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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock News for Friday 20th August, 2010

Hey folks, yeah, I know, no news yesterday ....!
I'm telling you this is a busy, busy time ...!
Actually just got a number of new things heading my way which I'm sure you'll be happy to read about, once the reviews go up. :)
All change on the promise of the special gig review folks, received word from management this morning that I'm not on the guest list, due to lack of availability ... Nice!
A huge shame, the gig was in Chicago and I know you'd all have loved the review.
I guess that put the dampener on this weekend away for my wife and I.

Anyway, to the news bit's and pieces ... Enjoy folks!

Whitesnake Is Proud To Present Michael Devin

After months of speculation, WHITESNAKE are thrilled to announce their new bass player/singer... 35 year old MICHAEL DEVIN.

Recently MICHAEL has been playing with LYNCH MOB with new WHITESNAKE drummer, BRIAN TICHY.

This completes the new WHITESNAKE line-up and MICHAEL will be featured on their new album, alongside guitarists DOUG ALDRICH, REB BEACH  and keyboardist TIMOTHY DRURY.

MICHAEL DEVIN says... "It's an honor to be welcomed into the WHITESNAKE family. I'm a big fan. WHITESNAKE is notorious for exciting musicianship, Davids history is rich, and I'm very proud to be here."

The album is currently being recorded for release on the FRONTIERS label in early 2011. The band will be also returning to touring in support of the new album's release.
We have an interview with Michael complete with more pictures on our website at

Don't forget to visit us at:

3 Doors Down update ... via newsletter

As you may already know the guys are in the studio recording their fifth studio album!
We have a featured photo album that has some behind the scenes shots of the band doing what they do best! Check that out by clicking here:

Also, 3DD's charity The Better Life Foundation has their annual show and silent auction coming up on November 12 and 13 in Tunica, MS. Stay tuned for details on the next few days, but the lineup is looking amazing to say the least. The fanclub will be offering some pretty great VIP packages for this show. You can check out everything the 3DD fanclub has to offer at

For more information on TBLF head over to and see what the charity is all about and how it impacts lives in the Gulf Coast region.

Finally, we have started a photo album of 3 Doors Down tattoos. Send me a message with the a link to the photo and we will feature it on the site! profiles only, no outside links please.

More updates coming soon!


August 18, 2010 -- While singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin of THE NEW REGIME is searching for the best way to release his forthcoming sophomore album, fans won’t have to wait too long to hear a taste of the new material that he has been working on. Starting today, a new song entitled “Remission Of Guilt” will be made available as a free download on the band’s website ( with submission of an e-mail address.

THE NEW REGIME is a "true solo project" of current Nine Inch Nails and former Lost Prophets drummer Ilan Rubin. No mere time-keeper, the adept multi-instrumentalist wrote and recorded every note of bass, drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, and vocals on “Remission Of Guilt,” the new album, as well as the 2008 debut, COUP (COMMAND! Music). The as-yet-untitled sophomore release was written and partially recorded while on tour with NIN, while the remaining work was done immediately after the tour was complete.

“The second album from THE NEW REGIME reaches a high standard of depth in terms of songwriting, versatility, and musical execution,” explains Rubin. “This album is quite a few steps forward from COUP. Whereas COUP opened up ten different doors in terms of songwriting, this album took those ideas, fine tuned them and expanded them into a very dramatic and complete album. It’s a bigger experimentation in sound, which resulted in a broader range of moods from very quiet and haunting to incredibly grandiose and bombastic.”

And about “Remission of Guilt,” he says: “I came up with the initial idea for this song at about the halfway point of completing the second album. Since I had a precise vision as to what I wanted the album to be, I finished the idea for this song and recorded it almost immediately after the album was done. ‘Remission of Guilt’ is probably the most aggressive of all the TNR material to date but still retains the clarity of melody, the detail of harmony and structure, and the execution of musicianship.” While the track is not included on the new album, it is a good preview of what’s to come.

As praised in a Kerrang! magazine “4-K!” album review, the songs of COUP “…are presented with such wonderfully bombastic flourishes it sweeps you along like the most of lethal rip tides. They can hardly be delusions of grandeur when they’re so accomplished and self assured.” And concluded about Rubin: "It looks as though the budding rock star has a long musical career ahead of him."

Stay tuned for news about the release of the video for “Remission Of Guilt” and new music by THE NEW REGIME.

Eric Clapton "The 1960s Review" on DVD 10/19
The story of Clapton's formative years

While few would argue that Eric Clapton is one of the finest guitarists of all time, it is sometimes forgotten just how pivotal, influential and downright startling this man was during the 1960s. And while, throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, Clapton has remained a musician and songwriter of rare ability with moments of glory resplendent on album after album it was during the decade in which he emerged that his awesome skills were used most creatively. As an early member of the Yardbirds, a crucial part of the Bluesbreakers, a founder member of Cream and 'the one who mattered most' in the short lived Blind Faith, EC, to many, really was a deity.

In this extraordinary documentary, his life and career throughout these crucial ten years is put under the microscope, and with the help of archive interviews with the man himself, exclusive contributions from friends, band mates and colleagues, rare and classic performance footage, seldom seen photographs, location and period archive plus a host of other features, the story in question is told in a manner it never has been before.

Includes brand new interviews with musicians and performers; John Mayall, Paul Jones, Neil Innes, Tom McGuiness, Chris Dreja, Top Topham, Ben Palmer, Dave Kelly and Cream producer Bill Halverson, plus expert insight from Cream biographer Chris Welch, Yardbirds biographer Alan Clayson and Uncut magazine's contributing editor, Nigel Williamson.

Washington D.C. area RITES OF ASH announces their debut release!!!!

August, 2010 – Rites of Ash are the rising kings of electronic art with their blend of pop/ hard rock influences.

The debut “Like Venom” will be released this Fall through all media outlets.
“Like Venom” offers the listener a perfect balance of melodies and infectious hooks from the beginning and never lets go.

Rites of Ash have always been known for accepting nothing less than perfection when it comes to their work. Combining countless influences into a unified and original sound has helped define the band as innovators in an industry desperately lacking originality. No genre or sound is off-limits for the band; this is evident in their extensive list of influences that include Linkin Park, Billy Joel, Disturbed, T-Pain, and Lady Gaga.

Their music and live show have garnered them numerous accolades from the mainstream music industry; it has been described as "unique but mainstream, hard-hitting yet romantically suave...truly cutting-edge song writing." (S. Diablo, MTV)

Being an unsigned band hasn't hindered them from making their own professional music video (Burn), getting it aired on Fuse TV, releasing three studio albums, and having their music featured on over ten MTV shows including: "The Real World," "Pimp My Ride," and "Next."

Checkout the hard-hitting HD video for Burn at or at

Rites of Ash's live show is equally impressive, boasting choreographed lighting effects, custom-built stage pieces, and synchronized videos displayed on flat-panel monitors mounted on mannequins and video-towers.

“Like Venom” track listing includes:
Only Human, Redemption, Toxic (Her Lips Are Like Venom), Burn, Dead Side of Hollywood, Three Leaf Clover, The Sleeper, Disaffected, Breathless, Weight of My World, and Hand Grenade Heart

Check out Rites of Ash website for upcoming shows and news.

80 Two- Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Lazzo– Guitar/ Keyboards/ Programming
Lumer- Drums/ Percussion
Berry- Bass Guitar

Wishbone Ash fans, here comes the UK tour!
Yes, after travelling the globe, '70's rockers Wishbone Ash return for some UK dates, starting in October 2010.
The dates are as follows:
October 2010
Oct. 8: Salisbury City Hall
Oct. 9: Wilbarston Hall
Oct. 10: Stourbridge River Rooms
Oct. 11: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Oct. 13: Clitheroe Grand
Oct. 15: Dundee Fat Sam’s
Oct. 16: Glasgow Ferry
Oct. 17: Edinburgh Caves
Oct. 20: York Fibbers
Oct. 22: Newcastle Academy
Oct. 24: Bridgend Recreation Centre
Oct. 25: Chester Telford’s Warehouse
Oct. 26: St. Alban’s Horn
Oct. 27: London Walthamstow Royal Standard
Oct. 28: Hastings White Rock Theatre
Oct. 30: Redhill Harlequin Theatre
Oct. 31: Plymouth Hippo
November 2010
Nov. 2: Wavendon Stables
Nov. 6: Chesterfield Winding Wheel

For all things Wishbone Ash go to:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 18th August, 2010

Aerosmith ... At odds again or just an accident?
It seems that tension may have risen again within the Aerosmith camp or maybe Steven Tyler can't stay onstage anymore!

Almost a year to the incident in South Dakota last year, when Aerosmith were playing and Steven Tyler fell off stage, at that time accused of being or seemingly 'drunk', the man falls off the walkway into the crowd in Toronto last night.
This situation though did seem to be a little different though, where Tyler went over to Joe Perry, as Perry was jamming his guitar solo during 'Love in an Elevator,' and Tyler leaned against Perry. Perry apparently then looked around at Tyler and must adjusted his stance, as it seems it was at this point where Tyler lost his balance and ended up in the crowd!

You can find the story here:
and another here:
Is this Iron Maiden's last album and tour?
There are a number of pointers right now that may suggest that Iron Maiden are going to call it quits!
Why, you might ask?
Well, the latest album is called, 'The Final Frontier,' it's been 30 years since they first broke through in 1980 with the N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) alongside Def Leppard, Saxon and many others at the time and revived careers by many hard rock and metal acts at the time AND in current interviews by band members there are suggestions towards these being the bands last tour dates.

In an interview with Jannick Gers with 'Headbang,' MSN's section of their site dedicated to Heavy Metal he says in reply to Headbang's question: 
Headbang: 'Some people have been worried about this being it for the band, with the title "The Final Frontier", and the lyrics to that song, with Bruce [Dickinson] singing about how he's accomplished everything he ever wanted to… what's the deal? This isn't the band's last hurrah or anything, is it?'

Jannick Gers: 'Well, I don't know. I hope not. I'm enjoying it, I think everybody else is enjoying it, and I wouldn't like to think this is the end, but you never know. You just never know when your last gig's gonna be. It's like a heavyweight boxer, he's at the peak of his game and he goes out and he gets knocked out. You believe you can go on forever. I believe we're a really good band, and as long as it's fun, and as long as we're cutting it, and as long as we're valid, I wanna go out and play. But I don't wanna end up doing a cabaret set with a load of other bands playing the greatest hits album all the time. That's part of it, having the hunger for what we do, and I think everybody in the band does. And as long as we're cutting it, and bringing great songs in, trying to go down different paths and further ourselves musically, then I think we carry on.'
Read the full interview here:
There's nothing else really of any substance, but other rumours are being picked up on through various posting's on forums, etc.
Maybe it's just time for Bruce (Dickinson) and Steve 'Harry' Harris to do their own solo albums?
Bruce of course has done it before and done OK, but Steve Harris the man behind most of the lyrics and music, has yet to induldge.
I guess well ..., we'll have to wait and see ...

No Brazil for Michael Schenker, not right now anyway

Michael Schenker has just posted the following statement at his site regarding playing live in Brazil:

To everyone in Brazil: we are also disappointed that we will not be coming to Brazil this summer. We are in the process of some really big things and look forward to coming to Brazil when the timing is right. For the sake of completeness: There has not been any contract or contract breach on concerts in Brazil; we simply had to pass an offer this time. The promoters already removed their first ambiguous note, as it was based on a misunderstanding. We had really great shows and fantastic audiences in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in 2009. So MSG can´t wait to be back to Brazil!
Keep Rockin'!

The band will wrap up their US tour this weekend in Chicago, finishing with one of Schenker's former bands, The Scorpions.

City Winery presents: Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop Commemorative Wine

Oh boy! Another rock star getting on the wine selling trail!
At least the former Triumph man Rik Emmett with this one is dedicating 'some' of the proceeds from sales to charity.

Want a special memento to remember a great show?
A unique present to give as a gift?
A great bottle of wine celebrating your favorite musician?
City Winery is proud to introduce our new range of Limited Edition Artist Selections chosen by your favorite musicians to celebrate their performance at City Winery.

Purchase a commemorative bottle of City Winery’s hand crafted wine, specially selected by Rik Emmett and Dave Dunlop to celebrate their sold-out show at City Winery.
At Rik’s request a portion of proceeds to go to cancer research at New York’s own Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. (

This powerful and decadent Syrah from Lake County, CA., has been specially bottled and labeled at the winery for your enjoyment. Fresh black fruit is framed with a hint of briary spice on the nose, supple tannins and balanced acidity give weight to the mid-palate. This is a fine example of what great Syrah can become in the hands of a great artist, and like the boys, every note leaves you asking for more.

Visit City Winery to order today and your Limited Edition Wine will be waiting for you when you attend the concert.

To catch Rik Emmett on his current tour, check out his tour dates here:

Francis Rossi recording live show at St Luke's (London, England)

Francis Rossi and band will be playing an exclusive, one-off special show in London on September 15, at St. Luke’s, 161 Old Street, London. Just 200 standing-only spaces are available for this intimate solo gig, which will be filmed and recorded for a future live DVD and album.

Admission to the event is £20, and access is only being offered via the Quo Shop.

No tickets will be issued for the show; instead, fans that have purchased admissions from the Quo shop will be asked to present their proof of purchase receipt at the door, on the night.
Doors will open at 7pm.

Francis Rossi recently completed a UK tour in support of his latest solo release, 'One Step At a Time.'
For more Status Quo related info:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock News for Monday 16th August, 2010

Hi all, sorry it's been a little slow lately, as you've seen by many of my posts ..., well, you can tell it's summertime!
It's all about 'tour dates,' 'tour dates' and more 'tour dates!'
Then more 'tour dates' ahead in the Fall, er I mean Autumn .... Losing my English touch there! ;-)
Anyway, let's see what I can share with you now! Enjoy!

Iron Maiden fans, the wait is over!

The Final Frontier is here, now!
Available as a limited collectors 'Mission Edition' with extra goodies*, limited edition double picture vinyl and iTunes LP as well as standard CD and digital download... if you haven't already got your hands on Iron Maiden's stunning new album then hit for links to buy!

*Extra goodies include access to bonus content including the Director's Cut of 'The Final Frontier' video, filmed band 'Mission Debrief' interview footage, wallpapers, photos and the exclusive game 'Mission II: Rescue & Revenge'.

(Of course, if you're in the USA you'll have to wait until tomorrow - August 17th. But you can always kill some time with instead.

John Norum new album Play Yard Blues details

Mascot Records is pleased to announce the release of “Play Yard Blues” – the long-awaited new studio album from Europe guitarist John Norum. - Available now!

Hot on the heels of Europe’s critically acclaimed 2009 album “Last Look At Eden”, Play Yard Blues is Norum’s seventh solo release, featuring seven original John Norum tracks and three covers, including Thin Lizzy’s It’s Only Money, Frank Marino and Mahogany RushDitch Queen and Mountain’s Travellin’ in the Dark.

The new solo album sees Norum take his guitar playing in a new direction. While his trademark sound and distinctive style remains, the new recordings embody a bluesy rock vibe and much more soulful approach.

Both mixed and produced by John Norum, Play Yard Blues was recorded in Norum’s home town of Stockholm alongside Peer Stappe (who play percussion on the album). Norum’s long-standing Europe bandmate Mic Michaeli appears on the album, playing keyboards on several tracks.

(John Norum Photo by © Paul Bergen)
John Norum - Vocals & Guitars
Tomas Torberg - Bass Guitar
Thomas Bronman - Drums
Peer Stappe - Percussion
Mic Michaeli - Keyboards

Let It Shine
Red Light Green High
It’s Only Money
Got My Eyes On You
When Darkness Falls
Over and Done
Ditch Queen
Travel In The Dark
Born Again
Play Yard Blues

John Norum - Official Site -
John Norum - No. 1 Fan Site -
Mascot Records Official Site -

Joe Bonamassa UK Tour details

"Right now, there's no better
Blues-rock artist than Bonamassa"

Due to popular demand, and straight off the back of a sold-out London Hammersmith Apollo concert in front of 5,000 people, critically acclaimed blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa will embark on a nationwide UK tour in October.

Tickets go on sale from Tuesday June 1st and can be purchased from the nationwide ticket hotline:
0871 230 1101 or can be booked online from

Joe Bonamassa is hailed as one of the greatest young blues guitarists of his generation. Championed by Eric Clapton, and voted Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2009 Classic Rock Magazine Awards.

Joe Bonamassa voted ‘Best Overall Guitarist’, ‘Best Blues Guitarist’ in Guitar Player Magazine’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards

Bonamassa recently released his eighth new studio album 'Black Rock' which features the legendary
B.B. King on the track Night Life. Black Rock entered the UK album chart at number 14 and number 1 in the Independent Album chart. Bonamassa also hosts his own weekly UK radio show on Planet Rock.

Joe Bonamassa – Official Website -

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Tour Announced

Taking time out from his other current project, Black Country Communion - That incidentally also  features Joe Bonamassa if you didn't know! - Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, UFO, Foreigner, Airrace) is about to hit the road in October, to pay tribute to his Dad, Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham.

Tour dates as follows:
October 2010
Fri 10/08/10 Dawson Creek, BC EnCana Event Centre
Sat 10/09/10 Prince George, BC CN Centre
Tue 10/12/10 Edmonton, AB Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Wed 10/13/10 Red Deer, AB Westerner Park / ENMAX Centrium Arena
Thu 10/14/10 Calgary, AB Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Sat 10/16/10 Regina, SK Brandt Centre
Sun 10/17/10 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
Tue 10/19/10 Minneapolis, MN The State Theatre
Wed 10/20/10 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
Thu 10/21/10 Merrillville, IN Star Plaza Theatre
Sat 10/23/10 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Mon 10/25/10 Quebec City, QC Grand Theatre
Wed 10/27/10 Hamilton, ON Hamilton Place Theatre
Thu 10/28/10 Kitchener, ON Centre In The Square
Fri 10/29/10 Toronto, ON Sony Centre For The Performing Arts
Sat 10/30/10 Rochester, NY Auditorium Theatre
November 2010
Tue 11/02/10 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
Wed 11/03/10 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre
Thu 11/04/10 Englewood, NJ Bergen Performing Arts Ctr.
Sat 11/06/10 Philadelphia, PA Merriam Theater
Mon 11/08/10 New York, NY Nokia Theatre Times Square
Sat 11/13/10 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre
Sun 11/14/10 Melbourne, FL King Center For Performing Arts
Tue 11/16/10 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
Sun 11/21/10 Riverside, CA Fox Performing Arts Center
Tue 11/23/10 Los Angeles, CA Pantages Theatre
Fri 11/26/10 Portland, OR Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Sat 11/27/10 Seattle, WA WaMu Theater
Mon 11/29/10 Vancouver, BC Centre In Vancouver For Perf. Arts

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rock News for Saturday 14th August, 2010


The UK's Classic Rock Magazine today revealed the nominations for their annual awards bash – The Classic Rock 'Roll Of Honour' Awards which takes place on Wednesday 10 November at London’s Roundhouse, hosted by Alice Cooper.

For the first time in the awards’ history the show will also feature live performances from Cheap Trick and Alter Bridge.

Six of the categories on the night, including Album of the Year, for which Europe's Last Look At Eden has been included in the list of initial nominations, will be decided by the public vote (see the categories to vote for by visiting the following link -

There will be a number of special achievement awards on the night, with the winners to be revealed over the coming months.
Rock music fans are being asked to cast their votes for Best Album of the Year from the following list of initial nominations -

Album Of The Year:
Europe - Last Look At Eden
Cheap Trick – The Latest
Bigelf – Cheat The Gallows
Slash – Slash
Kiss – Sonic Boom
Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg
Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
Pearl Jam – Backspacer
Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue
Lynyrd Skynyrd – God & Guns
Gaslight Anthem – American Slang
The Scorpions – Sting In The Tail
Ratt – Infestation
Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down
Black Crowes – Before The Frost…
Steve Hackett – Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth

Cast your vote for the Album of the Year here -

Europe will head out on a UK 'Balls and Banners' tour in February 2011.
Official MySpace:
Official YouTube Channel:

The annual 'Vibe for Philo' announces special guest band
Once a year in Dublin, on the anniversary of the mans passing, an event takes place to honour the rock legend Phillip Lynott called the, 'Vibe for Philo.'
It's an event that is supported and encouraged by Phil Lynott's mum, Philomena.
On January 4th, 2011 will be the next one and the organisers are pleased to make the following announcement:
Robbo to Rock The 25th Vibe!
The exciting news is that Brian "Robbo" Robertson will headline the 2011 event with his new band featuring Ian Haugland (Europe), Leif Sundin (Michael Shenker Group), Nalle Pahlsson (Treat), and Liny Wood.

As an 18 year old Robbo entered the world of Thin Lizzy and over four studio albums defined the Thin Lizzy twin guitar attack; wrote some of the most recognizable riffs in Rock Music (Are You Ready, Don't Believe a Word); and laid down the seminal blues guitarwork of the classic Still in love with You."

Robbo has a long association with the Vibe having played the 5th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 20th Vibes. His new album "Diamonds and Dirt" features 4 Lizzy era tracks and Robbo will be taking time out from promoting it to play in Dublin on 4th January 2011. He stated "obviously the 4th January is an emotional time for me and there's no better way to commemorate it than being in Dublin with all those Lizzy supporters who love Phil so much, many of whom weren't even born when he died. It's amazing."

Robbo's performances at the Vibe, both on and off stage, are almost legendary at this point. His endless supply of stories and general warmth and conviviality at the after-show parties are almost as fondly remembered by supporters as his playing.

Keep up to date with all the updates and changes here:

German rockers Accept line up US tour dates and World wide News marathon

ACCEPT Announce World Wide News Marathon to Promote Blood Of The Nations!

To support the release of their long-awaited new album Blood Of The Nations, ACCEPT are proud to announce a 24-hour News Marathon to take place the day before the album’s European release on August 20th, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. (The CD will be released in Japan on Sept. 4th and in the US on Sept. 19th).
The album has generated a tidal wave of exhilaration and anticipation around the globe weeks ahead of its release. Blood Of The Nations is destined to become one of the most important rock releases of 2010

The ground-breaking 24-Hour News Marathon will take place over the official ACCEPT website as well as over all accompanying Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace). The fans will be able to get access to exclusive ACCEPT news from all over the world, see personal video messages from the band members, take part in a variety of raffles and give-aways and much, much more.
The ACCEPT News Marathon begins August 19th, 2010 at 9:00 in the morning Central European Time (3:00 AM East Coast, or Midnight Pacific Time). Up to the minute latest news of ACCEPT will be posted and updated every hour all day long.

In support of the new album, Blood of the Nations, their first new studio album in 14 years the band have also lined up a short US tour.
Having just completed a successful European tour the ten US tour dates announced are:

September 2010
09/09/2010 - Atlanta, GA Prog Power Festival

09/23/2010 - Poughkeepsie NY The Chance
09/24/2010 - Baltimore MD Ram's Head Live
09/25/2010 I Sayerville NJ The Starland Ballroom
09/27/2010 I NYC NY B. B. Kings
09/29/2010 I Foxboro MA Showcase Live

October 2010
10/01/2010 S Reading PA The Silo
10/02/2010 A Mt Clemmens MI The Emerald Theatre
10/09/2010 A Chicago (St Charles) IL The Arcada
10/12/2010 A Dallas, TX House Of Blues
Keep up with Accept news at:

Status Quo re-record In The Army Now hit for charity

On 26 September 2010, Status Quo will release a brand new version of their classic hit "In The Army Now" through Universal / UMTV. The original track is approaching its 25th anniversary and, upon release in 1986, became one of the biggest-selling records of the '80s worldwide. All profits from this updated and lyrically-reworked version of a true fan favourite will be donated equally to the British Forces Foundation and Help For Heroes charities. The former boosts the morale of servicemen and women on the frontline and in operational theatres all over the world, primarily through high quality entertainment, and the latter provides direct, practical support for injured service personnel.

Francis Rossi said, "It seemed like the right time to do this. This release is intended to show our support for the Allied Forces around the world, but in particular, of course, the British Armed Forces. We want people to celebrate what they do, say thank you and also support these vital charities."
The stunning video was recorded at the Kiwi Barracks of the 4-Rifles regiment and on location at the National Tank Museum and is rammed with hilarious footage of the band being put through their paces on the drill square, getting behind the wheel of some seriously heavy military hardware, and much more. The video is an unalloyed triumph and a testament to the work of the British Army. The band were so enamoured by the Sergeant Major who took charge of them that they asked him to deliver the classic "Stand Up And Fight!" line on the single.
Recorded just weeks ago at the Vestry Hall of the London College of Music, the track was, once again, produced by Pip Williams. This 2010 recording also features male and female backing singers from the Corps of Army Music.
The "In The Army Now" single is aimed at refocusing attention on the amazing job being done for us around the world by the Armed Forces and also in raising some much needed funds to better support those who need it most. Status Quo are delighted to get involved with these two charities and hope that the British public connect with the campaign too.
Army and Status Quo join forces -
Help for Heroes -
British Forces Foundation -

The Quo website is:


Los Angeles, CA – August 3, 2010 – The original members of legendary rock band Bad Company have announced they will extend their 2010 North American tour with four new dates confirmed for October, followed by five new dates in Japan. The exclusive tour run of Japan will be the first time in over three decades the original members have performed together there. Initially released earlier this year in the UK, the Warner Bros/Rhino greatest hits set "The Very Best of Free and Bad Company featuring Paul Rodgers" is slated for release September 22 in Japan, to coincide with the tour.
In addition, the band has announced the production of a new documentary titled "Movin' On." Bad Company, in partnership with production company Rogue HD, is currently on the road filming a concert tour documentary during the band's 2010 North American Tour.
Selling over 90 million records during his career, Paul Rodgers is and has been one of the most sought-after and recognizable vocalists in rock music. "The Very Best of Free and Bad Company featuring Paul Rodgers" greatest hits collection features Rodgers' greatest works during the legendary '68-'73 era of Free and '73-'82 era of Bad Company, the album collects 15-tracks from the very best of the chart-topping hits during that 14-year musical tenure. - Side Note: Simon Kirke was also there too!!! 
An exclusive iTunes deluxe version of the album, featuring bonus recordings, is also available. Alongside the UK release earlier this year, the original members of Bad Company reunited for their first concert tour of the UK in over three decades. The highly anticipated tour run culminated with a sold-out show at Wembley Arena. The collection became Bad Company's first top 10 chart appearance since 1979, Free's first since 1991 and was Rodgers' return to the charts following his 2007 certified Gold debut solo DVD "Live in Glasgow" which charted at #1 in Canada*, #2 in Japan, #3 in the US* and #4 in the UK.
Currently, "Movin' On" film crews are chronicling the band and crew during their daily activities on tour in addition to filming each nights show. The project has been described as a film where the tour itself is the star. "Each city, each venue, the crew and fans are as much a part of 'Movin' On' as the band themselves," said executive producer, William Johnson.
Official Bad Company iPhone and Android apps are now available and the "Movin' On 2010" tour video blog will be hosted exclusively in the smartphone apps and on the official Bad Company website at Features within the app allow fans to interact with each other at the venues on the concert tour, see concert video clips and a backstage look into the tour itself. Stay tuned to and for more news. Be sure to check out the official Bad Company community at and official Twitter@OfficialBadCo

Bad Company confirmed 2010 tour dates:
New USA 2010 dates 
Saturday October 2, 2010 Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA
Monday October 4, 2010 Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday October 5, 2010 Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI
Thursday October 7, 2010 The Joint/Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Catoosa, OK (Tulsa)

Japan 2010 Dates
Monday October 18, 2010 Zepp Fukuoka Fukuoka, Japan
Wednesday October 20, 2010 Zepp Nagoya Nagoya, Japan
Thursday October 21, 2010 Namba Hatch Osaka, Japan
Monday October 25, 2010 Tokyo International Forum Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday October 26, 2010 Tokyo International Forum Tokyo, Japan

More on new Brian Robertson solo album

OK, not a whole lot of info on this release and you try and find an 'active' Brian Robertson website!
No idea what label it will be released through either, but the info came through the 'Vibe for Philo' update and a link there.

Former Thin Lizzy/Motorhead/Wild Horses guitarist Brian Robertson has finished his new solo album with the working title "Diamonds and Dirt".
It's release is expected very soon.

Do It Till We Drop (Berry/Miller)
Blues Boy (Lynott/Robertson)
Linger My Love (Karlsson/Robertson)
Mail Box (Miller)
It's Only Money (Lynott)
That's All! (Robertson)
Devil In My Soul (Robertson)
Passion (Robertson)
Texas Wind (Robertson)
10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road (White)
Diamonds And Dirt (Robertson)
Running Back (Lynott)

Line up:
Guitars/Vocals - Brian Robertson
Lead Vocals - Leif Sundin (MSG)
Drums - Ian Haugland (Europe)
Bass - Nalle PĂ„hlsson (Treat)
Piano - Chris Antblad (Spin Gallery)
Here are possibly the best or most up to date links for the man:

.... and finally ... What a great story!

I just saw this posted over at the Dio website.

A Very Cool 12 Year Old!

I wanted to share something very cool with all the Dio fans around the world!

12 year old Benjamin Polselli of Las Vegas, NV is having a Birthday Party next Saturday and has asked all 30 of his friends that instead of giving him toys or presents, he would like them to make a donation to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund!
Vincent Polselli, Benjamin's father said "Benjamin came up with this idea all on his own!"
This goes to show everyone that there is good in this world!
Benjamin and his buddies are the future leaders of our world and we are off to a great start!
Can all the Dio fans wish him a Happy Birthday on the Official Ronnie James Dio Facebook Page?

What a cool kid! Happy Birthday Benjamin and "Stand Up And Shout!"