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Friday, July 23, 2010

Brief Rock News Update for Friday 23rd July, 2010

ELP re-record 'Touch and Go' to celebrate 40 years and it's yours for 40p (UK cash - Less than $1!)

This info from Classic rock magazine online:

Emerson, Lake And Palmer and High Voltage are proud to announce the release of the first ‘new’ ELP track since In The Hot Seat in 1994 – a re-recording of the classic Touch And Go.

The new track, titled 'Touch And Go 2010,' will initially be available only via the High Voltage website for the discount price of 40p to coincide with the 40th anniversary of ELP.

The track will be available from Thursday, July 22 at 10am.
A band spokesman said: “We hope that you will support ELP and High Voltage and take this significant new release to the top of the singles chart.”
The original version of Touch And Go can be found on the 1986 self-titled album by Emerson, Lake And Powell.

The High Voltage festival – headlined by ZZ Top and ELP – takes place this coming weekend, July 24 and 25, at London’s Victoria Park.

Rock funk man Glenn Hughes announces 16 date UK tour

With very little additional information from his site, except these dates, the ex-Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Sabbath bassist / vocalist, Glenn Hughes has lined up some UK tour dates starting in September and running into October.

Tour band line up:
Glenn Hughes - Vocals/Bass
Søren Andersen - Guitar
Anders Olinder - Keyboards
Pontus Engborg - Drums

Tour dates:
September 2010
23rd Academy - Manchester, UK
24th Picturedrome - Holmfirth, UK
25th O2 ABC - Glasgow (Scotland), UK
27th The Sage - Gateshead, UK
28th Robin 2 - Bilston, UK
29th Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, UK

October 2010
1st Princess Pavilion - Falmouth, UK
2nd Phoenix - Exeter, UK
3rd Millennium Music Hall - Cardiff (Wales), UK
5th O2 Academy - Islington (London), UK
6th Sub 89 - Reading, UK
7th The Assembly - Leamington Spa, UK
9th Spring & Airbrake - Belfast (Northern Ireland), UK
10th The Village - Dublin (Eire), Ireland
12th The Fleece - Bristol, UK
13th The Brook - Southampton, UK

More site info here:


Mercury Records is proud to announce that on 25th October, Elton John will release the brand new studio album 'The Union', a collaboration with the legendary Leon Russell - the first time the pair have worked together since 1970.

But working with Russell isn't the only reunion on the album. It also sees Elton collaborate once again with his lifelong lyricist Bernie Taupin.


The album draws on a wealth of genres from R&B to soul to gospel to country and pop and rock.
Icons Neil Young and Brian Wilson provide guest vocals alongside a 10-piece gospel choir.

"In the late '60s and early '70s, the one piano player and vocalist who influenced me more than anybody else was Leon Russell," John said. "He was my idol."

After years of being out of touch, John listened to Russell's music while on safari in Africa last summer and was inspired to reconnect with his idol. "Elton called to ask if I would do a duet album with him,'" Russell said. "I'm very happy that he chose me to do this."

For more information see

Toto to film for a DVD in Copenhagen

This from Steve Lukather's site:

Tuesday night's (20th July) Toto concert in Coepnhagen was filmed for a DVD release.

Steve Lukather added before the show: "BIG night tonight... hoping for a great show. This tour has had insane response, we are all overwhelmed. Hope we capture THAT. Bonus stuff yes, tons of fixes NO!!! Loose as it is ... but real. Copenhagen has been sold out for a while and people are coming from all over so ... Thanks to ALL who traveled far to be with us. We are pumped and ready. I am a little nervous but in a good way. Much love and appreciation to you all! Got a feeling we MIGHT do some more next year..."More info on what's going on here:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Night Ranger - Live in Michigan!

Night Ranger live at the 'Quake on the Lake Event,'
Waterford, MI.
Saturday 17th July, 2010

There’s no doubt – at least in my mind for sure – that Night Ranger these days is more of a live act than an album making band. Their last album ‘Hole in the Sun’ was released back in 2007 and the last studio release before that, ‘Seven’ was about 10 years previous.

OK, in fairness to that, the three main members of the band have kept their individual hand in the game so to speak, with singer / drummer Kelly Keagy having released two very good solo albums ‘Time Passes’ (2001) and ‘I’m Alive’ (2007). Singer / bassist Jack Blades has been involved with writing with anyone and everyone as well as releasing his self titled solo album in 2004, then the Tak Matsumoto Group release the same year and then ‘Influence’ with the (Tommy) Shaw / Blades project in 2007.
Current mainstay and original guitarist Brad Gillis has not been idle either with his second solo release ‘Alligator’ in 2000, as well as involvement with both ex-Dream Theater key’s man Derek Sherinian solo album in 2006 and then an album with hard rockers Vicious Rumors in the same year.

As I say, they’ve clearly not been idle and annually the band Night Ranger is reknowned on the live circuit as still being a good crowd puller.

Tonight perhaps they were a little up against it, as Waterford is a little bit out of the way and certainly not a big, popular live music city in Michigan, as say other locations local to the Detroit area like for example: Mt. Clemens (where the band played last year), St. Clair (They played the year before), Sterling Heights, Clarkston, Royal Oak, etc.
Also tonight, Iron Maiden were in town alongside Dream Theater at Pine Knob music theater, now known as DTE, oh and Alice Cooper was not too far away in Bay City tonight too!

All this aside, they had a show to play and play it they did, even with a few initial sound problems, Night Ranger is an act that don’t get put off playing / performing very easily and with a frontman like Jack Blades, you know it will be a fun event, no matter what!

(Jack Blades with Night Ranger live in Waterford, MI. 17th July, 2010. Photo: Alun Williams) 

The band open with ‘This Boy Needs To Rock’ which does exactly as the title suggests, it rocks! As an added bonus, they merge this into a brief snippet midway through, of Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star,’ before coming back into ‘This Boy …’ again and without really taking a breather it’s ‘Sing Me Away.’ Excellent start song wise.

The only track from the last release, ‘Hole in the Sun’ is up next in the form of ‘You’re Gonna Hear It From Me’ which keeps the pace up, from the highly underrated album. Check it out if you haven’t already and give it a chance.
The truly anthemic Night Ranger track, ‘Rumors In The Air’ is next and it’s class and both Brad Gillis and newer dual lead player, Joel Hoekstra play off each other so well, great to watch.

(Joel Hoekstra, Brad Gillis and Jack Blades live in Waterford, MI 17th July, 2010. Photo: Alun Williams)

Even with the few early sound problems, it's very clear the band are all having a great time and Jack Blades then tells us about a little band he put together with Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent called Damn Yankees as they crank out ‘Coming of Age’ which pleases even more of the crowd. Then someone in the crowd yells out, ‘Where’s Ted?’ Jack replies, ‘Where’s Ted? He’s up a tree stand somewhere! Where do you think he is?!’ The crowd loves it!

Next up Jack tells us about how the band seem to have been asked to provide various soundtrack songs over the years and tells of when Michael J.Fox called up the band and asked them to provide a song for his latest movie, they duly obliged! With Jack asking Brad to help him come up with a song title, ‘The Secret of My Success,’ seemed to work quite well! Cue song, which sounded great.

We then get a really fun part of the night, when Jack continues to interact with the crowd asking, 'So, who tonight is at their first ever gig then?’ As the hands go up Jack points to a guy and says, ‘So how old are you? 41? Wow! You need to get out more man!’ Huge roar from the crowd and Jack says, ‘I’m just kidding! What about that lad behind you? How old are you? 12?! Wow! How cool!’ then Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra proceed to pass guitar picks to the crowd to be handed back to the lad.
Jack then asks Kelly Keagy, 'Hey Kelly, what was your first ever show you went to?’

Kelly replies, The Doors at Hollywood Bowl in ’68.’ They then start jamming ‘Roadhouse Blues’ for a verse and chorus or two, with Kelly taking the lead vocals. Very cool.

He then turns to Brad and asks the same, he responds ‘Led Zeppelin’ and jams a few bars of ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ then it’s Joel’s turn and he says Iron Maiden and plays the opening of ‘The Trooper,’ with the other briefly joining in.
As Jack turns to Christian Cullen, you could tell Jack was apprehensive since Christian is the youngest band member and Jack says, ‘So what about you then Christian and please don’t tell me it was Flock of Seagulls?!’
Christian responds by saying, ‘Nope, try this …’ As he starts playing Van Halen’s ‘Jump!’

Brad says, ‘So what about you then Jack?’ Jack says, ‘Well, for me it was weird, it was The Monkees with Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees fans didn’t know what to make of Jimi at all?! Little did they know, huh?!”
Then out of the blue, they start playing AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ and played the whole song, with Jack handling lead vocals and the band pulling off a great version. What a great, fun night!

After this Jack says, ‘Well, we’d better play a Night Ranger song next, or everyone is going to think we’ve become a covers band!’ Huge roar from the crowd and then Jack tells us that they wrote this next song about this smooth, cool dude that used to come and check them out, when they first started playing out. Time for 'Eddie’s Coming Out Tonight,’ then they keep things on moving by going straight into ‘Four In The Morning.’ Excellent!

(Christian Cullen, Joel Hoekstra, Jack Blades, Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy, Waterford, MI. Photo: Alun Williams)

You know time is running out for us tonight, as they start playing ‘When You Close Your Eyes,’ which of course was a huge smash and they wrap up the set with ‘Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.’
Clearly the band has won these fans over tonight, due to the great reaction.

But we’re not quite done, as the applause and cheers from the crowd bring the band back out for two more, firstly with Kelly Keagy taking front stage and praising the crowd before starting ‘Sister Christian’ and slowly making his way to his kit, as the song builds up and the whole crowd is singing along. Nice!

How do they top that? Well, you know what, ‘You Can Still Rock In America’ really makes it’s point.

The crowd goes home happy and for the few problems the band encountered early on, they should know that once again, on their summer visit to Michigan, they’ve won some more fans and kept the old ones very happy.
Come back again soon guys, great fun show!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Yes, I got my mugshot with the band, just before the show. :)
Thanks to Larry Garcia for the pic.

Rock News for Wednesday 21st July, 2010







“Get your motor running and head out on the highway to South Dakota, where a host of hard rock titans… will rock the tattooed masses. Is it too hot to wear leather in Dakota in August? Nah.”

Click HERE - - to watch the NEW Rock ‘N Rev promotional video!

LOS ANGELES (July 20, 2010) – Making their first U.S. concert appearance in four years – and playing their only U.S. show in 2010 - GUNS N’ ROSES has been officially recruited with DAUGHTRY to join the inaugural ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL and cement its assault on the legendary Sturgis Rally’s 70th Anniversary celebration in Sturgis, SD, at the newly constructed Rock N’ Rev Amphitheater at Monkey Rock USA.

GUNS N’ ROSES will headline the fifth and final night of the festival, as it moves to the Brand New Rock ‘N Rev Amphitheaterat Monkey Rock USA in Sturgis, adjacent to its original location. L.A.’s notorious rock ‘n’ roll bad boys - one of Q magazine’s “50 Bands to See Before You Die” – have combined forces with HDlogix and DC3 Global for this rare and very special appearance on home soil to bring the “full-out rock 'n' roll spectacle” (Spin) of their 2010 “Chinese Democracy World Tour” to Sturgis and finish off the hijacking of the world’s biggest, baddest biker event, Monday, Aug. 9 through Friday, Aug. 13, 2010.

GUNS N’ ROSES’ final night performance, immediately following previously announced Aug. 13 headliner Alice in Chains, is the ultimate climax to five full nights of undeniable rock ‘n’ roll bedlam, and now gives the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL six of the most explosive, multi-platinum AMERICAN Active Rock Bands of 2010. DAUGHTRY, supporting its second consecutive #1 album, will join 3 Doors Down, Hinder and others on Aug. 12, the 4th night of the ROCK N’ REV FESTIVAL.

In order to welcome GUNS N’ ROSES and DAUGHTRY to the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL, new festival owners HDlogix and its producers, DC3 Global, are starting construction immediately on the Rock N’ Rev Amphitheater at Monkey Rock USA, a new custom-built amphitheater on a 25-acre site at Monkey Rock designed to maximize logistical opportunities while enhancing the overall experience for everyone attending – from the bands to the fans.

“We are truly blessed to be able to announce the addition of GUNS N’ ROSES at this historic moment in the band’s history, along with DAUGHTRY, just as we relocate the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL to our own Amphitheater at Monkey Rock USA,” said DC3’s co-founder, Daniel E. Catullo III. “Monkey Rock’s vision to create a nationally recognized brand among the world’s top motorcycle rallies is a perfect fit for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them as our partners.”

ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL’s relationship with Glencoe Campground is amicable amid the change in logistics. As such, they are working together to arrange special VIP accommodations at the festival for all Glencoe campers that week.

Raising the insanity level to previously unimaginable heights, GUNS N’ ROSES and DAUGHTRY are just the latest high octane multi-platinum rockers to join the growing list of bands at the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL. They unite with fellow headliners Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Creed, Alice in Chains and 3 Doors Down to establish the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL as “The Home of Rock’s Hardest New Chart Toppers” – a different one topping each night’s lineup.

Tickets for the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL are $45 per day, general admission ($150 for a five-day pass), and ON SALE NOW through and and at all Ticketmaster locations, or by calling Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000. Tickets also will be available in person beginning August 5, 2010 on location at the Festival’s on-site box office. For more information on exclusive VIP packages ($150 for a single day, $300 for all five days or $1,000 5 day platinum packages), including backstage access to a VIP area to special, air-conditioned tents with private bars, motorcycle parking, luxury bathroom facilities and more, go to

GUNS N’ ROSES has sold more than 110 million albums worldwide, including over 46 million in the United States. The band's 1987 major label debut, Appetite for Destruction, is the highest selling debut album of all time, with sales in excess of 38 million copies worldwide. In addition, it reached No. 1 on the United States Billboard 200 and charted three Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including "Sweet Child o' Mine," the band’s first No. 1 smash. Their 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II debuted on the two highest spots on the Billboard 200 and have sold a combined 14 million copies in the United States alone and 35 million worldwide. GUNS N’ ROSES’ fusion of punk rock, blues-rock, heavy metal and classic rock ‘n’ roll prompted Ozzy Osbourne to call the band “the next Rolling Stones and Rolling Stone to include them among their “100 Greatest Artists of All Time.”

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone hailed the Canadian leg of their “Chinese Democracy” tour as “a high-energy three-hour marathon of new material and classic GNR hits.”

For nearly three years, the only thing keeping pace with the growing number of miles on DAUGHTRY’s tour bus has been the band’s list of achievements. After charting three #1 songs from its five-time platinum debut and spending more than two years on the road, Daughtry released Leave This Town (19/RCA). The album entered at the top of the Billboard 200, making it the band’s second #1 album. The album’s first single, “No Surprise,” extended the group’s extraordinary streak of #1 singles to four. The third and current single, "September," continues to climb steadily on radio charts, approaching the Top 10. Recently, Daughtry completed its hugely successful, first-ever headlining arena tour, which began last summer. The ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL is just one of the group’s select U.S. dates this summer. The massive production adds another dimension to the band’s electrifying stage presence and musicianship, with a unique stage design showcasing album artwork by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee, which was featured in the Leave This Town album packaging.

With an unrivaled lineup of twenty bands over five nights and spectacular fireworks displays each night at Monkey Rock USA, the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL promises to be the hands-down largest party ever thrown at the world’s largest motorcycle event, which annually draws over a half million patrons. World famous showman Jim Rose and his circus are set to emcee the five-day event and help give attendees a show they will never forget.

ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL’s sweltering lineup also includes Three Days Grace, Hellyeah, Cage The Elephant, Theft, Sweet Cyanide, Charm City Devils, Rev Theory, Eagles of Death Metal, The Darling Stilettos (featuring former GNR drummer Matt Sorum), Pop Evil, Skillet, and Swayback -- just some of the bands making massive music at this colossal biker bash.

Everything about the ROCK ‘N REV FESTIVAL will appeal to the “leather and chrome” sensibilities in everyone who attends … from those who embody the biker lifestyle to the more casually minded weekend warriors and their families. The Vendor Village will be overflowing with an assortment of food, clothing, gear and other accessories, top tattoo artists and the best barbeque and related cooking specialists from the nation’s sauciest hotspots such as Austin, Memphis, Chicago, and New Orleans. The overall Mardi Gras atmosphere will recall some of Europe’s top festivals, with a decidedly American flair. After all, biking and rock ‘n’ roll are two of America’s greatest heritages.

Monday- August 9th
Hosted By Jim Rose and Performances by Jim Rose and The Jim Rose Circus

Tuesday- August 10th

Wednesday- August 11th
Hosted By Jim Rose and Performances by Jim Rose and The Jim Rose Circus

Thursday- August 12th
Hosted By Jim Rose and Performances by Jim Rose and The Jim Rose Circus

Friday- August 13th
Hosted By Jim Rose and Performances by Jim Rose and The Jim Rose Circus

Judie Tzuke UK Tour Update

This message to fans of Judie Tzuke through her fan club / mailing list:

Greetings, We are very glad to announce that the Judie Tzuke 's 'Moon on a Mirrorball' Tour will be on the road in Britain this autumn. We are very excited as it has been a few years since Judie toured and we are really looking forward to playing some great venues with some wonderful special guests, the fabulous Bailey Tzuke and the brilliant David Saw.
We have a selection of specially selected fan-site tickets available at
We have limited numbers of tickets for some venues. Most are in the first few rows and are offered for sale through this site on a first come first served basis.

Tickets for all shows are £20, except Barnstable: £17.50 and The Stables: £27.50. We do not charge an individual booking fee per ticket like other places, but we do charge for P&P as usual.
The shows at London Union Chapel and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall are unreserved seating.
Tickets will be sent in advance of the gigs and will not fall within the usual 14 day delivery policy of other items in the Tzuke shop.
Note that we cannot guarantee exact seating positions and we cannot offer refunds.
Pre-ordered tickets for the Union Chapel show will be dispatched by August 6th.

For those of you who are interested in Milton Keynes, Worcester, The Lowry, and Gateshead, I should warn you that these venues tend to sell out quite quickly, so I wouldn't leave it too long. Also, the London gig is selling very well and we haven't advertised it to the wider world yet.

September 2010
Wed 29th
Leatherhead, Leatherhead Theatre
01372 365 141

Thu 30th
Sheffield, Memorial Hall
01142 233 751

October 2010
Fri 1st
Worcester, Huntingdon Hall
01905 611 427

Mon 4th
Barnstaple, Queens Theatre
01271 32 42 42

Tue 5th
Bristol, St Georges Hall
0845 40 24 001

Thu 7th
London, Union Chapel
0208 144 9811

Fri 8th
Burgess Hill, Martlets Hall
01444 242 888

Sat 9th
Milton Keynes, The Stables
01908 280800

Mon 11th
Manchester, Lowry
0843 208 6000
Thu 14th
Basingstoke, The Anvil
01256 844244

Sat 16th
Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
0141 353 8000
Sun 17th
Edinburgh, Queens Hall
0131 668 2019

Mon 18th
Gateshead, Sage
0191 443 4661
Tickets are also available through the venues and via ticketline.

Former members of YES and TOTO return with a new band, Album and Tour
YOSO Performs US Summer Shows

HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 20, 2010) – The term “Super-Group” describes a band rising out of two of the most creative bands of the past 30 years: YOSO is formed out of TOTO’s brilliant lead vocalist Bobby Kimball and the creative force of former YES members, Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood, thus equalling the magic of YES with the voice of TOTO. However, YOSO is much more than a combination of two classic rock groups. The band’s debut album “Elements” will debut this coming September in the USA on Frontiers Records. This long awaited release comes with a bonus live CD where the band plays some old and new classics. This musical blend presents a fascinating combination of the sound of YES ("90125"/"Big Generator" era) and TOTO, with a very interesting and original sound that truly encompasses the styles.

YOSO - US Tour dates (more TBA)
August 2010
Aug 11 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA
Aug 12 The State Theatre Falls Church, VA
Aug 15 Rams Head Tavern Annapolis, MD
Aug 17 B.B. King's Blues Club New York, NY
Aug 19 Kent Stage Kent, OH
Aug 20 Syndicate Dinner Theatre Newport, Ky
Aug 21 Lake Clementia Amph. Rancho Murieta, CA

For more information visit:

Frontiers Records to release the anticipated KISKE-SOMERVILLE collaboration album
Produced by Mat Sinner – a highlight of the season is coming!

Napoli, July, 2010 – Eighteen months in the making, some of the most beautiful voices in the scene, a massive production, one hell of an album, two videoclips and one documentary… The Kiske-Somerville collaboration album has all the trademarks of a real event for the Rock fans in 2010, and the release on September 24th in Europe and October 12th in the USA mark some dates that should be noted in every fan agendas.

The collaboration between vocalist Michael Kiske (Helloween, Place Vendome) and American singer Amanda Somerville was born as a concept put together thanks to the input of Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino. “I did a duet with a female singer on 'Breathing Water' by Indigo Dying”, explains Michael Kiske. “It was so nice that he offered me a chance to make an album of all duet songs with a famous female singer."

This exciting album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with more contributions from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Sormeville herself), with Sinner overseeing the production & mix at various recording studios in Europe.

Amanda Somerville is the American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who was tapped to replace Epica vocalist Simone Simons on the band's North American tour with Symphony X due to Simons' health issues. Amanda was also featured on Kamelot's latest release, "Ghost Opera", the Rock Opera “Aina” and recently toured with Avantasia. “When Mat Sinner asked me if I wanted to be the "other half" of the face of the album, I was very honored and quite looking forward to working more closely with Michael Kiske” tells Amanda. “We'd both been involved in various projects over the years together, such as Aina and Avantasia, but it was always through third parties and we didn't sing together like we do here. It's not for nothing that Michael's a legend in the scene. He's got a very unique voice, a special delivery of his performance and is a wonderful person on top of it all. This has been a great experience all across the board!”. Kiske adds “To sing together with the gifted and beautiful Amanda was another genius idea of Serafino! And it was a most pleasant experience to meet her. Amanda has by far the best female voice I have heard for ages. And the album is a killer.”

Two videoclips were filmed for the songs "Silence" and "If I Had A Wish" in Nurnberg, Germany. Joining Kiske and Somerville for the shoot were bassist and main composer Mat Sinner, guitarist Sander Gommans (After Forever), drummer Rami Ali and keyboardist Jimmy Kresic (Voodoo Circle). The clips were directed by Martin Mueller of RCN TV, who previously helmed the videoclip production for Unheilig, Subway To Sally, Helloween, U.D.O. and Gotthard. The digital only release of the single, "Silence" on August 20th, will precede the release of the full-length CD.

The “Kiske-Somerville” album final tracklisting includes:
Nothing Left To Say; Silence; If I Had A Wish; One Night Burning; Arise; End Of The Road; Don't Walk Away; A Thousand Suns; Rain; Devil In Her Heart; Second Chance; Set A Fire (bonus track).

The Bonus DVD will include videoclips of “Silence” and “If I Had A Wish” plus a reaming on the Frontiers Web Radio from July 20th. Tune in at: "Making of” documentary

The songs “Silence” and “If I Had A Wish” can exclusively be listened to in full by st

Enjoy the YouTube trailer presentation:

Michael Kiske - Vocals
Amanda Somerville - Vocals
Mat Sinner - Bass & Backing Vocals
Magnus Karlsson - Lead Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards
Sander Gommans - Additional Lead Guitar
Martin Schmidt / Ramy Ali - Drums
Jimmy Kresic - Keyboards.


MVD gives Fans the Opportunity to Film and Interview
IGGY AND THE STOOGES at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS video series is born

On Friday, September 3rd 2010, Iggy and the Stooges are putting themselves IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS ...

MVD Entertainment Group has launched the site to offer fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to film and interview Iggy and the Stooges performing the seminal punk rock masterpiece RAW POWER at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival on September 3, 2010. Six lucky fans will be chosen by way of a video submission contest to join director Joey Carey on location at the Stardust Theater at Kutchers' Country Club in Monticello, NY. This marks the reunion between Iggy Pop and powerhouse guitarist James Williamson as well as original Stooges drummer Scott "Rock Action" Asheton. Also featuring Mike Watt on bass and Steve Mackay on saxophone.

The contest is based on fans submitting short high definition video segments asking Iggy and the Stooges interview questions, or demonstrating why they should win the contest. Winners of the contest will film and interview Iggy and the Stooges at All Tomorrow's Parties. This fan shot footage, along with the contestant video submissions, will be crafted into a high definition longform program, which will be part concert film and part reality TV show about the journey of the fans.

"Raw Power is one of the greatest, most dangerous albums in the history of rock and roll" says Ed Seaman, C.O.O. of MVD Entertainment Group. "We are honored to enable the fans this connection with the band; this will be a dream come true for the winners."

IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS will be sustainable as a series; MVD is already deep in discussions with a number of other artists and expects to have five more programs shot within the next six months with new announcements expected any day.

The final program for Iggy and the Stooges IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS is expected to release on DVD, BluRay, digital download and broadcast by early 2011. All contestants will receive a special offer to purchase the film early along with some exclusive value added content.

A commercial featuring Handsome Dick Manitoba (the Dictators, Little Steven's Underground Garage DJ) and Iggy has been recorded and will be distributed throughout the web via websites, social media networks, blogs, etc.

Stone Sour new album Audio Secrecy available for pre-order

Stone Sour's upcoming new album Audio Secrecy doesn't hit stores until September 7th, but you can pre-order your copy now and get an exclusive track available only with this pre-order.

In addition, the new single, "Say You'll Haunt Me," that was released for streaming last week is now available for sale at the same location:

Don't forget to go here - - and watch all of the in-studio updates from Stone Sour in the Video section of their Artist Page.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock News for Tuesday 20th July, 2010

LYNCH MOB Embarks On A Summer Tour
“Smoke And Mirrors” Out Now On Frontiers Records USA
HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 19, 2010) – Lynch Mob is getting ready to embark on a summer tour in support of their current release “Smoke and Mirrors” on Frontiers Records. The band line-up for this tour consists of George Lynch (shred master), Oni Logan (vox), Michael Devin (bassologist) and Brian Tichy (time-keeper).

After seventeen long years singer Oni Logan and guitar wizard George Lynch found their way back together and again show their amazing abilities in some killer new Hard Rock songs. "I would say this new record "Smoke and Mirrors", is the record we should have put out as a follow up to "Wicked Sensation"...better late than never I guess...”, says Lynch presenting the new record.

July 2010
July 20 HOB – GL Clinic Show Houston, TX Clinic
July 22 Dos Amigos Odessa, TX
July 23 Trees Dallas, TX
July 24 Scout Bar San Antonio, TX
July 25 Zoo Amphitheater Oklahoma, OK
July 28 The Altar Bar Pittsburgh, PA
July 29 The Starland Ballroom Sayerville, NJ
July 30 Jaxx Springfield, VA
July 31 The Filmore New York, NY

Aug. 2010
Aug 01 Crazy Donkey Framingdale, NY
Aug 02 Eleanor Rigby’s Jermyn, PA
Aug 03 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Aug 04 Scatz NightClub Middleton, WI
Aug 06 Club Vegas Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 07 The New Oasis Sparks, NV
Aug 08 Tower Theater Fresno, CA
Aug 11 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
Aug 12 Dante’s Portland, OR
Aug 13 Last Day Saloon Santa Rosa, CA
Aug 14 Sky City Amphitheater Pueblo of Acoma, NM

Get back to real Rock with Lynch Mob’s new album “Smoke and Mirrors” - For more information visit

Santana's Brand New Album Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time - arrives September 21st, 2010

Carlos Santana and Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment, collaborated on the brand new concept album, GUITAR HEAVEN: THE GREATEST GUITAR CLASSICS OF ALL TIME, arriving in stores September 21st on Arista Records. The album was co-produced by Carlos Santana and Clive Davis with tracks produced by Matt Serletic and Howard Benson.


“Whole Lotta Love” featuring Chris Cornell (Led Zeppelin)
“Sunshine Of Your Love” featuring Rob Thomas (Cream)
“Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’” featuring Scott Weiland (The Rolling Stones)
“Dance the Night Away” featuring Pat Monahan (Van Halen)
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” featuring india.arie and Yo-Yo Ma (The Beatles)
“(Get it On) Bang A Gong” featuring Gavin Rossdale (T. Rex)
“Smoke On the Water” featuring Jacoby Shaddix (Deep Purple)
“Photograph” featuring Chris Daughtry (Def Leppard)
“Back In Black” featuring Nas (AC/DC)
“Little Wing” featuring Joe Cocker (Jimi Hendrix)
“Riders On the Storm” featuring Chester Bennington and Ray Manzarek (The Doors)
“I Ain’t Superstitious” featuring Jonny Lang (Howlin’ Wolf, Jeff Beck Group)
“Fortunate Son” featuring Scott Stapp (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

A very special dedication to George Harrison comes together on GUITAR HEAVEN…, with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” featuring singer India.Arie and master cellist Yo-Yo Ma. “Listening to the song,” Olivia Harrison told Carlos, “it made me jump for joy and cry at the same time.”

Along with these stars, Carlos offers “supreme validation and compliment” to his full-time band for their work on GUITAR HEAVEN…, their first entire full-length studio album recording together. Band members who join him on the album include Dennis Chambers (drums), Benny Rietveld (bass), Karl Perrazo (timbales), Tommy Anthony (rhythm guitar), Freddie Ravel (keyboards), Andy Vargas (background vocals), and Raul Rekow (Congas). Bill Ortiz (trumpet) and Jeff Cressman (trombone) also appear on the record.

“To create these songs,” said Carlos, “it took an incredible amount of trust – from Matt Serletic, and from Howard Benson, and all these incredible singers, all these incredible musicians, they had to trust me, and I trusted Clive, so it’s a chain reaction of love, because that’s the highest form of love that there is on this planet: Trust.”

“The cuts are special and the guest stars are special,” said Clive Davis. “But what is unique and why this album stands for more than just the individual songs or titles, is that they were indeed chosen because they’re guitar classics. And they celebrate the guitar because of the performance of Carlos Santana.”
More Santana here: 

Former Warrant singer, Jani Lane Gets 120 Days in Jail for DUI

The entertainment 'gossip' site, has posted the following story on the former Warrant frontman: has learned former Warrant singer Jani Lane just plead no contest to DUI stemming from his most recent arrest back in May -- and has been ordered to serve 120 days in jail.

As we first reported, the '80s rocker -- who was also busted for DUI in 2009 -- was arrested in Woodland Hills, CA on May 9 after crashing into a parked car ... and then blowing twice the legal limit during a breathalyzer test.

Besides the jail time -- Lane will lose his license for three years and will have to complete a 30-month alcohol education program.
We're told Jani is scheduled to surrender on July 27.

The story can be found here:
Sad days indeed for this singer. Here's hoping you can get things together Jani, soon.

Eagle Rock Classic Albums Series Unveils The Story Of
~On DVD and Blu-ray August 3, 2010~

New York, NY (July 19, 2010) — Eagle Rock Entertainment’s critically acclaimed Classic Albums series has recounted the back-stories of some of popular music’s most enduring and beloved albums. On August 3, the next installment, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Damn The Torpedoes, will be simultaneously released on DVD and Blu-ray. The documentary will also be broadcast on VH1 Classic.

Unweaving the creative process behind this all-American rock ‘n’ roll gem, this 56-minute documentary presents newly filmed interviews from Heartbreakers Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, and Ron Blair, as well as co-producer Jimmy Iovine and engineer Shelly Yakus. Completing this package is 42 minutes of bonus features not included in the upcoming VH1 Classic broadcast, as well as in-depth multi-track tape analysis, and new and archival performances.

It takes a concoction of memorable hooks, artistic energy, and a lasting impression to create a work worthy of the label “classic album.” Damn The Torpedoes, featuring the hits “Don’t Do Me Like That,” “Refugee,” “Here Comes My Girl,” and “Even The Losers,” still has that fresh, dynamic sound that skyrocketed it to #2 on the U.S. charts and into the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Rolling Stone magazine in their review in the December 13, 1979 issue, said that Damn The Torpedoes was “the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ album we have all been waiting for.”
In their September 16, 2004 issue they declared it one of “the greatest albums ever made”

Now more than 30 years after its release and the emergence of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers as a major musical force, Damn The Torpedoes is a worthy addition to the Classic Albums library.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are currently on the road touring North America. Their latest release Mojo was issued on June 15 on Reprise / WEA and debuted in Billboard magazine charts at number 2 with Rolling Stone calling it one of Petty’s best ever. For more information on Mojo and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour, go to

Uriah Heep will be joined onstage at High Voltage by a special guest ...

Fomer Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody will be with the band when they play the whole of their classic album Demons And Wizards.

Moody, now a member of Monsters Of British Rock, alongside Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake bassist) and Laurie Wisefield (former Wishbone Ash guitarist), will play slide guitar.

Uriah Heep are on the Prog stage on July 25.
More on Uriah Heep here:

Voyage feat. Hugo. A tribute to Journey - Two new live shows

Get ready to rock out when Tribute Legends Rock The Park heads to:
Six Flags New England on Friday, July 23 and Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) on Saturday, July 24!

Performing as part of the STARBURST® Summer Concert Series, the show will feature:

VOYAGE feat. Hugo - a Journey tribute band

With Special Guests:
Draw the Line - an Aerosmith tribute band
Unforgettable Fire - a U2 tribute band
Concert is FREE with your 2010 Season Pass or park admission.

VOYAGE has been hailed by fans and critics alike as the BEST Journey tribute in the world!
Singer Hugo, an absolute dead ringer for Steve Perry both visually and vocally has brought the show to critical acclaim through the many Live Nation events performed, private and corporate shows throughout America, after party for Rock of Ages Broadway show and performing in front of 50,000+ at Meadowlands. Featuring a roster of world class New York musicians, Voyage takes you back to the 80's era when the timeless music of Journey ruled the airwaves. The talent of these five guys together has brought the meaning of TRIBUTE to a whole new level. See it to believe it!

Please check out our new website for all updates and concert dates at: