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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whitesnake – Forevermore album review

Whitesnake – Forevermore album review
Released on : Frontiers records. Release date: Available now.

For those that didn’t know it, David Coverdale’s Whitesnake – And that’s exactly what it was called when it started! – have been going in one shape or form since about 1977 …

I was fortunate enough to have seen one of the earliest line up’s in 1979, that also at time included two of Coverdale’s former Deep Purple band mates, in Jon Lord (Keyboards) and Ian Paice (Drums), of course since then, the Whitesnake payroll, oops sorry, I mean line up ..., has been an ever revolving who’s who. In much the same way as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow was.
The difference is, of course David Coverdale has kept the Whitesnake flag flying, whereas Blackmore has long since given up being a rock ‘n’ roller and become a strolling minstrel it seems!

The difference today with Whitesnake, is that it’s really not the bluesy driven rock, it started out as and David Coverdale, does not seem to have a line up that is full of ‘big names,’ but the band are players that perhaps most of you will have heard of a few of before at least. Reb Beach (Alice Cooper, Dokken, Night Ranger) on Guitars, when he’s not playing with Winger has been onboard since 2002 and Doug Aldrich (Dio, Hurricane, House of Lords), also has been a ‘Snake for the same amount of time.

Drummer Brian Tichy (REO Speedwagon, Ozzy, Foreigner, Billy Idol, etc) is fairly new joining last year, likewise bassist Michael Devin and newest member, Brian Ruedy (Bret Michaels, Brian Head Welch) on keyboards have both just joined this year.

‘Forevermore’ is Whitesnake’s eleventh studio album and although it’s not bad at all, it hasn’t grabbed me as quickly as previous releases, including 2008’s ‘Good To Be Bad.’
It is a grower though, so maybe, 'give it just a little more time ...'
I will say that ‘Steal Your Heart Away’ as an opener is very encouraging though and it rocks like any good Whitesnake track should, great catchy stuff with hit single written all over it if you ask me!

‘All Out Of Luck’ next is an almost blues based, hard rocking Whitesnake song, in the old style. A mid paced rocker, played heavy that shows that the new members have been doing their homework in listening to how a Whitesnake should be played!

The first single from the album, ‘Love Will Set You Free’ really reminds me of ‘Ready and Willing’ era ‘Snake and is a good choice for first single and getting radio play. Very commercial and viable.

Wow! ‘Easier Said Than Done’ almost revisits ‘Is This Love,’ if just a tad heavier at times, but for the most part is a true big old power ballad from the guy that certainly knows how to write of few of them!

Back to the rockin’ out with ‘Tell Me How’ and I love the way the Hammond organ eases in and in throughout, perhaps could’ve been brought up a little more in the mix though … A good solid rocker.
The guitar work throughout the album, is really nice playing even if at times I’d say some of the EQ’s are pushed a little far losing some of the clarity here and there.

‘I Need You (Shine a Light),’ up next sounds a little like Coverdale is straining his voice a little, and it’s perhaps the track that least grabs me here. It’s OK, a mid paced pop rocker, but it seems to be lacking a little something, even if I do really like the guitar solo.

When I first heard ‘One of These Days’ I wondered if Coverdale has called up Rod Stewart to help him write it and I dare you to tell me that it doesn’t sound just a little Rod Stewart (Maggie May) like. It’s different in the track listing though, so it breaks things up some with a different touch. I just wish at this point that I hadn’t heard Maggie May before and I’d praise it more!

‘Love and Treat Me Right’ gets right back to to Coverdale’s best sleaziest lyrics that he’s trademarked by now I’m sure!

OK, ‘Dogs In The Street’ is ‘Bad Boys’ or ‘Kittens Got Claws’ re-written and brought right up to date, perhaps with the slight edge over both of them. It’s just the lyric style that is …, well, it’s true Coverdale I guess!

I do like ‘Fare Thee Well,’ it’s a really nice ballad even if it’s perhaps a little close to ‘One of The Days.’

‘Whipping Boy Blues’ next, is a modern day rockin’ blues groove, again as on ‘I Need You’ he seems to be straining at times. There’s plenty of guitar histrionics’ here from both players, but I tend to think this track is possibly a little throwaway.

It seems that the band has hit a rockin’ out patch to wrap the album up, as ‘My Evil Ways’ next up continues in a classy way, with some excellent guitar interplay. Great!

The album closes with the title track, ‘Forevermore,’ which start soulfully before getting into a rockin’ riff, ala 'Kashmir …' Really.
I’m sure it will be a topic of discussion for a while, in the same way as ‘Still of the Night’ was before.
It’s a great track, it really is, but it’s just got to be tough for acts like Whitesnake to try and write new material that doesn’t sound like something else.

It’s a good album, of that there’s no doubt and sure there’s comparisons to other things, but all said and done, who doesn’t sound that way these days?!
The ‘Snakes are back!

Rating: 4 out of 5
Official band website:

Robin Trower – The Playful Heart album review

Robin Trower – The Playful Heart album review
Released on: V12 Records. Release date: Available now.

Robin Trower, guitarist extraordinaire has been around for quite some time, most notably before his solo career with Procol Harum, but he’s really got most of his street credibility since going solo.

His heavy blues style may perhaps not be everyones cup of tea, often compared to the likes of (Jimi) Hendrix and Cream, but he’s been doing it long enough, that maybe those artists could be compared to him! It’s basically six of one and half a dozen of the other so to speak.

There’s no doubting the respect that other musicians have for him and the fact that Trower has ‘lived to tell the tale’ as such, speaks volumes.
I know for a fact that here in the States, it’s like he’s become more popular as a live player than ever as he’s got older!

‘The Playful Heart,’ the latest release is his twenty-fifth release with the Robin Trower Band and I believe – Depends on whose stats you read! – his eighteenth studio album.

I know he was excited to get his current live band into the studio to do this, that line up being, R.T. (Guitars and Vocals on tracks 2, 4,6,8,9 and 11), Glenn Letsch (Bass) – Livingstone Brown also plays on here on three tracks. – Pete Thompson (Drums) and Davey Pattison (Vocals).

I’m really not the greatest blues fan to be completely honest, with the exception of the likes of Jeff Healey (RIP), Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc and so this took a few plays for me to appreciate … Sorry, that’s just me!

The title track opens the album nicely and it’s a steady grower, the more I’ve played this, the more I really have grown to like this.

‘Don’t Look Back’ is a moody soul for sure, but then that’s what ‘the blues’ is all about right and as previously mentioned, the comparisons to Cream and Hendrix are of course very clear. Some nice harmonising on the vocals here.
Trower’s playing clearly still stands tall too!

With ‘The Turning,’ it’s a more upbeat number initially, before getting more soulful and I really liked this one from the start, good vocal work again and a very catchy riff / hookline from the main man.

I have to say, ‘Dressed in Gold’ next, kind of reminds me of ‘All Along The Watchtower,’ sorry it just does.
‘Find Me’ though next, sounds very reminiscent of early Trower, so this should please traditionalists out there for sure, quite a deep blues groove for sure.

Things pick up some for ‘Song For Those Who Fell’ and some serious guitar wailing from Trower here and then some true Trower next on ‘Maybe I Can Be A Friend,’ as he plays really deep, slow blues … Grooving baby!

‘Prince of Shattered Dreams’ has a certain mystical and haunting feel to it that creeps up on you and I really got to enjoy this.

I’m kind of reminded of Van Morrison on ‘Camille’ next, deeply soulful, almost folksy blues.

‘Not Inside – Outside’ picks things up nicely next, clever harmony vocal and a real rocking classic Trower sounding solo.

The moody, laid back ‘… And We Shall Call It Love,’ closes the album to complete the session.

So that’s it, eleven new tracks from Mr. Trower, perhaps on another day I might’ve marked this a little higher, but sometimes the album just gets a little too deep for me.
I’m sure Trower fans though will enjoy it way more.

Trower starts his US tour next month and from what I’ve been hearing, the guy live is something else!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Official website:

Brief News Update for Thursday 14th April, 2011


Thin Lizzy can officially announce Richard Fortus from Guns ‘n Roses will replace Vivian Campbell on guitar for all Thin Lizzy live shows whilst Vivian is back touring and recording with Def Leppard.

Vivian’s last show will be at Slane Castle in Ireland on May 28th.

Richard (formerly with The Psychedelic Furs), pictured second from right, joined the band on stage at their recent Chicago show for two songs and will appear with the band at all performances after Slane until further notice.

Scott Gorham: ‘Richard is a true pro who blew me away the first time I heard him play’, talking of the recent appearance in Chicago - ‘We literally ran through the songs once in sound check and Richard was spot on, he will make a great addition to the band and look forward to having him on the road with us’

Ricky Warwick: ‘Richard, like myself is a life long Lizzy fan, a fantastic guitar player and great guy and I am sure will be welcomed by Thin Lizzy fans everywhere. We all can’t wait to get back on the road, so see you all this summer!’

Thin Lizzy’s European Summer Tour Dates are as follows:

May 2011
Sat/May-28 Dublin, Ireland - Slane Castle
Sun/May-29 Horsens, Denmark - Jelling Festival
Mon/May-30 Hillerod, Denmark - Frederiksborg Culture House

June 2011
Wed/Jun-01 Ipswich, England - Regent Theatre
Thu/Jun-02 Swindon, England - MEC Arena
Sat/Jun-04 Kilarney, Ireland - INEC
Sun/Jun-05 Castlebar, Ireland - Royal Theater
Tue/Jun-07 Belfast, N. Ireland - Odyssey Arena
Wed/Jun-08 Dublin, Ireland - The O2 Arena
Fri/Jun-10 Castle Donington, England - Download Festival
Sat/Jun-11 Solvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival
Sun/Jun-12 Uppsala, Sweden - Katalin and All That Jazz
Tue/Jun-14 Enschede, Holland - Atak
Wed/Jun-15 Ulm, Germany - Ulmer Zelt
Sat/Jun-18 Clisson, France - Hellfest
Sun/Jun-19 London, England - Finsbury Park Feis
Fri/Jun-24 St. Goarshausen, Germany - Lorely Festival
Sat/Jun-25 Dessau, Germany - Ferropolis Rock The Nation

July 2011
Sun/Jul-10 Weert, Holland Bospop Festival
Sat/Jul-23 London, England - Victoria Park High Voltage Festival
Sat/Jul-30 Stuttgart, Germany - Rock of Ages
Sun/Jul-31 Lokerse, Belgium - Locust Festival

Official band site:


Release Marks the First Official LP from Def Leppard That Will Be Available Digitally
48 City US Summer Tour with Heart Set to Kick Off On June 15th
New Website Launching in May!

PRESS RELEASE - Def Leppard has confirmed June 7th as the North American release date for their first ever live album "MIRRORBALL" (Bludgeon Riffola/Mailboat Records), which will be available exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club locations in the United States and Canada.
The album will include a 50 minute DVD that contains live performances and intimate backstage footage of the band captured on the road. A special limited vinyl edition will also be made available. "MIRRORBALL" will also be available online, marking the first time the band's music will officially be made available for digital purchase. Def Leppard will also be releasing their new community based website in May, which is being developed to be the ultimate Def Leppard fan experience and go-to destination for all things on the band.

Said Joe Elliott, "To be able to say at last, we have a live album out and it be a three disc package which includes a DVD makes me very happy ... it's the soundtrack of OUR lives ...!"

"MIRRORBALL" was recorded across the world over the course of many of the band's sold-out dates and features all of the classic songs that have made Def Leppard one of the most respected and beloved power rock bands in the world. The album captures the group's legendary concert experience at its thunderous best, bringing together live versions of classic Leppard hits such as "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME," "ROCK OF AGES," "FOOLIN'," "HYSTERIA," "PHOTOGRAPH" and an incredible rendition of "BRINGING ON THE HEARTBREAK." With their creative juices at full flow, the band has also added three new studio tracks: "UNDEFEATED," "IT'S ALL ABOUT BELIEVIN'" and "KINGS OF THE WORLD," that are undeniably Def Leppard.
"MIRRORBALL" follows the band's 2008 studio release, "SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE", which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200, marking the group's highest chart position since 1992's "ADRENALIZE".

"MIRRORBALL" tracklisting:

Disc 1:
1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
2. Rocket
3. Animal
4. C'Mon C'Mon
5. Make Love Like A Man
6. Too Late For Love
7. Foolin'
8. Nine Lives
9. Love Bites
10. Rock On

Disc 2:
1. Two Steps Behind
2. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
3. Switch 625
4. Hysteria
5. Armageddon It
6. Photograph
7. Pour Some Sugar On Me
8. Rock Of Ages
9. Let's Get Rocked
10. Action
11. Bad Actress
12. Undefeated (New studio track)
13. Kings Of The World (New studio track)14. It's All About Believin' (New studio track)

Last month, Def Leppard announced their triumphant return to US stages with a 48 city summer tour kicking off on June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tickets for the Live Nation produced tour and on sale now at and
Joining Def Leppard for this highly anticipated tour are Seattle rock legends Heart.

New song, 'Undefeated' is being broadcast on You Tube now and it's not bad at all!
Check it out right here:

In addition to the album, Chronicle Books will be releasing "DEF LEPPARD: THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL HISTORY", featuring photos of the band by legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin. His fully authorized visual history of the band follows them from their beginnings to their massive "PYROMANIA" and "HYSTERIA" albums to the sustained power of their records and tours today. The book will be available this June 15.
Official artist site:


April 13th, 2011 - It was announced today that QueensrycheGeoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren — has been added to this year’s 'ShipRocked' cruise, which will feature a mix of high-intensity rock bands including Buckcherry, Hinder, Hellyeah!, Sevendust, Living Colour and In This Moment among others.

The band had so much fun on the ShipRocked cruise in 2009 that they quickly jumped at the chance to be a part of this year’s festivities shortly after the invitation was extended. “We’re excited to be a part of it once again,” comments Tate. “It’s late night hours with lots of fun… everything rock was meant to be. We look forward to hanging out with our fans on the Promenade deck. Mexico, ready or not, here we come!”

ShipRocked 2011 — a music and lifestyle cruise celebrating its third consecutive year — sets sail on November 14, 2011 towards the Mayan Riviera, returning five days later on November 19th.

ASK4 Entertainment’s Alan Koenig promises, “ShipRocked 2011 will be five days of wall-to-wall music, giving fans the rare opportunity to listen to, and hang out with their favorite rock stars on a luxury cruise ship. With the artists already confirmed combined with those yet to be announced, there’s enough music for whatever your heart rate can withstand.”

The setting for this year’s ShipRocked will once again be the MSC Poesia, which is one of the cruise industry’s most acclaimed new super cruise ships. It all begins in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with stops and the premier Mexican ports of Costa Maya and Cozumel. Exuding her Italian roots, the Poesia features a luxurious Aqua Spa, two pools, four Jacuzzis, a state-of-the-art cardio gym, salon, sushi bar, wine tasting bar, a beautiful, three-level Las Vegas-style theatre and additional stages for ShipRocked bands and passengers to enjoy all day and night.

Prices start at only $799 per person, based on double occupancy, and include exclusive access to all ShipRocked concerts and general events, deluxe staterooms, meals, ship activities, ship entertainment and much, much more!

Space is limited so book soon to guarantee your cabin.
Tickets for ShipRocked 2011 are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are only available at or by calling 1-888-438-9509.

And here's the new album cover artwork for the band's next studio release, 'Dedicated to Chaos,' due out later this year on the band's new label, Roadrunner records.

For all things Queensryche, go to:

Deep Purple UK Dates and Planet Rock Presale

Deep Purple have announced a handful of very special UK dates for November, where they will be performing along with an orchestra at each of the shows - and you can get your tickets early with a 24 hour Planet Rock Presale.

"THE SONGS THAT BUILT ROCK TOUR" will see Deep Purple play shows in GLASGOW, BIRMINGHAM, MANCHESTER and LONDON. The shows will see the band performing their greatest hits along with a full blown symphony orchestra, making them unmissable and unique events.

November 2011
Saturday 26 November - Glasgow SECC
Sunday 27 November - Birmingham LG Arena
Tuesday 29 November - Manchester MEN Arena
Wednesday 30 November - London 02 Arena

The Planet Rock presale starts at 9AM on THURSDAY and will run for 24 hours until general sale starts on Friday.

To get the tickets you will need to go to the PLANET ROCK HOMEPAGE and click on the button there after 9am on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News Update for Wednesday 13th April, 2011


Whitesnake’s brand new album FOREVERMORE released worldwide on Frontiers Records, has made its worldwide debut bowing in the Top 50 of multiple countries’ album charts. In the United States, FOREVERMORE comes in at #48 on the Billboard Top 200 Current Album chart and arrives even higher in numerous European countries. FOREVERMORE charts at #6 in Sweden, #11 in Finland, #15 in the Czech Republic, #16 in Germany, #17 in Switzerland, #27 in Austria, #41 in Italy and #42 in both The Netherlands and Poland, respectively.

FOREVERMORE finds founder/singer/songwriter David Coverdale and company returning to their no-holds-barred, bluesiest, sexiest rock n’ roll roots and is the band’s 11th studio album. FOREVERMORE was recorded, produced and mixed by Los Bros Brutalos (Coverdale, Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre). Whitesnake is David Coverdale (vocals), Doug Aldrich (guitars), Reb Beach (guitars), Michael Devin (bass) and Briian Tichy (drums).

Formed in 1977, and steered by the legendary David Coverdale, Whitesnake carry a rightful reputation as one of the world’s leading rock n’ roll bands. Coverdale’s blues roots, combined with a feral sense of rockin’ and rollin’, have consistently shaped the ‘Snake’s sound along with Coverdale’s love and appreciation of impeccable musicianship. Whitesnake’s ascent to the very top of the rock n’ roll heap was confirmed with 1987’s self-titled mega-platinum album, which saw two massive Top 10 hits, two #1 singles with “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love” and a virtual 24-hour domination of MTV around the world.
Whitesnake on tour:

May 2011
11 May 2011 Westbury, NY, USA @ Theatre at Westbury
12 May 2011 Hartford, CT, USA @ Webster Theatre
14 May 2011 Columbia, MD, USA @ M3 Festival - Merriweather
15 May 2011 Jim Thorpe, PA, USA @ Penns Peak
18 May 2010 NYC, USA @ Irving Plaza
20 May 2011 Biloxi, MS, USA @ Hard Rock Biloxi
21 May 2011 Kinder, LA, USA @ Grand Casino Coushatta
22 May 2011 Richardson, TX, USA @ Wildflower Arts and Music
24 May 2011 Southaven, MS Snowden Grove
26 May 2011 Park City, KS, USA @ Hartman Arena
27 May 2011 Pryor, OK, USA @ Rocklahoma

June 2011
02 June 2011 Moscow, Russia @ Megasport Arena
04 June 2011 St. Petersburg, Russia @ Icearena
06 June 2011 Helsinki, Finland @ Icehall
08 June 2011 Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
10 June 2011 Solvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
13 June 2011 Newcastle, UK @ City Hall
14 June 2011 Glasgow, UK @ O2 Academy
16 June 2011 Wolverhampton, UK @ Civic
17 June 2011 Manchester, UK @ Apollo
19 June 2011 Bournemouth, UK @ BIC
20 June 2011 London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo
22 June 2011 Milano, Italy @ Gods of Metal
23 June 2011 Basel - St. Jakob, Switzerland @ Sonisphere Festival
25 June 2011 Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop
27 June 2011 Munich, Germany @ Zenith
28 June 2011 Prague, Czech Rep. @ Saska Arena
29 June 2011 Vienna, Austria @ Stadthalle

July 2011
01 July 2011 Belgrade, Serbia @ Arena
03 July 2011 Bucharest, Romania @ Romexpo
05 July 2011 Athens, Greece @ Water Park
08 July 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria @ Akademik Stadium
10 July 2011 Istanbul, Turkey @ Kazlicesme Festival Site
13 July 2011 Budapest, Hungary @ Millenaris Theater
15 July 2011 Singen, Germany @ Hohentwiel Festival
16 July 2011 Kerkrade, Holland @ Rodahal

August 2011
11 August 2011 West Allis, WI, USA @ WI State Fair
26 August 2011 Sault Saint Marie, MI, USA @ Kewadin Casino
28 August 2011 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theater

For more information please visit:

Universal Music presents
Black Sabbath
2CD Deluxe Album: "Born Again"
Release Date: 30th May 2011

Following the departure of lead singer Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinnie Appice after the studio mixing of the 'Live Evil' album, Black Sabbath were once again on the lookout for yet another lead vocalist to fill the significant void left at stage front. The band turned to ex. Deep Purple lead singer Ian Gillan.

The resultant album and live touring certainly made for one of the more curious associations in the world of heavy metal. Much of this era of Black Sabbath has passed into rock folklore and was actually the source for much of the material used in the rockumentary movie, 'This Is Spinal Tap.' From the replica stage production of Stonehenge which was too large for some of the venues on the world tour to the employment of a dwarf to dress-up and play the part of the 'devil-baby' from the LP front cover, the world of Black Sabbath took-on a distinct air of the surreal.

Whilst the well received 'Born Again' album and live dates succeeded in stoking the embers and kept the Sabbath flames burning, this would ultimately be a marriage built more on friendship and respect as opposed to any long-standing and compatible musical association. After one tour, Ian Gillan would eventually bid farewell and re-join his old sparring partners for the Mk. II reunion of Deep Purple and leave Black Sabbath once more gazing into the crystal ball hoping the face of yet another lead vocalist would reveal itself.

For Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, Ian Gillan, and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls, work would swiftly commence in May of '83 at the Manor Studios in the village of Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire. Produced by Black Sabbath and co-producer Robin Black, who had also worked on 1975's 'Sabotage,' 1976's 'Technical Ecstasy' and 1978's 'Never Say Die,' Sabbath's eleventh studio release would represent a radical departure from the gloomy atmospherics and blackened lyricism that had forged their identity and spawned innumerable descendants.

Gillan's approach to song-writing bespoke a lighter-hearted approach to what had, until then, been the primary concern of Butler. Album-opener 'Trashed,' for instance, was inspired by Gillan's boozed-up race around the Manor's grounds in Bill Ward's car that ended in near-catastrophe and a wrecked vehicle. 'Disturbing The Priest' was the result of a door in the studio having been left open during playback, and a local vicar appearing in the doorway asking for the volume to be turned down as it was disturbing choir practice in the adjacent village.

For all of its off-kilter appearance however, 'Born Again' was still Sabbath through and through. Musically twisted and possessed with more than a whiff of brimstone, the album is a thrilling glimpse into an alternative world.

For this re-mastered Deluxe Expanded Edition, a second disc containing 2 bonus tracks is included, with 'The Fallen' being a previously unreleased studio outtake recorded during the original album session. Also included are 9 tracks from the BBC Friday Rock Show broadcast of Black Sabbath's appearance at the Reading Rock Festival in August 1983, which also includes a performance of Deep Purple's classic 'Smoke On The Water'.

Disc 1: (Original Album)
3.Disturbing the Priest
4.The Dark
5.Zero the Hero
6.Digital Bitch
7.Born Again
8.Hot Line
9.Keep it Warm

Disc 2:
Bonus Tracks:
1.The Fallen (Previously Unreleased Album Session Outtake)
2.Stonehenge (Extended Version)
Live at the Reading Festival, Saturday August 27 1983
(BBC Friday Rock Show broadcast):
3.Hot Line
4.War Pigs
5.Black Sabbath
6.The Dark
7.Zero the Hero
8.Digital Bitch
9.Iron Man
10.Smoke on the Water

Huw Lloyd - Langton "Hard Graft" To Be Released June 21

Legendary Hawkwind Guitarist Releases Lloyd Langton Group's Latest Effort
"Huw emerges from the Hawkwind shadows..." - Classic Rock Magazine

Huw Lloyd-Langton's music history spans over 40 years. He has been on the road with various bands since 1967 - all catalogued in his biography. Huw has been associated with Hawkwind so long it is sometimes hard to separate him from that amazing mother ship. But in truth, Huw has always been an independent musical gypsy. When not on the road with Hawkwind he always had his own band the LLOYD LANGTON GROUP (LLG). He achieved top 10 chart success in UK in 80s with 2 of his solo LLG albums and 2 singles. When not touring and recording with bands Huw has performed countless solo acoustic concerts.

Huw is recognized in UK as one of the finest ever rock guitarists. To the hundreds of thousands HAWKWIND fans worldwide Huw is a legend. When he appears at their concerts with LLG or as a solo acoustic artist he always receives a standing ovation.

Earlier this years Cleopatra Records released a solo classical album worldwide 'Classical Tales.' This lovely thoughtful album is a collection of short classical guitar pieces showing yet another side to Huw's talents.

Despite two serious illnesses since 2001 curtailing his work on the road he has managed to come back fighting to record and perform again. However during this period he continued his work with the Killing Cancer Charity and the mental health charity Restore. For more information, see his official website below.

Huw has been asked to perform his solo acoustic set to open 70s progressive rock band NEKTAR's month tour being planned by Cleopatra Records in USA end of July/August 2011. Huw last toured the US with WIDOWMAKER in 1976 then 1977. Both their albums were in the top 50 national charts.

Physical copies of Huw's new LLG album 'Hard Graft' have only been released in UK receiving great reviews in the press and on-line media. He has also collected rave reviews on various radio stations. One of Huw's solo acoustic blues tracks on 'Hard Graft,' "So Long Baby," reached number 1 spot on EKR Radio September 2010.

Win a trip to the world premiere of AC/DC Live At River Plate in London!

Brian Contest Intro from Columbia Records on Vimeo.

AC/DC devotees from all over the globe will descend upon London’s legendary HMV Hammersmith Apollo for the exclusive world premiere of AC/DC Live At River Plate on Friday May 6, 2011.
Shot entirely in HD with 32 cameras, fans will experience the thunderous excitement and intensity of AC/DC Live At River Plate on the UK’s largest movie screen (roughly the equivalent of 4 double decker buses stacked). AC/DC Live At River Plate definitively chronicles the band’s massive Black Ice World Tour and the history of one of rock music’s best live acts. Fans can enter for a chance to win tickets to this once in a lifetime event here!

For more details on AC/DC go to:

And finally ...

Sade Spins Thin Lizzy Cover On Her Ultimate Collection

Believe it or not, has posted the following killer cover of Thin Lizzy by Sade.

Long-running R&B singer Sade will be covering a track by Thin Lizzy on her upcoming album. The British-Nigerian performer will contribute her version of “Still in Love with You” to a greatest hits package titled 'The Ultimate Collection.' The album spans the “Smooth Operator” crooner’s career and will be available May 3.

The announcement caught Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham off guard. “[I] thought I’d never read anything with Thin Lizzy and Sade in the same sentence,” he said, according to

And yet, this isn’t the only instant of a Sade / hard rock crossover. On Record Store Day (April 16), Deftones will be releasing a full album of covers, including their version of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”
Now, if only Thin Lizzy would cover a Deftones track, the triumvirate would be complete!
Editor's Note: 'Relax folks, that ain't going to happen!'

Credit where credit is due, I actually admit, it's not a bad version, really! Al

So there you go folks, sorry for the lack of updates lately, just been crazy at work the last couple of days and outside of work, so just trying to do what I can here at 'Chambers of Rock.'
Thanks for sticking with it folks, Cheers, Al.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brian Robertson – Diamonds and Dirt album review

Brian Robertson – Diamonds and Dirt album review
Released on: SPV Steamhammer. Release date: Available now

The playing style of Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson, has always appealed to me, since the old Thin Lizzy days in the 70’s - Wow, yes! That long ago! - and on other projects he'd worked on too.

When he left Lizzy or was pushed, soon after he formed Wild Horses with former Rainbow bassist, Jimmy Bain and initially Jimmy McCulloch (Ex-Wings, Stone the Crows) and Kenney Jones (Small Faces), but that was at the start and didn’t last long.
Soon after, Jones and McCulloch were gone and a couple of unknowns – At the time – in Neil Carter (Guitars / Keyboards / Vocals) and Clive Edwards on drums joined the band and they recorded ‘The First Album,’ produced by Trevor Rabin.
It really wasn’t bad, in my books and I caught the band when they toured the UK with Ted Nugent, on his ‘Scream Dream’ tour.
Another album ‘Stand Your Ground’ with John Lockton replacing Carter who had joined UFO and then a live album and it all seemed to dwindle away.

Robertson stunned many, when he decided to join Motorhead, which still dumbfounds me, to this day.

He did release a five track E.P., under the name ‘The Clan’ titled ‘That’s All’ a few years back, with the guys from Limehouse Lizzy (UK top Thin Lizzy tribute act.) helping him out and in fact, three of the tracks from that show up again here.

A few guest appearances here and there happened thereafter until the last time I saw him, was playing at Gary Moore’s (RIP) ‘One Night In Dublin, A Tribute to Phillip Lynott.’

So here he is, with a very impressive entourage playing alongside him. Check out Europe’s Ian Haugland (Drums), a couple of lead vocalists in Leif Sundin (Ex-MSG) and Rob Lamothe (The Riverdogs), the very talented Liny Wood on B/Vocals, piano from Chris Antblad, bass from Nalley Påhlsson (Treat) and more ...
He’s also got a couple of Lizzy numbers redone here too, but don’t be expecting a Lizzy like album, it’s not.

The album opens with the almost Wild Horses like title track, ‘Diamonds and Dirt,’ which I really like and the music and vocals all have a really nice balance and Liny Wood’s presence is felt here well and I think it’s Leif Sundin. Robbo applies some fine licks here too, I like it!

‘Passion’ next again is kind of reminiscent of Wild Horses, but also has a bluesy groove too. I really like the way the vocal harmonizing throughout is applied too, nice! Nice guitar work again from the main man to prove he’s not lost his touch.

OK, this is the second time I’ve heard ‘It’s Only Money’ redone over the past twelve months, as John Norum did a great version of it too on his last album and this is equally impressive.
Really like the addition of the harmonics in there too!

Can’t help being reminded of ‘I Can’t Explain’ with ‘Mail Box’ next, which has a catchy groove to it, as a steady rocker.

OK, Lizzy fans, calm down here, as Robbo decides to give ‘Running Back’ – From 'Jailbreak' – the Status Quo twelve bar touch!
It’s funny though, because it actually works alright. Some nice honky tonk piano from Chris Antblad too!

Part of really helps me enjoy this, is that I’m reminded of that certain familiar guitar tone from Robbo and ‘Texas Wind’ sounds great as an up tempo, hooky rocker and again he shines well with his guitar work. A little like ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Wild Horses) at times though.

‘Devil In My Soul,’ is a slow grooving bluesy number, with the guitar accented by some tasteful Hammond organ.

Next we have the three tracks back to back, that Robbo did with The Clan on his E.P., the first being chug along rocker, ‘Do It ‘til We Drop,’ then it’s the Lynott / Robertson co-write, ‘Blues Boy’ that is really exactly as it sounds, a lengthy blues rocker.
Some nice touches though without doubt.

The hard, yet steady rocking ‘That’s All’ is next and it’s without doubt a fuller sound than on the original E.P.
Kind of reminds me a little like Bad Company at times.

With an almost Lou Reed type vocal, '10 Miles To Go, On A 9 Mile Road,’ is an interesting addition. Still not sure what to make of this one, I think it’s meant to be tongue in cheek …, but I could be wrong?!

OK, ‘Running Back’ here for the second time, only this time the twelve bar groove has been slowed down. ‘Nuff said!

The Frankie Miller written, ‘I Ain’t Got No Money’ is next and close the album nicely, it’s got a great blues groove that still rocks at a steady pace.

So this album … To me, it’s a fairly easy going affair, pretty pleasant stuff, some steady rock ‘n’ roll, nothing too crazy, nothing too heavy, just a good steady album that’s a pleasure to listen to.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5



Brief Update for Sunday 10th April, 2011


April, 2011 -- Multi-platinum rock band STYX joins forces with the world's most quintessential prog-rock band YES for a summer tour extravaganza. These two monster rock bands will embark on the 22-city “Progressive U.S. Tour” starting July 4th and concluding August 3rd in Mountain View, CA. Tickets will go on sale starting the weekend of April 8th.

(Styx Photo credit Ash Newell)

STYX - Tommy Shaw (vocals, guitars), James “JY” Young (vocals, guitars), Lawrence Gowan (vocals, keyboards), Todd Sucherman (drums) and Ricky Phillips (bass), along with the occasional surprise appearance by original bassist Chuck Panozzo — has an unmistakable sound all their own, and they continue to prove that they’re one of the hardest working bands in the music world thanks to a vigorous tour schedule that keeps them constantly on the road all across the globe.

YES – The Legendary, Grammy® Award winning prog-rock band that has defined many a generation -- will be on tour in support of their new album FLY FROM HERE on Frontiers Records releasing July 12th.

YES features a lineup of guitarist Steve Howe, bassist Chris Squire, drummer Alan White, and lead singer Benoit David. YES will be reuniting with keyboard player Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia, The Buggles) for this tour.

(Yes Photo credit Rob Shanahan)

"When I first heard YES, I knew that the music world was forever changed,” says STYX singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw. “They took progressive rock to a place that had never been expressed in such an impressive yet accessible way. Who among you didn't make it a point to learn the acoustic guitar intro to ‘Roundabout?’ We're very excited to tour with them for the very first time."
“We are excited to have STYX on tour with us. I consider them to be in the vein of YES and the cutting edge of prog-rock in America,” says YES founder/bassist Chris Squire.

STYX is currently putting the finishing touches on REGENERATION, VOLUME 2, the follow-up to 2010’s seven-song EP, REGENERATION, VOLUME 1, which contains six newly re-recorded classics-- "Come Sail Away,” "Crystal Ball," "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man),” “Lorelei,” “The Grand Illusion” and “Sing For The Day” — and a brand new track, “Difference In The World.”
The track listing for REGENERATION, VOLUME 2 is: “Renegade,” “Blue Collar Man,” “Too Much Time On My Hands,” “Queen of Spades,” “Coming Of Age” (Damn Yankees), “High Enough” (Damn Yankees), “Snowblind,” “Miss America.” Both volumes will be available for sale at every stop along the tour route.

FLY FROM HERE is the first album YES has recorded for close to a decade and was produced by the legendary Trevor Horn in the spirit that YES was founded. The return of Horn along with the Maestro’s that make up YES has brought back the fluid freedom that their music’s ingenuity is best known for. YES holds a shrewd insight and creative vision that challenges audiences as they stretch the boundaries of music.

YES’ performance will feature the title track from their new album FLY FROM HERE as well as the hugely successful and indelible catalogue of music from hit albums such as DRAMA, FRAGILE, CLOSE TO THE EDGE and 90125. Classics such as “Roundabout,” a seminal hit which consistently appears on “the best songs of all-time” lists, and the group’s #1 hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart” are sure to be featured for an evening of music not to be missed.

Spawned from a suburban Chicago basement in the early ‘70s, STYX would eventually transform into the virtual arena rock prototype by the late '70s and early '80s, due to a fondness for big rockers and soaring power ballads. Over the course of their 38-year career they’ve released 15 studio albums, 6 best-of compilations and 4 live albums, garnering 8 Top Ten singles. STYX has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Throughout their illustrious career, they’ve performed more live shows since 1999 than all of the previous years of its career combined. Two Super-Bowl appearances, Pollstar box office chart-topping tours with Def Leppard, Journey, Boston, REO Speedwagon and Bad Company (to name only a few), two more studio albums and no end in sight, STYX continues to conquer the planet, one venue at a time.

YES’ remarkable career has served to re-define the boundaries of rock for more than four decades, YES has played the role as a dominant driving music force selling over 30 million albums, reaching platinum status multiple times worldwide. Their symphonic use of sound and innovative musical styles have made each of the group’s player’s a virtuoso in his own right.

**Additional dates including details of July 4th kick-off to be announced.**

July 2011
Tuesday, July 5 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ+
Thursday, July 7 CMAC Performing Arts Center Canandaigua, NY+
Friday, July 8 MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods Resort Mashantucket, CT*
Saturday, July 9 Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion Gilford, NH*
Monday, July 11 Nikon @ Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY+
Tuesday, July 12 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bethel, NY+
Thursday, July 14 Verizon Wireless Amp at Encore Park Alpharetta, GA*
Friday, July 15 Amphitheater at the Wharf Orange Beach, AL+
Saturday, July 16 The Woods at Fontanel Nashville, TN*
Monday, July 18 Starlight Theatre Kansas City, MO*
Tuesday, July 19 Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville, IN*
Wednesday, July 20 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI+
Friday, July 22 Winstar Casino Thackerville, OK+
Saturday, July 23 Zoo Amphitheatre Oklahoma City, OK*
Sunday, July 24 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Maryland Heights, MO*
Tuesday, July 26 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO*
Thursday, July 28 Eagle River Pavilion Boise, ID*
Friday, July 29 Chateau Ste. Michelle Woodinville, WA+
Saturday, July 30 Maryhill Winery Goldendale, WA+

August 2011
Tuesday, August 2 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA+
Wednesday, August 3 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, CA*

* Denotes STYX closes
+ Denotes YES closes

For additional ticket information please visit: or


One band that many veteran metal heads feel should have hit the big time was New York's The Rods. Comprised of members David "Rock" Feinstein (guitar/lead vocals), Garry Bordonaro (bass/vocals), and Carl Canedy (drums/vocals), The Rods would go on to open arena shows for such renowned groups as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne (the 'Blizzard of Oz' tour), the Scorpions, Rainbow (Joe Lynn Turner era), and during the mid '80s, even had a then-unknown Metallica opening a headlining tour for them. Add to it the fact that Feinstein is the cousin of the late/great Ronnie James Dio (both played together in Elf) and Canedy is an acclaimed metal producer (having worked on classic early releases by etc.), and it makes it even more baffling why The Rods never got their due.

But this appears to changing quickly, as the trio has signed on with the Niji Entertainment Group, a label that was created by Ronnie James Dio and his wife/manager, Wendy Dio. The band's seventh release overall (and sixth release overall for Niji) is titled 'Vengeance,' and will be released on May 24th, 2011. The release comes hot on the heels of Feinstein's recently-released solo album, 'Bitten by the Beast.'

The first single off 'Vengeance' will be "The Code," which features vocals from none other than Ronnie James Dio (one of the very last songs that Ronnie ever recorded, before his untimely death in May of 2010).

As renowned Quiet Riot/Ozzy/Dio/Whitesnake/Blue Oyster Cult bassist Rudy Sarzo remembers, "The Rods opened up for Ozzy during the 1981 'Blizzard Of Oz' tour. I was blown away by their no holds barred metal onslaught performance and became an instant fan!" With a full US tour planned for the summer, fans will soon be able to experience the mighty metal of the Rods first hand themselves.
'Vengeance' Track Listing:

5. "THE CODE" (Featuring Ronnie James Dio)

The Rod's on tour with Dio Disciples in Europe 2011:

Sat 6/11 East Midlands, UK
Download Festival

Sun 6/12 Newcastle, UK

Tue 6/14 Glasgow, Scotland

Wed 6/15 Wolverhampton, UK
Sleigh Rooms

Thu 6/16 Manchester, UK
Academy 2

Fri 6/17 London, UK
Islington Academy

Sun 6/19 Uden, Netherlands
De Pul

Mon 6/20 Aschafensburg, Germany
Colos Saal

Tue 6/21 Hamburg, Germany

Wed 6/22 Berlin, Germany
C Club

Fri 6/24 Dessel, Belgium

Sat 6/25 Bochum, Germany

Mon 6/27 Vienna, Austria
Szene Wien

Tue 6/28 Lucerne, Switzerland
Konzerthaus Schuur

For more information, visit

New album from former Toto vocalist Joseph Williams
New album "Williams/Friestedt" is coming up May 27th 2011


First teaser video at You Tube

In Studio
In Studio

TOTO singer Joseph Williams and acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Peter Friestedt team up for a new remarkable AOR release! The record combines Williams' outstanding vocal performances with Friestedt's top notch guitar work and superbly crafted arrangements.
Joseph Williams was the lead vocalist with Toto during the mid-to-late 1980s (“Fahrenheit”, 1986 and “The Seventh One” – 1988). He also has been busy as a composer of film and drama scores, as a session vocalist, backing singer for the band Chicago and can be heard in Disney’s animated feature film “The Lion King” as singing voice of the adult Simba (“Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”).
Guitarist, composer, producer, major label recording artist Peter Friestedt has released two critically acclaimed albums “LA Project” (2002) and “LA Project II” (2008) that got top reviews and were called ‘best Westcoast records’ in years. Peter has recently toured with Chicago singer Bill Champlin, Toto singer Joseph Williams and Michael Ruff.
"Working with Joseph is always a treat, we’ve been doing concerts in Scandinavia together and during this period the idea of doing a whole record together was brought up", Peter comments and continues: "It's been an exciting process making this record. The great contributions and dedicated work from songwriters and musicians resulted in a record exceeding all expectations".

Joseph's extraordinary vocals beautifully shine with impeccable background vocals arranged by Joseph, Bill Champlin and Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art). The line-up includes guests such as former CHICAGO singer Bill Champlin, Tommy Denander, John "JR" Robinson, Randy Goodrum and Bill Cantos. "Williams/ Friestedt” was produced by Peter Friestedt and co-produced by Joseph Williams with executive production handled by Joey Carbone; mixed by Ronni Lahti (Talisman, Lake Of Tears) and mastered by Björn Engelmann (Rammstein, Roxette). During Summer 2011, Joseph Williams once again will tour as lead vocalist with Toto.
Official weblinks:

Some news briefs ...

TOTO to film Concert DVD for Summer 2011 Tour
Toto plan to memorialize the 2011 European Tour by filming an upcoming show this summer. This DVD is scheduled to be released later this year in place of the footage filmed in 2010.
Official band website:

Brian Howe Update

Ex-Bad Company / Ted Nugent frontman Brian Howe, has this weekend told me that when he had said before, he was only doing an E.P. and then sticking to road work, that could all change! Good stuff!
Brian has again been working with Brooks Paschal, who helped him write so many good songs on 'Circus Bar,' that the plans for an E.P. could now become an album!
This is indeed good news, as I though 'Circus Bar' had so much good stuff for everyone!
Right now, the E.P. is complete and Brian is weighing up, do I just go with the E.P. for now or put the songs toward the album, that seems to be developing?
I'm hopeful he'll stick with the latter! Go Brian mate!
Facebook page - The one that is most up to date!!/profile.php?id=607475916
Official website - Not so much updated:

"Let Your Hair Down" New Album from the Steve Miller Band. Set for April 19 release on Miller's own Space Cowboy Records.

Following last year’s No.1 blues album, “Bingo!,” recently nominated as blues rock album of the year by the Blues Foundation, the Steve Miller Band follows that success with another new album, “Let Your Hair Down,” due April 19 from Space Cowboy/LoudandProud/Roadrunner Records.
Editors Note: What a great album cover!

“Let Your Hair Down” features the last recordings by harmonica virtuoso Norton Buffalo, Miller’s “partner in harmony” for thirty-three years. Noted Pink Floyd album cover artist Storm Thorgerson, who also did the wonderfully whimsical cover to “Bingo!,” returns to “Let Your Hair Down” with one of the great album covers of his career. Miller, whose new album shines with some of the finest guitar playing he has ever recorded,
To launch the release of “Let Your Hair Down” in high style, Miller also plans a series of theater and small arena dates in mid-April through the South and East Coast with Gregg Allman, whose new solo album, “Low Country Blues,” is one of the best-received releases of his career, a combination that could produce some rip-roaring jam sessions onstage.

The new album caps one of the busiest years of Miller’s accomplished career. In addition to the release last year of the acclaimed first new Steve Miller Band album in seventeen years (“cause for celebration,” said The Huffington Post), Miller not only led a sold out tour across the United States and Canada, but returned to Europe for the first time in more than twenty-five years for a triumphant round of dates culminating in a sold out Royal Albert Hall concert in London, filmed for DVD release.

One of rock music’s all-time greats, the Steve Miller Band has sold more than 30 million records in a career spanning more than 40 years. His trademark blues-rock sound made him one of the key artists in classic rock radio. He is the Gangster of Love. Some people call him Maurice, the Midnight Toker or the Space Cowboy. And, as “Let Your Hair Down” so aptly demonstrates, Stevie “Guitar” Miller still speaks in the pompitus of love. (back)
Official website: