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Monday, December 19, 2011

News Update for Monday December 19th, 2011

Hi folks, hope you all had a great weekend and those still Christmas shopping are done now or very nearly done, it's manic out there!
Yes there's been a lack of updates of late still, sorry, it is that time of year of course, which just adds to the lack ot news and new material or info thereof and then the lack of time to get the site up to date with anything ...
Anyway, enough of my groans .... Have a great week folks!
Cheers, Al

UFO's 'Seven Deadly' artwork revealed

One of the UK's most underrated rock bands UFO, are about to unleash on the world their latest album and it's their 21st studio release and the fourth to feature Vinnie Moore on lead guitar.
Yes, 'Seven Deadly' is due to be released in February 2012 through SPV / Steamhammer.

The band continues to tour, year in year out and as far as I can make out, Phil Mogg is sounding as good as ever!
Sadly, there's no invovement for Pete Way here, where his future path lies with UFO or otherwise, is really anyone's guess. Sadly, Pete is still haunted by his health issues and quite where they stand right now, is anyone's guess?

Phil is joined in the band though, by once again, classic UFO members Andy Parker (Drums) and Paul Raymond (Keyboards / Guitars / vocals).
'The Visitor' was the bands last release in 2009, the other two Vinnie Moore releases were 'You Are Here' (2004) and 'Monkey Puzzle' in 2006. 

Here's just a reminder of those release dates for the latest UFO album coming in February 2012:

24th February, 2012 - Germany
27th February, 2012 - Rest of Europe
28th February, 2012 - USA and Canada

For more information on the band and future live dates:

The Scorpions 'Comeblack' album video available

In support of The Scorpions latest release 'Comeblack' which includes re-recordings by the band, of seven of their own classic's and six cover songs, the band had made an interesting new video with some ..., well, scantily clad young ladies dancing to 'the band's' own 'Comeblack' jukebox.

You can check out the video here, which includes snippets of the band covering 'Tainted Love,' 'Children of the Revolution,' 'Across The Universe,' 'All of the Day and All of the Night' and 'Ruby Tuesday.'
Check it out here:

Keep up with the Scorpions as their 'Final Sting' tour rolls into 2012, at their official site:

Heaven and Earth recordings roll on

The third Heaven and Earth project album, is well on it's way as Stuart Smith recently informed me, 'Five tracks are recorded and now the next lot of music has been passed on to Joe Retta to provide some lyrics for.
It's going realy well Alun and seriously, I know everyone says this about their forthcoming albums, but I mean it, this already sounds like the best Heaven and Earth album EVER!'

Great news Stuart, looking forward to it next year.

The lineup making the album, in case you were wondering folks is:
Joe Retta : Vocals
Stuart Smith: Guitar
Chuck Wright : Bass
Richie Onori : Drums
Arlan Schierbaum : Hammond

Keep up with the recording progress through the bands Facebook page here:

Girlschool announce new dates for 2012

 British hard rocking metal band, Girlschool, featuring three original members in Kim McAuliffe (Rhythm guitar, Lead and B/Vocals), Enid Williams (Bass, Lead and B/Vocals) and Denise Dufort (Drums), along with Jackie Chambers on lead guitar who replaced original guitarist Kelly Johnson (RIP), who sadly passed away in 2007, are set to play live dates in 2012.

2nd March - Leamington, Assembly (UK)
3rd March - York, Fibbers (UK)
9th March - Manchester, 03 Academy (UK)
10th March - London, Garage (UK)
23rd March - Crumlin, The Patriot, Wales (UK)

The band just released or should that be, re-released 'Hit and Run' on it's 30th Anniversary as 'Hit and Run Revisited,' earlier this year.

Official band website is:

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