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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brian Howe – Emotions E.P. review

Brian Howe – Emotions E.P. review
Released through: iTunes / Amazon Release date: Available now

Following 2010’s excellent ‘Circus Bar’ album from the former Bad Company / Ted Nugent lead vocalist Brian Howe, I for one couldn’t wait to hear the follow up.
Around Christmas of last year Brian had told me that he was working on the follow up album with Brooks Paschal again and this one was already sounding better than ‘Circus Bar’ … I was thinking ‘Wow!’
Last year at Christmas, he released a taster of what was to come quality wise in the single, ‘Christmas’ which is a song that builds up through the laid back verses into a chorus that rocks in a melodic rock fashion, that was the perfect next step from ‘Circus Bar.’
 Around April / May time frame of this year, Brian had told me he wasn’t going to record another album and that he was done with recording, because of so much free downloading, what was the point?
He said that his ‘Circus Bar’ album had been made available – to those who looked – as a free download around two weeks or so prior to its release … Seriously folks, is there no justice in this world?! That’s bad …
Back around August, Brian said he planned to put out an E.P., of four or five new tracks, which would turn out to be this, the ‘Emotions E.P.’
He said it was different and it reflected how he felt about a number of things, someone he loved dearly, a friend he lost through alcohol and some other stuff …
It also included the ‘Christmas’ single for those that didn’t get it the first time around.
The opening track ‘I’m There’ starts slow, with a chug along riff and then the chorus kicks in and it’s as catchy as any of his songs come on ‘Circus Bar.’ Good one Brian!

‘Stringless Kite’ next is a laid back acoustic driven pop rock number, that then picks up the pace as the song goes on, written in a sub power ballad format. Nice!
Next song is ‘Drinking’ and comes across as a very emotional number, as the E.P.’s title suggests.
Deep track indeed, as the songs title suggests.
‘Runaway Train’ next has an interesting tempo through the verse, kind of laid back and then it picks up more in the choruses, that switch to a bridge midway through and then it kind of stops quite suddenly.
Still a good song though.

Final track is ‘Christmas’ and Brian told me that Christmas has never been the best time for him, but this really is a great, well written emotional song from the man, sung in his classic fashion.
I think it’s a very strong song that with a little airplay could find Brian with a sure fire hit, as there are many Brian Howe fans out there that may not even be aware of this at all, I’m sure.
So that’s all that’s here on display here and to be honest, if Brian doesn’t record anything again, I think it’s very sad.
This E.P. comes out as a self-financed deal, hence being sold through just Amazon and iTunes, without much plug at all.

To be honest, barring people seeing the odd review of this here and there, if they are not followers of Brian on Facebook, chances are fans of Brian Howe are going to miss out, so if you know a fan of his voice, go ahead and spread the word!
 Thanks for the music Brian, keep it coming, please!
Don’t quit on us yet mate, you have certainly still got it mate and I’m only disappointed that you haven’t given us a whole album of material.
This is good work indeed, but keep in mind, it is meant to be emotional music and in places, a little deep, but that’s what Brian is writing about here so I can accept that.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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