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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thin Lizzy - Live in Concert 1983 DVD review

Thin Lizzy – Live in Concert 1983 DVD
Released on: XXL Media. Release date: Available now.

Thin Lizzy, yes one of, if not possibly my favourite bands of all time.
Regulars at the site will know my Lizzy background on how fortunate I feel I am to have seen this band live in the past, with Phil Lynott around ten times. Sadly of course, Phil lost his battle against pneumonia and other things …, back in 1986.

This show was recorded on Thin Lizzy’s farewell Thunder and Lightning tour, one of the few bands that actually did a farewell tour and not like six or eight or ten or more farewell tours like so many big bands, still going in one shape or form.

Although, it’s been well documented over the years that the likes of Scott Gorham (Guitars) admitted his problems with addiction and told Phil, that he could no longer continue with Lizzy anymore. Brian Downey (Drums) was getting tired of all the years of touring and seeing Phil and Scott getting so messed up and that was his reason for agreeing with Scott that Lizzy call it quits. Poor Darren Wharton (Keyboards) had got himself involved with Lizzy, originally on the Chinatown album in 1980 and written some great material with Phil, to sadly have to face the reality that Lizzy was folding up.

John Sykes, the young hotshot guitarist Phil talked into joining Lizzy was formerly with the Tygers of Pan Tang, but then once Lizzy folded, became much in demand and went on to more success with Whitesnake (Briefly), co-writing probably the bands two best known songs in ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Still of the Night.’
Anyway, I digress … This show was recorded in Phil and Brian’s home city of Dublin, unfortunately though it caught Phil on a rough night, where the guy is clearly sick with a bad cold. His voice is rough in places.
He was also looking pretty rough – drugs – too at this stage … Seriously sad.

This DVD, I believe has been put out before and I wish I had a copy of the original one, as this is clearly badly thrown together and who knows what generation recording (Copying), it is at? Fourth? Fifth? Tenth???!
It’s very grainy indeed, none of the close up or even the distance shots are clear, even though it was shot with a couple of cameras at least. Very blurry indeed …
The sound levels aren’t the best either … If you wanted something good from the farewell tour, for me the ‘Sight and Sound’ gig – A BBC series of live shows at the time. – recorded at the Regal, Hitchin in the UK on the opening night of the tour, is still pretty good.
You can actually get that as part of the 'Live and Dangerous' repackaged DVD set released a couple of years back, that also includes a live CD from a Derby gig in 1975.

I’m guessing this was one of the last shows, if not the last show on the tour or on the final leg of the European part of the farewell tour.

Opening with ‘Thunder and Lightning’ and the traditional flashbomb entrance that was always Lizzy, it was possibly the heaviest track Lizzy ever recorded. To be honest, never really a favourite of mine as Phil is basically belting out the lyrics as fast as he can and when he’s not 100%, unfortunately it makes them harder to make out.
They stop for a breather and Phil struggling announces next track, ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ and again, while the rest of the band is doing OK, the sound levels don’t help this presentation, although I really like the song, from the last Lizzy studio release.

‘Angel of Death’ next starts with Brian Downey, not Darren Wharton and so it’s the shorter version … I really love the album version with the eerie keyboard intro, then the hi-hats come in, Phil’s rumbling bass and then the band proper. This version, kind of pales to that … Pretty sad to see Phil struggling as much as he clearly is here.
As the song is finishing, the band launches into ‘Are You Ready,’ a regular classic in any Lizzy live set and Sykes and Gorham are in their element and of course Brian Downey gets a brief spot in here too.

Phil says before the next song, ‘This is for anybody that has the flu ... A song called Cold Sweat!’
Yes, Phil, you are clearly suffering from ‘the flu …!’
It was John Sykes first (And last ...) song written with Phil, that got many people’s attention and yes, it rocks!

Possibly my favourite from the last Lizzy album, ‘The Sun Goes Down’ is next and sadly Phil’s condition doesn’t help it and although it’s a great song, it kind of sounds like it’s dragging a little.

‘Emerald’ follows, which was always kind of Lizzy’s trademark live song, then it’s ‘Still in Love with You.’

Things draw to a close with a ‘Rosalie’ medley that includes snatches of ‘Dancing In the Moonlight’ and ‘Whiskey in the Jar,’ before closing out by returning to ‘Rosalie’ but the DVD ends very abruptly.

This concert really is not and wasn’t a good representation of Thin Lizzy live and in a sense it only being just under an hour long – Clearly edited or should that be butchered!  - is possibly a blessing.
This is really for die hard Lizzy fans only, who insist on wanting everything ever released.

Thin Lizzy were an absolutely killer band live when they were on form and with Phil, the current line up I must say, seems to be way ahead of the lineup that John Sykes toured alongside Scott Gorham with, in the last decade or so.
This release though … Not so good!

Rating: 3 out of 5 and that’s being generous because it’s Lizzy.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Def Leppard – Mirror Ball Live album
Released on: Bludgeon Riffola / Walmart Release date: Available now!

So Def Leppard's first actual live album, proper in a career spanning over thirty years, even though some lucky fans who years ago picked up the limited edition of ‘Vault - Best of Def Leppard’ will tell you they already have ‘Live at Don Valley,’ but of course that was not official full blown release, whereas this one is.
It also features three previously unreleased new studio tracks, to make sure all fans of the band, would buy this.

Me personally, I think this album has been a long time coming and there’s no reason really why they could not have released a live album before. Beats me, it really does, but it’s here now, so enough moans and groans!

The two CD set I have here – The Walmart release also comes with a third disc, a live DVD. This is simply a two CD promo, no frills, no sleeve notes, just a cardboard slip sleeve. – I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed listening to.

The slightly amusing thing about this release though, is towards the end of the live set, as it all fades out at the end of the second disc, after ‘Let’s Get Rocked,’ it all fades out and you wait for the encore tracks, ‘Action’The Sweet cover song – and ‘Bad Actress.’ What’s funny you say? Well, as the band comes out, Joe Elliott says, ‘Good evening’ and it's the second to last of the live tracks here?! Leppard used to start a lot of their live shows with ‘Action,’ so I just wonder why they chose ‘Rock, Rock! (‘Till you Drop)?’

So, yes, the live first disc here starts with ‘Rock, Rock (Till You Drop’ and what a great track and I do like the fact that each track runs into each other, thus keeping the release as a true overall live event, even though it’s clearly made up from many different live dates. One of the things that always bugged me on Kiss ‘Alive,’ - And sadly many other 'live releases too! - was that the album didn’t flow, as every track on that release had a gap between it.
This flows, but you can hear the difference between each crowd level on each track, but moving on ... ‘Rocket’ follows next and no complaints here sounds like you have everything you need on stage guys! It's all good stuff.

‘Animal’ is such a great track, that just blew me away when I first heard it way back and live it just keeps the momentum up, before we’re treated to ‘C’mon, C’mon,’ a track from the ‘Sparkle Lounge’ album that fits perfectly here.
The party continues here with ‘Make Love like a Man,’ give me more cowbell, please! LOL!

‘Pyromania’ time with ‘Too Late For Love,’ closely followed by ‘Foolin’ before coming up to date with the track they wrote with Tim McGraw, ‘Nine Lives.’ I mean come on, its classic Leppard time all round!
‘Love Bites’ and the David Essex cover ‘Rock On,’ wrap up disc one.
Really wish they’d have included something else over ‘Rock On’ though, personally one of my least favourite tracks from the ‘Yeah!’ Covers collection and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that?!

The second disc kicks off with ‘Two Steps Behind,’ in front of a supportive California crowd.
An absolutely killer song next with the acoustic guitars in place and it’s ‘Bringing on the Heartbreak,’ then the second part of the song proper kicks in with electric guitars and rocks out, before the staple of ‘Switch 625’ which is an absolute must in the live set. I recall in the past when the band had stopped playing it live, but just listen to it here and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. Great stuff!

Next as it’s clear the set is close to its end, with the assault of ‘Hysteria,’ ‘Armageddon It,’ ‘Photograph,’ ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Rock of Ages,’ before ‘Let’s Get Rocked,’ it’s prime time Leppard, does it get any better as a live set from these guys? I think not!
Of course when Joe says, ‘So … (Slight silence), erm … (Brief silence again), do you wanna get rocked?!’ There’s massive screams of delight from the crowd. Yes Joe, they clearly did!
The previously mentioned ‘Action’ is the first of the two encores – implied on here – and for me, they’ve always done it more than justice and it goes over so well in their set.
Last live track is ‘Bad Actress’ from ‘Sparkle Lounge’ to wrap things up.
So overall, it makes for a very satisfactory live album

What of the new studio tracks you say?
‘Undefeated’ first kind of reminds me a little of Bon Jovi in some aspects, but it’s also like one of those slightly ‘different’ tracks where Def Leppard try to test the ground sometimes, to judge reaction. It’s OK to me.
Then with ‘Kings of the World,’ to me they’ve really outdone themselves and have created a huge epic like track that clearly gives a nod to Queen, elements of Aerosmith perhaps even at times, E.L.O.?!
It’s a massive multilayered affair, that I think they done very well indeed, kind of their own ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ yes really.
Final track, ‘It’s all about Believing’ made me a little nervous at first with its U2 style intro before it then gets into a kind of re-written ‘Hysteria’ and seriously it sounds very good indeed. I love it!

Overall then, a very good set and I would’ve loved to have seen the DVD, but there you go.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 for me.
Official band website:

Brief News Update for Friday August 12th, 2011

Warrant's Jani Lane found dead. He was just 47.
February 1964 - August 2011

Jani Lane - Photo by Bryan Weber

It's becoming too commonplace these days, as one after another rock star seems to be in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.
Just yesterday I shared the news with you, that Deep Purple's legendary former keyboard man, Jon Lord announced he was suffering from cancer, late last night it appears former Warrant lead singer Jani Lane was found dead at a Comfort Inn, in Woodland Hills, California.

The man was responsible for writing the bands best known and biggest hit, 'Cherry Pie,' but over the last so many years, he and Warrant had parted ways after Lane's constant battle with over indulgence.
Other singers had stepped in to cover for him, such as Black 'n' Blue's Jaime St. James but most recently, Robert Mason ex-Lynch Mob had recorded the band's latest release in May of this year, ironically titled 'Rockaholic.'

Jani Lane had fronted the band from around 1986 and had recorded six studio albums with the band, co-written 'Heaven,' 'Down Boy's,' 'Sometimes She Cries,' 'I Saw Red' and of course 'Cherry Pie,' among many others.
He left the band originally in 1993, rejoining the band just a year later recording 'Ultraphobic' in '95 and recorded one more original studio album 'Belly to Belly,' then a re-recorded 'Greatest and Latest' of new and older songs redone and then a covers album, badly but aptly titled perhaps, 'Under The Influence' in 2001.

His solo album 'Back Down To One,' was released a couple of years later, but he was already having troubles.
He actually joined Great White briefly in 2010, covering for Jack Russell who'd been suffering from some serious health issues.
Lane was sadly arrested twice for DUI (Drunk Under the Influence) in recent years and has struggled in general to get himself back on track and to get clean.

On a slightly better note perhaps to end this piece, Jani Lane had recorded an episode of VH1's 'That Metal Show,' with Eddie Trunk for the new series starting next week.

The episode featuring Lane was due to broadcast on October 1st, but perhaps as a tribute, that episode may be brought forward.
RIP Jani, let's hope that somewhere, somehow, you have finally found some peace from your demons.
My prayers go out to your family and close friends, who must be going through it badly right now.
47 years old is way too young.

Jani Lane RIP
February 1964 - August 2011

 Michael Sweet Departs Legendary Rock Band BOSTON to Devote Full Attention to His Longstanding Role as Frontman of
Re-emerging Rock Band Stryper

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- Stryper frontman and accomplished solo artist Michael Sweet announced his departure from legendary rock band BOSTON today, in order to devote his full attention to his longstanding role as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist for multi-platinum rock outfit Stryper – a band he co-founded in 1983. Sweet joined BOSTON in 2008, sharing lead vocals and playing guitar on a headlining tour of North America, performing the band's classic hits like "More than a Feeling," “Peace of Mind,” “Amanda” and “Don't Look Back.”
Following the BOSTON tour, Stryper released the 2009 studio album Murder by Pride (featuring a cover of BOSTON’s "Peace of Mind"), which led to a yearlong world tour with all of the original members. In 2010, Stryper released The Covering, and another world tour recently concluded.  
Stryper is currently in the studio working on an untitled release for 2011, with tour dates already announced for this fall.

“My focus and my loyalty lies with Stryper, the band that I've committed almost thirty years of my life to,” says Sweet. “The guys in Stryper are my brothers and I’m excited about our future together. The music of BOSTON helped shape who I am as an artist, and the opportunity to be a part of their musical legacy is overwhelming. It’s been an honor to share the stage with them, and a bigger honor to call them my friends.”
In addition to the increasing demands for Stryper, Sweet has been spending some of his time off the road in Nashville, writing with A-list songwriters such as Blair Daly (Rascal Flatts, Uncle Kracker, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Luke Laird (Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw), Britton Cameron (Steel Magnolia, Lonestar, Eden's Edge) and others.

“I’ve always loved the writing process and to be able to collaborate with some of the greatest writers in Nashville is an absolutely amazing experience for me,” explains Sweet. “I’m looking forward to many more successful trips to Music City.”
Stryper has sold more than 8 million albums worldwide. The group’s unprecedented 1986 album To Hell with the Devil went double-platinum and was named one of the “100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music” by CCM Magazine.
Official Stryper website:

Joe Elliott doing live radio broadcast

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott will be doing a live in-studio interview tomorrow morning (Friday August 12th) with the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom show! Joe will go on live at 9:20am (EST) and you can tune in and stream live from WFBQ/Q95's website click HERE

 Tesla are clearly quite a happy band! This from their site.

Hey TESLA Fans,

Thanks to you 'Twisted Wires' is on the Billboard Top 200 chart!!
This weekends' shows in Chicago and Wisconsin showed such enthusiasm that they rank as some of the best shows yet in the band's hearts. You fans are showing such loyalty and support for TESLA and always have, but it sure is showing recently by the response to "2nd Street" in concert.
Be sure to call up your local radio stations and let them know about TESLA'S new single.

TESLA is planning ahead for November to do a limited run of "TWISTED WIRES" tour dates,
and a video for "2nd Street" should be on it's way too.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Late News Update for Wednesday August 10th, 2011

Hi folks, well, it’s a crazy busy time as I always tell you, but it really just never seems to stop.
Our trip to the UK to be with family with my Mothers ailing condition meant I was away from any internet for a whole week and no, I don’t have an iPhone, Smartphone, Droid, Android or anything like that …

It still really bugs me that phone companies here in the US, want to charge you a big old fee for the internet access on your phone, when you’re already paying for it at home … They should be a way where the fee of both can be combined into one ‘reasonable’ fee, to be able to do both, so yes, call me dated, but I just have my trusty old Sony Ericsson Quad band flip phone, at least allows me to travel into other countries – i.e. Back home to the UK as and when I need to - and allows me to keep in touch, without having to pay for the internet service.

Enough of all that though … Back to what this site is all about and it’s MUSIC!
One other thing, yes, we have two winners for the Doobies Brothers DVD and CD!

Congrat’s to both John Pierson of Sellersville, PA and Todd Nemphos of Baldwin, MD for guessing correctly that the four members that were a part of the Doobies farewell gig - that is the product we’re giving away – that are in today’s line up are:

Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee and Michael Hossack.
Good one guys, John guessed it first and picked the DVD, so the CD of the show goes to Todd and they’ll be in the mail by the end of the week!
My thanks again to Andie at Universal and of course both Universal and Eagle Rock, who are behind this release and provided the giveaway. A review of both, coming to the site soon!

Finally, thanks to everyone for all of your well wishes, it’s greatly appreciated. Cheers, Al

Jon Lord announces he has cancer

Former Deep Purple / Whitesnake keyboard genius, Jon Lord has announced at his site that he is suffering from an undisclosed form of cancer and that he's going to take a break from gigging, for treatment and ultimately, a cure.
This message posted at the man's website:

'I would like all my friends, followers, fans and fellow travelers to know that I am fighting cancer and will therefore be taking a break from performing while getting the treatment and cure.
I shall of course be continuing to write music – in my world it just has to be part of the therapy – and I fully expect to be back in good shape next year.
God bless and see you soon

The site's webmaster also added this:

May we also, at Jon’s request, ask if everyone could please respect his need for privacy so that he can spend time with his family (and his music).
Thank you.

Official website:

On behalf of Chambers of Rock, I wish you well Jon, our prayers are with you.


Not many people can say that they opened for Alice Cooper and the Ramones, recorded with the Cars, was a fashion model/Playboy Playmate, penned a New York Times best-selling autobiography ('Rebel Heart') and has been praised by such rock icons as Steven Tyler, Joey Ramone and Lemmy Kilmister.

But Bebe Buell has managed to obtain all of these lofty accomplishments, and will undoubtedly add further highlights to her music career, with the impending release of the Bebe Buell Band's new album, 'Hard Love.'

Released on September 27th via the Niji Entertainment Group (a label co-founded by Wendy and Ronnie James Dio), 'Hard Love' is one rockin' good time, as evidenced by such tracks as "Mother of Rock & Roll," "Devil You Know," and a cover of Gang of Four's "I Love A Man In A Uniform."
And Bebe is backed by a rock solid backing band, comprised of Guns N’ Roses drummer Frank Ferrer, former Iggy Pop/Glenn Danzig/Samhain bassist Pete Marshall, former Das Damen/D-Generation guitarist Jimmy Walls, and former U Melt keyboardist Zac Lasher.

Soon, fans of passion fueled, pure rock n' roll will discover what the rock elite has known for decades; Bebe Buell is the real deal, and one fierce rocker. 'Hard Love' is all the sonic proof you'll need.

Bebe: "This is the most important record of my career and it comes from deep in my soul and guts! I love my fans and that's why I do this. Hence the title 'Hard Love.' Every track is filled with my heart, which beats for rock and roll. I'm my happiest onstage and I can't wait to hit the road and play these songs live with the strongest line-up I've ever made magic with."

1. Mother Of Rock & Roll
2. Devil You Know
3. Heartbeat
4. Got It All Wrong
5. Baby Baby
6. Black Angel
7. Sugar
8. I Love A Man In A Uniform
9. Timeline
10. Normal Girl
11. I Will Wait


The Straits tour 'The Sound of Dire Straits' in October

Following The Straits’ recent stunning debut show at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2011, Alan Clark, Phil Palmer and Chris White from Dire Straits will embark on an 11-date UK tour in October due to the overwhelming demand to hear the band's much loved catalogue of unforgettable songs. 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 811 0051. Book Online:

The Straits’ upcoming ‘The Sound of Dire Straits’ UK tour includes 3 original members and some of the top session players to form a powerful, driven, and compelling live rock band not to be missed. The Straits will perform songs from the classic albums ‘Dire Straits’ (1978), ‘Communiqué’ (1979), ‘Making Movies’ (1980), ‘Love Over Gold’ (1982), ‘Brothers In Arms’ (1985) and ‘On Every Street’ (1991). Get ready for the seminal, atmospheric hits including ‘Sultans of Swing’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Tunnel of Love’, ‘Private Investigations’, ‘Money for Nothing’, ‘Walk of Life’, and ‘Brothers in Arms’.

The tour takes in Birmingham Symphony Hall (Oct 3), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (Oct 4), Newcastle City Hall (Oct 5), York Barbican (Oct 7), Cardiff St Davids Hall (Oct 9), Bristol Colston Hall (Oct 10), London HMV Hammersmith Apollo (Oct 12), Ipswich Regent (Oct 13), Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (Oct 14), Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Oct 16), and Manchester o2 Apollo (Oct 17).

The band includes Phil Palmer (guitar), Chris White (sax), Terence Reis (lead vocals, guitar), Alan Clark (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums), Mick Feat (bass) and Jamie Squire (keyboards).

Read the official online announcement:

Emerson Lake & Palmer

40th Anniversary Reunion Concert

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, also known as ELP, are an English progressive rock super group. They found success in the 1970s, sold over forty million albums and headlined large stadium concerts. The legendary rock band reunited to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and headlined London's first High Voltage Rock Festival. This was the historic moment when Emerson Lake and Palmer performed for the first time since 1998.
This spectacular performance, with extravagant special effects and lighting, recaptured the magic and musical genius of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer as they performed their greatest hits in front of thousands of fans and leaving a lasting memory of the stunning musicianship of these three legendary performers.


Watch trailer/clip »

Track Listing:

  • Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression - Part 2
  • The Barbarian
  • Bitches Crystal
  • Farewell to Arms
  • From The Beginning
  • Touch and Go
  • Take A Pebble/Tarkus
  • Lucky Man
  • Pictures At An Exhibition
  • Promenade
  • Gnome
  • Promenade
  • The Sage
  • The Old Castle
  • Blues Variation
  • Promenade
  • The Hut Of Baba Yaga

Bonus Materials:

  • Interviews with managers, Rock music journalist, tour manager and archivist.
  • Contains brand new interviews by Rock DJ Nicky Horne with Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer
Order link:

Ex-Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist writes open letter to fans and media.

"Dear Fans and Media Friends,

'I am aware of a compilation of unfinished demo songs that was
published on the Internet by an individual named Scott Rolaf. These
demos were recorded in my studio about two years ago. While there was
discussion of releasing some of them as part of an album for a special
project, I was not happy with the way the collaboration was
progressing on all levels ... artistically, musically and in how it was
prematurely presented online. This is why I stopped having contact
with Scott Rolaf. We were at odds, however, he continued to pretend on
the social media sites that we were still friends and that this
project was moving forward. This was an outright lie.'

'I never had confirmed plans for this album to be released but Rolaf
took it upon himself to publish a website and other social media sites
(i.e. Reverbnation, etc.) without getting prior approval from me.
This misled my fans, members of my street team and several reputable
media outlets. I have since severed my professional and personal
relationship with Scott Rolaf permanently.'

'Scott Rolaf's recent posting of these demos for free download in the
form of an 'album' is unethical. I have taken legal action to protect
my artistic/intellectual property and reputation. On July 21, 2011,
Rolaf was served a Cease and Desist by my lawyers. Sometime around
July 29, 2011, he had the audacity to post free files of these demos
along with a 'new' press release which he wrote. These actions are, in
my opinion, nothing more than an attempt by Scott Rolaf to gain fame
on my name!'

'I admit that I made the mistake of trusting Rolaf with some
unfinished songwriting demos...simple ideas, incomplete performances,
music, vocals, production, etc. He betrayed that trust by releasing
these songs without legal or personal confirmation. This is an
unscrupulous, immoral act, and, by the laws that protect
artistic/intellectual property, it is criminal!'

'It is individuals who take actions, like Rolaf did, who hurt and
destroy the hopes and chances of
thousands of honest and talented artists who want and need a helping
hand to climb the ladder of success! This action is a pathetic example
to the true creative people who love to write and perform music. What
a stain on the heart of honest art!'

'My loyal friends and fans know of the high quality of work I have
delivered throughout my career. To think that Scott Rolaf, to whom I
extended my hand in friendship as well as professional trust, has
betrayed me by releasing unfinished/unapproved works, is an outrage!
My only hope is that you can understand this situation and realize
that this is a sad event that can happen to anybody ... anywhere
... regardless of position and status. Don't let it happen to you.'

Joe Lynn Turner"

PS: Please feel free to check out a portion of an interview I did with
journalist James Gaden in February 2011. I have pasted this portion of
the interview below:


The following segments were transcribed from a conversation that
journalist James Gaden had with me (Joe Lynn Turner) on the 24th of
February 2011. It was taken out of what became the article that was
published in Fireworks Issue 45.

 *I'm also intrigued to hear the album you've done with Scott
Rolaf, because again, the snippets I've heard online sounded good.*

'Well, look... alright, I've got to tell you the skinny on that right now.
It's on hold. I've got some personal problems with Rolaf... I never agreed
to the Rolaf/Turner name. I never agreed to have any of the clips on
Facebook or wherever the F**K they were. Everything has been taken down for
now. The songs are still there, but we've had some problems between us. He's
the kind of guy - maybe you have someone in your life like this, they just
go off and they do what they want. All of a sudden, you go 'Hey, I'm
supposed to be your partner!' I'm over in Europe somewhere, I come
back and there's bits and pieces of this thing all over the place. That is
not the way to market something. I don't mind him leaking a few things here
and there, but those were demos. You should hear these things now, we've got
real drums, real bass, we've been tearing down the fluff and making it real.
It's so much better. So I don't want to totally abandon "the songs" but I?m
not Rolaf/Turner. I never agreed to that. This
guy is a wannabe star, he's putting his name first - this isn't
Hughes/Turner, this is not comparable. I was incised at that.

*I can understand that. It was your name that drew my interest to the
project anyway. I'd probably have completely ignored it if you hadn't been
attached to it. *

He's riding on my back isn't he? We were supposed to be getting a big
marketing company, hitting the internet, setting up all the right things,
putting out ads... that's correct, that's the way to do it. Then Scott
starts releasing stuff everywhere and we were like 'Hey, you're giving away
the game!' I don't mind a snippet here and there but it became ridiculous.
That, and the name he came up with, he did that himself and he was looking
to press CD's and put out the demos from the computer without real drums,
the tracks were murky and awful... I said hey, I don't do that standard.
It's a low standard for me. If my name is going on it, I've gotta have it
right. Anyway, we had a big f**king argument and he called me all kinds of
names and I was ready to punch him out, I swear I was. So I said
'Alright, I'm done with your ass. You're an egotist - you're arrogant
and it's not even earned.' I said 'You've done nothing, and if I open my
hand and release you, you'll go back into obscurity where you belong'. I
said 'Just because you have a bit of talent to write a fair song... please,
I've written hundreds of great songs. Have the common decency, respect
and consideration for a partnership.'

If you don't have that, you have nothing. So that's it, you
have the full story there in a nutshell. Right now, it's on hold. The songs
are there, lots of good songs, but I also got a whole album of songs with a
guy in Sweden that will just blow your mind. I don't mean heavy rock stuff,
it's in a much more commercial, radio orientated way. It's got writing from
guys like Gary Baker from Nashville, guys who wrote for Backstreet Boys,
it's just a set of brilliant songs. We're finishing up the drums now and
stuff - the only thing I'm worried about is the vocals, they're demo vocals.
I was reading the lyrics, really just mapping out the songs, but the
recordings sound so good! I don't know whether I need to go and put some
excitement in there... I don't know, I feel I've got so much more ability
vocally than what is on there, but people who've heard them are just saying
it's a great other side of me. I digress, but I'm just saying I don't need
this. Working with a guy who has come out of obscurity, all the while I was
under the impression he'd follow my lead because I'm the experienced one,
but I found out that apparently he was the important one, he was the rock
star, and I'm just a tool to sing the songs. So I said 'Oh really? F**k

It's tough, on one side he's actually quite a nice guy, but on the other
side, he can be a f**king asshole! Not unlike everyone else. (laughs)'

So, what next ...?
Well Rolaf has gone to and had his own side of things published, go
here to read that, you make up your own mind?!

I think Joe has a lot more credibility if you ask me ...

Joe Lynn Turner official artist website:

Christopher Cross announces first UK concert in two years

Grammy Award winning and Oscar Award winning singer/songwriter, Christopher Cross, will perform his first and only UK concert in two years at London’s prestigious Bloomsbury Theatre on Monday 7th November 2011. Tickets are on sale from 10am on Wednesday August 3rd via the 24 hour box office: 0871 230 1101,

The special one-off UK show follows the recent release of Christopher’s new solo album, ‘Doctor Faith’.
Album review here:

Known to millions of music fans around the world, his classic hits include ‘Sailing’, ‘Ride Like The Wind’ (covered by Saxon and East Side Beat) and the Oscar winning ‘Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)’ from the hit movie ‘Arthur’ starring Dudley Moore.

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Late Slight Update for Tuesday August 9th, 2011


 Three Disc Set Contains: Two Audio Discs and One Live DVD Available Exclusively At Walmart Stores and on All Digital Download Services

Live Concert Special to Air on PBS

Band on Tour with Journey Through Fall


(New York, NY) - Rock legends Foreigner will release a new three disc set, Feels Like the First Time, on September 13th through Razor & Tie. The set includes two audio discs- CD One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged and CD Two: Juke Box Heroes: Brand New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits and one live concert DVD: Live in Chicago (full track lists available below).
The three disc set will be available exclusively at all Walmart stores and with additional various digital configurations available on digital service providers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

Disc One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged
This unplugged set of studio recordings of Foreigner's classic hits features Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen, Jeff Pilson and Tom Gimbel, and also pays tribute to Elvis Presley with a blistering version of "That's All Right". A high point on the Acoustique disc is the never released song, "The Flame Still Burns," which was co-written by Mick Jones for 1998 cult rock movie Still Crazy, where it was performed by Jimmy Nail. Mick won the prestigious English Ivor Novello songwriting award for this song.

Disc Two: Juke Box Heroes: Brand New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits
This collection of Foreigner's greatest hits was digitally recorded this year by mastermind, composer and producer Mick Jones, sensational lead singer Kelly Hansen, bassist Jeff Pilson, multi-instrumentalist Tom Gimbel, keyboardist Michael Bluestein and drummer Mark Schulman.
The set also includes a brand new song, "Save Me", which was co-written with Mick Jones' step-daughter and well-known DJ & musician, Samantha Ronson.

Disc Three: Live In Chicago
The 80 minute DVD features the band's greatest hits in pristine high definition from their recent Chicago concert. It also features behind the scenes footage and bonus acoustic versions of some of the band's classic hits. The concert will air on PBS through August and into the fall as part of the Public Television Rocks! series.

Catch Foreigner on the road now with Journey (tour dates below).

Feels Like The First Time tracklist:
 CD One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged

Long, Long Way From Home
Cold As Ice
The Flame Still Burns
Double Vision
Fool For You Anyway
Say You Will
Waiting For A Girl Like You
Feels Like The First Time
Juke Box Hero
That's All Right (Bonus Track)

CD Two: Juke Box Heroes: Brand New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits

Save Me (Bonus Track - New Song!)
Feels Like The First Time
Cold As Ice
Long, Long Way From Home
Hot Blooded
Double Vision
Head Games
Dirty White Boy
Waiting For A Girl Like You
I Want To Know What Love Is
Juke Box Hero
DVD: Live in Chicago
Double Vision
Head Games
Cold As Ice
Waiting For A Girl Like You
When It Comes To Love
Blue Morning, Blue Day
Dirty White Boy
Feels Like The First Time
I Want To Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded
Juke Box Hero

Foreigner and Journey with special Guest Night Ranger Tour dates:
9 Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre
10 Darien Center, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
12 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center
13 Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center
16 Hershey, PA Hershey Park Pavillion
17 New York, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
19 Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater
20 Raleigh, NC Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek
21 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte
24 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
27 Pittsburgh, PA First Niagara Pavilion
30 Syracuse, NY New York State Fair
31 Allentown, PA The Great Allentown Fair
10 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
13 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
14 Memphis, TN Fedex Forum
16 Atlanta, GA Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood
17 Tampa, FL Gary Amphitheatre
18 West Palm Beach, FL Cruzan Amphitheatre
21 San Antonio, TX ATT Center
22 Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
24 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion
25 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
28 Kansas City, MO Starlight Theatre
30 Albuquerque, NM Hard Rock Casino Presents the Pavilion

1 Denver, CO Comfort Dental Amphitheatre
5 Concord, CA Sleep Train Pavilion
7 San Diego, CA Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
8 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Arena
11 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
14 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre
15 San Francisco, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre
19 Portland, OR Rose Garden Arena
21 Seattle, WA Key Arena

Australia's Soundwave Revoltion Festival Tour officially Cancelled.

The event that was meaning so much for so many rock fans down under, where Van Halen fans who hadn't seen the band live in over ten years - With Sammy Hagar fronting them. - were so looking forward to a David Lee Roth fronted line up, who had never played down under, are now going to have to wait some more ..., as this news was revealed earlier yesterday by both and
Sad news for rock fans in Australia – the Soundwave Revolution festival that was to be headlined by Van Halen has been officially cancelled because the promoter was unable to secure a second headliner.
The five cities to be played were Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth from Sept 24th to October 3rd. Hopefully Van Halen will make it to Australia as part of their upcoming tour.

This from :

Soundwave Revolution 2011 has been cancelled

Bad news… Soundwave Revolution “as we know it” has been cancelled.
After hours of internet rumours, Soundwave Revolution promoter AJ Maddah has finally confirmed the news that nobody wanted to hear ...

Maddah told Nova 969′s news team they were forced to pull the plug on the festival after the second-biggest headliner pulled out. Listen to the audio above.

“The festival as we know it has been cancelled,” Maddah said.
“We were scheduled to make a second announcement on the first of August – we had our festival co-headliner on that announcement… Their circumstances changed at the last minute and they had to pull out and unfortunately we don’t have enough time to replace them and we didn’t really want to go ahead with an incomplete line-up.
“We could have taken the option of linking through with the line-up as we have now – it would have obviously still been a much better financial outcome for us than to go through the road we have – but we just didn’t want to put an inferior product on the market,” he said.

Big acts lined up for Soundwave Revolution 2011 included Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Panic! At The Disco, Hole, The Used, All Time Low, Sum 41, Dashboard Confessional, Relient K, The Pretty Reckless and more.
Maddah said plenty of bands would still be coming out to Oz.

“A lot of those bands are still coming and we are, you know, creating packages and what have you for them to (play) in clubs and other venues,” he said.

The story started to unfold this morning when Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia broke news of the cancellation via his Twitter account.
“Soundwave revolution is cancelled. I am bummed,” Zadinia wrote.

“Just got word from our management that the whole festival is cancelled. I hope I’m wrong but I was told it’s official. Anyone hear same? Maybe we’ll still come out and rock anyway! I’m hoping it can get worked out. We wanna rock u guys in Ozn (sic)”

Soundwave Revolution has just posted an official announcement via their Facebook page.
It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the Revolution Festival. Many of the festival bands will still be coming to Australia in that time period and team up to bring you some very special shows.

These will include multi band/mini festival line-ups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We will be announcing these events in the next 7 days.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded automatically as soon as it can be processed. If you purchased from an outlet, refunds will be available ne
xt week from point of purchase.

A later update revealed that in fact it was Aerosmith pulling out of the second headliner spot that caused the cancellation. Read on here, from the Van Halen fan site:

When it was announced that the Soundwave Revolution festival in Australia was cancelled yesterday, some fans were quick to blame Van Halen, assuming that they must have pulled out of the festival. The truth is, Van Halen DID NOT pull out of Soundwave Revolution, and had nothing to do with the festival being cancelled.

The promoter had been planning on securing one or two additional headliners, which he was unable to do. in Australia revealed today that AEROSMITH was the unannounced second headliner that pulled out of the festival. Between Aerosmith backing out, and lagging ticket sales, the promoter decided to cancel the festival.
Read the piece here:
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3 Down Down announces 'Time of My Life Tour'

It's here! 3 Doors Down is excited to announce a full tour this fall in support of their new album, 'Time of My Life,' which was released on Tuesday, July 19th. Joining them on selected tour dates will be rock bands Theory of a Deadman and Pop Evil.
"We're psyched for the tour with Theory Of A Deadman and Pop Evil! There are gonna be some awesome venues full of some awesome fans! We can't wait to rock it out!" -lead singer Brad Arnold.

Head to the 3 Doors Down Fan Club website for exclusive pre-sale opportunities and get your tickets before everyone else! Make sure to pick up the new album if you haven't already. As always, more information can be found on the 3 Doors Down home page.
You'll find a full list of tour dates and public on-sale details by following the below link, see you on the road!