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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rock News Update for Saturday 5th March, 2011

Francis Rossi to host show on Planet Rock

Francis Rossi (Status Quo) is joining award winning radio station Planet Rock for a series of exclusive radio shows. The series will run on Sunday evenings at 6pm - 7pm beginning on 6th March.

Each week Francis will be playing the music that has inspired him over the years, with stories from four decades as one of rock's true originals,

"Planet Rock has always brought rock's greatest artists to the airwaves, giving a rock star's perspective to life on the road, in the studio and to hear stories never heard on radio before. Francis has something to say about everyone and everything, the trouble is stopping him…. and his choice of music makes the show a must listen" said Trevor White, Planet Rock Programme Director.

Planet Rock broadcasts on digital radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730, and

Night Ranger announce first UK date since the 80's

I know a lot of folks in the UK, have been hankering after Night Ranger paying a visit to UK shores, as the last time they did so was in the late 80's when they played a few shows, opening for Foreigner on their Inside Information tour.

Although the band have never had any big hits in the UK - Probably due to lack of live dates in support of the releases guys! - there has always been an underground fanbase their, who have followed the band and each year that they hear of how great shows were in the US, they keep saying to themselves, 'when will we get to see them?!'
Finally, a return to the UK is on the cards and sadly it's not a full blown tour, not even dates, it is just one date!
Here's the thing UK fans, if you want to impress upon the band, just how much you want more live dates, go and support them at this date.
It takes place at Islington O2 Academy, London on Thursday, June 23rd.
Full details including Meet and Greet opportunities here, from this posted at

You asked, we delivered.

Night Ranger is coming to o2 Academy Islington in London this June! VIP presale tickets for Night Ranger's tour will be offered via the ticketing link below beginning TODAY, Friday, March 4th, 2011!

Night Ranger Fan Club Meet & Greet Bundles include:
- A General Admission Ticket
- Access to a Meet and Greet with Night Ranger and Photo with band (with your own camera)
- 1 Year Online Membership in the Night Ranger Fan Club
- An Autographed Night Ranger Poster
- A Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate

The only way to access bundled presale tickets for this show is by registering via the ticketing link below. The presale link is:

6/23/2011 o2 Academy Islington (London)
Presale tickets are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.
Official band website:

Newman - update on UK rockers

UK melodic rockers Newman, led by guitarist / singer / songwriter / producer Steve Newman, have just issued this update through the bands website:


Steve has begun writing and demoing songs for the next full Newman studio album. The plan is to have this album ready for a summer release. The live Firefest CD/DVD will be released later in the year.
We will be starting a studio blog with regular updates on the progress of this new album which will be the follow up to last years much acclaimed "The Art Of Balance" which is still receiving rave reviews from around the globe.

More updates soon no doubt ...
Official band website:

In other Steve Newman related news, don't forget this ...


The Big Life album album featuring Mark Thompson-Smith and Steve Newman will be released via AOR Heaven on 29th April, both the guys are very excited about this new album and have already been receiving some great comments on the songs. Official press release below:


Big Life - Big Life / Release date: 29.04.2011 - Big Life is a new project featuring the immense talents of the UK's melodic rock genius, Steve Newman (Newman) and ex-Praying Mantis frontman, Mark Thompson-Smith.

 Steve Newman's reputation in the Melodic Rock circuit is impressive - with eight immense Newman albums released in the last decade, the latest being the highly acclaimed The Art Of Balance. Add to this his work on other albums with artists such as Atlantic, Steve Overland, Eden, AOR Project, Frozen Rain, Far Cry, Grand Illusion and Phenomena.

Mark Thompson-Smith re-emerges from the shadows after a lengthy period out of the limelight to more than demonstrate that time has not dulled his impressive vocal powers. Best known as the singer with Praying Mantis in the early 90's and as guest vocalist in The Sweet in 2005, he has also featured as frontman for various 80's UK bands such as Idol Rich, Touche and Flight 19.

The early 90's also saw Mark working in America with Mike Walsh (Departure) and legendary keyboardist Dave Rosenthal (Rainbow/Red Dawn/Billy Joel/Infinity), spending two exciting years performing and recording the later released and now much sought after solo album, A Far Cry From New Jersey.

Returning to the UK in 1993, as the grunge band tsunami swept away the US melodic rock scene, Mark joined Praying Mantis recording the impressive “Only The Children Cry” EP and completed a successful tour of Japan before leaving the band in 1994. During the years, he appeared a couple of times as backing vocalist on various Newman albums. The Sweet experience being short lived as the band required a bass playing vocalist, it fired up Mark's renewed passion for singing further and so he sought out Steve Newman to embark on a brand new musical adventure....and certainly found it in Big Life!

The guys are joined by Rob McEwen, the outstanding drumming talent on the last three Newman albums, and all recordings have once again taken place at “The Blue Room” studios in England.

You can hear three sample tracks at the band site in: Better Man, Close To You and Dying Day.
Big Life Official site here:

The Poodles talk about new album and more

Swedish hard rockers The Poodles are due to release their next studio album 'Performocracy' through Frontiers Records on April 15th (Europe) and May 3rd (USA).

They have recently record a video for You Tube, to share with fans that you can check out here:

If you have difficulty viewing the video here on 'Chambers of Rock,' then you may want to go directly to You Tube by following this link:

Official band website is here:

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp 2011 first names announced

Following on the success of previous years Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp that takes place annually in  Hollywood, California, as well as last years well publicised event broadcast on VH1, 2011 is already shaping up well! Some new big names and some familiar names from last year too!

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp showed last year on VH1 that people with musical passion, yet from regular walks of life, can get to jam with and learn from some of the most admired musicians in the business.
It shows how much hard work and stress can exist in trying to put together a band, not to mention trying to put together an original song from scratch, when under time constraints. By the same token, it shows how much of a kick and buzz an individual and / or band, can get from getting this done.
It all happens May 10th through 15th and there are many different packages available to people, depending on how much you really want your rock and roll dream to come true!
Full details on pricing and more at the site:

This years star guest players are set to include Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot), Phil Collen (Def Leppard, Man Raze), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) and Eddie Kramer (Engineer / Producer - Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Kiss, Peter Frampton), with more names to be added.

Counselors already confirmed for this year will include the return of Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Dio), Kip Winger (Winger, Alice Cooper) and Mark Hudson (Producer - Ringo Starr, Aerosmith), who both became TV stars, thanks to VH1 in the last series. This year they will be joined by George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Gamma, Van Morrison), Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Meatloaf, Billy Squier, Grand Funk Railroad), Fred Coury (Cinderella) and Ritchie Kotzen (Poison, Mr Big).
It certainly looks like being another fun time for anyone with the cash to spare, to live out their own rock and roll fantasy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Magnum - The Visitation album review

Magnum – The Visitation album review
Released on: SPV / Steamhammer. Release date: Available Now.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes, some people are surprised by individuals personal tastes and I think my love of Brummie – That’s English slang for someone who comes from Birmingham! – band Magnum, has that effect on some people.
You see some people would pigeon hole Magnum as kind of prog rock, other’s perhaps like me would include them in the melodic rock field.
That said, a good old mate of mine in the UK – Thanks Ian! – said to me, ‘Well Al, they’re not really, a real prog band are they? They kind of sit on the line somewhere between the two genres, don’t they?’ I suppose you’re right Ian. :)

These guys have been around for quite some time and I first saw them back in 1979, but they’ve changed a bit here and there, even with the two main guys singer Bob Catley and guitarist, writer, producer, musical genius, etc, Tony Clarkin breaking off to form Hard Rain in the 90’s, to record two albums before reforming Magnum once again in 2002.

Really they are a pretty unique band and yes, it captures elements of prog rock, classic rock and melodic rock and dare I say it, these days they even throw a little something else in there, that kind of borderline ‘avant-garde’ type effect. Yes, really.

To the album then when this first starts, I love the crunching riffs of ‘Black Skies,’ as it chugs along, but Bob Catley's vocals kind of go somewhere a little out there … It was hard to get used to at first, but it’s grown.
It's a little dark sounding track for sure.

‘Doors to Nowhere’ starts with some resonating Hammond organ and you wonder where it may take you and then it almost has a kind of feel of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (Rocky) soundtrack era, punchy, hooky riffs, before easing into the laid back verse. Then the chorus kicks in with that catchy riff again to pick things up. Back into the verse again and it’s almost melancholy. It’s good texture within the song and this one again I’ve got to love it!
I do love the subject matter that Catley shares with us on the opening line, “Up every day, took my clothes off the chair. Poured out a drink, from the old Frigidaire. Some magazines, by the fire never touched. Shiny red step, always cleaned, always brushed ...‘ Great stuff! It really is a great song that yes, grows on you, but if you’re a Magnum fan, then by now you’re probably used to that.

Title track ‚‘The Visitation‘ is next and if you’re a fan of old classic Magnum I think you’re be quite pleased with this one. At times I’m reminded of 'All Englands Eyes,' here. Then the song take a very different turn and get’s all ... Proggie? Avant garde? You call it folks! It then get’s back into the punchy riffs and rocks toward the end.
It’s really not going to be an instant album, of that it’s clear, but there’s really a lot of familiar Magnum touches here.
By the way, no short, sharp cuts here, the days of quick fire three to four minute hook ridden tracks such as 'Just Like an Arrow,' seem to be long gone it seems.
The shortest track on here clocks in at four minutes forty eight seconds.

I will say that next track 'Wild Angels,' does have a pretty catchy chorus and riff throughout though, it clocks in at five minutes forty one seconds. Really like it though.

'Spin Like A Wheel' is also has a lot going for it in the hooks, an uptempo almost poppy rocker. By the way, Tony Clarkin is really sounding like he’s playing out of his skin here and there. This is a nice AOR style track, no question. Not a power ballad, but it does take thing up and down a lot and there’s some great interchanges here and there too. By the way, this one clocks in at over seven and a half minutes!

OK, I guess 'The Last Frontier' is possibly as close as we’re going to get to a power ballad from these guys here and towards the end there is huge orchestration going on here. Nice track guys.

'Freedom Day,' is one of those build up tracks, that starts all laid back and atmospheric and then builds up a little here and there, but it’s a multi layered affair, that you almost think may take off, but it really doesn’t quite make it there. Again lots of orchestration, brass too here, not to mention it’s percussive ups and downs here and there ... It doesn’t really grab me, I have to say, it's just a little different.

After Freedom Day, 'Mother Nature’s Final Dance' hits you like a breath of fresh air. It builds up at times and grows, then it really picks up and becomes an epic like track. Really love this one.

The intro to 'Midnight Kings' is simply great. It rocks straight away, then eases back and then grows again. Some nice, clever changes in the song and it’s funny how it’s even Yes like in places, yet again though Tony Clarkin is really rocking out, nice band song, where everyone here really seems to shine from Harry James drums, through nice base lines from Al Barrow, Mark Stanway’s piano and keyboards great and to be honest, Stanway really shines throughout the album too.

It’s funny how for the most part I’ve found that the album is true to what Magnum does, but it kind of hit a lull - For me - with 'Freedom Day,' but otherwise it's what Magnum do and closer 'Tonight’s the Night' finishes the album nicely, capturing the essence of Magnum at so many levels. Musical ability, great textures, something different - They even have a little acapella going on here! - and as I say, good quality rock music. 
Good job guys.

The tracks that I wasn’t enamored with at first, have grown on me, like any good Magnum album, maybe 'Freedom Day' will too in time!

Again, Magnum are a very talent band, with Bob Catley’s familiar, classy voice, strong guitar work from Tony Clarkin, abundant piano and keyboards throughout the album from Mark Stanway and a good, strong backbone of bassist Al Barrow and drummer Harry James, it’s good stuff from the band. It’s very sad that American audiences have never accepted Magnum. I wish they would, then maybe I’ll get to see them play live again! I live in hope ... and in this case, probably dreams!

Rating: 4 out of 5
Official band website:


Rock News Update for Friday 4th March, 2011


Due to a multitude of classic tunes ("The Boys Are Back in Town," "Jailbreak," "Waiting for an Alibi," etc.) and albums ('Jailbreak,' 'Live and Dangerous,' 'Black Rose,' etc.), Thin Lizzy is undoubtedly one of rock's all-time great bands. And with arguably the band's strongest line-up since the days that the late/great Phil Lynott served as their front man, Thin Lizzy are set to take the USA by storm with upcoming tour dates in late March and early April.
The trek will include stops in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Toronto, Detroit, and Chicago, and will also include a live appearance on the popular radio show, Rockline, on March 23rd, which will run from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am EST. Thin Lizzy's current line-up includes such 'Lynott era' Lizzy veterans as Scott Gorham (guitar), Brian Downey (drums), and Darren Wharton (keyboards), as well as singer/guitarist Ricky Warwick, bassist Marco Mendoza, and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell.

Thin Lizzy became one of rock's top bands during the 1970's, on the strength of Lynott's poetic yet tough lyrics, and the highly influential dual guitar attack of Gorham and which ever second guitarist he was paired up with at the time (Brian Robertson, the late Gary Moore, Snowy White or John Sykes).
Lizzy split up in 1983, before Lynott passed away in 1986. But with Lizzy being either consistently name checked as an influence or having their songs covered by other bands, the group's stature has remained at the forefront of rock over the years. And now, US fans will be able to experience the Lizzy legend once more on the concert stage.


MARCH 2011
03/24/2011 Jim Thorpe, PA. Penn's Peak
03/25/2011 New York, NY. Best Buy Theatre
03/26/2011 Uncasville, CT. Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf's Den
03/27/2011 Sayreville, NJ. Starland Ballroom
03/29/2011 Glenside, PA. Keswick Theatre
03/30/2011 Toronto, ON. Canada Sound Academy
03/31/2011 Detroit, MI. Sound Board at Motor City Casino Hotel

APRIL 2011
04/01/2011 Chicago, IL. Vic Theatre



(New York, NY) - Whitesnake's brand new album FOREVERMORE, due out via Frontiers Records on March 29th in North America, is set for release in four different configurations. FOREVERMORE will be available as:

- a single CD
- a CD+DVD combo: the DVD features the "Love Will Set You Free" video, the making of "Love Will Set You Free" video, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on the recording of FOREVERMORE; the CD includes three bonus tracks: "Love Will Set You Free" (alt mix), "My Evil Ways" (alt mix with drum solo) and "Forevermore" (acoustic version)
- a double-LP vinyl edition
- a special edition box set which includes the CD, DVD, LPs, as well as a cover litho, a poster and a logo sticker.
The digital album is available for pre-order now via and includes an instant track download of "Love Will Set You Free." Pre-order of the album is also available at all digital stores now, with Amazon digital stores offering "My Evil Ways" (alt Mix with Drum Solo) as a bonus track; while the iTunes LP edition features the "Love Will Set You Free" (alt mix) and "Forevermore" (acoustic version) as bonus tracks.

The first single from FOREVERMORE, "Love Will Set You Free," has been heating up at radio with serious spins at stations such as WDHA/New Jersey, KGGO/Des Moines, KDKB/Phoenix, WWHG/Madison, WONE/Akron, WLUP/Chicago, KSHE/St. Louis, WAXQ/New York and more. Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale will be the featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline with host Bob Coburn on Wednesday March 9th at 8:30PM, PT/11:30PM, ET as part of the ongoing series "Notes on Music" and then again on Wednesday, March 30th at 8:30PM, PT/11:30PM, ET for the new album, FOREVERMORE. For a station near you and for information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast go to 
Each show will be streamed on the Rockline website for two weeks beginning the afternoon after their broadcast.

The corresponding video for "Love Will Set You Free", which can be seen here on VEVO - (Link) - has received upwards of 230,000 views in its first two weeks. Directed by Devin DeHaven/Fortress Entertainment (Papa Roach, Method Man, Talib Kweli), the video was shot in Lake Tahoe, NV. "Love Will Set You Free" is now available for purchase at all digital service providers - click here to purchase the single and click here to purchase the video on iTunes.
In other Whitesnake news, select US tour dates have been announced including headlining the M3 Festival at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on Saturday, May 14th and an appearance at the Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, OK on Friday, May 27th. Please see below for the itinerary with more tour dates to be announced shortly.

FOREVERMORE finds founder/singer/songwriter David Coverdale and company returning to their no-holds-barred, bluesiest, sexiest rock n' roll roots. This will be Whitesnake's 11th album and the first release via Frontiers Records. FOREVERMORE was recorded, produced and mixed by Los Bros Brutalos (Coverdale, Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre).
Whitesnake is David Coverdale (vocals), Doug Aldrich (guitars), Reb Beach (guitars), Michael Devin (bass) and Briian Tichy (drums).
Formed in 1977, and steered by the legendary David Coverdale, Whitesnake carry a rightful reputation as one of the world's leading rock n' roll bands. Coverdale's blues roots, combined with a feral sense of rockin' and rollin', have consistently shaped the 'Snake's sound along with Coverdale's love and appreciation of impeccable musicianship. Whitesnake's ascent to the very top of the rock n' roll heap was confirmed with 1987's self-titled mega-platinum album, which saw two massive Top 10 hits, two #1 singles with "Here I Go Again" and "Is This Love" and a virtual 24-hour domination of MTV around the world.

Whitesnake on tour:

MAY 2011
12 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
14 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion (M3 Festival headline)
20 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Biloxi Hotel & Casino
22 Richardson, TX Wildflower Arts & Music Festival
27 Pryor, OK Pryor Creek Music Festival (Rocklahoma)

For more information please visit:

Def Leppard update on 'Mirrorball' and more US dates confirmed

PRESS RELEASE - Def Leppard, Great Britain's premier arena rock band, have announced the release of their first-ever live album "MIRRORBALL", out this summer. The live album was recorded across the world over the course of many of the band's sold-out dates. Mirrorball will feature all of the classic songs that have made Def Leppard one of the most respected and beloved power rock bands in the world. The release captures the group's legendary concert experience at its thunderous best, bringing together live versions of classic Leppard hits such as "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME", "ROCK OF AGES", "FOOLIN'", "HYSTERIA", "PHOTOGRAPH" and an incredible rendition of "BRINGIN' ON THE HEARTBREAK".
With their creative juices at full flow, the band has also added three new studio tracks: "UNDEFEATED", "IT'S ALL ABOUT BELIEVIN'" and "KINGS OF THE WORLD", that are undeniably Def Leppard. "MIRRORBALL" follows the band's 2008 studio release, "SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE", which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200, marking the group's highest chart position since 1992's "ADRENALIZE".
In addition to the album, Chronicle Books will be releasing "DEF LEPPARD: THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL HISTORY", featuring photos of the band by legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin. His fully authorized visual history of the band follows them from the new wave of British heavy metal to their massive "PYROMANIA" and "HYSTERIA" albums to the sustained power of their records and tours today. The book will be available this June.
Last month, Def Leppard announced their triumphant return to US stages with a summer tour kicking off on June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Twenty additional shows have been confirmed for the Live Nation produced tour and are set to go on sale beginning March 11th at and (for a list of dates please see below). Joining Def Leppard for this highly anticipated tour are Seattle rock legends Heart.

The extensive tour dates spread over four months, are as follows:

June 2011
Jun 15 - West Palm Beach, FL (Cruzan Amphitheatre)
Jun 17 - Tampa, FL (1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre)
Jun 18 - Atlanta, GA (Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood)
Jun 19 - Orange Beach, AL (Amphitheater @ the Wharf)
Jun 22 - Charlotte, NC (Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre)
Jun 24 - Raleigh, NC (Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion)
Jun 25 - Virginia Beach, VA (Farm Bureau Live)
Jun 26 - Philadelphia, PA (Susquehanna Bank Center)
Jun 29 - Scranton, PA (Toyota Pavilion)
Jun 30 - Boston, MA (Comcast Center)

July 2011
Jul 2 - Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)
Jul 3 - Hershey, PA (Hersheypark Stadium)
Jul 5 - Milwaukee, WI (Summerfest)
Jul 7 - Cincinnati, OH (Riverbend Music Center)
Jul 9 - Washington, DC (Jiffy Lube Live)
Jul 10 - Saratoga Springs, NY (Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
Jul 12 - Wantagh, NY (Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre)
Jul 13 - Holmdel, NJ (PNC Bank Arts Center)
Jul 15 - Chicago, IL (First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre)
Jul 17 - Cadott, WI (Rock Fest)
Jul 19 - Tulsa, OK (BOK Center)
Jul 20 - Dallas, TX (Gexa Energy Pavilion)
Jul 22 - Houston, TX (Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion)
Jul 23 - New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Arena)
Jul 24 - San Antonio, TX (AT&T Center)

August 2011
Aug 8 - Sturgis, SD (Buffalo Chip)
Aug 10 - St. Louis, MO (Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)
Aug 12 - Indianapolis, IN (Verizon Wireless Music Center)
Aug 13 - Des Moines, IA (Iowa State Fair)
Aug 17 - Detroit, MI (DTE Energy Music Theatre)
Aug 20 - Pittsburgh, PA (First Niagara Pavilion)
Aug 21 - Buffalo, NY (Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)
Aug 24 - Cleveland, OH (Blossom Music Center)
Aug 26 - St. Paul, MN (Minnesota State Fair)
Aug 27 - Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center)
Aug 29 - Denver, CO (Comfort Dental Amphitheatre)
Aug 31 - Salt Lake City, UT (USANA Amphitheatre)

September 2011
Sep 2 - Albuquerque, NM (The Pavilion)
Sep 10 - San Francisco, CA (Shoreline Amphitheatre)
Sep 11 - Sacramento, CA (Sleep Train Amphitheatre)
Sep 14 - Portland, OR (Sleep Country Amphitheater)
Sep 15 - Seattle, WA (White River Amphitheatre)

For complete ticket and tour information visit and
Official band website:

Legendary rockers Motley Crue will tour South America in May 2011 with support act Buckcherry

Dallas, TX, March, 2011 - ( - Motley Crue has confirmed that it will tour South America in May 2011 with supporting act Buckcherry as part of its 30th Anniversary world tour.
The trek includes stops in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 2 night stand in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Motley Crue's first ever performance in Santiago de Chile. The tour's promoter Gabe Reed commented, "we are very excited to bring Motley Crue to South America this year. They are a legendary band that all South American rock fans are excited to experience for the 1st time ever."

The dates are as follows:

May 2011
May 14, 2011 Santiago, Chile - Movistar Arena
May 17, 2011 Sao Paulo - Venue TBA
May 19, 2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas
May 20, 2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas
For more info go to:

Super 'Sunflower Jam' to take place at Royal Albert Hall

On July 8th, 2011, a truly unique evening of Rock’n’Roll takes place at the Royal Albert Hall.
Music legends Rick Wakeman, Jon Lord, Joe Bonamassa, Newton Faulkner and Deep Purple will perform on stage to raise money for The Sunflower Jam.

Set up in 2006 by Jacky Paice, The SFJ is a charity which works with forward-thinking doctors and practitioners to offer comprehensive integrated medical treatment to patients most in need.

With guest performances by the likes of Status Quo, Paul Weller, Robert Plant, Ray Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Suggs, the late great Gary Moore and Jeremy Irons as MC in previous years, Super Jam 2011 will be the biggest event to date and will help to increase the already raised funds from past events.

Jon Lord formerly of Deep Purple, one of many active supporters of the charity said:
“The Sunflower Jam has become an established event for two reasons: because its such a great cause and because it’s such huge fun!”

Official website of event: - Just created ...
Tickets for the event can be purchased here:
(Event Link for tickets)

VH1's 'That Metal Show' new series starting soon

The new series of the very entertaining rock and metal show, appropriately titled, 'That Metal Show,' broadcast through VH1 Classic, will kick off on Saturday March 19th.
The show is fronted by main man Eddie Trunk, a huge human encyclopedia of rock 'n' roll knowledge, ably assisted by his humourous 'sidekicks,' Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, both metal heads in the true sense of the expression, to the extreme!

Here's the forthcoming series schedule:
Premiering Saturday 3/19/11

All Shows Air at 11pm ET/PT
Only on VH1 Classic!

Saturday 3/19/11 Chris Jericho
Yngwie Malmsteen

Saturday 3/26/11 Ace Frehley
Billy Sheehan

Saturday 4/2/11 Duff McKagan
Glenn Hughes

Saturday 4/9/11 Carmine Appice
Dave Meniketti

Saturday 4/16/11 David Coverdale
Lita Ford

Saturday 4/23/11 Kirk Hammett
Uli Jon Roth

Saturday 4/30/11 Matt Sorum/Cherie Currie
Jim Norton

Saturday 5/7/11 Sebastian Bach

Saturday 5/14/11
"Scrap Metal" - Season 7 Outakes/Unseen Extras

For further details on the show and Eddie Trunk, go to:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brief News Update for Thursday 3rd March, 2011



Los Angeles, CA (March, 2011) – Mötley Crüe, one of the world’s most iconic rock bands, have announced initial details today for their summer headlining tour with support from Poison and special guests New York Dolls (not to be confused with Poison’s solo tour, “Glam-A-Geddon 25”).
The official announcement by Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and New York Dolls’ David Johansen was made on the syndicated radio show, Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx Tuesday March 1st at 7:00pm local time (check for a list of stations).
Additionally, the announcement can be heard on, iheartradio and on the new Sixx Sense XM
161 Channel.
The trek will kick off June 7th in Dallas, TX and hit approximately 40 cities before coming to a close in early August. Tickets will be available to fan club members beginning March 11th and a national on sale starts the weekend of March 18th. All tour information can be found at

Mötley Crüe has played to millions of fans around the world, adding this summer’s tour to recent successful outings including Crüe Fest 1 and 2 taking out such notables as Sixx:AM, Godsmack, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Theory Of A Deadman and many others. For ticket and tour information and information about Mötley Crüe, please visit:

For more information on Poison, please visit:
For more information on New York Dolls, please visit:

Mötley Crüe, Poison and New York Dolls Summer Tour Dates

JUNE 2011 

7 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion
9 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
10 Houston, TX Toyota Center
12 Albuquerque, NM Hard Rock Pavilion
14 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
15 San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
17 Phoenix, AZ Desert Sky Pavilion
18 Las Vegas, NV Venue TBD
19 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amphitheater
21 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
22 Maryland Heights, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
24 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
25 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
26 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
28 Toronto, ON Molson Ampitheater
29 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre

JULY 2011

1 Tinley Park, IL FMB Amphitheater
2 Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center
3 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
5 Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena
6 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
8 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Coast Coliseum
9 Pelham, AL Verizon Wireless Music Center (Mötley Crüe & NY Dolls Only)
10 Atlanta, GA Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood
12 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
13 Hershey, PA Star Pavilion at Hershey Park
15 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
16 Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center
19 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center
20 Uniondale, NY Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
22 Darien Lakes, NY Darien Lakes Performing Arts Center
23 Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Performing Arts Center
24 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
27 Cheyenne, WY Frontier Days (Mötley Crüe Only)
29 Youngstown, OH Covelli Centre
30 Frederick, MD Outlaw Jam 2011
31 Scranton, PA Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain


5 Tomah, WI Fort MCoy

For further information go to:


Multi-platinum Canadian rockers Loverboy reunite with legendary producer/engineer Bob Rock for two new singles, “Heartbreaker” and “No Tomorrow”

LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2011—For 30 years, Loverboy has been “Working for the Weekend,” delighting audiences around the world since forming in Calgary, Alberta, when vocalist Mike Reno was introduced to local guitar hot shot Paul Dean, both veterans of several bands on the scene. And now they’re back, having reunited with their original engineer, legendary producer Bob Rock [Metallica, Aerosmith, The Cure, Bon Jovi], who worked under Bruce Fairbairn at the time. The band recorded two new songs with Rock, “Heartbreaker” and “No Tomorrow,” which could to be a prelude for a new album.

“He phoned Mike and me out of the blue and told us he had a song that might work for us that he’d love to produce,” says Dean. “He sent it over and we just flipped out. It’s a great, kick-ass Loverboy song.
“It was just fantastic to be on the same page with everybody else in the band again. We had been through several false starts recording-wise over the years. Mike was really inspired this time. It was a great experience. I think these tracks are some of the best work we’ve ever done.”

Not just Canada’s greatest rock export, Loverboy made its mark south of the border, with four multi-platinum albums including the four-million-selling Get Lucky, and a trio of double-platinum releases in their self-titled 1980 debut, 1983’s Keep It Up and 1985’s Lovin’ Every Minute of It.
Their string of hits includes, in addition to the anthem “Working for the Weekend,” such arena rock staples as “Lovin’ Every Minute of It,” “This Could Be the Night,” “Hot Girls in Love,” “Heaven In Your Eyes,” “Turn Me Loose,” “When It’s Over,” and “Queen of the Broken Hearts.”
Their pop culture credibility was cemented by a recent 30 Rock episode in which Scott Adsit’s amateur musician Pete Hornberger revealed he was actually Loverboy’s original bassist, showing him inserted into vintage ‘80s footage of the band wailing away on “Working for the Weekend,” which you can see at

The group still includes original members Doug Johnson on keyboards and Matt Frenette on drums, with Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve (a former member of Dean and Frenette’s pre-Loverboy band Streetheart), who replaced the late Scott Smith on bass, and continues a healthy touring schedule around the world.

“I look at our concerts as a 100-minute experience,” says Dean, who still claims to be able to fit into the same pair of red leather pants he wore on the “Queen of the Broken Hearts” video in 1983. “I’m a normal guy up until 10 minutes before we hit the stage. Then the heart rate goes up and I consciously step into the bubble. And I don’t come out of it until 30 seconds after that last cymbal smash and I walk off-stage. It’s a great stress release, better than riding a Harley.”

Perhaps the band’s most famous song is “Working for the Weekend,” which has fueled a generation’s dreams of toiling every day for the chance to celebrate come Friday night. Dean realizes it has taken on a whole new meaning these days.
“You’re lucky if you can work for the weekend now,” he says. “We’re all fortunate to be doing that.”

With four decades under his belt, Dean sees no end in sight for Loverboy… or himself.
“My dream has always been to play guitar and entertain people,” he enthuses. “There’s no feeling like looking out in the audience and seeing them grinning ear to ear, everyone on the same wavelength. And once we start with the megahits, the place goes crazy. That’s why we do what we do and will continue.”

Still “Working for the Weekend” 30 years later, Loverboy’s catalog includes some of arena-rock’s most enduring anthems, and they are about to add to that legacy.

For a list of upcoming tour dates, please visit:


Most well-versed metalheads will be very familiar with the Rods and their contribution to heavy metal. Such classic albums as 1981's 'The Rods' and 1982's 'Wild Dogs' fit perfectly in with the sound of the burgeoning "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" scene (despite the fact that the Rods were New York natives!), and resulted in shows with such big-time acts as Iron Maiden, the Scorpions, Twisted Sister, and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as taking a then-unknown Metallica out as support on the Rods' first headlining tour.

Now, Texas fans will be able to not only catch the Rods in full concert flight, but also get to the meet the band at a record store appearance. On March 19, the band (singer/guitarist David "Rock" Feinstein, bassist Garry Bordonaro, and drummer Carl Canedy) will be performing, meeting fans and signing merchandise at Cheapo Records in Austin at 11:00 am. Then, later in the evening (10:15 pm, to be exact), the band will be performing at Rusty Spurs in Austin (as part of the SXSW Festival).

The Rods in store performance.
3/19/11 - 11:00 AM - Cheapo Records
914 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703

The Rods in concert:
3/19/11 - 10:15 P.M.- Rusty Spurs
(512) 482-9002
405 E 7th St
Austin, TX 78701

May 10 will see the official release of 'Vengeance,' a recording that includes the first single "The Code," featuring lead vocals from Feinstein's cousin, Ronnie James Dio (which was one of the very last songs Ronnie ever recorded, before his passing last year). 'Vengeance' will be released via the Niji Entertainment Group, and comes hot on the heels of Feinstein's recently-released solo album, 'Bitten by the Beast.' 2011 also marks the 30 year anniversary for this veteran metal band.

As renowned Quiet Riot/Ozzy/Dio/Whitesnake/Blue Oyster Cult bassist Rudy Sarzo remembers, "The Rods opened up for Ozzy during the 1981 'Blizzard Of Oz' tour. I was blown away by their no holds barred metal onslaught performance and became an instant fan!"
With a full US tour planned for the summer, fans will soon be able to experience the mighty metal of the Rods first hand themselves.

'Vengeance' Track Listing:

5. "THE CODE" (Featuring Ronnie James Dio)

For more information, visit:

Gary Moore 'White Knuckles and Blue Moods' documentary on the way

 Here is the first teaser of the forthcoming Gary Moore documentary, "White Knuckles and Blue Moods"

If there wouldn't be enough new Gary Moore releases on way for 2011, here is something very special! Something that we are waiting for years now that somebody will make it. Jörgen Holmstedt has informed our website about the Gary Moore documentary film, what will be ready to airing sometime next year. Those lucky ones who can attend the 25th Annual Vibe For Philo in Dublin on the 4th of January 2011, will be able to watch a long preview of this independent film.

Jörgen and Stefan Mossberg has been working on it for years now. It features Don Airey, Jon Hiseman, John Sykes, Brian Downey, Eric Bell, Brian Robertson and Gary Moore himself of course. At the moment it seems that "White Knuckles and Blue Moods" will be around an hour long. Watch this space for more info....


(New York, NY) - Guitar god Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society have joined forces with premiere video channel Fuse to bring the most intense metal to the masses with the Uranium Tour 2011 Presented By Mistress Juliya.
Black Label Society will headline the North American trek with support from All That Remains and Hail The Villain; Rev Theory will appear on the bill for June dates in place of All That Remains. The tour is sponsored by Fuse, House Of Blues and Right Arm Entertainment and marks the return of Fuse's "Uranium" brand.

Fuse VJ Mistress Juliya commented, "You wanted it? You got it! It is my absolute honor, to announce the return of my beloved metal brand Uranium in the form of a bad-ass tour! In typical Uranium fashion, we bring you BLS, All That Remains, and Hail the Villain. Need I say more?" Right Arm Entertainment Co-President Gary Spivack added, "We are so excited to be partnering up with House Of Blues and Mistress Juliya of Fuse to bring the great rock name of Uranium back. To have Black Label Society, All That Remains and Hail The Villain on board is a perfect way to relaunch Uranium. Can't wait for this tour to start!"

After a well-documented time of trials and tribulations, 2010 was an incredible year for Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society. Early in the year, Wylde received the "Best Guitarist" Award at the Revolver 2010 Golden God Awards Presented By Epiphone. In August, the first new Black Label Society album in four years was released. ORDER OF THE BLACK (Entertainment One Music) debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart, while Wylde graced the covers of both Revolver and Guitar World. Immediately following the release of ORDER OF THE BLACK, Black Label Society headlined the second stage of 2010's Ozzfest and then went on to headline Wylde's own package tour, Berzerkus, which also featured Children Of Bodom and Clutch.

Uranium Tour 2011 Featuring: Black Label Society. Presented by Mistress Juliya of Fuse:

MAY 2011
4 San Diego, CA House Of Blues
6 Los Angeles, CA House Of Blues
8 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
10 Dallas, TX House Of Blues
11 Houston, TX House Of Blues
13 Denver, CO Fillmore Theater
15 Des Moines, IA KAZR radio show*
17 Buffalo, NY Townhall Ballroom
18 Wallingford, CT The Dome
22 Columbus, OH Rock On The Range*
23 Kitchener, ON Elements
24 Detroit, MI St. Andrew's Hall
26 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium+
27 Madison, WI Majestic Theater+
28 Minneapolis, MN 93X radio show*
29 Pryor, OK Rocklahoma*
31 Chicago, IL House Of Blues

JUNE 2011
1 St. Louis, MO The Pageant**
3 Atlantic City, NJ House Of Blues**
4 New York, NY Irving Plaza**
5 Richmond, VA The National**

*Black Label Society only
**No All That Remains, Rev Theory
+ No All That Remains

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brief News Update for Wednesday 2nd March, 2011

Hi folks ... Yes, I hear you ...., 'Al, where's all the reviews got to?!'
They are in hand, believe me!
I've been listening to so much new material, since I'm getting hit up with so many requests for reviews, etc, that's it's seriously tough to stop listening and start writing!
Hoping to have a couple for you, if not during this week, certainly by the weekend ...
One from a much loved British melodic rock meets prog rock, type style band and the other from a band that released 2 albums back in the late 80's but then didn't really do much more - That was obvious to most folks! - until late last year.
Both of these albums have just been released here in North America, so they are current.
Also trying to get through an interview that's taking forvere for me to again find the time to type it up!

Yes, I have a day job too folks, one that of late has not helped in terms of letting me come home!
Late nights, long days, some travelling - With long days! - and more, leaving so little time for family and then for this site.
Anyway, enough of my moans and groans, on with the rock 'n' roll, right?!
Cheers, Al

Judas Priest announces UK live dates, on top of High Voltage

The black country - natives of Birmingham, English rockers Judas Priest have just announced some UK dates to keep long time fans happy, who thought all they'd get for the farewell tour was the High Voltage show!
Indeed although the dates are still somewhat limited, they do captured shows in England, Wales and Scotland, hopefully for UK fans, they'll add a few more. They certainly should!
Here's the update from the band's website:

Judas Priest Press Release March, 2011
UK and Scotland dates added to EPITAPH 2011 World Tour!

July 2011
15th July Newport Centre, Newport, UK
16th The Apollo, Manchester, UK
17th The Dome, Doncaster, UK
19th The Secc, Glasgow, Scotland
20th Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, UK
21st Wolverhampton Civic, Wolverhampton, UK
24th Bournemouth BIC, Bournemouth, UK

These shows with QUEENSRYCHE and Rival Sons.

Here's the full tour dates for Judas Priest from June to August 2011

Date,  Location:

June 2011
7th June Eindhaar, Tilburg, Holland
9th June Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden
11th June Sauna Festival, Finland
14th June Oslo, Norway Spektrum
15th June Bergen, Norway Edward Greig Plass
17th June Copenhell Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
19th June Hellfest, Nantes, France
20th June Le Zenith, Paris, France
22nd June Gods of Metal Festival, Milan, Italy
23rd June Sonisphere Festival, Basel - St. Jakobs, Switzerland
25th June Graspop Festival, Belgium
27th June Zenith, Munich, Germany
28th June 02 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
29th June Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

July 2011
1st July Belgrade Arena, Belgrade, Serbia
3rd July Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania
8th July Akademik Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria
10th July Kazlicesme Festival Site, Istanbul, Turkey
15th July Newport Centre, Newport, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
16th July The Apollo, Manchester, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
17th July The Dome, Doncaster, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
19th July The Secc, Glasgow, Scotland (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
20th July Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
21st July Wolverhampton Civic, Wolverhampton, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)
24th July Bournemouth Bic, Bournemouth, UK (with QUEENSRYCHE & Rival Sons)

23rd July High Voltage Festival, London, UK
27th July Atlantico Pavillion, Lisbon, Portugal
29th July Coliseum, La Coruna, Spain (with Motorhead and Saxon)
30th July La Cubierta, Madrid, Spain (with Motorhead and Saxon)
31st July Bec, Bilbao, Spain (with Motorhead and Saxon)

August 2011
2nd August Badalona, Barcelona, Spain (with Motorhead and Saxon)
5th August Wacken Festival, Germany
7th August Colmar Wine Festival, Colmar, France
10th August Spodek - Metal Hammer Festival, Katowice, Poland

Official band website:

Black Country Communion warm up European dates with US live dates

Just two shows in June 2011 have currently been announced in the US, by Black Country Communion but I would imagine the band cannot just leave it there following so much critical acclaim for their debut album.

BCC USA Tour Dates Announced

BCC coming off being named The Best Rock Group for 2010 by PlanetRock has announced two shows in The United States before going on their 2010 European Tour.
The first two shows will be held in San Diego and Anaheim, CA on June 9th and June 10th respectively. New shows to be announced.

June 9th- San Diego, CA
June 10th- Anaheim, CA

Official website:  

NEW ALBUM "DIAMONDS AND DIRT" IN STORES APRIL, 2011 the internet home for Guitar World Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream of the track "Texas Wind" from legendary guitarist BRIAN ROBERTSON.

The song is taken from ROBERTSON's forthcoming album "Diamonds and Dirt" which will see an April 5th release date in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. Be one of the first to hear "Texas Wind" at


Y&T Update via newsletter

An update from Y&T via the fan club newsletter, I thought I'd share.
Glad to see that Dave Meniketti will be making it onto 'That Metal Show.'
Good call Eddie Trunk!

Since the TV show's inception, Eddie Trunk has been lobbying VH1 to have Dave Meniketti on as a guest. Eddie's years of efforts have paid off, as Dave will be on Season 7 of That Metal Show on VH1-Classic.
Dave's episode tapes early March and airs on Saturday, April 9th.

Fans in the US are constantly asking for Y&T shows where they can bring the kids. We're happy to announce that Y&T is playing several "all ages" shows in California: April 2 at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, May 7 at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and August 27 at the Tower Theatre in Fresno.
So there are three shows where your kids can share in the Y&T experience!

Check the web site end of March, as we'll have new items in store, including brand new shirts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Earthshaker album. Available exclusively on our Y&T web site and at Y&T shows. In honor of this anniversary, Y&T will also be playing the entire Earthshaker CD at select 2011 shows, including the Fillmore show in May.

Hey, all you gadget-heads who have an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Droid, LG, Kindle, XBOX, Nintendo, PS3, PSP Guitar Hero or Zune . . . check out these Y&T and Meniketti skins that you can now get for your gear. There are Y&T and Meniketti logos, and Facemelter, Black Tiger, and Mean Streak covers. Cool stuff! Laptop skins are also available.

Stay tuned. More 2011 shows to come.
Details for each of the shows below are on the TOUR DATES page of the web site.

March 31 ~ Agoura Hills, CA - Canyon Club
April 1 ~ Redondo Beach, CA - Brixton
April 2 ~ Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre (all ages show)
May 7 ~ San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore . . . plus special guest Kip Winger (all ages show)
August 27 ~ Fresno, CA - Tower Theatre (all ages show)


New Album RABBITS ON THE RUN To Be Released On June 21st, 2011

(New York, NY) - Razor & Tie is excited to announce the signing of singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. Her fourth studio album and first for Razor & Tie is set for release on June 21st, 2011. The album, titled Rabbits on the Run, was produced by Steve Osborne (U2, B-52's, KT Tunstall) and was recorded in the UK at Peter Gabriel's world-renowned Real World Studios.

"It's inspiring to be working with such a vibrant talent like Vanessa Carlton," said Beka Tischker, Razor & Tie's Vice President of A&R and Music Publishing. "Vanessa's latest album harkens back to the art of making records that take you on a journey, it's refreshing and something you don't hear a lot of today. The music showcases her depth as a composer, sensitivity as a lyricist, and her skills as a pianist. At Razor & Tie we pride ourselves with being a home that nurtures artists to grow and explore so that they can reach their full potential."

Vanessa Carlton's Rabbits on the Run is a 10-song set of gorgeous, haunting melodies and finely-crafted stories. The album was created in collaboration with Steve Osborne, Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket, Ari Ingber of The Upwelling (all playing on the album), a two-inch tape machine, and a stone house in the English countryside. It was in part inspired by two books: Richard Adams' Watership Down and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. Songs include the 70's-sun-drenched "Dear California," the lush "Carousel" and the bold "I Don't Want to Be a Bride." Rabbits on the Run is by far the most honest and uncompromised album she has recorded to date, revealing a striking departure and an exciting snapshot in the evolution of Vanessa Carlton.

Carlton explains, "It took me thirteen years to return to the vibe of my first cassette demo and ten years to muster the courage to go it alone and create something that is pure Arts and Crafts. It was written and arranged over two years, and put to tape."
Watch Vanessa discuss the album HERE or at

Three Grammy nominations, three studio albums, platinum sales and a collection of hit songs are some notable results of a fruitful career thus far for Vanessa Carlton. She first exploded onto the scene in 2002 with her stunning debut Be Not Nobody, and world-wide hit single "A Thousand Miles."
Vanessa Carlton first began playing the piano as a toddler, continuing on an artistic road with her attendance at the School of American Ballet in New York, a path she would eventually abandon in favor of songwriting. While studying at Columbia University in New York City, Carlton was signed to Interscope Records and has since released three albums featuring songs such as "A Thousand Miles," "White Houses," and "Nolita Fairytale." Carlton's music has resonated with audiences of all ages world-wide and she continues to inspire an increasingly loyal fan base. Vanessa Carlton is managed by Career Artist Management (CAM).

Vanessa Carlton joins the leading independent label Razor & Tie and the diverse and acclaimed roster that includes such artists as Richard Ashcroft, Nicole Atkins, Angelique Kidjo, Dave Barnes, All That Remains, Norma Jean, Dweezil Zappa, Dar Williams, Chelsea Grin and The Summer Set. The New York City based label is one of the fastest growing independent record companies in the United States, and has garnered both Platinum sales and Grammy awards in its 20 year history.


New York Dolls announce London "Underground" Concerts

The legendary New York Dolls have announced two exclusive “underground” London concerts at the Old Vic Tunnels on Wednesday 30th March and Thursday March 31st. The concerts will take place underneath London’s historic Waterloo train station in what is described as a network of Victorian red brick tunnels.

The intimate concerts are limited to just 500 tickets per night. Tickets are available by calling the following box office number: 0844 871 7628. Alternatively, tickets for the March 30th concert can be booked online from Tickets for the March 31st concert can be booked online from

The London concerts dovetail the Dolls’ forthcoming album release ‘Dancing Backwards in High Heels’, released by Blast Records on Monday 14th March. Iconic guitarist Earl Slick, best known for his guitar playing on David Bowie's albums David Live (1974), Young Americans (1975) and Station To Station (1976), will join as the new guitarist on these exclusive London shows. Support at the Tunnels concerts comes from London-based band The Shoestrung; who command an infectious blend of dirty blues and foot stomping British rock’n’roll.

The Old Vic Tunnels club dates is set to follow the tradition of previous Dolls intimate London concerts (their last small venue show in London at the 100 Club sold out in just 4 minutes).