year off from touring. Deen's been spending a lot of time with family, particularly his two sons. This Sunday he leaves for California to begin recording with Journey guitarist Neal Schon on a new cd that will also include Marco Mendozza. Looks like we're going to be hearing a lot from Deen with the new Journey cd, his work with Neal and one other gig that should be very cool if everything comes together. Check back often for updates!

Then more recently this posted September 7th:
A new update from Deen....he's still in the studio with Neal Schon and Marco Mendozza and they have recorded some killer new music! Also, two big announcements: First, Deen has his first SOLO album in the works. We can't share all the details yet but Deen is super excited about this new project and will fill us in with all the details when he can. Also, check back here in a few days to purchase your own Deen Castronovo t-shirt. All proceeds will benefit the Salem Boys and Girls Club, Deen's charity of choice! More details to follow later this week! Deen sends his best to everyone and is looking forward to seeing you all in 2011!
The man has more than proven on tour that he can hit those Steve Perry high notes while playing the drums, so I think we should be in for a real treat with his solo record!
Keep tabs on what develops here at:

Rumour doing the rounds that Triumph 2011 tour is off!

There was talk a while back via the Van Halen newsdesk site - - that had hinted that Van Halen would be back for a big tour in 2011 with Triumph as special guests.
Well, if you read the interviews with the various Triumph members scattered about all over the web - As well as the one I did with Gil Moore earlier this year - and to be honest, Rik Emmett has been saying all along that it's all down to Gil ...
Mike Levine has been telling everyone it seems, that it quite likely to happen ...
Gil - Well, I think the guy is just too committed to Metalworks studios and will not let go of the reins, which I personally think is sad.
I think they would be fine without him and perhaps he is just using that line, as he doesn't feel up to touring again. He kind of indicated that in how tough it was to get back to playing again for Sweden Rock Festival and Rocklahoma in 2009.
I'd love to see them tour again and really think they should, but realistically I don't believe Gil is up for it.
Huge shame if you ask me.

Rik Emmett has just done another pretty good interview which you can check out here on the site:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rock News for Monday 13th September, 2010

UK High Voltage Festival cost the HMV Group £1M in losses

Even with a very impressive cast of rock talent, it seems the big High Voltage rock festival in London's Victoria Park, wasn't a success for the HMV Group, as it turns out they lost in the region of £1M.
Apparently only 15,000 tickets were sold, when the capacity of the park was set up for 25,000.

The event that featured classic rockers ZZ Top, Foreigner, a reunited Emerson, Lake and Palmer, UFO, Uriah Heep, Marillion, even Gary Moore playing a rock set and many more including a special tribute set for Ronnie James Dio (RIP), by his former band mates in Heaven and Hell, obviously wasn't enough to swell the audience any more.
It's a real shame and most likely a sign of the times across the globe, because promoters will of course be even less likely to put on an event again of this magnitude of classic rock acts.
Surprised too, to be honest that it wasn't more of a success.

More details on the outcome or should that be aftermath of the event can be read here:

Mott The Hoople at London Film Festival

The Ballad of Mott The Hoople, the long awaited documentary film of the band from Start Productions, will premier at the London Film Festival in October 2010.
It will be screened on three dates at the British Film Institute, Southbank, London: Sat 16 Oct 21:00 (NFT1), Mon 18 Oct 15:30 (NFT1), and Tue 19 Oct 19:00 (Studio). Festival tickets are available from the BFI: British Film Institute:
The Mott the Hoople website is here:

Uriah Heep Official Bootleg - Volume 2 – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010 coming soon 

'Official Bootleg - Volume 2' to be released soon!

This is an official bootleg recording from the Uriah Heep concert in the Petofi Hall, Budapest Hungary, on the 4th May 2010. There are going to be many more recordings from around the world, as this will be an ongoing series, giving fans the chance to hear the band in many different countries.

These recordings are true official bootlegs in every sense and they reflect that nights performance as it happened, totally untouched. You can almost feel that you are at the concert, so put the CD on, turn it up loud, close your eyes and enjoy a night in Budapest with Uriah Heep.

More of the official bootleg releases can be checked out at the band merchandise page:

Simon Wright posts a message to Dio fans

Over at the Dio site, that Wendy Dio is keeping alive in memory of her husband and rocking legend, the late and great Ronnie James Dio, former Dio band drummer Simon Wright has posted a message to Dio fans, it reads like this:

Message from Simon Wright (Dio 1998 -2010)

Like you all it's been difficult to deal with the fact that Ronnie is no longer with us.
To me, he was my best friend, leader of the band, the driving force behind the most creative and enjoyable music I have ever been involved in.
It was always an honor being a part of his band and always something I was proud of.

I think about him everyday, he had some big plans for the band, I miss his humor and his company, boy could he tell a good joke.
It's difficult to know what to do next, but whatever I do in the future I will take with me the knowledge and wisdom I learned from Ron.

To Wendy, you are an incredible woman, your thoughtfulness and care over these past months, considering how you must be feeling has been amazing..
I want to thank the fans for all the great shows, DIO FANS RULE!!.
Thank you for your time.
Rest in Peace Ronnie,

Simon Wright.

Status Quo New Charity Single - In The Army Now (2010) Released Mon Sept 27th

The CD single release details:
1. In The Army Now (2010)
2. Caroline (Live)
3. Whatever You Want (Live)
4. In The Army Now (2010) (Radio Edit).

On 27th September 2010, Status Quo will release a brand new version of their classic hit "In The Army Now" through Universal / UMTV. The original track is approaching its 25th anniversary and, upon release in 1986, became one of the biggest-selling records of the '80s worldwide. All profits from this updated and lyrically-reworked version of a true fan favourite will be donated equally to the British Forces Foundation and Help For Heroes charities. The former boosts the morale of servicemen and women on the frontline and in operational theatres all over the world, primarily through high quality entertainment, and the latter provides direct, practical support for injured service personnel.

Francis Rossi said, "It seemed like the right time to do this. This release is intended to show our support for the Allied Forces around the world, but in particular, of course, the British Armed Forces. We want people to celebrate what they do, say thank you and also support these vital charities."

The stunning video was recorded at the Kiwi Barracks of the 4-Rifles regiment and on location at the National Tank Museum and is rammed with hilarious footage of the band being put through their paces on the drill square, getting behind the wheel of some seriously heavy military hardware, and much more. The video is an unalloyed triumph and a testament to the work of the British Army. The band were so enamoured by the Sergeant Major who took charge of them that they asked him to deliver the classic "Stand Up And Fight!" line on the single.

Recorded just weeks ago at the Vestry Hall of the London College of Music, the track was, once again, produced by Pip Williams. This 2010 recording also features male and female backing singers from the Corps of Army Music. This release comes ahead of the brand new Status Quo studio album slated for release in Summer 2011.

The "In The Army Now" single is aimed at refocusing attention on the amazing job being done for us around the world by the Armed Forces and also in raising some much needed funds to better support those who need it most. Status Quo are delighted to get involved with these two charities and hope that the British public connect with the campaign too.
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Supertramp 2010 show recordings made available to fans

The current line up of Supertramp, who are currently touring all over the globe, have already performed a number of gigs this year and those shows have been recorded and are being made available to fans, as will future shows on the current tour.
This from the bands website:

Supertramp's 70-10 Tour Live Audio Recordings!

Simfy live features high-quality live audio recordings of the concerts of Supertramp’s 70-10 Tour.
You can get your recording copied to the Supertramp USB flash drive on location at every concert right after each show!
Alternatively, all live recordings are available online as Supertramp 70-10 Live-CD-Set or MP3 download at simfy live.
It’s a must-have for every Supertramp fan out there!
Alternatively, go to the bands site here: