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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update note for Saturday September 24th, 2011

Hi folks, just a brief note to apologise for the errors in the posting of the Airrace latest release, 'Back To the Start.' It seems the gremlins won't leave me alone?!

It's crazy and now I guess you can see and have seen first hand the issues I've been having.
It makes no sense, when I type up a review, I typically do so in word format, then drop it into the site template and normally would check to see it's gone up OK and I did to a degree, as those of you who saw it first posted would see at the top of the review, all was good, then about two thirds in, it went wrong? Why ...? Who knows?!
Anyway, I have now done some editing and it should now be a lot easier to read! Once again, my apologies.

Well, it's Saturday night, the Alice Cooper Behind the Music is just wrapping up on VH1 Classic and it's time for 'That Metal Show' with Eddie Trunk and his special guest tonight ... Sammy 'Red Rocker' Hagar! Woo hoo! Good one, looking forward to this one!
Cheers folks, Al

Friday, September 23, 2011

Airrace – Back to the Start album review

Airrace – Back to the Start album review
Released on: Frontiers records. Release Date: Available now

Airrace possibly got their first break, thanks to the drummer being a certain son of Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham, in Jason Bonham and as sad as that sounds, that it took his involvement to get the band some attention, is kind of sad.
In 1984 when the very classy ‘Shaft of Light’ was released the band had some very songs indeed, so you’d like to think they could’ve been notice for their talent alone. I guess the line, it’s not what you know it’s who you know is very true.
The band had some great opening support slots back in the day, with Queen, AC/DC and Meatloaf to name a few.
Sadly the band didn’t last for long and Jason Bonham moved on to various other projects that equally got him more attention over the years, as they still do today.
In 2009 for the ‘25th’ anniversary of ‘Shaft of Light’ there was a reunion of sorts with Bonham, Keith Murrell (Vocals), Toby Sadler (Keyboards) and Laurie Mansworth (Guitars), who were joined by former T’Pau guitarist Dean Howard and Dave Boyce (ex-Samson) on bass, but Bonham didn’t stay long and Simon Dawson (The Outfield) replaced him.
Soon after Toby Sadler left to be replaced by Chris Williams and bassist Dave Boyce was replaced by original man Jim Reid.
Cue new album for Frontiers titled ‘Back To The Start,’ which is what we have here and it’s actually a very good song driven release, with a sound that is very familiar Airrace style with perhaps a hint of FM’s sound about it too and in fact I detect that Keith Murrell is actually throwing in some Steve Perry’isms in places. It’s all good stuff!
With so many greatly produced masterpieces in the market place right now, that is the only thing I think this album has a slight difference about it, with the mix. It’s not bad at all, but sometimes it seems there’s a certainly lack of crystal clear AOR perfection to it, but it is still very, very strong overall. I actually felt FM’s last album ‘Metropolis’ was lacking something too, although I know I’m in a minority for thinking that.

‘Two of a Kind’ starts with a riff that’s kind of akin to Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl,’ before then getting into a riff not unlike Boston, but then the main meat and potatoes of the song is pure, classic Airrace!
The songs presented here are totally ‘Shaft of Light’ part two, but brought right up to date and no dated drum sound as Jason Bonham had on ‘Shaft of Light.’
A nice driving riff pushes ‘When Baby’ next in an up tempo beauty and seriously this is a very good album indeed. I really did not know what to expect after all this time.
‘Call Me Anytime’ is a clear revisit and close cousin of ‘Promised to Call’ from ‘Shaft of Light,’ I mean seriously long time band fans, tell me I’m wrong?! Still sounds good to me though and I have no complaints!
With ‘So Long,’ there’s more than a nod to Survivor’s 80’s sound, with this steady mid-paced steady chug along pop rocker.
It’s funny that the press release for this album had a very good and apt sentence in it, when it said As good as anything the Yanks have to offer, we think that you’ll agree 'Back to the Start' is well worth the wait!’
There’s a great deal of truth to that!
Title track ‘Back To The Start’ is a pretty steady typical, familiar sounding style slice for old fans of the band, but as a title track to me, is possibly one of the weakest tracks here, if there is such a thing here!
There’s certainly a good groove to ‘Just One Kiss’ next, which tends to be one of those tracks that’s perhaps more of a grower than many other tracks here, plenty of melody and a hooky riff too and I love the little piano finish at the end, that seems to come from nowhere.
‘Wrong Way Out’ is possibly the edgiest track on the album plenty going on too, big driving riff, that yes is a little familiar but I can’t nail that down right now.
Keith Murrell’s vocals throughout the album really impress me and it’s like meeting up with a long lost family member or friend again, when I think back to how much I played ‘Shaft of Light’ when it came out. This really is an album I would certainly be happy to play again and again.

There’s a huge Journey feel in ‘One Step Ahead’ right down to Laurie Mansworth’s (Neal) Schon like solo, very well executed punchy number, with a delicate piano ending in true AOR style.
‘Enough of Your Lovin’' picks up the edginess that ‘Wrong Way Out’ gave us again and it’s an almost heavier funk rocking number.
With ‘Better Believe It’ it keeps up the rockin’ edge and it’s like the guys here want to prove that they can rock with the best of them, but at no time do they lose the touch of melody, but there’s a riff in here around the midway mark, that you know you’ve heard before and it actually reminds of a little of Saxon’s ‘Strong Arm of The Law,’ I know … Stop it with the comparisons Al!!!
‘What More Do You Want From Me’ is much more in keeping with the rich, hook driven Airrace sound that got us all hooked in the first place, excellent stuff! The track has it all!
That’s it! Yes, Airrace are certainly back and on form big time! Here’s hoping they get out on the road and back this album up with live dates, as this music and the classic ‘Shaft of Light’ album, beg to be heard live!
Thanks guys, enjoyed this new one.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Official weblinks:

News Update for Friday September 23rd, 2011

Rush Releasing "Time Machine Live" 2CD Set November 8

Rush have announced details for the first offerings through their recently announced partnership with Roadrunner Records.
On November 8, Anthem/Roadrunner will simultaneously release a two-disc live album entitled Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland as well as Moving Pictures: Live 2011 on vinyl and digital formats.
Editor's note: Sorry, no artwork available yet.

Captured in April at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena during the renowned trio’s extensive Time Machine World Tour, Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland marks the band’s first live album recorded at a US show, a deliberate nod of gratitude to the first city to support Rush on its radio airwaves. The wildly popular tour featured a set filled with classic hits, fan favorites, and a glimpse into Rush’s forthcoming 20th studio album Clockwork Angels. As a centerpiece for the concerts, the band performed their landmark album Moving Pictures in its entirety – another first in the band’s long and illustrious career. Rave reviews of the tour included The Hollywood Reporter’s declaration that the current Time Machine jaunt is nothing less than a must see…for nearly three hours, with intermission, Rush proved why it remains among rock’s elite live acts.”

Moving Pictures: Live 2011 marks the first live recording of the band’s most successful album to date. Originally released in 1981, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Moving Pictures, which features some of Rush’s most well-known songs, including “Tom Sawyer,” “Limelight,” and “YYZ.”
In related news, Rush is also releasing Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland on BluRay and DVD formats on November 8 via Rounder Records in the U.S. and Eagle Rock Entertainment abroad. VH1 will be airing a 2-hour concert culled from the footage as part of their annual “Rushashana” program on September 29. This fall, Rush will be returning to the studio to resume work on their highly anticipated 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels, due out in 2012.

Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland
track listing:

Disc One

The Spirit Of Radio
Time Stand Still
Stick It Out
Workin' Them Angels
Leave That Thing Alone
Free Will
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
Disc Two

The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs
Moto Perpetuo (featuring Love for Sale)
O'Malley's Break
Closer to the Heart
2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx
Far Cry
La Villa Strangiato

Working Man     
For further details on Rush:

Loverboy still breaking hearts?

Canadian melodic rockers Loverboy has never really gone away, but these days, the veteran Canadian rockers are not only continuing to entertain audiences young and old, but, to quote one of their biggest hits, they’re “Lovin’ Every Minute of It.”
The band are still out there, playing live shows, but there's more ...

Loverboy's latest single, “Heartbreaker,” produced by Juno award winner Bob Rock, who was the engineer on Loverboy’s self-titled, 1980 debut, is now a video. 
Rock also has a cameo in the clip, which was inspired by the kind of DIY viral videos popular on YouTube.

To listen to (and/or purchase) "Heartbreaker," go to:

Frontiers Records presents Trillium! 

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of “Alloy”, the anticipated debut album from TRILLIUM the new Metal Project masterminded by American Singer Songwriter Amanda Somerville on November 4th in Europe and November 1st in North America.

“Alloy” is an album that's charged with emotion and exploration and a very personal statement from Amanda and certainly the listener can enjoy very different musical atmospheres on the album “Since I'm an eclectic and diverse person and musician, that certainly comes out in this album” says Amanda. “I think that the diversity is what is going to set this album apart from other stuff that's out there right now. It's got big choruses and epic symphonic hits, guitar solos you could imagine being played on a mountain top with an aerial camera view, but it's also got a lot of soul added to the raise-your-fists-in-the-air-and-make-a-mean-face vibe”.
Musically TRILLIUM melts Rock and Metal in a new, interesting and different way from anything Amanda has worked on so far. “Alloy” is also graced with the talents of several musicians with whom Amanda had the honor of working in the past. Sander Gommans (ex AFTER FOREVER, HDK) and Sascha Paeth (KAMELOT, AVANTASIA, EPICA, AFTER FOREVER etc) were the main songwriters together with the American singer on this album. They have brought a lot to the project and have certainly allowed the sound to be a lot richer and stronger.

“Sander is all around an awesome songwriter and guitar player, and he's especially good at coming up with riffs and movements of a song, while Sascha is a fantastic producer who can play any instrument there is - and play the hell out of it - and his sense of songwriting is really strong!” tells Amanda.

Other contributing musicians include Miro Rodenberg who did all of the orchestral and keyboard arrangements, Robert Hunecke on drums, Olaf Reitmeier on acoustic guitar, Simon Oberender on keyboards (and mastering). But more surprises are on this record: “Working with Mat Sinner on KISKE-SOMERVILLE established a solid professional relationship and I also found a good friend in him” says Amanda. “We co-wrote "Love Is An Illusion" together for this album and it was a pleasure working with him once again!”

And last, but in no way least, Jorn Lande has lent his epic voice to the song "Scream It."
Ms. Somerville tells the story: I actually wrote that song with Jorn in mind not for his status in the scene, but because I absolutely love his voice, he's a wonderful friend of mine through working together on Avantasia and he was the perfect "actor" to play the character in the song. And he nailed it!
With touring plans in Europe in the first quarter of 2012 and a rousing excitement surrounding Trillium, you can bet the world is finally ready to enjoy the talents of one of the most interesting, creative and gifted singers and songwriters of today’s entire Rock scene.

“Alloy” will be exclusively released in a lavish digipak cd edition and will include the following songs:
Machine Gun; Coward; Purge; Utter Descension; Bow To the Ego; Mistaken; Scream It; Justifiable Casualty; Path of Least Resistance; Into The Dissonance; Slow It Down; Love Is An Illusion*.
*Bonus track

While a videoclip for the song “Coward” is in the works, you can now enjoy a video presentation of the album following this link:

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding TRILLIUM !

Amanda Somerville – Lead & backing Vocals, Keyboards
Sascha Paeth - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums
Sander Gommans - Guitars
Miro - Arrangements & Keys
Olaf Reitmeier - Acoustic Guitar
Robert Hunecke – Drums
Simon Oberender - Keys
Jorn Lande - Guest Lead Vocals on “Scream It”


Tesla Acoustic Tour 2011

Known as the originators of the “Unplugged” craze of the 1990’s, TESLA is launching their 20th anniversary of their legendary 5 Man Acoustical Jam, in full “ACOUSTIC” fashion this November 2011 in support of their new album “Twisted Wires and the Acoustic Sessions.”

The new album features “acoustic” versions of TESLA classics such as “Hang Tough” and “What You Give” as well as a new hit single titled “2nd Street.” The concert tour will feature TESLA the band at their best in a sit down stripped acoustic setting reflecting their hit video 5 Man Acoustic Jam, as well as new performances from the new album.
This is a concert you don’t want to miss!

Catch TESLA on the Twisted Wires tour in a city near you!
TWISTED WIRES Available on iTunes & in Our Store

For more details, including tour dates, go to:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brief News Update for Thursday September 22nd, 2011


LOS ANGELES, CA (September 21, 2011) - Guns N’ Roses have announced today they’ll be doing their first US tour in 5 years, kicking off October 28th in Orlando, Florida. The band will perform more than 30 concerts in the U.S. – fueled by Monster Energy - from October to New Year’s Eve. Before hitting the states, GNR will tour Latin America, starting with a sold out, headline slot for the closing day of the Rock in Rio festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 2nd , for 75,000 fans.

Guns N’ Roses are Axl Rose, DJ Ashba (guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboards), Tommy Stinson (bass), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar), Chris Pitman (keyboards) and Frank Ferrer (drums). GNR spent most of 2010 touring the globe, performing 71 shows in over 30 countries.

The two and a half hour show played to rave reviews everywhere including South America, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia, playing close to one million fans worldwide.

Axl Rose started Guns N’ Roses over 25 years ago. Since that time, they have become one of the biggest bands in music history, selling over 100 million albums worldwide. GNR’s “Appetite For Destruction” has sold over 28 million albums in the United States alone.

The band’s most recent release, Chinese Democracy debuted #1 on the charts in thirteen countries. Chinese Democracy was released on Black Frog/Geffen Records in November 2008 and reached 3 times Platinum in Canada, Platinum in Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, UK, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa. The album is Gold in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Sweden, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil and Colombia. In the U.S., the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on February 3, 2009.

The tour is scheduled to hit the following cities:

Oct 28 Orlando, FL @ Amway Center Arena
Oct 29 Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena
Oct 31 Greenville, SC @ Bi-Lo Center Arena

Nov 2 Atlanta, GA @ Phillips Arena

Houston, TX - Date / Venue TBC
Nov 5 Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavillion

Omaha, NE - Date / Venue TBC
Tulsa, OK - Date / Venue TBC

Nov 12 Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center Arena
Nov 13 Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center Arena

The following cities are also included on the list, but confirmed dates and venues are still TBC:

Chicago, IL @ All State Arena
East Rutherford, NJ
Hartford, CT
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Worcester, MA
Camden, NJ
Detroit, MI
Cincinnati, OH
Nashville, TN
Indianapolis, IN
Denver, CO

More dates, cities and venue (Confirmation) information to be announced very soon.


The music and legacy of ZZ TOP - “That Little ol’ Band from Texas,” that has been part of the world’s musical landscape for over 40 years - will be celebrated with the October 11th release of A TRIBUTE FROM FRIENDS.

The album, to be released by Show Dog-Universal Music, features 11 classic ZZ Top songs interpreted by top-flight artists working in a broad range of musical genres. All of the album’s tracks have been newly recorded, specifically for the project. These include Filter’s performance of “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ take on “Tush,” as well as Wyclef Jean’s “Rough Boy,” “Legs” from Nickelback and Wolfmother’s interpretation of “Cheap Sunglasses.”

The album kicks off with “Sharp Dressed Man,” from The M.O.B., Mick Fleetwood’s ad hoc group that includes fellow Fleetwood Mac founder John McVie as well as Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and guitar great Jonny Lang. Fleetwood commented, “We’re delighted to honor ZZ Top this way. Their legacy, like that of the original Fleetwood Mac, is steeped in the blues we all love so much. I know that Steven and Jonny feel as strongly about their legacy as John and I do.”
After Billy F Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, the original--and continuing-- members of ZZ Top were informed that A Tribute From Friends was in the offing, they issued the following statement:

“When we were told there was going to be a ZZ Top tribute album a while ago and logically asked, ‘Who are we paying tribute to?’ Then we found out that a bunch of great artists were paying tribute to us and we were in disbelief. For the past forty or so years, all we've done is get out there and crank it and try to have a good time while doing so. To a great extent, we've succeeded since we're still having a good time so that would be reward enough for ‘the same three guys playing the same three chords.’ Now comes A Tribute From Friends and we're so delighted that our music resonates with these great musicians whom we so admire.”

A Tribute From Friends also includes “Waitin’ for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago” by Daughtry, “Got Me Under Pressure” from Duff McKagan’s LOADED and Mastodon’s version of “Just Got Paid.” Coheed & Cambria contributed the anthemic “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” while country superstar Jamey Johnson’s track is the seminal “La Grange.” Of their invitation to be a part of the album, lead singer Chris Daughtry said, “We were completely honored! A classic great band with amazing songs? We're in!” And of ZZ Top’s music, “It's classic! Simple chord progressions, great riffs with hooky choruses...very inspiring to a band like us.”
The co-executive producer of A Tribute From Friends is Carl Stubner, ZZ Top’s manager, who noted, “A Tribute From Friends underscores the legacy of ZZ Top in the most musical way possible and illustrates just how important Billy, Dusty and Frank have been to successive generations. It was a privilege to work with the pantheon of brilliant artists who contributed their efforts and so much love to this project.”

Since Billy, Dusty and Frank founded ZZ TOP on the last day of 1969, the band has been responsible for the worldwide sale of over 50 million records highlighted by many of the very same songs heard on A Tribute From Friends as well many others including “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Pearl Necklace,” “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide,” “Tube Snake Boogie” and a score of smash hit albums that include the RIAA Diamond Award winning (10 million sold) Eliminator as well as gold and platinum winners Afterburner, Fandango!, Deguello, Recycler, Antenna, El Loco, Tejas, Tres Hombres plus compilation sets. Their hit repertoire, iconic and award-winning videos and massive touring schedule has made them a favorite with audiences throughout the world and beyond – they previewed a track from their forthcoming album aboard the Soyuz space vehicle. They are recipients of the Texas Cultural Trust’s 2011 Texas Medal of the Art and had previously been named “Official Texas Heroes” by the state's House of Representatives. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones in 2004 who cited the band’s remarkable consistency and longevity and, first and foremost, the fact that ZZ Top is “steeped in the blues,” calling them “the heartbeat of the whole country and the heartbeat of rock ‘n’ roll.”


1. “Sharp Dressed Man” – The M.O.B. (Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler, Jonny Lang & John McVie)
2. “Gimme All Your Lovin’” – Filter
3. “Tush” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
4. “Legs” - Nickelback
5. “Cheap Sunglasses” – Wolfmother
6. “Got Me Under Pressure” – Duff McKagan’s LOADED
7. “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” – Coheed & Cambria
8. “Just Got Paid” – Mastodon
9. “Rough Boy” – Wyclef Jean
10. “Waitin’ for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago” – Daughtry
11. “La Grange” – Jamey Johnson

Happy Birthday David Coverdale!

David Coverdale celebrates his 60th birthday on September 22nd
"I've retired more times than Frank Sinatra - but it never last for very long..."

Legendary Whitesnake singer David Coverdale is going to celebrate his 60th birthday on September 22nd. His latest studio record "Forevermore", released on March 25th, shows experience, musical maturity and a personality that is far from jaded after an almost 40 year career. Also it is an evidence that Whitesnake’s career is far from finished, even if Coverdale evoked the end quite a few times in the last years: "I've retired more times than Frank Sinatra - but luckily I didn’t tell many people.” he laughs. "The music business can be so exhausting & destructive on a person, which makes you think sometimes, that you have to step back & take stock of your situation & circumstances", Coverdale confessed.

Today David Coverdale is happy that he never threw totally stepped away. He recently wrote a song called "Best Years" that he says still perfectly fits describes his life with him turning 60 years old. He explains: "It's great that I'm able to still work as a musician. And with it came consistency in my career and also in my private life. I really am experiencing the best times of my life these days, & believe me, I've seen a lot."

"Forevermore" is Whitesnake's eleventh album released on Frontiers Records. The band is still known as one of the most successful acts of all times with several platinum awards. Through his eloquent, always cultivated, British-charming personality David Coverdale is not only known as a rock patron, but a highly regarded gentlemen within the rock business. There are not many other musicians that deal with love and passion in their lyrics like he does. And also there are just a few acts that are able to highlight lyrics perfectly and successfully with thrilling blues and soul anthems like he does.

Before Coverdale, who’s originally from Saltburn-by-Sea area, founded Whitesnake, he was the lead vocalist for Deep Purple. When Coverdale celebrates his 60th birthday on September 22nd he's able to look back at a musical career that is almost 40 years long. "I’m going to celebrate my birthday with my private family & my musical family", he reveals, "I will party several times on several different continents. Even if it sounds a little un-rock & roll, I will use the day to reflect and be thankful for what I achieved in my life so far. I'm incredibly grateful to still be experiencing professional success & to be so physically active in what I do, after all these years."

Black Country Communion's "Live Over Europe" in cinemas on November 1st

For one night only, on Tuesday November 1st at 7:30pm, participating Vue Cinemas will screen Black Country Communion’s debut concert film “Live Over Europe” in high definition and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Black Country Communion is the Anglo-American rock group featuring the talents of bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze), blues rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin), and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater).

“Live Over Europe” was filmed using 14 HD cameras during BCC’s first ever world tour in the summer of 2011. Recorded across three nights in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, the band’s set includes 18 songs taken from both of BCC’s albums; 2010’s eponymous debut, and 2011’s follow-up album release “2”.

This one-night-only rock and roll cinema experience includes an exclusive filmed introduction from all four members of Black Country Communion, read the full press release here:

By pre–booking tickets via fans who attend each of the 16 participating cinemas, will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a guitar signed by the band.

The participating Vue Cinemas are as follows –

- London West End
- Cambridge
- Oxford
- Portsmouth
- Exeter
- Bristol
- Doncaster
- Leicester
- Hull
- Leeds
- York
- Birmingham
- Edinburgh
- Dublin
- Bury
- Swansea

For more information on Black Country Communion:


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

News Update for Wednesday 21st September, 2011

Newman statement on Firefest appearance

I'm really pleased for Steve Newman and his band to hear this, but by the same token, it's sad that a band with as much promise as Far Cry, have had their dream of their UK date taken away, as explained in Monday's news items.
Anyway read on, as it's not exactly entirely all over for Far Cry just yet ...

We have been confirmed to play Firefest 2011 !!

Due to unforeseen circumstances Far Cry are unable to make the event this year so it's with mixed emotions we will now open the Sunday 23rd October proceedings. There have been two changes to the running schedule, you can view the press release here

Obviously we are absolutely over the moon to be asked back, we had such a great time last year. We also have further good news in that Pete Fry (Far Cry guitarist/songwriter) will still be flying to the show, and, not only that, will perform a Far Cry song with Newman. As you maybe aware Steve and Pete struck up a great relationship after they co-wrote 4 songs on the great new "Optimism" album.

"I was so saddened when I heard the news in regards to Far Cry, I know how much Pete had been looking forward to this show, when I found out he was still travelling over it seemed natural to me to call him and invite him up onstage to perform one of the songs we wrote together, it's going to be great fun" says Steve Newman

We are also pleased to announce that in part of the preparations for Firefest we will be playing the following warm up show with Fay Wray:

7th October - Portsmouth - The Heroes
125 London Road Waterlooville, Hampshire (England). 
Tel: +44 (0) 23 9225 3068

Newman will be performing the first set including songs from the new "Under Southern Skies" album and will also be joined by Mark Thompson-Smith to perform one of the songs from the recent "Big Life" album. The rest of the night will be handled by Mark and Fay Wray playing a massive selection of rock covers. It's going to be a great night !!!

Official Newman website:

Pat Travers Band recording new live DVD, want to be in it?!

Well, this is really only coming your way so to speak, IF you're going to be in the Orlando, FL area
Pat Travers drummer Sandy Gennaro just shared this on his Facebook page, so read on good people!

Pat Travers, 'kickin' your ass!' :)

If you want to be part of a live DVD shoot of The Pat Travers Band and you happen to be hangin' in the Orlando area -'show up tomorrow at 7 - 7.30pm Wed 9/21 at:
Greg Rike Productions, 1191 Commerce Park, Altamonte Springs, FL.
Phone # is: 407. 862. 6882
IT'S FREE and your Rock n' Roll ass will be sufficiently kicked in delux fashion - I know because musical ass-kickin' starts with the DRUMS and DRUMMA!!!
Keep tabs on PT at:

Sandy Gennaro's website:

VH1 Classic Presents:
Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson
SEASON 9: Los Angeles!

You wanted more metal, we’re giving you more metal! VH1 Classic’s THAT METAL SHOW is back and ready for another season of celebrating all things hard rock and heavy metal. THAT METAL SHOW is back in LA to film its 9th season and we’re looking for hardcore rock and metal fans to be in the audience for our shows!

Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, THAT METAL SHOW is a ONE HOUR roundtable talk show where legends of rock hang out and discuss their past and current projects, all the while interacting with the metal maniacs that make up our studio audience. Once again, we’ll be defining our TMS TOP 5 picks, Stumping the Trunk, and finding out What Ever Happened to your favorite artists who vanished from the scene.
THAT METAL SHOW is quite simply the only on-air destination for the greatest genre of music ever created.

We will have another season of AMAZING Guests, so get your reservations in now!
Sunday 10/16/11
Monday, 10/17/11
Wednesday, 10/19/11
Thursday, 10/20/11

NOTE- We will film 2 shows each day. You MUST stay for both show tapings. The shows this season will be a FULL HOUR, so we will be shooting for an hour and half each show! It’s twice the Metal!
LOCATION-Los Angeles, CA (Given upon being confirmed.)
(The total check in & tape time for the tapings will be approx 4-4.5 hours)

PLEASE NOTE- As this is a television taping, all shows are overbooked. (Which is standard for any show) Audience members will be allowed in on a first come first served basis.
We are extending this special, complimentary ticket offer to LA fans of METAL!!
And Include:
CITY/STATE: (MUST be in the LA area to be eligible)
GUEST NAMES: (You Can bring TWO guests with you)
Put “Metal Show (and date you would like to attend)” in subject line!
Example: “Metal Show 10/16/11”
There are no hard tickets, you will be put on a VIP security list upon confirmation.
For more details go to:

The Sweet confirm special Key Club gig (Hollywood) for CD launch party

The Sweet has confirmed a date at the Key Club for a special CD Release performance party on Wednesday, October 26th. KLOS 95.5 is partnering with us on the show.
We're doing a special $9.55 ticket and giving 95 copies of the new CD to the first 95 ticket-holders in attendance.
 We'll be going on at 9.30pm. Hope you can all make it.
Here's is the ticket link for the CD Release performance at the Key Club on October 26th. Tickets are still available!! 

Current Sweet line up is:

Steve Priest - Bass/Vocals (Original Founding Member)
Stuart Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Richie Onori - Drums
Joe Retta - Vocals
Stevie Stewart - Keyboards

Official website:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chasing Magic – Debut album review

Chasing Magic – Debut album review
Released on: Kivel Records. Release date: Available now

Chasing Magic is the brainchild of singer / songwriter / drummer / keyboard player Jason Pawlak, backed in fact by two other members of the guys’ family! Jason’s Dad, Dennis Pawlak on backing vocals, lead, bass and rhythm guitars and brother Trevor Pawlak is present on rhythm guitars also and backing vocals.

Due to certain limitations and a desire to make this Jason’s own work, the production duties have fallen squarely his way as well, with mixing and mastering shared jointly between Jason and Dennis.

Jason released his debut, self financed solo album under the name Jace, called ‘Stolen Season’ back in 2005, he’s since gone on to co-write with certain bands in the melodic rock arena, such as Far Cry, Goodbye Thrill and Tango Down and yes, you would be right – if you know – that these are all indeed bands signed to the Kivel record label. Clearly though this has worked as all those bands have put out some very good material. Two of the songs from that original release, have also been redone here in 'Fine Line' and 'Edge of Goodbye.'

Opening track ‘World is Wide ‘starts with a building guitar effect and vocal cry and then wham!
This is a tasteful rocker with a good sound and lots driving this, powerful guitars, driving bass and drums and lots of vocals, especially in the chorus.
It rocks in a classic style not unlike say Night Ranger or Shooting Star’s harder styles, so yes, you guessed it plenty of melody here.

‘Room to Run’ starts with a nice harmony guitar part before the main song kicks in and it’s almost in say a Boston style song, once again plenty here going on. Well done guys!

For next song ‘The Corners of My Mind’ it seems the production takes a slight swing from what we hear in the first two opening tracks. It’s a slower paced track and I still feel that the song is strong and with the right production behind the band, I think these guys could reach out to a much wider audience, as the playing ability across the board is clearly very good indeed.

When ‘Same’ kicked in I thought something was seriously wrong with the recording, as it starts with the sound of a record player stylus dropping onto a vinyl record for a couple of chord progressions, with the volume down low before it kicks in loud and clear, be warned! This rocks again generally in a manner not unlike say some of Night Ranger’s recent heavier sound, the chorus is again very strong as this mid-paced rocker hits home.

‘Angelina’ rocks with a certain urgency, a little punky, but still melodic which it’s hard not to be with Jason’s lead vocals.
At times I’m almost reminded of Thin Lizzy in this track musically, there’s a certain something to it that again really grabs the listener. Really love the guitar work on this.

A change in pace next with the power ballad ‘The Edge of Goodbye’ and hopefully these guys aren’t offended, but I wonder if British readers that hear this are equally reminded of Judie Tzuke’s ‘Stay With Me ‘Til Dawn?’ It’s familiar to a degree in sound and structure, although I’m quite certain there’s probably very few people here in the States that would have a clue who I am talking about. It’s a good song another that with a slightly different production could possibly be a big success with some radio play behind it.

‘Bad Reputation’ starts with another big rocking intro, with a more laid back melodic verse and this is another one that I think sounds great here. Overall sound works well, production good enough, very strong song with great harmony vocals. Perhaps the guitar solo could’ve been punched up a little more, but not much. Steady rocker overall, well done.

There’s a bit of a nod towards Bryan Adams I’d say with ‘This Time’ – And no it’s not the B.A.’s song of the same name! – It’s a punchy pop rocker. Enjoyable!
I know that ‘Fine Line’ is one of Jason’s favourite songs and the intro is one of those big harmony guitar starts that sounds a little familiar, not unlike perhaps April Wine’s ‘Just Between You and Me.’ It’s a strong melodic mid paced, semi-power ballad. Again, one where the production would benefit from a big name involved.

Although I’ve given mention to the production of the album, it’s still a very good song driven album with very good material here and to be honest, the biggest problem perhaps for these guys, is being involved with a smaller label where it seems the budget just isn’t there to put a little more into it.
i.e. Pulling in a more experienced producer / sound engineer.

‘Have It All’ starts with some funky bass and a solid rock drum beat before some seriously riffing guitar kicks in and a strong spirited verse, with a steady tempo and then pre-chorus starts to pick things up before a catchy, multi-vocal chorus kicks in. The song soon shifts up a gear though as it hits a bridge and it all steps up a notch seriously nice guitar riffing, tasty solo, some driving bass and drums before getting back into the main song. This is really the album ‘epic’ track if you will. Very well done guys!

Closing track ‘Too Many Roads’ starts with a guitar intro that is right up the classic Bon Jovi alley, no question, before the song then switches into say a big old Chicago style power ballad, very tastefully done.

I will say that Jason’s voice is pretty unique and he really doesn’t remind me of another vocalist – That comes to mind. – so I won’t and can’t pigeon hole the guy – Good job mate! – so give this album a chance folks or at least check him out through the Facebook page or website.

You know, I’ve heard a few people say they are not that enamored by this release but I have to tell you that, without question there are some very strong songs on here and there are no doubts in my mind about the playing ability on show here and for the most part, the production is plenty good enough. Is that consistant?

The songs and musical talent yes, the production / mix, it could be better but for anyone to say this is all nothing more than demo quality, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Those people should try listening again.

I certainly like this album and it’s quite likely if you like melodic rock that touches on say Night Ranger, Def Leppard (Not the over produced sound, but songs.) mixed up with a classic rock vibe, you might just enjoy this too!
Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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