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Friday, November 19, 2010

Brief Rock News Update for Friday 19th November, 2010

Toto Summer Tour on the way in 2011

Yes folks, it really is going to happen!
This was issued on the Toto website Thursday morning:
Toto will return to Europe again in Summer 2011. Check out the Tour dates page for details.
More dates to be added!
Then later in the day, David Paich spread the word through the Toto Facebook page that in 2011 he'd be touring once more with Toto.
Here's his message:
"As announced this morning on the Toto page, I'm excited to say that I'll be taking Toto out on the road again this summer. Some of the tour info should be up on our website already!
I really didn't think this would happen, but we had so much fun last time. And the response from all of you guys, like always, was amazing. 33 years later haha. WOW!
I can't wait to hit the road again with these guys. D"
At this time, literally there are very few dates posted on the bands tour dates section of the site and currently, sadly they are only in Europe ... Historically, in the last few years of Toto's touring of the US, they frequently said, they were not finding the demand in their native USA to support continued touring although the fans that did show up, they were thankful to.
I was fortunate enough to have caught their last two US tours, but prior to that I last saw them before in the UK on the 'Seventh One' tour way back in the late 80's. I missed the few other times they played very limited UK live dates.
I sincerely hope they return to the US for live dates, likewise Steve Lukather has not as yet announced full US tour dates yet in support of his latest solo album, 'All's Well That Ends Well' just some New York dates ... I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Luke finishes his current UK live dates at The Brook , Southampton (UK) Friday 19th November.
Other dates he's doing can be found here:
Meantime, here's the current - although limited at this time - European live dates for Toto:
July 2011
21 - Jun - 2011 Tuesday Bruxelles Forest National Belgium
23 - Jun - 2011 Thursday Amsterdam Heineken Hall Netherlands
26 - Jun - 2011 Sunday London Hammersmith Odeon UK
27 - Jun - 2011 Monday Paris Le Zenith France
July 2011
14 - Jul - 2011 Thursday Straubing Jazz an der Donau Germany
15 - Jul - 2011 Friday Ulm Klosterhof Wiblingen Germany

TOTO 2010 is:

Joe Williams - Vocals
Steve Lukather - Guitar and Vocals
David Paich - Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards and Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
Mike Porcaro - Bass
Special Guest:
Nathan East - Bass

For more details on the band:

Frontiers Records presents Triumph Reissues Trailer
(Apologies for the screen size issue on the site. It does happen sometimes although strangely not always?!)

The FULL TRIUMPH CATALOGUE reissued in DIGIPAK edition as the 'Diamond Collection!'

FM London (UK) Christmas show and more ... 

Meet and Greet applications for our FM Christmas Party are now open. We'll be meeting and greeting after our set at London O2 Academy Islington on December 1st. Places are limited and the closing date is midnight Friday 26th November, so don't hesitate! For more info and to apply please go to

If you're wondering whether this will be THE Unmissable Christmas Party of the Year, let us tell you a little about the evening ...

Four Wheel Drive will open proceedings at 7.10pm. Their brand of high-rollin' rock 'n' roll has been getting rave reviews and we highly recommend you check them out. 4WD will be filming on the day for their first live DVD. More info at

Our good friends Airrace need no introduction. They will be taking to the stage at 8.10pm and we hear a whisper that their set will include a couple of brand new songs from their currently-being-recorded new album. Don't miss it!

Keeping the evening running smoothly will be Master of Ceremonies none other than DJ Steve Price of ARfm. We're chuffed to bits that Steve agreed to be 'volunteered' (we didn't really give him any choice). Mr. Bah Humbug himself will be playing some cool Yule music in between bands and ensuring that matters get very out of hand...
... and so to FM. We're going to have a blast, you all know how much we love our Christmas shows. To help us celebrate the evening we'll be sharing the stage with some very special guests and we expect you to bring your singing voices with you!

We can't wait to see you on the 1st December. You have all helped to make 2010 a fantastic year for us and we are thankful for your support. You've wholeheartedly embraced our new songs on Metropolis and City Limits EP. You've sung your hearts out at our shows. We're excited about what 2011 holds for FM and look forward to going on that trip in your very good company.
We'll start 2011 on a good footing by confirming that we will be appearing with Thin Lizzy at London Hammersmith Apollo on January 22nd. That's a good start isn't it peeps!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock News Update for Thursday 18th November, 2010

MR. BIG hit back in Europe with the release of "What If…"

Frontiers Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated European release of MR. BIG’s new studio album entitled "What If…" on January 21st 2011. The North American release, also on Frontiers records, shall follow in February with more exciting details to be announced!

"What If… " is MR. BIG’s first “all original” album since the reunion of the four original members, Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey back in early 2009. Sixteen years after the release of "Hey Man," the new recording is set to bring back MR. BIG on the height of the current Hard Rock scene.

Guitarist Paul Gilbert said: “This is the first MR. BIG album I have been a part of, since fourteen years and it was done in a snap. It was fun and we had really a good time in making this one”. Continues Billy Sheehan “It’s so great to be back with Paul, Eric and Pat too. We wrote this record like we did in the old days for the first 2 records. Jamming together in the same room to write songs”. Pat Torpey adds “Some of the recording process is different now from what we were used to in the old times. But I think this record really managed to capture the performances of the band, not of the individual musicians”.

Eric Martin concludes: “I like to compare this to the first album, when we just got to know each other in a reharsal studio and cut it in 8 or 9 days. This is like chapter 2. We had so many years, so many records and so many things behind us. Now this feels like a beautiful brand new chapter starting for all of us”.

"What If…" was produced by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Rush, Black Country Communion, Iron Maiden) and the release will be followed by a World Tour which will kick off in South America in March and will hit Europe in early summer.

Formed in 1988, Mr. Big forged its place in hard rock history by combining trademark "shredding" musicianship with awesome vocal harmonies. The original line-up – vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Pat Torpey. Mr. Big produced numerous hit songs that ranged across a wide array of rock genres – be it ballads, heavy metal, or blues rock.

Their hits included "To Be With You" (Billboard Hot 100 number one single in 15 countries for weeks, in 1991, propelling the band the band to huge international success and record sales in the multi-millions), "Wild World", "Green-Tinted sixties Mind", "Just Take My Heart", and a host of heavy metal songs that were played mostly during their live performances: "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy", "Addicted to that Rush", "Colorado Bulldog", and "Take Cover".

“What If…” will be released in a special edition CD + DVD in digipak, regular CD, vinyl and digital download and in a limited edition luxury box including the CD, DVD, LP and exclusive memorabilia.

“What If…” tracklisting includes: Undertow; American Beauty; Stranger In My Life; Nobody Takes the Blame; Still Ain’t Enough for Me; Once Upon a Time; As Far As I Can See; All The Way Up; I Won’t Get In My Way; Around The World; I Get The Feeling; Unforgiven (exclusive bonus track for Europe / North America – not on vinyl edition).

The DVD will include the videoclips of “Undertow” and “All the Way Up” plus a documentary “Making of” the album including interviews and exclusive behind the scenes features of the four members.
The first single “Undertow” will have an official promotional launch on November 27th.

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of MELODIC ROCK FANZINE.

The 41st release of our successful magazine, MELODIC ROCK FANZINE is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
Here are the previews of the two MELODIC ROCK FANZINE covers:

This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Nelson, The Poodles, Darkwater, Signum Regis, F.E.A.S.T., Perfect View, Poison Sun, Prime Suspect, Jeff Scott Soto, Vega, Allen Lande, Michael Bormann... and more!
Electronic readble version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers official site and here:

Ratt release new single, 'Eat Me Up Alive.'

Earlier this year, Sunset Strip legends Ratt released their first album in 10 years -- Infestation -- a crushing return to their seminal Ratt n' Roll roots. Since then, the guys: frontman Stephen Pearcy, guitarists Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Bobby Blotzer hit the road bringing their upbeat, crunchy riffs and catchy choruses -- both old and new -- to fans around the world. And now, with the brand new video for "Eat Me Up Alive" we get a first-hand look at the long-standing band's downright electric live performances from this past year. Check it out below now!

or follow this link:

FM's Pete Jupp take on the role of DJ!

DJ Juppy set to take over the ARfm airwaves

Shhh... don’t tell Steve Price but we have ‘borrowed’ the keys to the ARfm studio. If everything goes to plan (and the locks haven’t been changed!) DJJuppy (Pete Jupp) will be taking over the Steve Price Rock show this Sunday, November 21st 6pm-9pm. Tune in at on Sunday to hear some of Pete’s favourite tracks, news about the FM Christmas Party on December 1st, and no doubt some highly philosophical ramblings... Email your requests during the show to

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 17th November, 2010

Hi all, well as you noticed there was no update yesterday ... You can thank some loser who took it upon themselves to sneak up to the outside of our home and flip the override lever, for our sprinkler system which consequently led to a burst pipe, a huge pond outside our home, that then found it's way into our basement!
Yeah, nice huh?! Is nothing sacred anymore?!
Rhonda and I were up until around 3.30am cleaning up inside and out of the house ...
Anyway, enough of my moans and groans and onto the news ...

Van Halen ... Will they, won't they tour in 2011?

Now come on, isn't that a great logo?! :)
I guess the hot news across many sites right now is that Van Halen WILL release a new studio album in 2011 ..., BUT, certain rumours indicate that this may be dependant upon Eddie Van Halen accepting David Lee Roth's latest vocal submissions ...

It seems - If the stories are correct and to be believed - that David Lee Roth has recorded his vocals away from where Eddie and Alex have been recording their own parts.
There's also rumours that Eddie has played all the bass parts and not Wolfgang, how much truth there is to that is for you to decide as I'm sure if an album is released, you can guarantee that the credits will show - To keep the peace ... And make fans believe they are a unit! - that Eddie played guitar, David Lee Roth sung lead vocals, Alex Van Halen played the drums and Wolfgang Van Halen played bass.
So, go ahead and read the stories at the various sites - Links below - and maybe, they'll be a Van Halen tour too in 2011! - News story on Tuesday 16th November, 2010 - News item on Tuesday 16th also, referencing - Referencing's story on's story and also links you to the Van Halen website that has absolutely NOTHING on any of this! Check yourself at:

The only thing I will add is we'll see!
Me personally, I think they'll probably do a tour for sure, but based on previous perhaps short lived reunions, with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar there's still not been a new full studio album released, just odd new tracks on the compilation releases.
The last full studio album from Van Halen was ..., wait for it .... 1998's Van Halen 3 with Gary Cherone!
Yes, really doesn't bode well does it, especially with Eddie reputation for a tipple and how he was on the last tour and the previous reunion tour with Sammy as well.
I sincerely hope it happens, as I'm a huge Van Halen fan. Good luck guys, please get it together!

GUNNAR & MATTHEW Invite You To Be In The Studio Audience

“Lightning Strikes Twice” Sequel to Multi-platinum “After the Rain”

HOLLYWOOD, CA (November 15, 2010) – The NELSON’s will be performing this Thursday morning in Seattle on NEW DAY NORTHWEST on KING-TV 5 (NBC affiliate) prior to their big concert that night at the King Cat Theater.

Thursday night’s concert is a two show extravaganza - One being NELSON the rock band and then they intermission coming back to perform their critically acclaimed RICKY NELSON REMEMBERED. Both shows last for 45 minutes and are jammed packed with the history that the NELSON family has given for years!

If you wish to be in the studio audience, free tickets are available now!! Matthew and Gunnar Nelson invite you to come on down to the KING 5 studio by 9:30am. Please expect to be at the TV studio until 11:30am, when they finish taping. Anyone interested in free tickets to be in the audience should RSVP to Their Audience Coordinator will then send them instructions.

NELSON led by twin lead front men Matthew and Gunnar Nelson announced the release date of their new album “Lightning Strikes Twice” a seamless sequel to multi-platinum debut album “After the Rain” on the 20th anniversary of their history making turn at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” (September 29, 1990) which landed them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"’Lightning Strikes Twice’ has allowed us creatively, artistically and musically to resolve some unfinished business," explains Gunnar. "We’ve had a blast going into the studio writing and performing some of our best songs. Plus, being back on the road with NELSON is living the dream all over again. New fans are discovering our music and original fans have shown incredible support all over the world. It ROCKS!”

For more information on NELSON click on:
and for information on the show:


UK Fans! We promised you’d be next and true to our word…here’s the full list of Iron Maiden’s UK Tour dates 2011:

JULY 2011
Wed 20 Scotland, Glasgow SECC
Thu 21 Scotland, Aberdeen AECC P&J Arena
Sat 23 England, Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
Sun 24 England, Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
Wed 27 England, Nottingham Trent FM Arena
Thu 28 England, Manchester MEN Arena
Sun 31 England, Birmingham NIA

Mon 1 Wales, Cardiff CIA Arena
Wed 3 Northern Ireland, Belfast Odyssey
Fri 5 England, London 02 Arena

This will be an extensive 10 city arena tour for the final run of dates on their FINAL FRONTIER WORLD TOUR 2010/11.
For the first time in many years, the band will be playing shows across the full length and breadth of the UK, including places they’ve not visited for up to three decades!

Steve Harris comments; “Everything in the Maiden camp has been so full on these last five years or so that we haven't travelled around the UK to play for our home fans for almost that long. These fans supported us by coming to Twickenham Stadium, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Download and more recently Sonisphere so we thought we should get off our backsides and do the travelling this time and get round the country to see them all. We very much look forward to playing all four home countries and a couple of places we haven’t been for a very long time, Aberdeen and Belfast! And playing the O2 gets us as close to the East End of London where Maiden started off than we have been for many a year, probably since the Ruskin Arms! All in all l think this is going to be a very special series of shows and a wonderful way to end this whole world tour.

“We intend to take the full stadium show into the UK arenas and fit everything we possibly can into each venue. The set list will be different to this year’s tour. Of course we will play more songs from the new album and some other recent material, but we intend to include a healthy dose of older fan favourites too for those who haven’t seen us before, plus a spectacular light show and stage set, not forgetting, of course, …Eddie!”

The UK shows will be the culmination of The Final Frontier World Tour, which began in June 2010 with a hugely successful 25 date tour throughout North America, followed by selected European stadium and festival shows, including Knebworth Sonisphere in the UK. As recently announced, early next year Ed Force One will fly the band, crew and equipment 50,000 miles around the World visiting thirteen countries before the band take a short break prior to the extensive European Tour (more announcements soon) of which the UK is the final leg.
Official band website:


The forthcoming solo album from PRIMAL FEAR singer Ralf Scheepers is in the very final stages of production. Some very special guests agreed to appear - the list includes guitarists "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (HALFORD), Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY), Sander Gommans (AFTER FOREVER) and Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR, ALLEN/LANDE). Powerhouse American vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) is dueting with Scheepers in the track "Remission Of Sin", Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (THERION, DREAM EVIL, KING DIAMOND, DIMMU BORGIR) appears on drums and PRIMAL FEAR's Mat Sinner is playing bass on the entire LP and produced the album. Achim Koehler is currently in the final stages of the mixing session and will shortly be mastering the production.

Scheepers revealed that his upcoming solo album will include a remake of his song "Saints Of Rock" Scheepers originally recorded with his band TYRAN PACE and a cover version of the JUDAS PRIEST classic "Before The Dawn'. "'Saints Of Rock' is gonna be, of course, a little bit more modern and updated than it was [when the original version was recorded] in 1986," he explained. "I mean, right now we have much more possibilities to make songs sound a little bit more modern, starting with the drum sound and the bass sounds." He added, "I think 'Before The Dawn' pretty much is a straight cover, but the first song I'm playing (nearly) all instruments — just a little more orchestral things going on. Vocal-wise, I just added a harmony vocals, plus the two outstanding guitar solos by maestro VICTOR SMOLSKI (RAGE). The album is like a trip through my entire career from hard driven crushing metal, groovy heavy beats, orchestral epic to stripped down basic songs and of course some nice surprises!"

The musical direction of his forthcoming solo CD is more diverse than PRIMAL FEAR, from the hardest to the softest tones. The album was recently presented to the German press and some of the reactions included

"A varied, magic masterpiece! Intensive, passionate and faithful - a terrific singer!" - Markus Wosgien (Rock It!, EMP, Blast!)

"A surprisingly varied and still compact metal-masterpiece, that leaves nothing to be desired!" - Andreas Schöwe (Metal Hammer)

"The vocals and the songwriting are just terrific and you've never experienced Ralf Scheepers so relaxed. The album is a hit! Does the world needs a solo album of the Primal Fear singer? Yes, of course!" - Birgit Braeckle (Breakout)
Frontiers plans to release the album in February 2011.


After last years successful debut release in 2009 and a busy year of writing, recording and performing just a few gigs, Outloud featuring  Chandler Mogel, Bob Katsionis, Mark Cross, Tony Kash and Sverd T. return with only one show in Greece for their fans on Friday, November 19th to the REVENGE OF ROCK in Athens, Greece! Recently the “Revenge of Rock” expanded its stage, added new lights and sound to it’s production and will ensure much greater live quality in the future!

Outloud will perform a full set of their first album’s material, as well as a few songs from the upcoming album which has recently been mixed, but not released yet!
Don’t miss that unique show, meet the band and rock away the night!

With Very Special Guests: Joe Elliot's Down 'N' Outz

"Everyone knows that Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest singers in the world. What they are only just waking up to is that there may never be another like him."
- Mick Wall, Classic Rock Magazine

(Monday, November 15th, 2010) One of rock’s most revered singers, Grammy nominated Paul Rodgers, has today announced that he will be returning to the UK in 2011 to tour with very special guests Joe Elliot’s Down ‘N’ Outz.

Paul Rodgers' passion is writing and performing music, constantly recording/releasing new material and touring the globe. For a man who prefers to keep a low profile he has left his indelible mark on music. He is a multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter and self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Paul has written, recorded, produced and released 30 albums since 1968 and has sold over 90 million records. As well as his Grammy nominated solo career, Paul has formed and led 3 bands to worldwide success: Free, Bad Company and The Firm. On top of his monumental success as a solo artist and as leader of the three bands he has formed, Paul has also recorded/performed with some of the most prevalent and legendary figures in musical history - Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Brian May, David Gilmour, Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, Slash, Nils Lofgren, Charlie Watts, Bryan Adams, Motown's Sam Moore and The Four Tops and others. He also had huge success with the ‘Queen and Paul Rodgers’ tour in 2005.

After the huge success of the Bad Company tour earlier in 2010, Paul is now returning to the UK in April of 2011 as a solo artist to play ten shows across the country. Paul’s not entirely alone, he will be joined by very special guests Joe Elliot’s Down ‘N’ Outz.

Sometimes the most interesting of projects arise from the most unusual of circumstances. So it is that the Down ‘N’ Outz is a project fronted by Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, backed by The Quireboys and playing tracks connected only by Mott The Hoople.

PAUL RODGERS + Very Special guests: Joe Elliott's Down 'N' Outz

APRIL 2011

Jezebeth Movie To Feature Song From Original Scorpions Drummer Herman Rarebell
The vampire horror film “Jezebeth” is in its final stages of production and will now feature the song “Your Love Is Hurting” by platinum recording artist Herman Rarebell. “This movie is loaded with great music but this really adds a whole new dimension to the film” quotes Jeffrey A Swanson one of the executive producers and the music supervisor for the film.
“I am honored to have the original drummer for the Scorpions, Herman Ze German Rarebell included in our movie and on the soundtrack” replies Damien Dante Director, writer and producer of the film Jezebeth.

Herman penned the lyrics for some of the most classic songs of the Scorpions entire history, including "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Make It Real", "Dynamite", "Blackout", "Arizona", "Bad Boys Running Wild", "Don't Stop At the Top" and "Tease Me Please Me" among countless others.
“Your Love Is Hurting” could very well be another platinum song for Herman Rarebell but for us it was just the perfect song for a particular scene in the movie Jezebeth, and for that we are very elated.
The movie will be available worldwide in 2011 and stars Bree Michaels as Jezebeth.

For more info on the movie Jezebeth go to:
For more Info on Herman Ze German Rarebell go to:

Guitar Center Drum Off Final - Gig details

Since I dabble with the drums from time to time, this is something close to my heart so for the drummers of you out there, here you go! Looks like a great gig!

Tickets are now on sale for Guitar Center's Drum Off Finals taking place on Saturday, January 8th, 6:30 pm at The Music Box in Hollywood, CA. The culmination of the world's largest drum competition will feature an evening packed with performances by the drumming elite and the top five undiscovered drummers in the country.
Headlining the show with an eclectic jazz infused project is Steve Smith (Vital Information, The Storm, Journey), whom Rolling Stone named one of the greatest drummers of all time.
Other performers include Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and a rare collaboration by Gavin Harrison (of British prog-rockers Porcupine Tree) and Simon Phillips (who has played with and alongside artists including Mick Jagger, Toto, Michael Schenker Group, Brian Eno and Jeff Beck among others). Kicking off the evening will be a special collaborative performance from two of Guitar Center's Drum-Off alumni: Cora Coleman-Dunham (Prince), and Tony Royster, Jr. (Jay-Z) alongside hip-hop/R&B drum icons Nisan Stewart (50 Cent, Jamie Foxx) and Trevor Lawrence, Jr. (Eminem, Dr. Dre, Herbie Hancock).
Tickets are only $10 and available at Don't miss it!

Joe Perry to Perform at CMT Artists of the Year 2010

Folks, if you thought it was bad that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler was getting involved with American Idol, here's another shocker for you! 
Joe Perry will be giving a special performance at the first ever CMT Artists of the Year special on Friday, December 3 on CMT.
For more information, visit:

Add to that, this too!
Juliette Lewis to Headline at the Land Shark Tailgate Stage With Special Guest Joe Perry

Oscar-nominated actress and singer to perform exclusive set with special guest appearance by Aerosmith’s lead guitarist for Dolphins vs. Bears pre-game concert.

(Photo courtesy of

MIAMI, FL – November 16, 2010: The Miami Dolphins announced today that Academy Award-nominated Hollywood actress and recording artist, JULIETTE LEWIS, will perform with a special guest appearance by co-founding member, principal co-songwriter, lead guitarist and co-producer of Aerosmith, JOE PERRY, at the Land Shark Tailgate Stage on the AT&T Grand Plaza at Sun Life Stadium on Thursday, November 18th, prior to the Dolphins-Bears game presented by Wachovia. The exclusive pre-game Tailgate concert will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Following the release of two highly acclaimed albums with her band, The Licks, Juliette Lewis released her debut solo album Terra Incognita last fall. Produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Grammy Award winning leader of Mars Volta, her vocal performances on the album showcase a remarkably dynamic range going from haunting to soulful and roaring. Lewis wrote most of the 11 tracks with long time friend and musician Chris Watson and recorded the album in between both of her and Omar’s tours at the end of 2008. The record was mixed by the legendary Rich Cosey (NIN, Muse, Foo Fighters). After performing a number of songs from her solo album, Juliette will be joined by special guest guitar legend from Aerosmith, Joe Perry, to perform two additional songs together live on-stage.

“I’m looking forward to performing on the Land Shark Tailgate Stage for South Florida’s biggest party,” said Lewis. “Over the years, I’ve traveled around the country and overseas to perform at numerous concert venues and clubs, but rarely do I get to perform for such a major sporting event in front of an audience with such a passion for their home team. I’ve always been a big sports fan, so I’m looking forward to performing at Sun Life Stadium and seeing the Miami Dolphins in action.”

After spending six years focusing on her music, Juliette Lewis recently made her return to the screen in four major film projects. She is currently receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike in “Conviction,” in which she appears alongside Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. She also co-stars in director Todd Phillips’ new film, “Due Date,” out this month, with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Most recently Lewis appeared in “Whip It,” co-starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon, and “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Having previously attracted artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Carmit Bachar of the Pussycat Dolls, Latin Grammy Award-winning artists Jesse & Joy for Hispanic Heritage Month 2009, American Idol winner, Kris Allen, Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist, Orianthi, 2009 CMA Musician of the Year, Mac McAnally, multi-platinum artists Cheap Trick, Texan rocker, Alejandro Escovedo, legendary rock icon, Bret Michaels, The Darling Stilettos with Matt Sorum and Dave Navarro and Ilo Ferreira with Grammy Award-winning R&B legend Howard Hewett, the Land Shark Tailgate Stage on the AT&T Grand Plaza at Sun Life Stadium has become a much anticipated part of the Dolphins’ home-game experience.

The home game entertainment at Sun Life Stadium is produced by Game Day Entertainment LLC, by executive producer David Saltz.

Limited tickets are available to the Dolphins-Bears game on Thursday, November 18th, that includes the pre-game Tailgate concert featuring Juliette Lewis and Joe Perry, on the Land Shark Tailgate Stage at the AT&T Grand Plaza. Fans should visit or call 1-888-FINS-TIX (1-888-346-7849) to purchase tickets.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock News for Monday 15th November, 2010

Paul Rodgers to tour the UK with Joe Elliott's band in tow

Well, so says the hard rock and metal site,!
Neither Paul Rodgers or Bad Company's website is showing any UK solo dates from the man ...
Apparently he has lined up the following dates in April 2011:

April 15 - Blackpool, UK - Opera House
April 16 - Sheffield, UK - City Hall
April 18 - Newcastle, UK - City Hall
April 19 - Glasgow, UK - Clyde Auditorium
April 21 - Manchester, UK - O2 Apollo
April 22 - Nottingham, UK - Royal Centre
April 24 - Bournemouth, UK - Internation Centre
April 25 - Southend, UK - Cliff Pavilion
April 27 - London Royal Albert Hall
April 28 - Birmingham, UK - NIA

Joe Elliott's side project, 'Down 'N' Outz' is supposed to be the opening act on all dates too.
For more on this story go to:
Paul Rodgers site is:

Nazareth to release 'Big Dogz' new album in early 2011

(Live photo courtesy of

Nazareth founding member and bassist Pete Agnew, has shared the following update with fans through the bands website:

'The new CD is now mixed and finished. We're very happy with the result and even happier to have agreed on a title. It will be called "Big Dogz" and at the moment several people are preparing artwork so let's hope we have something that we like by the end of the month.
The target date for release is still beginning Feb. 2011.
I'll keep you all posted.

The band has also just had to sadly cancel their Polish dates:
It is with great regrets that we have to announce the cancellation of the Polish dates for November.
The promoter for these dates has just informed us of the cancellations. A note from the band:
"We know a lot of people will be disappointed and we are really sorry about that. We hate when things get cancelled at short notice like this but it's beyond our control. Hopefully we will get out to Poland next year."

But ..., they've announced Russian dates for March 2011!
Tour dates for Russia for March 2011.
(Note - Venues yet to be confirmed.)
11 March – Ufa (Russia)
13 March – Yekaterinburg (Russia)
15 March – Tyumen (Russia)
17 March – Perm (Russia)
20 March – Khabarovsk (Russia)
21 March – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
23 March – Blagoveshchensk (Russia)
25 March – Kiev (Ukraine)
27 March - Kaliningrad (Russia)
30 March - St-Petersburg (Russia)
31 March - St-Petersburg (Russia)

For all things Nazareth and all their current tour dates too:

Journey wins Classic Rock award

Journey won "Event Of The Year" at Classic Rock magazine's annual awards ceremony at London's Roundhouse on November 10.

The Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honours "Event Of The Year" award was presented to Journey to honor the triumphant return of Don't Stop Believin' to the UK Top 10 this summer. "Event Of The Year" was one of six reader-voted categories that were announced during this year's award ceremony.

From Classic Rock magazine's Web site:
'Don't Stop Believin' went stratospheric after the cast of TV phenomenon Glee covered the song in the first series. ITV's The X-Factor got in on the action, with 2009 winner Joe McElderry covering the song, propelling the track into the Top 10 with a peak position of No. 6 in the New Year. Journey guitarist Neal Schon personally collected the award. Journey announced today that they will be going out on the road with Foreigner (And Styx) next year for a Classic Rock Presents AOR-sponsored UK tour; for more information please go to

... And so does Michael Schenker .... (Wins an award that is!)

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On Nov.10th 2010 Michael Schenker was honored with an Award in London along other Rock Legends including Ron Wood and Slash.The Award was presented to Michael by Alice Cooper.
It seemed as if most of the Essence of Rock was present from Legends such as Jimmy Page to Toni Iommi to John Paul Johns and many others.

The Marshall “11” award—given to those artists and musicians who represent rock ’n’ roll excess and livin’ on the edge – went to German rock guitarist Michael Schenker, whose fame as a founding member of The Scorpions and later the lead guitar player for UFO has given him universal recognition as one of the most legendary figures in metal guitar.

Eric Bell to appear at Vibe for Philo


He founded the band. Gave it its name, and in an off the cuff improvisation gave the world one of the great solos which launched a million air-guitarists - some of whom actully turned into pretty decent players. The historic rise of Irish Rock music is inextricably linked with Thin Lizzy and Whiskey in the Jar. To have followed that with an anthem like The Rocker seals Eric Bell's place in the pantheon of Irish Rockmusic greats.

To those who grew up on the fiery three piece that was the early Lizzy - there's no doubting Eric Bell's greatness. Unfortunatly for later generations, the lack of availability of those crucial first three albums, meant his reputation has largely been preserved in Youtube videos and bootlegs. Now those first three albums are back on the shelves in delux editions with live concerts, alternative recordings, b-sides, and singles, His lucid, inventive, playing, remind us of an age when Ireland was blessed with three guitarists in Rory (Gallagher), Gary (Moore), and Eric, who could hold their own with anyone.

The Vibe has always held all periods of Phil Lynott's career dear, but has always cherished those early inaccessible years. So as we head into the 25th annual show we're delighted to have back onboard not only the driving creative force behind those important early years, but someone who played at the very first vibe. Eric will be joining The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils with a number of very special guest artists for what should be his most memorable appearance at The Vibe ever.

Black Rose - the 25th Annual Vibe for Philo takes place at Vicar Street, Dublin, on 4th January 2011.
To be headlined by Brian Robertson's new band.
Official site:



Official band website:

Editors note: I really can't recommend strongly enough, what a great show this was!
I remember the podcast well at the time and just recently secured myself a copy of the DVD.
Excellent stuff and very impressive versions of Thin Lizzy's 'Suicide' and UFO's 'Love to Love.'
If you can get this channel, I urge you to check it out! 

Fenrik Lane - 317 album review

Fenrik Lane – 317 (Three Seventeen) album review
Released through: Melodic Rock Records Release Date: Available now.

You know it’s always something when you receive review material of an artist, that you really know nothing about and you’ve only been made aware of, in say the past six – twelve months, yet the band has been about since 1997!

Fenrik Lane who hail from Norway, is one such band who have recently been ‘discovered’ by owner of the popular website Andrew McNiece.
That said, although they’ve been playing since that time they have only, prior to the release of this album ‘317’ – Just what the heck does that mean?! – released, one album, an EP – Which apparently sold 20,000 in their native country. – and one single initially.

The band were originally a four piece band and previously featured, now fairly successful – In Europe - solo artist vocalist Kurt Nilsen.
Although Nilsen’s success seems to run on the back of singing cover songs, after some small success in the Norwegian Idol competition and then World Idol, before releasing some of his own material.

Anyway, getting back to Fenrik Lane, they are indeed now a three piece band, featuring Knut Glesnes on vocals / guitars, Christer Unneland (Drums, B/Vocals) and John Erik Soltvedt (Bass, B/Vocals, Piano and additional Guitars).
I have to say, they have quite a good strong commercial sound for a three piece, not unlike say Green Day meets U2 with hints of perhaps Coldplay and Billy Idol too.

It’s funny as this album is quite different to so much of what I’ve been listening too (AOR/Classic rock/Hard Rock) and I guess it made a change!

The album opens with the haunting ‘Megalomania,’ quite atmospheric, strong vocals and with a mid to up tempo paced structure, not unlike the first two bands I mentioned. Plenty of up front guitar sounds too.

‘Call Her Name’ with the very catching ‘La la la la la la,’ chorus is just so contagious almost punky, pop rock and seriously how can you not help but joining in with this song. Great fun!

With ‘Diamonds In The Waste’ it sounds initially very U2 like, even vocally sounding like Bono with a laid back sound and then the chorus picks thing right up with big vocals. Overall very good stuff and I am really not a U2 fan.
Fenrik Lane seem to have an ingredient - For me! - that U2 don’t and while I can’t nail it, it clearly makes for great listening here.

‘Paranoia’ runs with a punky, punchy kind of riff ala Green Day and if you liked American Idiot there’s certainly a good chance you’d enjoy this album. The band really has well structured catchy and hook laden pop rock songs a plenty.

Although the band may hate me for saying this – And making comparisons – I mean them in the best possible way, in terms of pointing out that if you like certain acts, you’re very likely to like this or whatever I’m reviewing at the time.

In ‘Runaway Car,’ more commercialism in a similar fashion to the acts already mentioned and what a strong and good voice Knut Glesnes has, I really mean that and the other guys back him up equally as well!.
These guys really deserve to be heard.

There’s almost a hint of ‘Hysteria’ (Def Leppard) to the way ‘Cover Your Eyes’ starts, although someone else may argue it’s a little Cranberries like! What ….?! The song builds with a slow intro verse before shouting out yet another strong chorus.
Do you get the idea I like this album?! ;-)
It has certainly got my attention after a number of plays.

‘Left Me Scarred’ starts with a quite different intro next, with a little piano and I was almost thinking, are we going to get an Abba tune here … Seriously! I began to wonder where it would go, but it takes on a very interesting path, with some great structured changes throughout. Good stuff!

U2 fans should love ‘Hot Lips,’ which pays homage to the M.A.S.H. cast member and the other show characters get name checked too. I also discover now, where ‘Three Seventeen’ comes from now too!
It becomes a very catchy mid to up tempo fun number!

The haunting ballad ‘Bulletproof’ is next which almost sounds odd in amongst the other tracks here, but it certainly shows these guys ability to switch things around.

Steady punchy, chug along track ‘Hello’ is next and again, just listening to the track a little deeper, you really start to grasp how much these guys have put into this album. What a great track, with a tasty little solo too! My favourite of the album so far!

‘Going Nowhere’ is certainly not! It’s simply another up tempo great catchy sing along chorus, almost a hint of Gin Blossoms too, with a little more punch.

A little moody perhaps is how ‘Hate How You Say Goodbye’ comes across but as throughout the album, still great catchy hook lines and a strong vocal performance.
If you ask me, the best thing that could’ve happened to these guys was Kurt Nilsen leaving and Knut stepping up to the microphone!
‘Sun Explodes’ is a beautiful power ballad of the highest quality, with the first two thirds very laid back and emotive and then the band kick in the guitars to rock out the end.

The final track here is ‘Russian Roulette’ which starts with dark layers and then the chorus kicks in to pick things up and rock things up here at the end.

These guys have really achieved a lot between the three of them and this album I’ve really enjoyed, which kind of surprised me and I’m still stunned that a major label has not signed them!
Good job Andrew! Good luck guys!
Rating: 4 out of 5