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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brian Howe – Emotions E.P. review

Brian Howe – Emotions E.P. review
Released through: iTunes / Amazon Release date: Available now

Following 2010’s excellent ‘Circus Bar’ album from the former Bad Company / Ted Nugent lead vocalist Brian Howe, I for one couldn’t wait to hear the follow up.
Around Christmas of last year Brian had told me that he was working on the follow up album with Brooks Paschal again and this one was already sounding better than ‘Circus Bar’ … I was thinking ‘Wow!’
Last year at Christmas, he released a taster of what was to come quality wise in the single, ‘Christmas’ which is a song that builds up through the laid back verses into a chorus that rocks in a melodic rock fashion, that was the perfect next step from ‘Circus Bar.’
 Around April / May time frame of this year, Brian had told me he wasn’t going to record another album and that he was done with recording, because of so much free downloading, what was the point?
He said that his ‘Circus Bar’ album had been made available – to those who looked – as a free download around two weeks or so prior to its release … Seriously folks, is there no justice in this world?! That’s bad …
Back around August, Brian said he planned to put out an E.P., of four or five new tracks, which would turn out to be this, the ‘Emotions E.P.’
He said it was different and it reflected how he felt about a number of things, someone he loved dearly, a friend he lost through alcohol and some other stuff …
It also included the ‘Christmas’ single for those that didn’t get it the first time around.
The opening track ‘I’m There’ starts slow, with a chug along riff and then the chorus kicks in and it’s as catchy as any of his songs come on ‘Circus Bar.’ Good one Brian!

‘Stringless Kite’ next is a laid back acoustic driven pop rock number, that then picks up the pace as the song goes on, written in a sub power ballad format. Nice!
Next song is ‘Drinking’ and comes across as a very emotional number, as the E.P.’s title suggests.
Deep track indeed, as the songs title suggests.
‘Runaway Train’ next has an interesting tempo through the verse, kind of laid back and then it picks up more in the choruses, that switch to a bridge midway through and then it kind of stops quite suddenly.
Still a good song though.

Final track is ‘Christmas’ and Brian told me that Christmas has never been the best time for him, but this really is a great, well written emotional song from the man, sung in his classic fashion.
I think it’s a very strong song that with a little airplay could find Brian with a sure fire hit, as there are many Brian Howe fans out there that may not even be aware of this at all, I’m sure.
So that’s all that’s here on display here and to be honest, if Brian doesn’t record anything again, I think it’s very sad.
This E.P. comes out as a self-financed deal, hence being sold through just Amazon and iTunes, without much plug at all.

To be honest, barring people seeing the odd review of this here and there, if they are not followers of Brian on Facebook, chances are fans of Brian Howe are going to miss out, so if you know a fan of his voice, go ahead and spread the word!
 Thanks for the music Brian, keep it coming, please!
Don’t quit on us yet mate, you have certainly still got it mate and I’m only disappointed that you haven’t given us a whole album of material.
This is good work indeed, but keep in mind, it is meant to be emotional music and in places, a little deep, but that’s what Brian is writing about here so I can accept that.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Official Weblink:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Europe ‘Live at Shepherd’s Bush, London’ DVD review

Europe ‘Live at Shepherd’s Bush, London’ DVD review
Released on: MVD Visual.  Release date: Available now

Well, so much for keeping these reviews down to a minimum in content, phew!
That said, these one deserves the attention, well worth checking out.

Europe is a band that has yet to really break through to America and win American hearts over, but it’s not for lack of trying.
They are probably best known for their album, ‘The Final Countdown’ back in 1986/7. They have tried returning to the States in time to time, but alas so far to little avail, which is a huge shame, as when the band played here last, about five years back, they were playing some club gigs, that the bands seemed to really enjoy doing, but clearly wasn't enough for them to consider coming back again since. I hope that view changes, as I'd love to see them again. 
Formed in Sweden in the early 80s, their debut self titled album was released in 1983 and then 'Wings of Tomorrow' - Great album! - in 1984. Following the success of ‘The Final Countdown,’ they have continued to go from strength to strength across Europe in and other parts of the world up until the early 90s when they decided to take a rest from, the band Europe and pursue their own solo projects respectively.

At the tail end of 1999 the band reunited to re-record a special version of 'The Final Countdown' to celebrate coming into the new millennium. This sparked great interest in the band again and they decided to try with Europe once more, a couple of years on.
In 2004 the band released a new album, ‘Start from the Dark,’ which clearly had a darker and more edgy sound, is actually managed to win them new fans and almost a fresh start.
They followed this album up with the ‘Secret Society’ and then in 2009 the latest album, ‘Last look at Eden.’
This DVD brings fans right up to date, recorded at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in February of 2011, the band plowed through an excellent rock set.

‘Last look at Eden’ opens proceedings in powerful fashion, before the band rocks even harder with ‘The Beast.’
Anyone that still thinks of Europe as a ‘Parp, parp,’ band à la ‘The Final Countdown’ era is very much mistaken.
‘The Beast’ is seriously hard edged and clearly the fans enjoy this on their supportive response.

‘Rock the Night’ from the ‘… Countdown’ album comes up next and has always rocked the crowd like a ‘good ‘un’ and has perhaps been one of the most played Europe songs on radio today and Joey (Tempest), knows it’s popularity by getting the crowd to sing along.
I have to add here, that John Norum’s performances are nothing less than spectacular and on this occasion it is no different!
Then the band dips back further into their past, to the 'Wings of Tomorrow’ album with ‘Scream of Anger.’
To me it bears similarities to Europe’s favorite bands that inspired them like UFO, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy.
Great stuff, a great guitar solo yet again from John Norum and thunderous powerhouse drumming from Ian Haughland.
Not to mention Jon Levin on bass is as solid as a rock!

After some atmospheric keyboard wizardry from Mic Michali, the band joins in for next song ‘No Stone Unturned,’ which is a massive epic like track, from ‘Last look at Eden.’
It is full of great all round performances from the whole band. Guitar and keyboard solos, clever drumming, great baselines and great vocals from Joey Tempest.
A nice piano introduction the mighty power ballad 'Carrie' follows next. Class stuff indeed!
Back to the hard rock next with ‘The Getaway Plan’ which is a seriously edgy number that rocks the house!
Joey then stops things to dedicate this next song to the memory of Gary Moore (RIP) by explaining that it was the playing of guys like this that inspired the band and then he says ‘Gary Moore this one’s for you!’
‘The Loner’ is a great track that I first remember hearing Gary Moore playing on Cozy Powell’s ‘Over the Top’ album, back in the day and John Norum's guitar playing here is top notch.
A worthy tribute indeed.

‘The Seventh Sign’ is next from the hugely underrated ‘Prisoners in Paradise’ album and a track co-written by former guitarist Kee Marcello who had stepped into Europe to tour with the band on ‘The Final Countdown’ tour and then subsequent albums, until the split in the mid-90’s.
It’s a really killer, dirty rockin’ track! Great stuff!

 The next track is introduced as a song that started life in San Francisco when the band were writing for ‘Prisoners …’ and then it reappeared as they were writing for ‘Last Look At Eden.’ As Joey explains that three years ago his son Jamie was born, in a London hospital, ‘as a very tired Papa, I started scribbling the words to this next song, it’s called ‘New Love In Town.’
The song is a great big emotional power ballad is the greatest possible sense of the word. Brilliant track indeed!

Then it’s ‘Love is Not the Enemy,’ which kind of reminds me a lot of something Phil Lynott would’ve written for Thin Lizzy in places. It’s killer!
Next is ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ from ‘Out of this World’ which is just great to hear again, as I thought that was a class album.

Time for a drum solo from Ian Haughland next as he rocks along with a backing track of the ‘William Tell Overture,’ and it’s not too shabby, but sorry Ian, not a patch on some of those epics we used to get when Cozy Powell would drum along with classic pieces.

‘Always The Pretender’ starts gently and then the rock kicks in and this is an excellent track from the ‘Secret Society’ that gave them a huge hit in their home country. It’s a track of light and dark, that’s incredibly strong and then the band play the title track from their comeback album, ‘Start From The Dark.’
It’s a song that has great impact, but it seems that sadly the Shepherd’s Bush’s crowd isn’t into it as much as the song and band deserves, it’s an excellent track, which the crowd do applaud at the end.

‘Superstitious’ from ‘Out of this World’ is a better known song in the UK for the band and it does have a better impact on the crowd of the evening. The band then goes into a sub-reggae groove before building back up again and clearly the crowd is more into it, as the song closes the main set of the evening.

The band then return to present a new song in the shape of ‘Doghouse,’ which to a degree reminds me a little of M.S.G., not least perhaps because of John Norum’s, Michael Schenker like playing. It’s really not too bad at all.
Finally, the band could not escape any gig I guess without playing their breakthrough song from around the world, ‘The Final Countdown,’ to close proceedings.
I have to say, when I think back to how I saw Europe, back in 80’s in the UK and how the crowd responded, sadly it’s disappointing to not see a more appreciative response from the UK’s capital show.
Perhaps guys next time record the show in another UK city, not London. Shame …
Either way, I think it’s a great live show and worthy of a strong rating.

There’s bonus footage here too from their homeland, at a two big gigs, the first in Stockholm’s Ice Stadium, it’s a massive show that totally shows the band a lot more respect on the eight songs they have here.
Then there are four tracks performed from a show from a Swedish amusement park that kicks off with some pyro’s, excellent stuff!

There’s also some behind the scenes footage from the Shepherd’s Bush gig, with band interviews and more and a couple of promo video’s for both ‘Last Look At Eden’ and ‘New Love In Town.’
Overall, I think this a great DVD, loads on it to watch, all very worthwhile stuff worth checking out.
If you don’t already have it, maybe ask for it as a late Christmas stocking filler! Ha ha!
 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Official band website:

Saxon – Call To Arms album review

Saxon – Call To Arms album review
Released on:  Udr label Release date: Available now.

OK folks, this is the first of a few reviews that will unfortunately have to be a little briefer than previous reviews, as there's so many to try and catch up on, that said, it's still longer than I'd planned on it being!

This absolutely stunned me from Saxon as their last few releases, well actually for me, most of their stuff for some time has not grabbed me, the last album of theirs I tried was 2008’s ‘Lionheart’ believing the press releases that it was a return to the traditional Saxon sound of old.  Far from it for me …
'Call To Arms' is huge step in the right direction and I love what they’ve got here.
The recent US tour was a good one, that took in Detroit this time and they put on a great show here and I can’t recommend enough, that you should check the band out, they are really on their game now, with an excellent album to back it up!
The opening track here ‘Hammer of the Gods’ is absolutely as good as anything the band has ever done before and it kind of reminds me of a stronger, yes stronger ‘Princess of the Night.’ Brilliant!
Then with ‘Back in ‘79’ it's a real ‘Denim and Leather’ style rocker, good memories here!
‘Against the Odds’ is a great solid and pacey rocker too!
I can’t believe what ‘Mists of Avalon’ conjures up, it’s great, keyboard flurries at the beginning, yes, keys!
The track then gets rocking in fine fashion, with perhaps a slightly commercial touch to it. Excellent!
Nice guitar work throughout the album and solid stuff on drums and bass, Biff Byford has certainly got possibly the best line up of Saxon ever here, brilliant stuff!
There’s two versions of title track ‘Call to Arms’ and next up is the standard version, which starts with dramatic style possibly a modern day ‘Dallas 1pm’ and it’s a very well written track indeed.
‘Chasing the Bullet’ is a good old steady rocker and already a live favourite!
OK, those speed metal fans of Saxon will be very pleased with ‘Afterburner’ as it powers along with Biff spitting out the lyrics with an angry passion indeed.
Slight Priest / Maiden elements about this one too …
Gotta love next track ‘When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)’ it’s like it conjures up thoughts of conceptual album about it and it has a riff here not unlike Deep Purple’s ‘Perfect Strangers.’ Maybe that’s why I love it! LOL!
‘No Rest For the Wicked’ sounds like Saxon’s twist on Metallica!
There’s a certain something about ‘Ballad of the Working Man’ that’s bring back memories of classic traditional Saxon, without doubt and it’s another great solid track here.
The album closes with the other version of ‘Call To Arms,’ played alongside a full blown orchestra.
It’s brilliant, it’s sounds so rich and the band together with the orchestra sound great, perfect song for it.
There’s also a bonus live album with this version, which is from Saxon’s performance at Donington’s Monster’s of Rock festival, the first year it ever happened in 1980, alongside Rainbow, Judas Priest, Scorpions, April Wine, Riot and Touch. It’s a fun if short live album, as there were early on the bill, nice bonus though.
Overall, 'Call To Arms' is simply a really strong album and based on this, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Official band website:

Update for Friday December 23rd, 2012

Well Hi there folks,

I had hoped to bring you a news update today to close out news updates info for the year, unfortunately, trying to explain to an excited five and six year old that Daddy will come and play as soon as he gets this done ... Doesn't seem to sink in bless 'em!

It is Christmas time, yes, Christmas time and if there's those of you offended by me saying that, sorry but it's my belief and that's that ...!
Either way I do wish you all the very best for a safe and happy holiday, a very Merry Christmas to all and I for one am looking forward to a fantastic New Year in 2012!

You guys are all great and I thank you all sincerely for sticking by me and returning to 'Chambers of Rock' day in, day out getting the site to pass the 100,000 mark already, on the sites two year anniversary month, thank you so much!
It means a lot to me, industry people may think I'm small fry and often some of them treat me as such. There's many of them out who simply won't even reply to requests for information, review copies of material, interview requests - Probably can't blame 'em on that one! - and more, because 'Chambers of Rock' is so relatively small.

100,000 views in a two year period means a drop in the ocean to them, to me it reflects that there are certain fans as passionate about this music and scene, as I am myself and I for one, really appreciate your support. Thanks again, it's because of you guys, that I conti nue to do this.
I will say this though, it takes a hell of a lot of personal time to do this site each day and I know there's a lot I wish I could've got done by now - i.e. More reviews for starters ... - but it is tough with the day job and two young kids. If the daily views do drop below 100 on a regular basis, then seriously it probably means it's time to wrap this up.
I'd love it if you told more friends about the site, I really would, I get nothing for doing this site, except the knowledge from the numbers, that it excites you enough to return as it does for me to hear all this great news and new music from so many great acts.
If you think I'm getting paid by someone for doing this or that record labels or PR people pay me, give me bribes or whatever, that's so far from the truth. I've never even receive as much as a single Christmas card in the mail from any of my many contacts - There's around 150 of them by the way! 
Yes, I do receive albums and DVD's to review and on occasion, get the opportunity to review shows, by being on a list, I assure though ... It doesn't mean front rows seats for shows, not even first ten rows ..., but I do appreciate the tickets either way, which are few and far between.

Phew, went on a bit there didn't I? LOL!

Seriously, it's you great people that support the site by coming here, that make it worth my doing, if you didn't come, I'd most likely stop doing it, but that said .... Exciting news folks ....

Yes, someone out there does kind of like me!
Over the Christmas period, I have been invited to do a radio interview with 'Big JD,' on a weekly show called 'U Talkin' 2 Me' on 99.1FM covering Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI
The show is being pre-recorded and will air in the New Year.
Cool huh?
I will keep you updated on when it is due to air, OK?

Well, that's about it - That's enough right?! - I will continue to try and post the odd review if possible AND at least one of those outstanding interviews!

One last thing, since it is Christmas and this is a rock site, check these two great videos out from the Northern Light Orchestra:

Official weblink:

And this from TSO:

Once again, thank you so much for the support, can't say that enough.
Merry Christmas to all!

Alun Williams - Chambers of Rock

Thursday, December 22, 2011

News Update for Thursday 22nd November, 2011

JOE LYNN TURNER’s NEW SUNSTORM album pays tribute to his 80’s vocal sessions
“Emotional Fire” out on Frontiers on February 24th in Europe and February 28th in North America

Joe Lynn Turner’s popular AOR side project with German/American producer Dennis Ward, SUNSTORM, will release the third album entitled “Emotional Fire” on February 24th 2012 in Europe (February 28th in North America) on Frontiers Records.

Born after Joe Lynn Turner met with Frontiers Records’ President Serafino Perugino, the SUNSTORM project was a way to dig up some old gems, written by the former Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen singer during the mid 80’s. The task was to create an ultimate Joe Lynn Turner Melodic Rock “dream collection.” This brought on the release of the first SUNSTORM album in 2006 –which met with much critic and fan approval - and the follow up “House of Dreams” three years later.

While the first two albums’ basic inspiration came from the Melodic Rock catalogue of songs that Turner penned for himself or other artists of the genre, for this third album, Frontiers and JLT decided to look at Turner’s numerous vocal sessions he did in the 80’s as a background vocalist for other artists. This brought on a resurrection of some of Michael Bolton’s Melodic Rock gems such as “Gina,” (originally included on “The Hunger” album, where Turner contributed with background vocals), “You Wouldn’t Know Love” and “Emotional Fire,” which Bolton penned for the “Heart of Stone” album by Cher (in which Turner also appeared as background vocalist). “I sang background on the original ‘Gina,’” says Joe, “Michael and I did all of the parts but I tried to rock it up a bit more than the original... not so pop! Good song though! It's funny...I heard ‘Emotional Fire’ from Desmond Child during a writing session and then he asked me to sing background vocals on it! Crazy! It's like one big circle!”

With production and mixing once again under the expert hands of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, Angra etc.) and a tracklisting rounded out by some amazing songs written by the likes of Soren Kronkvist (Crash the System, Issa), Tom and James Martin (Vega, Sunstorm, Khymera) and Daniel Palmqvist (Xorigin, The Murder of My Sweet), the third Sunstorm album, “Emotional Fire,” is destined to reignite the Melodic Rock passion in every fan. “I think this record has a good mix of songs,” concludes Joe, “Just what ‘Sunstorm’ is supposed to be! Dennis Ward is a great producer and the players are amazing. I have to say I am pleased with the work we did and hope that everyone else will be pleased as well...enjoy!”

SUNSTORM’s Emotional Fire will include the following songs: Never Give Up, Emotional Fire
, Lay Down Your Arms, You Wouldn’t Know Love, Wish You Were Here, Torn In Half, Gina, The Higher You Rise, Emily, Follow Your Heart, All I Am.

The first single, “Never Give Up” can be exclusively streamed on the Frontiers Records webradio

Joe Lynn Turner’s career spans over 60 album credits has had a number of highlights. From his early days with Fandango to the success he later enjoyed with (Ritchie Blackmore’s) RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and an 11-album solo career, the New Jersey-born singer has covered a wide number of musical styles with his inimitable vocals.
He also appeared as lead singer in several projects since 1992 including BRAZEN ABBOT, THE HUGHES – TURNER PROJECT (with ex-Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes), MOTHER’S ARMY, the “all star” group BIG NOIZE and many others.


Frontiers Records update for the end of the year!
If this doesn't please you, what will?! LOL!

Jeff Scott Soto maintains 'Damage Control!'

"Damage Control", the new album by Jeff Scott Soto, is near completion and promises to deliver a one-two punch in the standard that is expected from the artist who has mastered the world of Melodic and Hard Rock music through the ages!

The album is completed with appearances and co-writing by his current and former live line ups as well as guests such as Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Jamie Borger (Talisman/Treat), Casey Grillo (Kamelot) and Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger). There will be an 11 song single CD release of the album, as well as a 14 song Digipak version along with a bonus DVD which includes videos and EPK.
Get ready for 'Damage Control,' it will rock your World!

Also ..., from J.S.S.

J.S.S. will be performing at the annual Stars To The Rescue XXI show which benefits the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) founded by retired St Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa and his wife Elaine, along with Wynonna Judd, and comedian George Lopez on Sat Jan 7, 2012.
Guitarist Howie Simon and other select musicians will accompany him through a fun, electrifying set.

Jeff (and Howie) are massive dog and animal activists so it is an honor to lend their talents for this gala.
  Click the link for more info as well as any donations or help is greatly appreciated to this cause.

Official Jeff Scott Soto site:


Crazy Lixx are busy in the studio recording their third album that will be entitled "Riot Avenue".

According to singer Danny Rexon: "This time the music is a little more riff-based and straight-forward. We wanted to make real a hard rock album, so we decided to have a little more raw feeling in the production, sound and songwriting compared to our previous albums and there's a lot more up-tempo songs than we had on New Religion. Also, the addition of a second guitarist, Edd Liam, has made it possible to add some twin guitar playing and other interesting musical stuff that we've used on the album".

Some of the song titles are "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", "Young Blood", "Riot Avenue", "Church of Rock", "Fire it Up", "Only the Dead Know" and more.
The album is planned for a worldwide release in April 2012 and will be followed by the usual string of live dates around the World.

Official website:


Pride of Lions is carrying on their proud heritage working hard on their as yet untitled fourth studio album. Jim Peterik says: "Our self titled debut released in 2002 is still many of our fans favorite albums. So this album is a bit of a return to form. Of course there will be a few surprises and Toby Hitchcock is singing stronger than ever. I've hit a stride on the songwriting with songs such as "Tie Down The Wind" and "Coin of the Realm".
I needed the time since The Roaring of Dreams to regroup and get reinspired. If you can't make a great record that will last the test of time - why even bother. This time Toby and me wanna take Pride of Lions on the road to promote this new one and spread the word".

This new Pride of Lions from what we've heard so far promises to be both more melodic and harder edged.
Release is planned for early summer 2012.


Hardline will be back in 2012 with a brand new album and a new lineup which will mark the beginning of a new cooperation between singer Johnny Gioeli and the italian producer/keyboardist Alessandro Delvecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, EDEN'S CURSE).

The US singer says: "I'm really excited to be working with Frontiers on a new Hardline record! We have slated the release for mid 2012...This CD is filled with melody and class...I'm digging it. I hope the Hardline fans enjoy this CD as much as I have enjoyed creating it... Happy Holidays All!"

Official weblink:


ECLIPSE are putting their finishing touches to their anticipated fourth studio album that will be entitled "Bleed And Scream".

Musically the band is taking off the new release where the last album finished, yet with more refined and progressed songwriting. It will be a 100% Eclipse-sounding album with big hooks, melodies and powerful riffs but it leans towards a more darker, moody and epic side of the band. Songs like the title-track, "Battlegrounds", "A Bitter Taste" and "After the End of the World" will show an exciting new side of the songwriting of the band.
There will also be the first ballad in the history of the band entitled "About to Break".

Singer Erik Martensson tells: "This album was the hardest to write for us so far. On the other hand the most rewarding. We don´t know at this point how we are going to top this one. We have tweaked everything from quality of the songs, melodies, hooks, arrangements, guitar-riffs, vocal performances, guitar solos, drumming and the variety in the songwriting in general. No stone is left unturned this time."
Frontiers plans to release the album in the first half of 2012.

Official website:

Singer Robbie LaBlanc of BLANC FACES and Swedish producer/songwriter Daniel Flores (MIND'S EYE; THE MURDER OF MY SWEET) have started working together on an exciting new project entitled FIND ME.

Musically it will have an heavier edge compared to BLANC FACES and Robbie sings louder and stronger than ever!
Daniel Flores says "This CD is some of the best AOR songs I've ever worked on, there are songs for everybody here, it is going to be a monster. Robbie has one of the best voices in the business and I'm proud to be working with him, he reminds me of the soulfulness of Martin Page and Lou Gramm's singing. I have given every song on FIND ME its own identity for Robbie to showcase his great vocal diversity, all arrangements are carefully produced to fit his voice. The sonic impact will knock the socks out of you for sure!
There are some great musicians involved on this CD, starting with the amazing solos from guitar wizard David Sivelind, the rhythm guitars of Daniel Palmqvist and the very tight and inventive bass playing from Jonny Trobro.
The amount of time put into keyboards was really a lot and will instantly remind the listener of the greats like Boston and Foreigner. All done with real vintage keyboards to give the album the organic feel, that unfortunately so many albums lack of these days. I have never been this satisfied with the keyboards and synthesizer arrangements like on this album!"
Release is planned for the summer 2012.


METAL NATION 2012 Tour including PRIMAL FEAR + Brainstorm + Special Guests!

March 2012
30. März 2012 CZ – Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe

April 2012
01. April 2012 CZ – Prag – Metrix
03. April 2012 AUT – Wien – Szene
04. April 2012 HU – Budapest – Club 202
07. April 2012 BUL – Sofia – tba
08. April 2012 ROM – Bukarest – tba
10. April 2012 D – Berlin – C-Club
11. April 2012 D-Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
12. April 2012 NED – Kerkrade – Rock Temple
13. April 2012 D – Burglengenfeld – VA Zentrum
14. April 2012 D – Bochum – Matrix
15. April 2012 BEL – Genk – Rondpunt 26
17. April 2012 CH – Pratteln – Z7
19. April 2012 ES-Gijon – Sala Albeniz
20. April 2012 ES-Pamplona – Sala Totem
21. April 2012 ES-Huesca – Sala Jai Alai
22. April 2012 ES-Madrid – Sala Ritmo y Compas


Two very exciting new bands have joined or are about to join the Frontiers Records roster.
One is a new Metal band from the UK which has already gathered a vast critical acclaim with their independently released debut album and that will finally have a worldwide release on Frontiers and another is a new Melodic Rock band from Sweden sounding like an exciting mix of Work of Art and H.E.A.T!
Stay tuned for more news in early 2012 - more and more surprises are in the works!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Rocking New Year!!

For all and more information on Frontiers records, go to:

Is Vince Neil about to quit Mötley Crüe?

Unbelievably, it seems Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil is considering 'other options,' although he's not saying quite what?
It's common knowledge amongst fans of the band that he's already done some TV and even in a movie once before too, so what is his plan, who knows?

He was recently speaking to the Las Vegas Sun's, Robin Leach.

Having just returned from a fishing trip where he hauled in a 350-pound bull shark off Bimini and then let it go back into the Atlantic waters, Vince Neil told Robin, “I’m having a great time here -- I could stay a year! I’m sitting on my yacht, contemplating my future, and I'm not sure it will be with Motley Crue after Las Vegas. Great things are coming up and pushing me in another direction.
“This is all about me thinking about the second half of my life, thinking about my future, and that future might not include Motley Crue after Vegas. There are so many opportunities that are in front of me that I’m really excited about. I just don’t want to look back later in life and regret that I didn’t pursue them.
“I’m just not sure I can give these opportunities the time and effort I’ll need to and continue with the band. It’s been a great ride, and I've enjoyed every second of it, but being out here relaxing in this beautiful place has given me the chance to reflect on what direction I want the rest of my life to take. I'm really giving it a lot of thought.”

Interesting huh?

Read the whole story here:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rock News Update for Wednesday 21st December, 2011

The McAuley / Schenker Group is back!!!

Robin McAuley (Left) and Michael Schenker (Right)
(Robin McAuley Photo by Alun Williams)

It's something that really should've happened a long time ago, but yes, the great news is that the legendary Michael Schenker has reunited with vocalist Robin McAuley, after the latters parting of the ways with Survivor - Good call Robin! - to reunite the McAuley Schenker Group partnership again!

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, these guys put out some great work in 'Perfect Timing,' 'Save Yourself' and 'M.S.G.' and they also had a tasty acoustic album too, called 'Nightmare.'


For many rock fans, this is something that has been wished for, for so long after Gary Barden's return to M.S.G. had it's moments, but to be honest I think his performance on the 30th Anniversary double CD set and live DVD, were quite disappointing.
Michael Voss stepped in to record the bulk of the vocals on 'Temple of Rock' and Michael also had two other guest vocalist's on there, Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Praying Mantis) and a certain Robin McAuley, whose background includes Grand Prix, Far Corporation and most recently Survivor.

No word on if there's an album they'll do or not, let's hope so but for now, I'm excited to see a massive US tour announced for February and March of next year!
No clue on that touring band either at this time, for the US dates in support of 'Temple of Rock,' although at his site for the Japanese dates that will follow the US tour, he has named the band as:

Michael Schenker - Guitars
Michael Voss - Vocals
Herman Rarebell - Drums
Elliott 'Dean' Rubinson - Bass
Wayne Findlay - Keyboards / Guitars

Check out the single "Miss Claustrophobia" here:
Item Info / Tracklist:

I have to say, this kind of surprises me that Michael Voss would do the Japanese dates, after being snubbed for the US tour, but who knows?
More information on all live dates:

I wonder if Michael would do a new interview with me, the last one he and I did was a few years back now, when I wrote for, almost three years back:

Meantime, here's those tour dates ...

February 2012
02/15/12 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
02/16/12 - Santa Rosa, CA - The Last Saloon
02/17/12 - Portland, OR - Dantes – With Anvil
02/18/12 - Tacoma, WA - Backstage Bar & Grill
02/19/12 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
02/20/12 - Victoria, BC - 9 One 9 Nightclub
02/22/12 – Santa Clara, CA – The Avalon
02/23/12 - Orangevale, CA - The Boardwalk
02/24/12 - Corona, CA - Marquee 15
02/25/12 - West Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
02/26/12 - San Diego, CA – 4th and B Concert Theatre
02/28/12 – T.B.A.

March 2012

03/01/12 - Libertyville, IL - Austins
03/03/12 - Detroit, MI - Harpos
03/04/12 - Etobicoke, ON - The Rockpile
03/05/12 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
03/07/12 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
03/08/12 - Foxborough, MA - Showcase Live
03/09/12 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony
03/10/12 - New York, NY - The Gramercy Theatre
03/11/12 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
03/15/12 – T.B.A.
03/16/12 - San Antonio, TX - Backstage Live
03/17/12 - Dallas, TX - Trees
03/18/12 – T.B.A.
03/20/12 – T.B.A.
03/21/12 - Tempe, AZ - Club Red
03/22/12 - Las Vegas, NV - Vamp'd
03/23/12 - Agoura Hills, CA - The Canyon Club
03/24/12 - San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House

Official Michael Schenker site:

 Maybe this news piece explains more about about Michael Voss' situation ...

- New studio album and tour 2012 -

25 years after the release of the legendary "Night Of Passion" album, german hard rock band MAD MAX return with the original line-up and will release their new studio album "Another Night Of Passion" by the end of March 2012.

Michael Voss (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars), Jürgen Breforth (Rhythm Guitars), Roland Bergmann (Bass, Vocals) and Axel Kruse (Drums) captured the spirit of 1987 and deliver their masterpiece worldwide through SPV / Steamhammer.

The album was recorded at the Kidroom-Studios which are owned by Michael Voss and where also albums from Michael Schenker, Vengeance and Gary Barden were produced.
The cover artwork was designed by the belgian artist Eric Philippe (Rhapsody, TNT) and the photos were shot by the famous german based photographer Martin Huch (Duesenberg Guitars).

Olly Hahn (A&R Steamhammer): "I saw the band back in 1987 where they supported Stryper and they blew me away. "Night Of Passion" is a hard rock gem and I´m sure that also "Another Night Of Passion" will not disappoint any fan who likes classic melodic hard rock."

Jürgen Breforth (Guitarist Mad Max): "Exactly 27 years ago we were close to sign a deal with SPV/Steamhammer and I´m totally glad that we could fix this now in 2011.
With SPV on our side, the new studio album and the original line-up we are ready to burn the stage again!"

And the band will prove that in April/May 2012 because they are confirmed as the special guest on the


"Circle Of The Oath"-Tour 2012 AXEL RUDI PELL special guest: MAD MAX
20.04. D-Hannover - Capitol
21.04. NL-Weert - De Bosuil
22.04. GB-London - Underworld
24.04. D-Langen - Neue Stadthalle Langen
25.04. D-Saarbrücken - Garage
27.04. D-Nürnberg - Hirsch
28.04. D-Kaufbeuren - All-Karthalle
29.04. CH-Pratteln - Z7
01.05. D-Erfurt - HsD
02.05. D-Berlin - Columbia Club
04.05. D-Bochum - Zeche
05.05. D-Bochum - Zeche

Ticket-Hotline Germany: METALTIX +49-(0)4627/183838,
Touragency: Continental Concerts

MAD MAX released 9 studio albums since 1982 and toured through whole Europe with bands like Uriah Heep, Stryper, Yngwie Malmsteen and Pretty Maids.
Highlight of their career was the special guest slot on the sold out Deep Purple/Alice Cooper tour in 2006.
They also played on many festivals for example two times at the prestigious "Rocklahoma Festival" in the USA as well as on the "Rock Of Ages Festival" and "Wacken Open Air" in Germany.

Photo from left to right:
Roland Bergmann (Mad Max), Axel Kruse (Mad Max), Olly Hahn (A&R Steamhammer), Michael Voss (Mad Max), Jürgen Breforth (Mad Max)



The holiday season is upon us, and so are year-end awards! We're excited to share the new that Chickenfoot has earned a GRAMMY nomination for the “Best Recording Package,” for the creative 3D design of the new album. 

For those of you who downloaded the album digitally, you may not be aware of all of the cool aspects of the packaging. Here's a quick overview of what you may be missing out on!
Click on the album cover to learn more ...

Yngwie Sharpies? Whatever next!!!

As I scour the various artists / musicians websites, looking for news update items to share with you, every now and then I get something like this ... Can you believe this, seriously?!
I've heard of endorsements, but this is ridiculous, I even did a double take on todays date ...!

Yngwie Malmsteen gets honored by Sharpie!

Sharpie president Ben J. Gadbois not only did the honors, he had this to say  "I have followed Yngwie (Malmsteen) since high school and am a huge fan. It was fantastic to meet one of the greatest guitar players of all time and talk about music and several of our common interests. It was also an honor to present Yngwie with his own personalized Sharpies. It means a lot that he chooses our markers to sign autographs. He's definitely made an indelible mark on music, and in some small way, we hope Sharpie has helped him make a lasting impressions with his fans."

For more on this and other - no doubt - interesting stories from Yngwie, go to: