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Friday, April 27, 2012

Brief News Update for Friday April 27th, 2012

Hi folks,
Well, it's only really a pretty brief update from me today, dominated by the Italian label, Frontiers Records with news of a Europe only release for Richard Marx and new news on the old 70's band Player, playing again!

Laura Wilde, IMHO has a great future ahead, she's so full of energy and talent, she should go far!
Enjoy your weekend folks, hope to catch up with a review or two very soon and yes ..., those interviews I've done are on the way, but sadly, it's all down to me having to find some time, to play them back and type them up ... Takes forever! Voice recognition software ... What a waste of time ... and money! 

New reviews coming for Jack Blades, Jeff Scott Soto, Hydrogyn, Rush and Europe, soon!
They all sound great, really! :)


Frontiers Records is honoured to welcome Richard Marx to the label for the exclusive release of “Inside My Head” - a 2 CD album set featuring rare and new material along with new recordings of his greatest hits - on June 1st in Europe. The first single “Wouldn't Let Me Love You” will be released digitally on May 1st and can be exclusively streamed in full on the Frontiers Records webradio
A video clip is in the works.

A gifted singer and consummate songwriter Richard Marx has left a powerful mark on the music industry over the past 20 years. With 30 million records sold, 3 Grammy Awards nominations, a Grammy Award for “Song of the Year” and an American Music Award nomination for favourite male singer Marx, who has written fourteen #1 songs and had thirteen US #1 songs on the Billboard charts, has remained a fixture on pop and adult contemporary radio for years.

Marx was the first male solo artist in history to have his first 7 singles reach the top 5 on Billboard’s singles chart, including the 1 hits “Hold On to the Nights,” “Satisfied” and the worldwide classic “Right Here Waiting.” This feat remains unchallenged. He has also emerged as a first rate producer working with some of the biggest names in the music business including *NSYNC, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, Kenny Rogers, Sarah Brightman, Lara Fabian, Sister Hazel and The Tubes among others. More recently, he has written and produced records for Daughtry, Leann Rimes, Emerson Drive, Natalie Cole, Keith Urban, Kenny Loggins, Michael Bolton and actor Hugh Jackman.
The first CD of the “Inside My Head” set is a new studio record. It features two bonus tracks as well as collaborations with some of the most talent singer songwriters in the business including Chris Daughtry (Had Enough” and “On The Inside”), Chad Kroeger of Nickelback (who also co-wrote “On The Inside”), Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon (who played and co-wrote “Always on Your Mind”), Jason Wade of Lifehouse (who co-wrote “Had Enough”, also released by his band on “Smoke and Mirrors”), Fee Waybill of The Tubes (“Come Running”), Dann Huff (co-producer and guitarist on “Loved”) and many others.

Marx said: “I'm excited to be putting out a new release in Europe. My fans there have been incredibly loyal and I hope they like this new music and I hope to be back over touring there soon.”
The second, bonus CD contains amazing new versions of 12 of Marx’s greatest hits, including “Right Here Waiting”, “Angelia”, “Don’t Mean Nothing” and “Keep Coming Back”.

Marx added: “I wanted to have new recordings of my classic tracks because, while they were all fun to revisit and sing and play again, in a few cases I felt they needed some updating. After playing these songs live for so many years I wanted to incorporate some of the ways the songs have evolved but still retain what people seemed to like about them to begin with.”

“Inside My Head” will be released in a lavish digipak edition and will include the following songs:
CD 1: Had Enough; Wouldn't Let Me Love You; Like Heaven; On The Inside; Through My Veins; Always On Your Mind; Loved; Come Running; All Over Me; Scars; Done To Me; Over My Head; Part of Me. CD 2: Don't Mean Nothing; Should've Known Better; Endless Summer Nights; Keep Coming Back; Take This Heart; Hold On To The Nights; Angelia; Hazard; Too Late To Say Goodbye; Satisfied; Right Here Waiting; When You Loved Me.

Official weblinks:

Laura Wilde by Daniel Siboni

~Debut Album Sold My Soul Out Now~
 It’s Time To Get Wilde, America!

New York, NY (April 26, 2012)—The ferocious debut—Sold My Soul—from Laura Wilde, the 22-year old hard rock import from Down Under (Melbourne, to be exact) was enough to land her on the upcoming Ted Nugent tour. Wilde is exactly that. She’s a hard-charging take-no-prisoners balls-to-the-wall rocker who wrote it all, sang it all, played lead guitar, bass guitar and drums on this, her gritty, powerful debut. Totally fearless, citing such influences as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joan Jett, and Dave Grohl, Wilde intends to knock out crowds on her leg of the upcoming tour.

"It's truly an honor to be invited to tour the USA and I feel so privileged to be selected by such an established rocker, exclaims Wilde. “I promise to crank it up to 11 and shake the foundations before Ted brings the house down.”
Playing her signature Flying V electric guitar (created specifically for her), Wilde writes the kind of songs that dig down deep into the essence of what makes rock’n’roll so timeless. Her music is bred of the pure mono-maniacal aesthetic that fueled all the greats from Chuck Berry on. "I am really proud to finally present my debut album Sold My Soul. It is mostly an expression of the thoughts and feelings I experienced in my late teens. This album is almost an emotional journal touching on my dreams, wishes, lost loves and the adventure of growing up. It is an introduction to the body of work that I am really excited to share with my fans over time, a taste of things to come."
On stage, Wilde boils with raw, passionate energy, with all the fire and brimstone of an artist who has truly sold her soul to the music. "If you have the spirit of rock'n'roll pumping through your veins,” she says, “resistance is futile. You have no choice but to succumb to its power. It makes you crazy, it gives you the courage to do things you would never dream of doing. Rock'n'roll is heaven and hell combined, but it's what I love and I'll fight for it to the end."

Laura Wilde, at 16, was playing bass professionally. Her bottomless capacity for guitar knowledge manifested itself at 17 during a well-timed job at an instrument store. She suffered through one year of college to please her parents (“I found the environment to be too suppressive and conservative,” she says). At 18, her amazing chops landed her in recording studios as both a bassist and a guitarist for a plethora of major names. Her looks certainly didn’t hurt as she wound up as a fixture on television (Australia’s Got Talent, as a presenter and part of the house band).
Still, all she wanted to do was rock.

Now, with the release of Sold My Soul, a video of the title-track single, and a series of dates with Ted Nugent, America will get to see what Australia already knows. Laura Wilde is the real deal. She will rock your socks off.

Click here to view her new music video “Sold My Soul”:

Laura Wilde Tour Dates

*April 26    San Juan Capistrano, CA      The Coach House

*May 4      Phoenix, AZ      The Celebrity Theatre

May 26     Hollywood, CA     Rock For Animals / Hard Rock Cafe

*June 10    Fayetteville, AR        Arkansas Music Pavilion

*June 12     Peoria, IL           Peoria Civic Center Theatre

*June 14   Mankato, MN    Vetter Stone Amphitheatre

*June 15      Medina, MN     Medina Entertainment Center

*June 16      Tama, IA           Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel

August 16         Hollywood, CA      Whisky A Go Go
(with Great White, Faster Pussycat, Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd)


Laura Wilde official weblinks:

PLAYER to come back with a new EP and album release on Frontiers

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of PLAYER to the label for the release of a yet untitled new album.

Cover photo credit Devin DeVasquez Moss

Best remembered for "Baby Come Back," a song which topped the US single charts in 1978, Player original lineup included Peter Beckett (guitarist, lead vocalist), J.C. Crowley (guitarist, vocalist), Ronn Moss (bassist, vocalist) and John Friesen (drummer). After extensively playing the club scene in Southern California, Player began to develop a very distinctive edgy, yet very melodic rock style, and was signed by Robert Stigwood to his legendary RSO Records, home to The BeeGees, Eric Clapton, “Saturday Night Fever”, and “Grease”.

Among several notable accolades, Player was named Billboard's Best New Singles Artist of 1978. Eric Clapton became so impressed with Player that he invited them to be the special guest on his 1978 North American tour. They also performed with Heart, Boz Scaggs, Kenny Loggins and Gino Vannelli to name a few.

Player went on to release four albums during their active touring years until 1982. Moss left in 1981 to pursue an acting career, and has starred for the past 25 years on the daytime soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”. JC Crowley pursued a career in country Music, while Beckett continued writing for other artists and movie soundtracks. He also did an eight year stint with Little River Band starting in 1990, while releasing an acclaimed solo cd 'Beckett' in 1991.

Beckett got back together with Ronn Moss in 1995, and recorded Player's fifth album, “Lost in Reality” and toured the United States. Since then, Peter has produced, written and played on two solo CDs for Ronn Moss and composed music for “The Bold And The Beautiful”. Player restarted working on new songs and touring together in 2010. The new lineup features again original members Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss together with Rob Math (guitars), Johnny English (keyboards) and Craig Pilo (drums).

“Player has not released a cd for over 10 yrs. It's great to actually be creating in the studio for the band once again, as opposed to our many other projects”, says Peter Beckett. “The new album will feature Player's three part harmony very prominently and include the usual blend of rock and big melodies”.

Ronn Moss adds: “It’s been quite a while since our last record release. Feels great to finally be making new music. I’d say the “stuff of life” has played an integral part of influencing all non-musical activities the last several years. Personal endeavours, other work related ventures, and just being downright lazy, have all played a part in why we haven’t done this sooner than now. But in “now’s” defense, sometimes one has to wait until “now” happens before you can actually be there.”

As a special appetizer to the new release, and in connection with a promotional trip in Italy where Peter and Ronn will appear on several major radio and TV shows in the first week of May, Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release only of a 3-songs EP entitled “My Addiction” on April 30th.

The EP will also include, along with the title track, “Too Many Reasons” and a new recording of “Baby Come Back” and sets the pace for the new album’s release which is planned for the second half of 2012.

“My Addiction - as well as “Too Many Reasons” - came from co-writing sessions between Beckett and Steve Plunkett (Autograph). “I have written tons of songs with "Plunk" over the last 20 years and will continue to do so. We sifted through our joint efforts to see what would fit Player” tells Peter. "Addiction" seemed to be a great choice. This song title was actually stolen from one of our other songs.
The other song was actually about addiction. This one is a love song and a lot easier to listen to.

You can order / preorder “My Addiction” now on iTunes following this link:

“My Addiction” sample can be listened following this link:

The EP can also be purchased via Amazon worldwide, eMusic and all other digital retailers all over the world. The song “My Addiction” can be streamed in full on the Frontiers Records webradio:


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rock News Update for Thursday April 26th, 2012

Hi folks,
Hope the week is going well so far for you all?
Sorry about the lack of new reviews up on the site, but every day this week, I've been hearing a little news update on this and that and so on, so I've just wanted to keep you up to date.

I will say this too this week, just shouting out for an old mate, Andrew McNiece @  is struggling a little financially, as he run his site time, it's his bread and butter, so he's put a request out there to fans of his site, to help out all they can with donations.
It's a great site, so if as a rock fan, if you feel you can give something, I'm certain it will be appreciated by Andrew. Also has many things reduced in his online store over there and a bunch of stuff out on eBay. Again, to check it out go to
Good luck with everything Andrew!

Got a call from Stuart Smith (Heaven and Earth) yesterday, just to touch base and he was saying that the new Heaven and Earth album is on target (provisionally!) for an end of July release.
Good luck there Stuart, I for one am greatly looking forward to hearing the new one!

Well, on with the update folks, cheers, Al

Status Quo - Bula Quo! It's official!

Fans of British 12 bar rockers, Status Quo, will recall I recently posted a piece questioning what is going on in the Quo camp, with talk of a documentary and a movie going on.
I thought the documentary was a realistic, possibility that could be something great to look forward to.
The movie ..., really didn't know what to think ..., but now it seems it's a go and here's the details!

Status Quo are delighted to announce that they are shooting their first ever feature film over several weeks in Fiji from April this year.

A 90-minute action movie, featuring the band as themselves and also starring Jon Lovitz [‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Wedding Singer’], Craig Fairbrass [best known for ‘Eastenders’] and Laura Aikman [star of the forthcoming ‘Keith Lemon: The Movie’], this project sees the band moving from gold discs to the silver screen.

Also boasting 12 songs, “Bula Quo!” takes its name from the islanders’ traditional Fijian greeting, and also references the title of the band’s best-selling album “Hello!”

The film is to be directed by award-winning Stuart St. Paul, who has worked on projects ranging from Duran Duran’s seminal ‘Wild Boys’ video, to massive franchises like ‘Aliens’, ‘Batman’ and three ‘Bond’ movies. Having first met the band when asked by ITV to look after their visit on Coronation Street [he also worked on Emmerdale] St. Paul wrote the script specifically with the band in mind. The film’s Producer is Tim Major, who has worked on ‘The Scar Crow’, ‘Not Alone’ and ‘Kill Keith’ and is also a very successful Film and TV actor in his own right. The film is aimed for international theatrical release in 2013.

Francis Rossi of Status Quo commented, “The one thing Quo fans know is to expect the unexpected. Of course, Rick (Parfitt) and I have already acted in Coronation Street, one of the biggest TV shows on the planet, so this should be no trouble at all! According to management…” Rick Parfitt adds, “Once I found out that we weren’t going to be shooting anywhere cold, I was all for it. This is an amazing chance for us to do something new and we’re all really excited.”

The first production from the newly incepted Status Quo Films [Fiji] Ltd, this movie project has been supported by the Fiji Audio Visual Commission [FAVC]. Stuart St. Paul said: “We have been made to feel so welcome by everyone. Fiji isn’t just a paradise because of its location; it is also because of the wonderful islanders who cannot do enough for us. The production team is grateful for the support from the Fiji Government and Tourism Fiji without which none of this would be possible.”
Bula Quo - Internet Movie database:

Official Status Quo site:

Some brief updates ...

Michael Schenker Temple of Rock + Lovedrive Reunion tour update

Having not that long ago, seen Michael Schenker live for the first time in years, I can tell you that the upcoming UK tour should be something special to catch, even if it is a different line up!
The man is playing very well indeed, no question, so don't miss out!

Here's a post over at the man's website:

 Hi Everyone!
It's "Temple Of Rock and Lovedrive Reunion" time!
I am very much looking forward to performing songs from my "Lovedrive" album with the Scorpions with original Scorpions members Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz on this upcoming European Tour as well as playing many of my classics from the past with UFO and MSG and new stuff from the "Temple Of Rock" album with the great Doogie White on vocals.

It's going to be a blast.
Armed and Readyyyyyy!See you out there Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

Just saw him on TV last night - As I missed Saturday night's 'That Metal Show' show ... - on a repeat on VH1 Classic, that featured Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith as the studio guest and Michael was the episode's guest musician on the show.
Very cool to see and wow! Michael gave host Eddie Trunk, a Dean Flying V guitar.
Very decent thing to do Michael, I must say that Eddie has been an avid Schenker fan for years, has been continually praising Michael's abilities over here in the States, on both the TV show and his weekly radio show and rightly so!

Official website:

 The Def Leppard, Poison and Lita Ford tour, rolls on with added dates!

Yes people, it seems that Def Leppard are proud to announce the adddition of some new US tour dates alongside Poison and Lita Ford, for this summer's hot tour!

The new dates added are:
August 11th - Charlotte, NC (Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre)
August 14th - Pittsburgh, PA (First Niagara Pavilion)
August 28th - Des Moines,  IA (Wells Fargo Arena
September 4th - Austin, TX (Cedar Park Center)

Apparently there's a bunch of rumours flying around on Def Leppard, some saying they will not record any more albums, some saying the next will be their last, but then apparently, drummer Rick Allen recently did an interview on a US radio station, saying that he's been laying down some early drums tracks for the next album, playing to Phil Collen's early guitar parts ... Interesting ...

Phil Collen has likewise done a new radio interview, with California's 93.7 KCLB check it out here:

Official band website:


The Yellow & Black Attack is Back World-Wide For Select Intimate Shows

HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 25, 2012) –The Yellow and Black Attack is back - STRYPER is about to embark in a string of select dates world- wide starting May 10th at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook, IL just outside of Chicago.

STRYPER is one of the few bands from a decadent era that features “All Original Members”.
They continue to tour the world and produce Billboard-charting albums. Brothers Michael Sweet and Robert Sweet, along with Oz Fox and Timothy Gaines, make up the legendary hard rock quartet.

Looking back over the past 25 years, STRYPER is considered to be a groundbreaking act on all accounts. They are one of the first Christian rock bands to achieve unprecedented success in the mainstream. Their 1986 album To Hell With The Devil is listed among CCM’s “100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music” and the band’s popular power ballad “Honestly” became a Billboard Top 20 hit and reached number 1 on MTV. Their pop-rock hit “Calling On You”, also entered MTV’s top 10, simultaneously with “Honestly” being one of the first bands to have two top 10 videos on MTV. Even as recent as 2010 and 2011 STRYPER found their way once again on the Billboard Charts with their albums Reborn, Murder by Pride and The Covering.
“After almost 30 years in this business, we are blessed to be able to continue doing what we love most - making music,” explains Michael Sweet, lead singer/ lead guitarist and songwriter. “God has blessed us with talents and abilities so we plan to continue on this path as long as God calls us to do so.”
TOUR DATES – (more to come) – Bold denotes added dates~

5.10.12 Tailgaters Bolingbrook, IL (Chicago)
5.12.12 M3 Festival Columbia, MD
5.17.12 House of blues Dallas, TX
5.18.12 House of blues Houston, TX
5.19.12 Santa Fe Station Las Vegas, NV
5.24.12 BB Kings New York, NY
5.25.12 Showcase Live Foxborough, MA
5.26.12 Rock Junction West Greenwich, RI

6.01.12 The Marque Tempe, AZ
6.02.12 Speaking Rock Casino El Paso, TX Special Guest Stephen Pearcy/ RATT
6.03.12 El Corazon Seattle, WA

7.06.12 Seaside Festival Risoya, Norway
7.07.12 Gulbranna Festival Halmstad, Sweden
7.28.12 HalfwayJam Royalton, MN
9.19.12 Indira Gandhi Stadium Kohima, India
9.22.12 DDSC Dimapur, India

11.16.12 Poliedro de Caracas Caracas, Venezuela
11.17.12 Complejo Ferial Bicentenario Barqusimeto,Venezuela

Over 25 years later the band continues to deliver an inspiring message with their electrifying stage show, performing in front of audiences worldwide.

For more information go to:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Late Update for Tuesday April 24th, 2012

Eagle Rock Entertainment Presents
~2CD Out May 29~

New York, NY (April 23, 2012) — Eagle Records is delighted to announce the release of the Live at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC 2CD from Bachman & Turner on May 29, 2012.

Bachman & Turner features Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, the musicians at the heart of legendary band Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Live at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC includes songs from their recent self-titled album along with their rock n’ roll anthems including “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” “Takin’ Care Of Business” “Hey You” “Blue Collar” “Roll On Down The Highway” “Let It Ride” and “Lookin’ Out For #1” plus a hit-laden throwback to Bachman’s early days with The Guess Who including their take on Johnny Kidd’s “Shakin’ All Over” and the band’s US No.1 hit “American Woman.”

Over the course of a four-year run, Bachman-Turner Overdrive sold in excess of 30 million records, earning a staggering 120 platinum, gold and silver discs, and notching up hits in more than 20 countries. The iconic duo shared duties on the lead vocals with Bachman contributing lead guitar and Turner the bass. Reuniting at the end of 2009 they released an eponymous album in 2010 and in November of that year they performed at the famous Roseland Ballroom in New York City as part of their North American tour.

Featuring the line-up of Randy Bachman (guitars, vocals); C.F. Turner (bass, vocals); Marc LaFrance (drums, percussion, vocals); Brent Howard Knudsen (guitars, vocals); and Mick Dalla-Vee (guitars, vocals), this incendiary show was also filmed and will be released on DVD and Blu-ray later in the year.


Disc One:
1) Let It Ride
2) Rock Is My Life
3) Not Fragile
4) Hey You
5) Hold Back The Water
6) Waiting Game
7) Moonlight Rider
8) Lookin’ Out For #1
9) Stayed Awake All Night
10) American Woman
Disc Two:
1) Four Wheel Drive
2) Slave To The Rhythm
3) Blue Collar
4) That’s What It Is
5) Sledgehammer
6) Rollin’ Along
7) You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
8) Shakin’ All Over
9) Roll On Down The Highway
10) Takin’ Care Of Business

Official site:
LITA FORD Album Artwork and Configurations Revealed
On Tour This Summer With Def Leppard and Poison

Legendary female guitar icon LITA FORD's new album Living Like A Runaway will be released June 19th in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. The album will be available in four configurations: a double LP, limited edition CD, standard CD and digital download.

Today the artwork for the album created by famed rock photographer Mark Weiss has been unveiled, as well as the track listing for all four versions of Living Like A Runaway. Details can be viewed below:

Standard Jewel Case Version:

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Relentless
6. Mother
7. Devil In My Head
8. Asylum
9. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By

Limited Edition Digipak Version:

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Relentless
6. Mother
7. Devil In My Head
8. Asylum
9. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By
11. Bad Neighborhood
12. The Bitch Is Back

Exclusive iTunes Version:

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Relentless
6. Mother
7. Devil In My Head
8. Asylum
9. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By
EXCLUSIVE iTunes Bonus Track:
11. Boiling Point

Double Gatefold LP Version:

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask

1. Relentless
2. Devil In My Head
3. Asylum

1. Living Like A Runaway
2. Mother
3. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By

1. Love 2 Hate You
2. Bad Neighborhood
3. The Bitch Is Back

LITA FORD has teamed up with producer Gary Hoey and lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig to work on Living Like a Runaway. Together the team invested a lot of time and effort into this kick ass project: "We worked on the lyrics intensively to really give the songs a lot of meaning and that special emotional depth. I think that these are some of the best lyrics ever, period." FORD is referring to numbers such as 'Devil In My Head,' 'Hate,' and 'The Asylum' which see her bare her soul in a way which she has never done before.

Unlike many albums today, Living Like a Runaway is an album that truly must be heard in its entirety from start to finish. "Listeners shouldn't pick out individual tracks but listen to the full album," says FORD. "It's a fascinating musical journey, inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I had seen a documentary about Dark Side of the Moon and it really motivated me to focus on Living Like a Runaway as a whole journey rather just an individual song."

Coinciding with the album's release, LITA is hitting the road this summer with Def Leppard and Poison on the "Rock of Ages Tour". The dates for the first leg of the tour have been announced and are listed below.
More dates are expected to be announced soon.

Following the demise of the Runaways, LITA FORD concentrated on her own career and now looks back on many memorable hits including: the chart topping duet with Ozzy Osbourne "Close Your Eyes Forever," "What Do You Know About Love", "Shot Of Poison", "Larger Than Life" and "Kiss Me Deadly". With the release of Living Like A Runaway, expect many more songs to be added to the list of hits.

LITA FORD on Tour With Def Leppard and Poison:

6/20: Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheater
6/22: Irvine, CA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
6/23: Las Vegas, NV @ Red Rock Amphitheater
6/25: Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
6/27: Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center
6/29: Atlanta, GA @ Aaron's Amphitheater at Lakewood
6/30: Tampa, FL @ Tampa Bay Time Forum

7/2: Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center
7/3: Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
7/6: Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
7/7: Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theater
7/10: Baltimore, MD @ Merriweather Pavilion
7/11: Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center
7/13: Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach Pavilion
7/16: Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
7/17: Hamilton, ON @ Copps Coliseum
7/19: Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena

For More Information Please Visit:



(New York, NY) - Trixter fans worldwide can click here: to witness the worldwide premiere of the video for "Tattoos & Misery".

The song is the first single from Trixter's forthcoming album NEW AUDIO MACHINE, their first new offering in twenty years. Trixter guitarist Steve Brown wrote the song with band members PJ Farley and Mark "Gus" Scott, as well as hit songmaker Xandy Barry (Back Street Boys, Miley Cyrus, Redlight King). The video was edited by Shawn Card (Lit, Eve 6), directed by Trixter and John Covington and shot on location at Inkbomb Tattoo in Chandler, AZ and Lightroom Studios in West Milford, NJ. The video also features model Kandyk. Steve Brown commented, "'Tattoos & Misery' rocks! Classic Trixter sound...I know all of our fans around the world will love it and the video was a blast to make."
Click here to preorder NEW AUDIO MACHINE:

NEW AUDIO MACHINE is released on April 24th in North America via Frontiers Records. Featuring the band's original line-up, the album is produced by Steve Brown with extra production and engineering by Chuck Alkazian (Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Tesla) and includes songwriting contributions by Skid Row's Snake Sabo and Rachel Bolan and Styx's Glen Burtnik. Trixter will take to the road beginning in May to support the new offering; please see below for tour dates.

Northern New Jersey's Trixter's self-titled debut album (1990) spawned three monster hit singles/videos with "Give It To Me Good", "One in a Million" and "Surrender", as well as an RIAA-certified Gold album. Trixter has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Japan. They have performed in arenas and amphitheaters with crowds of up to 35,000 and have appeared live on numerous television and radio programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Pay-Per-View, VH-1, MTV, Z-Rock and MetalShop.
Trixter has shared the stage with such rock heavyweights as Kiss, Boston, The Scorpions, Poison, Vince Neil, Cinderella, Warrant, Slaughter, Winger, Skid Row, Great White, Firehouse, Faster Pussycat, Stryper, Dokken and more.
The band recently nabbed the #29 spot on VH-1's "Top 40 Hair Bands of All Time" countdown.

Trixter is Pete Loran (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Steve Brown (lead guitar/harmonica/backing vocals), P.J. Farley (bass/backing vocals) and Gus Scott (drums/percussion/backing vocals).

Trixter tour dates:

10 Englewood, NJ Bergen PAC
12 Vienna, WV Yellowbeard's

9 Fargo, ND Fargo Rib Fest

13 Chesaning, MI Showboat Music Festival
26 Royalton, MN Halfway Jam

6 Sturgis, SD Easyriders Saloon

20 Uncasville, CT Wolf Den At Mohegan Sun
22 Standish, ME Memorylane Music Hall

For more information please visit:

BENEDICTUM & Jeff Pilson join forces again!!!!

Benedictum are proud to announce their continued collaboration with Jeff Pilson on the development of their next release via Frontiers Records!!!!

The result will bring back the magic Benedictum and Jeff Pilson captured during their earlier releases from “Seasons of Tragedy” and their 2006 debut “Uncreation”.

This year and 2013 will be an exciting year for Benedictum with their recent addition of new drummer Rikard Stjernquist known for his exceptional talent in Jag Panzer for 25 years.

Jeff Pilson known for his extensive list of musicianship with legendary acts Dokken and Dio, while currently with Foreigner and producer for Adler’s Appetite.

Jeff Pilson states: "I'm very excited about producing the new Benedictum record. I'm very passionate about their music and love working with the band. V's vocals, Pete's guitars, the band's energy and the songs are all something that are very close to my heart. This record will be their crowning achievement- of that I have no doubts!"

Benedictum was formed in 2005. After being noticed by Craig Goldy (Dio, Guiffria, Budgie) the wheels were set in motion and eventually lead to their debut CD “Uncreation”.

Coming soon will be more exciting news regarding their next release!!!!!!

Benedictum is Veronica Freeman (lead vocals), Pete Wells (lead guitar), Chris Shrum (bass) and Rikard Stjernquist (drums/percussion).

Benedictum discography includes “Uncreation”, “Seasons of Tragedy”, and “Dominion”.

Veronica Freeman:
Veronica Freeman:
Band Fans:


Monday, April 23, 2012

Brief Update for Monday April 23rd, 2012

Three Decades Later… The Legacy Continues!


Thirty years after its eponymous debut album, ASIA ascended to the top of the Billboard Top 100 chart (where it remained No.1 for nine consecutive weeks), the legendary British classic rock band returns with a brand new studio album, a 30th Anniversary edition of their debut album, 2 DVDs, and a world tour that includes UK, Europe, Japan and America.

ASIA will release their new studio album “XXX” (pronounced Triple X) on Frontiers Records on June 29th in Europe and July 3rd in North America. The new record, produced by Mike Paxman, which is being hailed as ASIA’s best album since its classic early 80s releases, will be released as a CD, collector’s edition CD/DVD (featuring new music videos and behind the scenes footage), and on vinyl (limited edition Europe only). Original artwork for “XXX” album courtesy of Roger Dean.
The first single taken from the highly anticipated new album is entitled “Face On The Bridge”, released worldwide on May 14th. The videoclip can be seen on Youtube now:

“We’re very pleased with, and confident about XXX,” says John Wetton. “It encapsulates, lyrically and instrumentally, the essence of ASIA today. However, it is the very same four people that gave you the original, iconic album 30 years ago. If you loved it then, you will love it now.”
“We wanted to recapture the energy of the first album,” adds ASIA’s guitarist, Steve Howe. “ASIA has always been about great songs, and fantastic musicianship. I’m sure fans of the first album, will fall in love with XXX.”

1. Tomorrow The World (Wetton/Downes) 6:47
2. Bury Me In Willow (Wetton/Downes) 6:01
3. No Religion (Howe/Wetton/Downes) 6:36
4. Faithful (Wetton/Downes) 5:37
5. I Know How You Feel (Wetton/Downes) 4:53
6. Face On The Bridge (Wetton/Downes) 5:59
7. Al Gatto Nero (Wetton/Downes) 4:36
8. Judas (Howe/Wetton/Downes) 4:43
9. Ghost Of A Chance (Wetton/Downes) 4:21
Total Time 49:41

1. Tomorrow The World (Wetton/Downes) 6:47
2. Bury Me In Willow (Wetton/Downes) 6:01
3. No Religion (Howe/Wetton/Downes) 6:36
4. Faithful (Wetton/Downes) 5:37
5. I Know How You Feel (Wetton/Downes) 4:53
6. Face On The Bridge (Wetton/Downes) 5:59
7. Al Gatto Nero (Wetton/Downes) 4:36
8. Judas (Howe/Wetton/Downes) 4:43
9. Reno (Silver and Gold) (Howe/Wetton) 5:15 (Bonus Track)
10. Ghost Of A Chance (Wetton/Downes) 4:21
11. I Know How You Feel (Midnight Mix) (Wetton/Downes) 5:23 (Bonus Track)
Total Time: 60:20

1. Face On The Bridge (Music Video) (4:33)
2. Faithful (Music Video) (4:34)
3. The Making of XXX (Featurette) (20:33)
Total Time: 29:40

In addition ASIA has also completed “Resonance”, a DVD concert film of the group’s 2010/2011 Omega World Tour, captured live in Switzerland which will be released later in the fall.
To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, ASIA will release a collector’s edition box set based on their legendary 1982 eponymous debut album, supported by a myriad of ASIA releases in 2012. The 30th anniversary edition of their debut album will feature 2 audio CDs (a re-mastered edition of the debut album, plus a CD of live rare tracks), an expansive historical booklet, a limited edition ASIA T-shirt, goodies from ASIA’s 1982 tour, plus a DVD of the new band documentary: ASIA - 30 Years On. A newly commissioned painting by Roger Dean updates the symbolic dragon and pearl from 1982 to 2012, the Year of The Water Dragon (in the Chinese calendar).

Confirmed tour dates so far include:


24th September - Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido
25th September - Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido
26th September - Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze
27th September - Zepp Nagoya


17th October Red Bank, NJ Count Basie
18th October Boston, MA Wilbur Theater
19th October Westbury, NY Westbury Theater
20th October Philadelphia, PA Keswick
21st October Wilmington, DE Opera House
23rd October Syracuse, NY Turning Stone Casino
25th October Ridgefield, CT Ridgefield Playhouse
26th October Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
27th October NY, NY Best Buy Theater
28th October York, PA Strand Capital

UK Dates

2nd September – Weyfest Festival, Weyfest, UK
15th December – The Wharf, Tavistock, UK
16th December – The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, UK
17th December – Queens Hall, Edinburgh, UK
18th December – TBA
19th December – City Hall, Salisbury, UK
20th December – Town Hall, Birmingham, UK
21st December – RNCM, Manchester, UK
22nd December – Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK

Geoff Downes – keyboards
Steve Howe – guitars
Carl Palmer – drums
John Wetton – bass and vocals

Official sites:

Magnum announce 2012 European tour dates

So, Magnum the excellent  Brummie (Birmingham) band with a class track record since 1978, have a new album in the works, with the planned title of 'On the 13th Day' due for release in Autumn / Fall.

Meantime, they have shared live dates that are forthcoming and will be in support of the albums release. Yes, a little ahead of time for sure, but you know it's not such a bad thing as it gives people plenty of time to plan ahead.
They have also been added to the line up for 'A Magic Night of Rock' which will also feature Toto, Saxon and Pretty Maids, with the event due to happen on Saturday 4th August 2012 in Sursee, Switzerland. Should be a cool night! 

The band's last release was 'Evolution' released in November 2011, which basically captured the bands 'Best of SPV / Steamhammer' releases.

British and European fans alike will no doubt relish the thought of new music from the band, whose last studio release was as back in January last year with the 'The Visitation.'
The new release keeps fans happy that the band remain on track to remain united and as a continuing unit.
A Magnum live event is always worth checking out, if you haven't had the chance yet, do it before they do call time on playing live!

Official band website:

Gotthard to release first Single, from 'Firebirth.' 
“Starlight” to be released 20th April

April, 2012 - Swiss rockers GOTTHARD have just released the first single from the forthcoming new album “Firebirth”, due out on 1st. June.
The new single, with the title “Starlight” will appear in two versions, a rock and an acoustic version. “Starlight” is the virtual shooting star of album song writing: the song was one of the first that the band wrote together with new singer Nic Maeder, who replaces Steve Lee, tha bands original vocalist who was tragically killed in a terrible accident in 2010, while motorcycle riding across the US with friends.
“The chemistry between us worked immediately,” says Leo Leoni.
“It is really unusual to be able to sit down together and straightway write a song which is later the single.”

“Right from the first, we had a really laid-back atmosphere between us,” agrees Nic. “It was therefore not hard to come up with good ideas. It was really good fun from the start!”

“Starlight” is not only the first official single to be released but also the lucky star shining on the new formation’s collaboration. Now the first signs of life of this musical “Firebirth” are showing themselves – strong, catchy and full of life!

“Starlight” can be found on the playlist of all relevant radio stations. On Radio “Rock Antenne,”
“Starlight" can be heard regularly from this week on.
A video clip of the song will follow in the next few weeks …
"Starlight" teaser:

Starlight download for I-Tunes:

A total of 13 songs will be on the new CD 'Firebirth,' among them one with the title “Where are You”, which is dedicated to Steve Lee. A little while back, in the band-owned Yellow House Studios in Ticino, music journalists from all over Europe were able to listen to the songs for the first time – and are euphoric about them.

 The tracklisting for the new album 'Firebirth' is as follows:


Official band website: