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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chambers of Rock - Site Status - January 7th, 2014

Chambers of Rock - Site Status - January 7th, 2014
Hello All,
Happy New Year to everyone!
Sadly, with the New Year I have reached a point where the it is with very much regret that I must inform you all, that as much as I have tried to continue to keep Chambers of Rock running over the past year and a half, that I cannot any longer do so.
With my current work / day job and family life too, it has been put simply, become unrealistic to continue to even try to just cover any reviews whatsoever, leave alone news updates, interviews, etc.
So I have now come to the decision where I have no choice but to close the Chambers of Rock site down.
Unfortunately too, this is not like my statement at the beginning of last year either, with the temporary closure, this I'm quite certain is permanent.

Since starting Chambers of Rock in December 2009, it was great to finally 'be in control' of as much coverage as I wanted to do, with no restrictions.
It really felt good!
I had some great years from 2010 - 2012, but 2013 was a real struggle though and my day job has just made it impossible to do much at all.

I even changed my job to go and work for someone else, with the hope of having more realistic opportunity to keep things going. That didn't work and in fact it has become worse!
I greatly appreciate all that you have done in following Chambers of Rock and I'm even more pleased that you have enjoyed the interviews, reviews and that you have been introduced to artists you had not listened to before and sent me you pleasure in my introducing you to them. You're welcome! :)
I am forever in your debt folks for the support.
Over 200,000 views over the sites different pages has been extremely pleasing.

I have been very fortunate in that I started writing for Dave White at the Classic Rock section of for just under 5 years, briefly covered some live reviews for Jeb at Classic Rock Revisited and then briefly for Rock 'n' Roll Universe and then finally Chambers of Rock for just over four years.
I had hoped this could've gone further as when work was more realistic, I got a real kick out of being able to share some fantastic press releases / news updates, exclusive interviews and sharing my thoughts on some really killer albums and DVDs! 
My utmost thanks too go out to all the musicians who have been so kind to give me their very limited time on interviews, some chatting away kindly for well over an hour, sometimes an hour and half, fantastic times, thank you all!

To the best PR people in the world and you know who you are, professional to a fault!
Thank you, with the material and your backing / support, I wouldn't have been able to bring Chambers of Rock to the world!

There will be a handful more reviews that will be posted, that I have promised I would post, although they were releases from November / December 2013, that really shows how little time I have had to do anything with the site.
I hope to post those in the next couple of weeks ..., but ..., well, we'll see.

Once again, I thank you all so much for all you did and have done with me on this journey!
So I come to the point where I wish you all, nothing but the very best and I wish you all every success with everything you do in life!

Have a fantastic year and many more to come and don't forget, keep on rockin'!

Alun Williams
Owner / Editor
Chambers of Rock