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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Chambers Of Rock site - Still any interest out there?!

Saturday October 6th, 2018

Hi folks, well I was just checking the old site to see if it was still drawing any attention and was amazed to see that last month this site actually got over 3,000 views!
Not bad for a site that has not been active for 4 years now.

I thank everyone for the support over the years that Chambers of Rock ran actively.
Sadly life is such that I still just do not have time to give this site the attention that it deserves.
There are some unpublished interviews that I really want to get posted at some time, so who knows, never say never right?!

Meantime, for anyone still showing any interest at all, here's a few of the interviews I was fortunate enough to have completed during Chambers of Rock's active period!
I will always remain incredibly thankful for the time that I had when I was able to be an active part of the rock scene.
And yes, I do completely realise that these were simply just a snapshot in time.

Enjoy and who knows, you never know ... I may just bring this back!
Cheers, rock on friends!

Brian Howe interview - Ex. Ted Nugent and Bad Company - December 2010

Interview with David Paich - Toto - Sept. 2012 - Part 1

And here's Part 2 of that great interview with David Paich!

Interview with Joel Hoekstra - Night Ranger, T.S.O. and more! - Jan. 2012

Interview with Andy Parker - UFO - April 2011

Interview with Gil Moore - Triumph - July 2010