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Friday, December 18, 2009

Thin Lizzy - Are You Ready? - Live @ Rockpalast 1981.

Thin Lizzy - Are You Ready? - Live @ Rockpalast 1981.

OK, so most people that know me, know I have a soft spot for anything Lizzy related.

Thing is, I did see them with Phil Lynott around 10 times live & it was always an event that lives fondly with me, each time.
Tragic that today, they still don't get the recognition that they really deserved.

So then to this DVD, well here's the thing ..., yeah I like it I really do, but it features, perhaps in the eyes of most die hard Lizzy fans, their least favorite lead player, in Snowy White.
Snowy was never really the get in your face player that say Robbo was or Sykes or even Moore when he was onboard.

Thing is, you can't take away the guys' involvement in what many people who weren't previously fans, actually found appealing enough to investigate further, but then he also joined at the same time as Darren Wharton became involved.
Anyway, you want to know about the DVD. Bad news first for Lizzy fans, there's no bonus material here, although it still runs at just a little under a 2 hour set from the band, still seriously showing their resilience.

This line up features the long standing trio of Phil Lynott (RIP) Bass / Lead Vocals and plenty of charisma (!), trusty sidekick and phenomenal drummer Brian Downey and MR. US of A Scott Gorham who joined in 1974 after original guitarist Eric Bell departed.

There are 7 songs from the Snowy White era of the band included here in the 19 played, the rest are old fave's of course.

Opening with Are You Ready to flashbombs as Lizzy always did, whether with Jailbreak or something else they wanted you to know, the boys were back!
Genocide from Chinatown follows before 2 killers in Waiting For An Alibi & Jailbreak, great stuff!

OK, Trouble Boys is here next & I remember buying the single (45), when this first came out before Renegade & I hadn't heard it and I have to say, at the time I was stunned, shocked! Lizzy plays Quo? Well, a 12 bar type pop / rocker was strange choice and I believe it was actually a Rockpile song. It was written by Billy Bremner. Maybe this was Phil's way of a tribute to his hero Elvis. Suffice to say, the crowd is a little quiet here, in fact in a lot of this the crowd was pretty tame.

Don't Believe A Word get's things back on the right path before the guys play the b-side of the Trouble Boys single, Memory Pain, which is a slow moody piece. Hmmm, they should've had Still In Love With You right here at this point, better choice for sure but ...

Phil talks about a subject he knew all too well before next track Got To Give It Up, which so many of us wish he had taken his own advice on.

Chinatown & new song at the time Hollywood follow, before the double barrelled barrage of Cowboy Song / Boys Are Back In Town really catches the band in their stride.
Suicide is served up next, great classic Lizzy before Black Rose tells us the legends of long ago with sheer class, Scott Gorham taking most of the lead work.
Sugar Blues was a great track off Chinatown & presents itself here next, followed closely by crowd singalong Baby Drives Me Crazy.

Three great songs finish the set in Rosalie, a track listed as Desaster, which in fact is Angel Of Death to appear on Renegade and set closer, Emerald.

Bottom Line:

This is a rare piece of Lizzy live footage, as it's Snowy White alongside Scott Gorham, so in that fact alone it's pretty special.
The lighting and sound of the performance isn't the best, there is clearly some tape trouble in places, as it's grainy here and there, but even with Phil's great performance, he was clearly sick at the time.

Still worth getting? Heck yeah, it is, but then I am a Lizzy fan!

Rating: 4/5 for me, even with the quality flaws, it’s a great piece of history.

Kansas Live DVD – There’s No Place Like Home

Kansas Live DVD – There’s No Place Like Home

Kansas are a strange band that seem to pull in an even amount of fans of both AOR and Prog rock alike, but it seems, that they are just not as successful as bands they are often compared to or named alongside.

There’s no doubting their abilities whatsoever and here we are 35 years on from the album Kansas and to these ears, they still sound great!

The music on display here also hugely benefits from having the excellent Washburn University Symphony Orchestra backing them, along with former players Steve Morse and Kerry Livgren.

Wall of sound? You betcha! This was indeed a special night.

Opening with Howling At The Moon, it’s clear from the start that Steve Walsh’ voice still has it and throughout, the shared vocal workload with his former Streets band mate Billy Greer (Bass/Vocals) and David Ragsdale (Violin/Guitar/vocals) is well delivered. This long term current line up is completed by Rich Williams (Guitar) and original member, Phil Ehart on drums.

Harmony vocals alongside the intricate, yet often hook laden music that Kansas present, is a huge part of what this band is all about and there is no shortage of it here.

Belexes follows before the excellent Point Of Know Return, then the multi layering of Song For America and On The Other Side. Class stuff!

Steve Morse then joins them for Musicatto, a chance to share with Kansas fans what they’re missing from his playing and what he’s missing by moving onto Purple. Dare I say he’s on the verge of almost shredding with his playing here, but that’s not a slight on him, as it’s all precise, clear and well …, WOW!

Then you can’t take anything away from Rich Williams with his interplay with David Ragsdale throughout this show. Simply phenomenal is almost an understatement.

I have to say that personally, I’m more your AOR fan and for me, my Kansas favorites are perhaps the more obvious in previously mentioned, Point Of Know Return, On The Other Side, Fight Fire With Fire, Dust In the Wind and course, Carry On Wayward Son all present here. That said, I love the prog rock side too, in stuff like Musicatto, Icarus 2, Ghosts / Rainmaker and the The Wall alongside so much more here.

Kerry Livgren is something else too, a much missed character and player, his presence during Hold On, Dust In The Wind and Carry On …, are all too clear. Seriously, this is an excellent performance.

Bottom Line here: An excellent live DVD, great sound, mix and production thanks to Jeff Glixman, Jim Gentile and the band. The lighting spectacular too, no flash lasers, just well used at specific time and the crowd? Well, the show was in Kansas, this was a serious homecoming if you will.

If you want to discover a little Kansas and have been sat on the fence, I strongly recommend this to find out more about this often much overlooked band.

Carry on you wayward sons!


Howling At The Moon
Point Of Know Return
Song For America
On The Other Side
Ghosts / Rainmaker
Nobody’s Home
Hold On
Cheyenne Anthem
Icarus 2
Icarus: Borne On Wings Of Steel
Miracles Out Of Nowhere
The Wall
Fight Fire With Fire
Dust In The Wind
Carry On Wayward Son
Bonus Track: Down The Road.

Rating: 4/5



You know the thing about Quo that is amazing is that they’ve had more UK Hit singles than both the Stones and the Beatles. That’s quite an achievement itself.

This DVD from the tour in celebration of said 40th Anniversary of the band, is to me an excellent reminder of just how good this band is as a live act. That said, the Montreux crowd to me, seem a little stiff to say the least!

This release might have come across better to any newer fans of the band, if filmed in the UK on one of their now famous December, pre-Christmas tours.

There is no doubting the UK's passion for Quo as their appearance at the UK's all encompassing, all genre annual Glastonbury festival proved earlier this year.

Opening here with the only track they ever should open with (Everyone expects?!), Caroline, it's no holds barred from the start and maybe older Quo fans scoff at The Wanderer cover, but it still works. This is though more than made up for with Rain next and then Don't Drive My Car before the back to back of Mean Girl / Softer Ride, which proves that Quo songs do not outdate each other! The 12 Bar boogie lives on and on and really, NO one does it better than Quo.

Seriously, ZZ Top are entertaining but this is the field that Quo totally excel in, but there is the variety that they've proven over the years, but fortunately the real cheese era of Quo is thankfully missing here. Well done lads!

The "Proposing Medley" of What Your Proposin'/Down The Dustpipe/Little Lady/Red Sky/Dear John/Big Fat Mama works really well and as classic as the once staple 15 - 20 minute Forty Five Hundred Times was, it got to a point where it had to go as the Quo back catalogue became so much larger!

Pictures Of Matchstick Men, back to back with Ice In The Sun sounded good among the "beyond the 60's" sounding Quo and the way that it's presented, simply works! Play the original versions and boy, are they dated! Done live here, in my book sound fine!

The more recent Quo years are represented by the inclusion of the excellent Beginning Of The End, the opener from their last very strong release, In Search Of the 4th Chord as well as The Oriental and Creepin' Up On You from Heavy Traffic.

Since Quo came into the new millenium, I have to say there's a clearly conscious effort and successful at that attempt to bring back the classic Quo sound that so many die fans have missed, right up to date and stronger than ever.

This DVD for me, has really given me the huge desire to see these guys again, something I've not done in almost 20 years! The past 10 years, not through choice, as Quo US jaunts have become rarer than rockin' horse crap!

If you've not seen Quo live in a while, GO!!! You really don't know what you're missing, oh and Rossi is as funny as ever!

Parfitt and Rossi could always entertain, away from the music with their one liners, today is no different.

I recommend this DVD big time, I only wish that the USA had a Deluxe version too, as the UK has which includes no less than 3 discs!

Rating 4.5 / 5

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday 17th December, 2009

Frontiers Press Release - RICK SPRINGFIELD / JEFF SILVERMAN dig in their vaults !

Body: Frontiers Records is set to release on February 26th 2010 a collection of newly mastered and some previously un-released demos from Grammy-Award-Winner Rick Springfield and veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, and lead-guitar player from his first touring band, Jeff Silverman. Springfield and Silverman started recording together in the late 1970’s. I would go to [Jeff’s] studio when I wanted to record some really great sounding demos, says Springfield. We also wrote quite a few songs together, which was something I hadn’t done with another musician before.” Silverman states “Rick and I discovered that we had a great deal in common… our professional relationship began to evolve into more than just playing live. It grew to recording his demo’s together, writing together and eventually making records together.

From the Vault (A Collection of works by Rick Springfield & Jeff Silverman) consists of 13 tracks, originally recorded between 1986 and 1999, that have been digitally re-mastered by Jeff Silverman, giving the audience an entirely new listening experience. Many of the tracks, such as Dancin’ on the Edge of the World, Right Planet, Wrong World, You Write the Book, Dream in Colour, and Religion of the Heart are previously unreleased versions of the songs. Others such as Somewhere, Monkey, Love Receiver and My Depression were later recorded for Springfield’s albums. Springfield states that the songs on this CD are the result of long hours slaving over a hot studio console in Jeff’s studio and have never been released like this before. Even though many of the songs on the CD were never released, agrees Silverman, the care, the hard work and love that went into making every song the best we could make, was always our main objective.

Final tracklisting of “From the Vault (A Collection of works by Rick Springfield & Jeff Silverman)” includes:

Dancin’ On The Edge of the World; Right Planet, Wrong World; You Write The Book; Monkey; Love Receiver; Hey Eileen; Dream in Colour (demo); Woman II; Religion of the Heart; Why Don’t You Dance; Somewhere; My Depression; In Veronica’s Head.

Mp3 samples can be downloaded following this link:

As a perfect companion to this release, Frontiers Records will also be reissuing in Europe a special edition of Rick Springfield’s latest album “Venus in Overdrive”, originally released in July 2008. Debuting in the USA on the Billboard chart at #28; this achievement marks Springfield’s highest chart position since the mid 80’s.

This 2010 version comes with the worthy addition of a bonus track (a new recording of Celebrate Youth) and a concert DVD, “Live in Rockford” originally released in October 2006 in the USA only. Filmed live as part of the HDNet Concert Series at the historic Coronado Theatre in Rockford, IL, Rick showcases his talent and everlasting energy in this special release.

“Live in Rockford” contents include:

I'll Make You Happy; Will I; Affair of the Heart; I've Done Everything for You; Rock of Life; Red House; Don't Talk to Strangers; I Get Excited; Baker Street; Broken Wings; Beautiful You; Living In Oz; Love Somebody; Jesus Saves; Kristina; Human Touch; Jessie's Girl.

To date, Rick Springfield has sold over 19 million records and has charted a whopping 17 top 40 hits, including his #1 hit, Jessie’s Girl. Having performed for millions of fans over the last three decades, and showing no signs of slowing down, Rick continues to play 100 shows a year, sharing his love of performing, unstoppable energy and his unique brand of crowd interaction with thousands of fans each night. Rick literally wades deep into the crowd at each show. His tour dates also include a 5-day fan oriented cruise. This year, the 3rd annual Rick Springfield & Friends cruise is set to sail in November 2010. In 2005, Springfield returned to daytime TV’s General Hospital as the character he originated in the 80’s, Dr. Noah Drake as well as assuming an alternate character, Aussie rocker Eli Love. More recently, Springfield appeared on a 4 episode ARC on Showtime’s hit show Californication’s 3rd season.

Jeff Silverman is a veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, accomplished musician and singer. He started playing piano at the age of 5, then guitar at 10 and made the decision to make music a lifelong career not long after. After traveling around the US in club bands after high school, he arrived in LA in 1976 and almost immediately met up with Rick Springfield for his first US tour of the Wait for Night album. He has been a staff songwriter at Motown/LA and has co-written with a number of artists including: Rick Springfield, Michael Peterson and Tommy TuTone. Jeff has also mixed, mastered and edited for artists such as: Charice, Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton and Prince and has performed live with Rick Springfield, Roger Miller and Redbone. He currently operates Palette Studios his own Pro Tools HD3 studio in Nashville, Tennessee where he writes, produces and records.


Paul Rodger’s Hammersmith Apollo show OUT NOW on 3 CD set!

This recording is an exclusive 3 disc live CD of Paul Rodger’s Hammersmith Apollo show from 6th November 2009. This CD is only available from Concert Live and features many of the the classic hits from the Bad Company back catalogue and successful solo career.

The live CD is strictly limited edition and features the full live show and an exclusive 3rd bonus disc that includes photo’s from the night and behind the scenes footage. This backstage video content is exclusive to this live CD, you will not see this anywhere else!

Available to purchase HERE:

Foreigner non-stop touring schedule, they really "Can't Slow Down!" 

Well Foreigner it seems are true to their word, per their latest successful album titled "Can't Slow Down," released exclusively through Walmart this year, that charted in the top 30 of the Billboard 200 albums listings.
Their tour dates just keep on stacking up!
Here's the latest batch of dates from them:

Date  City  Venue

US Dates:
Thu 12/17/09 Santa Barbara, CA The Granada

Thu 01/14/10 Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock Live

Fri 01/15/10 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall (Appearing with Eddie Money )

Sat 01/16/10 Silver Springs, FL Twin Mansions Theatre

Thu 01/21/10 Saint Charles, MO Ameristar Casino St. Charles

Fri 01/22/10 Paducah, KY Four Rivers Center

Sat 01/23/10 French Lick, IN French Lick Resort & Casino

Wed 02/10/10 Laredo, TX Laredo Entertainment Center

Thu 02/11/10 Corpus Christi, TX Selena Auditorium

Fri 02/12/10 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center - Appearing at "San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo"

Thu 02/18/10 Troy, OH Hobart Arena

Canadian Dates:
Fri 02/19/10 Rama, ON Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

Sat 02/20/10 Rama, ON Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

More US Dates:
Sun 02/21/10 Kingston, NY Ulster Performing Arts Center

Tue 02/23/10 Worcester, MA The Hanover Theatre For The Performing Arts

Wed 02/24/10 Lancaster, PA American Music Theatre

Fri 02/26/10 Harris, MI Island Resort & Casino

Sat 02/27/10 Harris, MI Island Resort & Casino

Sat 03/13/10 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center

Mon 03/15/10 Knoxville, TN Tennessee Theatre

Tue 03/16/10 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium

Thu 03/18/10 Panama City, FL Marina Civic Center

Fri 03/19/10 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre

Sat 03/20/10 Melbourne, FL King Center For Performing Arts

Sun 03/21/10 Naples, FL Third Street South - Appearing at "Naples Music Festival"

Germany Dates:
Thu 04/15/10 Rastatt, Germany Badner Halle

Fri 04/16/10 Bamberg, Germany Jako Arena

Sat 04/17/10 Hamburg, Germany Color Line Arena

Sun 04/18/10 Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt

How about St. Lucia too?!

Sun 05/09/10 St. Lucia, Saint Lucia Pigeon Island National Park - Appearing at St. Lucia Jazz Festival"

Catch the band if you can, it's a great line up!
Uriah Heep Christmas Message!
Find it right here:
'Appy days indeed it seems for Mick Box and his merry men!
Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Announces his departure, only a year after doing so ... Read on!
Posted over at the BBC news website today no less, the following piece:
Guitarist John Frusciante has confirmed that he has left Californian band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Writing on his personal website the 39-year-old revealed he'd actually left the group over 12 months ago whilst the band were on "hiatus".

Whilst the rockers will continue with an as yet unconfirmed replacement, internet rumours had suggested Frusciante had left to pursue his own projects but he confirmed the news by writing on his blog.
He said: "When I quit the band, over a year ago, we were on an indefinite hiatus. There was no drama or anger involved, and the other guys were very understanding."

'Happy' decision ...
The statement continued, adding: "They are supportive of my doing whatever makes me happy and that goes both ways. To put it simply, my musical interests have led me in a different direction."
"There was no choice involved in this decision. I simply have to be what I am, and have to do what I must do."

Frusciante joined Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1989 album Mother's Milk and contributed to four others.
He left the band in 1992 before rejoining in 1999 to help write hit album Californication.
The guitarist has also released 10 solo albums.

The story is indeed confirmed at his site:

Jimmy Page promises new music in 2010

Apparently Page has been talking to Sky News and more details of the story are published here:

Talking to Sky News, the iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist said:

“Next year, I have every intention of playing music live and making it — manifesting it. I’ve got it. I’ve got it there. I’ve got the music waiting. It just needs to be done. So that’s it. That’s what I’ll be doing.

“It’s been two years since the O2 (the Zeppelin reunion show in December 2007). It’s time to do that.”

I personally checked on Sky news and couldn't find anything there ... Hmmm
Blabbermouth it seems posted the story too, right here:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rock News for Wednesday 16th December 2009

Brian Howe new album Circus Bar for Frontiers Records - Press Release:

Frontiers Records is delighted to announce the release of BRIAN HOWE’s forthcoming solo album entitled “Circus Bar” on February 26th 2010 in Europe and March 9th in the USA.

Long regarded as one of rock's legendary voices, Brian Howe started his career in 1983 as lead vocalist for Ted Nugent on the "Penetrator" album and fronting its band on the subsequent world tour. In 1984, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Mick Ralphs asked Brian to replace Paul Rodgers as the lead singer in Bad Company. Brian decided to accept the offer and continue the legend of the band. This was not an easy task, but along with Kirke and Ralphs, Brian created, wrote, recorded and toured for the following 10 years, headlining every major venue around the globe.

Along with Bad Company's highly acclaimed 1993 live CD "What You Hear Is What You Get - The Best of Bad Company - Live", Brian wrote and sold with Bad Company something like 19 million of records, highlighted by such radio and video hits as "Holy Water”, "If You Needed Somebody," "No Smoke Without A Fire," and "How About That," - not to mention a few of the group's previous hits as recorded on the "live" CD.

Thirteen years after the release of his debut solo album “Tangled in Blue” (later renamed “Touch” in Europe), Brian is back and ready to unleash his awesome new solo album entitled “Circus Bar”. “When I decided I wanted to make a new CD” tells Brian, ”I wanted to try to make everything memorable and enjoyable. Therefore I set aside a week for writing with my new producer Brooks Paschal and I decided we would go down to my favourite place in the entire world: Lake Atitlan , Guatemala, an incredibly inspirational place for me to be. We realized after three days that we had written enough songs for the CD and that took any pressure I had been feeling away and it soon became obvious that the CD should be named after that wonderful little bar where we spent our evenings eating, drinking and listening to the local music. The bar was started by circus performers and still has posters and pictures of all the great circus acts from throughout the years”.

Some friends helped Brian in shaping up “Circus Bar”, an album, which promises to be a career landmark for this amazing singer: Wayne Nelson of Little River Band dropped by the studio for a few days and also Pat Travers popped in and played guitar on "My Town". “I didn't want to have too many "established" musicians on the record because I wanted to keep the feel somewhat fresh and spontaneous”, explains Brian.

The album includes also two stunning – newly recorded - remakes of the Bad Company hits “How ‘Bout That” and “Holy Water”.

Produced by Brooks Paschal and mixed by Rafe McKenna (GIANT, BAD COMPANY, TESLA, TEN) “Circus Bar” tracklisting includes:

I’m Back; Life’s Mystery; There’s This Girl; Could Have Been You; Surrounded; Flying; How It Could Have Been; My Town; How ‘Bout That; Feels Like I’m Coming Home; If You Want Trouble; Feelings; Holy Water; Little George Street.

Mp3 samples can be heard on:

“I like to think that this CD is representative of an established artist with a modern outlook on what happening in today’s music scene” concludes Bryan. “It's been 13 years since my last record and on this CD I have given them everything I have: music that appeals to anyone that likes big melodies with an edge”. 100% gold class awaits the faithful fans who will purchase “Circus Bar”, better believe it: Brian Howe is back to Rock !

Weblinks:  / /
Axl Rose back to his old ways?
Guns 'n' Roses frontman Axl Rose seems to be at it again so it seems, what do I mean?
Well, go back a few years to the last time he was actually putting the band on the road & you may recall he was guilty of delaying show start times, considerably.
I recall here in Detroit he did just the same at the Palace Of Auburn Hills, keeping us waiting from around 8.45pm until close to 11pm before coming onstage.
Some shows I seem to recall were even cancelled by the guy, after the support acts had played their own sets!
Well, it seems according to a source at that he's done it again in South Korea.
Read more by following the full details, via this link here:
Reunited Swedish Rockers Krokus new album and confirmed for Germany's 'Bang Your Head'festival in 2010
I always had a bit of a soft spot for Swedish rockers Krokus back in the '80's and it seems the reformed line up has been busy. Their website:  posted this recently regarding a new CD and confirmation of them playing at next years well known, subtly named German rock festival, "Bang Your Head."
Just because you have not heard from us in a while does not mean KROKUS isn’t busy at work. The band finished recording the yet untitled forthcoming new cd release. Producer and founding KROKUS member Chris Von Rohr is feverishly mixing and putting the final touches to the first cd of the originals after an over 20 years hiatus.

Also, KROKUS have been confirmed as co-headliners of next year’s “Bang Your Head” Festival in Balingen, Germany. Their appearance on July 16th, 2010 celebrates the festivals 15th anniversary. For tickets and more info visit their link on our TOUR page.

KROKUS wishes all their fans a Happy Holiday Season and thank them for their loyalty and support.
Have a rockin’ X-mas!

UK Rock Fanzine "Fireworks"has it's 38th Issue now available!

The guys at Fireworks have just released their 38th issue of their AOR and melodic rock fanzine, well worth checking out, more details at their MySpace page: as well as through the excellent melodic rock site:

This issue features KISS, Winger, YES, Steve Vai, House of Lords, Gotthard, George Lynch, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mr Big, Porcupine Tree, Twisted Sister, Ace Frehley, Danny Vaughn, Outloud, Grand Design, Lita Ford, Russ Ballard, 69 Eyes, WASP and many more.

Status Quo's Francis Rossi follows up Quo business with his own solo album and UK tour

Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi never stops!
The band who recently released their Live In Montreux DVD, a great performance if I say so myself! - ;-) - are currently on their annual UK Christmas tour - Dates can be found here for that: - which always seems to be successful.
He's finally got around to completing his second album due for release around April / May 2010, titled One Step At  A Time and get this, he's going out on a solo tour to support it in between European and Australian Quo dates.
Confirmed dates so far are:

May 2010 - Francis Rossi 'One Step at a Time' - Solo Tour

Wed May 12th Queens Hall, Edinburgh

Francis Rossi solo tour
Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

Thu May 13th Town Hall, Birmingham

Francis Rossi solo tour

Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

Fri May 14th Academy, Manchester

Francis Rossi solo tour

Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

Sun May 16th Her Majesty's, London

Francis Rossi solo tour

Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

Tue May 18th Glee Club, Cardiff

Francis Rossi solo tour
Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

Wed May 19th Memorial Hall, Sheffield

Francis Rossi solo tour

Or 0844 576 5483 (from Dec 18th)

3 Doors Down Christmas CD release details.
3 Doors Down are continuing to roll out product with their current holiday album "Where My Christmas Lives."
The 8 track release is available through I-Tunes for $5.99 through this link:
That's it from me today .... Sorry, been a long day. More updates tomorrow, thanks!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Rock Blog, For All Of You Rock Fans!

Hi there and welcome to my Rock Blog folks, this is where it starts and I plan to share with many of you, the world of rock that means so much to me!

OK, how about some news to get things rolling?

Aerosmith, what's going on there ...?!

Rumours are running all over the place right now on the band with Steven Tyler seeming to want a break from the band to do his own thing and that just creates speculation about the rest of the band.
It seems from a posting today on the UK's that Buckcherry's Josh Todd is claiming he's not the one to replace Tyler ... Hmmm Who thought he would or should?
Classic Rock magazine got the info from Buckcherry's own site:
Steven Tyler is also making some changes as it seems that he now has a new manager, according to another post also at the Classic Rock mag's site today which doesn't indicate good things for the band ... I guess watch this space to see what develops next.

The Big Thrash Tour to hit Europe in 2010

I have to tell you up front that these bands, are not my cup of tea, but I recognise the contribution that they've made to the world of rock and they all have many, many fans.
Billboard today posted that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will tour together in 2010.
For US rock fans of these bands, sorry but it ain't happening, but all across Europe it seems festival dates are being set up by
For more details go here:

Time of the Season?

OK, rock fans unite, as it seems this Christmas season, the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) have a little competition.
The Northern Light Orchestra may make people conjure up visions of the Electric Light Orchestra but you'd really be way off track, this project totally rocks!
The project that is the brainchild of one Brian Stewart, a "remix" keyboardist / writer and produced by Ken Mary (House Of Lords, Alice Cooper, Trik Turner and Beach Boys), this is really something not to be ignored and with contributions from: - Get this!
Vocalists - Robin McAuley (Survivor, MSG, Grand Prix, Far Corporation), Phil Bardowell (Beach Boys, Magdelen and his own solo work), Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge - Don't knock it until you hear it ...!), Scott Jeffers (Traveler) and others.
Guitarists - Stunning! - Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake, House Of Lords, Hurricane), Lanny Cordola (House Of Lords, Beach Boys, Kenny Wayne Shepherd.), Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Meatloaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Billy Squire), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob.), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Elliot Randell (Steely Dan, Asia.) and more!
Bass - Chuck Wright (House Of Lords, Quiet Riot, Giuffria.) and David Ellefson (Megadeth, Soulfly, Ministry).
Drums - Ken Mary (House Of Lords, Alice Cooper, Bonfire).
Strings - Kip Winger (Winger, Alice Cooper)
Keys - Dizzy Reed (Guns 'n' Roses, Slash's Snakepit) and Brian Stewart (Various).

This really is a project to check out, as it's Christmas songs and more, performed with their own edge and wow, what an edge!

Ronnie James Dio Stomach Cancer update

The little guy with the huge voice behind some of the best material you'll ever hear from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell and of course his own band Dio, has been getting treatment for stomach cancer and his wife and manager Wendy Dio has been keeping everyone updated over at

It seems he's aced the first chemo treatment he's been through, which is great news for rock fans everywhere, but of course he's not through it all yet.
Ronnie, you're a tough little guy, good luck from us of course our prayers for the family too.

UK Rock Festival Fans in for a treat in Summer 2010

A classic rock festival in the UK sponsered by ..., yes, Classic Rock magazine and Metal Hammer magazine set for the summer of 2010 on July 24th and 25th, is bringing together '70's classic rock band reunions!
The event will take place in London's Victoria Park on the Saturday and Sunday.
The reunited Emerson Lake and Palmer headline on the 25th, with ZZ Top doing the 24th.
I know, ZZ Top did not split up and reform, but where I'm going with this is that following E.L.P., the classic 1975 line up of Argent will also play although which day yet, is not confirmed.
The rest of the line up includes: Asia, Foreigner, Marillion, Focus, Steve Hackett, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and on the Metal Hammer stage, Black Label Society and Clutch are so far confirmed.
More details here:

Former Ted Nugent and Bad Company Vocalist Brian Howe to Release Solo Album

It seems Brian Howe has lined up a deal with probably the best know melodic rock label Frontiers for his new album "Circus Bar" on February 26th in Europe and March 9th in the USA.
More details through his MySpace page here:

And don't forget .... Uriah Heep celebrating 40 years ...

In Europe they have just released in Europe, "Celebration," a double disc set which feature 12 re-recorded classics and the 2nd disc which features a 7 track DVD recorded live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009.
More details here:

No news on a US release date yet and looking into the European release, the DVD is a PAL version ...
Here's hoping for news soon on US release date for this and some much overdue tour dates!

That's it from me for today ...
I'll plan to keep things updated as much as possible and will start to cover reviews and more ASAP!

Keep on rockin'!