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Thursday, December 15, 2011

News Update for Thursday 15th December, 2011

Sad days in the Great White camp, with two conflicting announcements 

There appears to be an element of chaos surrounding the 80's band, Great White right now.
Over the past almost two years now, the band has been moving along without original vocalist, Jack Russell, following Russell's ongoing battles with health issues of one sort or another.
Russell is an incredible vocalist, which he has proven countless times live for almost thirty years, but the man has had problems, as have so many characters in the game and specifically from the 80's era.

Russell saw fit to make an announcement, to the whole world this past weekend through Facebook on his pending return to Great White .., only it was with a completely new band.
Well, OK, not completely new as the line up included some former if short lived, members of the band from the various different line ups over the years, that for the most part, have more or less, featured just Russell as the constant original member.

This was the statement put out by Jack Russell:

   To all my friends: Just wanted to announce that I will be coming back with my band Great White and a BRAND NEW line up.

My new band mates are some of the most incredible musicians I have ever had the privilege to play with, Matthew Johnson former guitarist for Great White, Derrick Pontier former drummer for Great White, Dario Seixas former Bassist for Firehouse and the Stephen Pearcy Band, and Robby Lochner former Guitarist for Rob Halford's Band and Cherie Currie.  

I am very excited about this new beginning. I am feeling better than ever, despite any rumors you may hear to the contrary. Unfortunately, and as confusing as it will be, my former band mates and their manager have decided to continue to tour next year under the name I created, Great White.
I will be touring under the name Great White featuring Jack Russell, to try avoid any confusion. So now the true fans will know the difference. I will be announcing tour dates as soon as they become available. Our first performance will be at the Pre-NAMM Jam January 14 2012.
Only shows advertised as Great White featuring Jack Russell will include myself on vocals.
I have missed all of you terribly and look forward to seeing you all on the road. You have no idea how much your love and devotion has meant to me during what has been one of the hardest periods of my life.
Happy Holidays! Much peace and love to you and your families. Have a blessed New Year. Yours as always, Jack Russell, founder and lead vocalist, Great White PS. JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Suffice to say, the band that has been touring as Great White in Russell's absence, that at one point featured the now late Jani Lane RIP (Ex-Warrant), has decided to make a crystal clear statement on the situation of the 'official' current line up of Great White.
Read on:

Press Release:
Official Great White Statement Regarding Jack Russell Announcement

First and foremost, our main concern is our fans. We have
spent 30 years trying to be the best we can be and bring our fans the top
quality of music they have become accustomed to and deserve. It
saddens us today to have to respond to Jack Russell's announcement.

Jack Russell announced on Facebook on Saturday, December 10, 2011 that
he was returning to Great White with a new line-up.
This was a complete shock to the entire Great White Family.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we all know Jack Russell has been fighting drug and
alcohol abuse for many years. He has had numerous stints in and out of
treatment facilities and hospitals.

In 2010 Jack’s physical condition deteriorated to the
point that he routinely fell on and off stage, forgot lyrics and we had to
cancel shows due to his inability to perform. In the past two years, Jack has
had five major surgeries and has almost died three times. His drug abuse was
so bad that his body began to shut down and ultimately resulted in colostomy
surgery from a perforated bowel (he nearly died during this procedure).
The colostomy surgery saved his life, but vanquished him with a colostomy bag
for a year.

We stood by Jack; we supported his sobriety and eagerly awaited
his return.

Jack was first slated to return to Great White this past
summer. Unfortunately his frail body and his drug abuse prohibited this event. In
the following months, Jack had three more surgeries that delayed his return.
Finally, he chose February 2012 as his target return date.
We had five clear conditions for Jack’s return:

1. Jack had to be drug free. Off all Opiates, Methadone, Valium or Xanax.
2. Jack had to be off Prednisone (a steroid that ate away at Jack’s internal organs that
caused the perforated bowel).
3. Jack had to be sober and off crack cocaine and all alcohol.
4. Jack had to agree to weekly drug tests.
5. Jack must attend weekly meetings for AA and NA.

Last week Jack notified management he would not make it
back by February 2012. Jack referred to his doctor’s opinion that he would not
be ready. He had just started physical rehabilitation again and his legs and
back needed more rehab to handle the rigors of touring. Jack thought he would
be ready by May to start the summer touring season. However, he wasn’t sure if
he could be off the Methadone by then or ever. Management reiterated that he
had to be completely drug free for his return. He owed it to the fans.
He owed it to us. He owed to himself.

Out of nowhere, we all received an email on Saturday,
December 10, 2011 stating that he was coming back now and that he was starting
his own (a different lineup) Great White. As you can imagine, this was shocking
to say the least. We were saddened and hurt from this shocking announcement ..

We only want to do right by our fans. We aim to give
the best possible show and have every fan leave the show feeling they
got their monies worth. This band is sober and music is our passion. With
Jack Russell, not being drug free and unable to physically perform on stage. It
will only let down our fans.

Time and again, Jack Russell has let down his band and fans.
His addictions have ruined his life the past eight years. We will not sit by
and enable our brother to abuse alcohol and drugs to kill himself. We have lost
too many loved ones to this madness. After the passing of our dear friend, the
talented Jani Lane, it has become more evident that this has to stop. It must

Since Jack’s departure in August 2010, Great White has
performed almost 100 concerts. We’ve had no shortened sets, cancellations or
song choice limitations due to vocal issues. In this struggling economy, fans
need and deserve more—not less. We owe it to our fans and the promoters to not
to allow Jack Russell and some garage band to hurt Great White’s classic rock
legacy and bright future.

Jack Russell does not have the right to start his own
Great White or use the name without our names in the lineup.
We will litigate any promoter that books ‘Jack Russell's Great White’ or uses
any logo featuring the name Great White.

We give you our word, we will continue through 2012 and
beyond to provide you with the top quality musical performances you have been
accustomed and deserve. We hope and pray that Jack gets healthy, happy and
sober. His health and well-being is the only thing that matters.

Keep Rocking, God Bless and Happy Holidays!

Mark, Audie, Michael, Scott and Terry


Official band website:

Give it to me good!
TRIXTER are firing up the engines for their comeback album!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of TRIXTER for the worldwide release of the band’s reunion album in the spring of 2012!

Formed in Paramus, New Jersey during 1983, TRIXTER would learn their chops playing live in the club circuit around their hometown with the likes of SKID ROW and KIX, before eventually getting signed by Mechanic/MCA for their self-titled debut album in 1990, which spawned the Billboard Hits and #1 MTV Videos "Give It To me Good," "One in a Million" and "Surrender" and went on to become gold.
The band toured nationally during 1990-91 sold out arena tours with POISON, SCORPIONS and WARRANT. TRIXTER's second album, "Hear!," was released in October 1992, touring in support of KISS. Unfortunately the change of musical climate made it impossible for the band to keep going so, after the release of an independent covers album, the band called it quits in 1995.

TRIXTER finally announced the reunion of the original lineup in 2007. Since then the band played several shows, including a successful appearance at the Rocklahoma festival in 2008. 'The band has been playing together for the last 4 years, so making a new record is the next logical step,' tells guitarist Steve Brown. 'We are all very excited: the new cd will be entitled "New Audio Machine" and is a classic style Melodic Hard Rock album. All the sounds people have loved about TRIXTER will be there ... Great songs, big guitar riffs, catchy vocals and a huge bottom end. A total big rock production!!!'
TRIXTER are now formed by Pete Loran on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Brown on lead guitar, P.J. Farley on bass and Gus Scott on drums. 'We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few bands of our genre that have all original members,' says Brown.

With an arsenal of great new songs and a catalogue of two successful releases TRIXTER are looking forward to bring their songs on stage 'We are hoping to land a support slot on one of the major summer tours,' concludes Brown. 'And we finally hope to play our first European tour as well.'
Get ready for the return of TRIXTER !


The new AOR dream rising from Sweden!
SONIC STATION to debut in February 2012 on Frontiers

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing to the label of a brand new Artist SONIC STATION for the release of their self titled debut album on February 24th 2012 in Europe and February 28th in North America.

SONIC STATION is a new Westcoast-AOR Project put together by Alexander Kronbrink (a Swedish guitarist, composer and producer). Alexander is a young musician who learned his skills playing with Smooth Jazz star Jonathan Fritzén. Later on – after being introduced to Lee Ritenour - Alexander started to see a clearer direction in his playing. Through Ritenour he discovered the music of such giants as Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, composer and producer David Foster and guitarist Jay Graydon, among others. Alexander says: “I have always been interested in guitarists with the ability to play everything from Jazz, to Pop, to Country, to Hard Rock. I have listened a lot to American session guitarists such as Steve Lukather, Michael Landau and Dan Huff. I guess that type of guitar playing is what have influenced me the most.”

From the very beginning the SONIC STATION project has been based in the 80’s AOR music (influenced by Toto, Mr. Mister and Journey) and the West Coast-sound of Airplay and Chicago. The resulting album “SONIC STATION” is an expressive and warm record, where each song has an obvious and immediate hit feeling. “The focus is on melody and the SONIC STATION sound is a meticulous and exciting mixture of Pop, Rock and Jazz”, explains Kronbrink. To get the most quality out of each track Alexander, who composed ten of the songs and also produced and arranged the whole record, engaged four singers with different styles and voices: Marika Willstedt (from the Swedish TV show “Så ska det låta”), Magnus Bäcklund (member of the Swedish duo “Fame”), Kristoffer Fogelmark and Tove Lo.

There are many musicians working on the album but the three contributing the most are Alexander’s close friends Jonathan Fritzén (on keyboards – a smooth Jazz solo artist who reached #1 on the Billboard Indicator Smooth Jazz Chart), Henrik Linder (on bass – Dirty Loops, Work of Art) and Aron Mellergård (on drums – Dirty Loops). All of them are accomplished musicians and gave their contribution for the final result. “I definitely think SONIC STATION will have a life on stage and I expect that we will be able to do some shows in the coming months” concludes Alexander Kronbrink.

“Sonic Station” includes the following songs: Intro; Love's Gonna Show The Way
(Feat. Magnus Bäcklund); I Wish I Could Lie (Feat. Marika Willstedt); Hold On To Me (Feat. Kristoffer Fogelmark); You Have To Let Me Go (Feat. Tove Lo); The Most Beautiful Fear (Feat. Magnus Bäcklund); Running Through The Night (Feat. Marika Willstedt); Never Let The Sunshine Die (Feat. Kristoffer Fogelmark); My Last Refrain (Feat. Marika Willstedt); Love You More (Feat. Marika Willstedt and Kristoffer Fogelmark); Reasons (Feat. Marika Willstedt)

With SONIC STATION, Alexander Kronbrink has taken the 80’s into the future.



(New York, NY) - Mothertruckers, it's time for another Baz fix! 
Log on right now to Revolver Magazine's website,, to witness the worldwide premiere of "TunnelVision," the next video from iconic rocker Sebastian Bach and his latest album KICKING & SCREAMING
Bach fans can also look forward to catching their idol back on the road in 2012 as new international tour dates have just been announced. 
Please see below for the itinerary, with more dates to be added.

Sebastian Bach's recently-released KICKING & SCREAMING debuted in the Top 75 of the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and has been receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Outburn declared, "Sebastian Bach delivers a balls out gang of mountainous hooks, titanic grooves and straight down the middle hard rock", while Revolver avowed, "Bach's voice is in particularly fine form on KICKING & SCREAMING, boasting more color and range than most..." 
Bach was also named one of the 100 greatest living rock stars by Revolver and is featured in that issue on stands now. KICKING & SCREAMING features young virtuosic guitarist Nick Sterling and drum pro Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot, Iced Earth), as well a guest appearance by noted guitarist John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) on the track "TunnelVision".

Sebastian Bach has sold in excess of 20 million records worldwide as lead singer with his former band, Skid Row and as a solo artist. Far from just being a multi-platinum recording artist, the singer/songwriter/actor/entertainer has expanded his career over the past decade to include episodic television with a 5-season recurring role on the CW's hit series "Gilmore Girls", starring roles on Broadway ("Jekyll & Hyde", "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") and national touring companies ("Jesus Chris Superstar"), and has appeared regularly on MTV and VH1.

Sebastian Bach on tour:

1 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy's
2 Baltimore, MD Rams Head
3 Toledo, OH The Omni
4 Mt. Clemens, MI The Hayloft
7 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
8 Lincolnshire, IL Cubby Bear
10 Fargo, ND The Venue At The Hub
11 Calgary, AB Chrome Showroom At Deerfoot

12 Santiago, Chile Teatro Caupolican
13 Buenos Aires, Argentina Teatro Flores
14 Sao Paolo, Brazil Carioca Club
15 Porto Alegre, Brazil Opiniao

Bach on the web:

The Acoustic Saints Live Update!

Stan Bush’s new band, The Acoustic Saints, have announced their first live gig for 2012!
Catch them at the Hard Rock Hollywood (right on Hollywood Blvd!) on January 14th, 2012!

The band also features Chuck Wright (bass) and Rick Sailon (guitar/violin/mandolin).

The Acoustic Saints reinterpret Classic Rock tunes with a moody atmospheric vibe – catch ‘em live! Faves from the 70′s and 80′s, plus a a few surprises along the way make up the set the Saints are rehearsing for this first live appearance of the New Year!

Official sites:!

Metallica Update after 30th Anniversary celebrations come to an end

This message just posted at the band's website, from Metallica to their fans:

Last week we celebrated our 30th anniversary together with Fan Club members from around the world by playing four nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco . . . it was quite the bash each and every night! If you were able to join us at any or all of the parties, thanks for coming out to hang with us. And whether or not you were there, you may have heard that we added some unreleased tracks from the Death Magnetic sessions to the set list – one “new” song each night as part of the shenanigans on stage.

This week, we’re releasing those four tracks through iTunes exclusively in North America and on iTunes and additional digital retailers in other parts of the world as the Beyond Magnetic EP.
All four studio versions of these songs were sent to Met Club members for free immediately following their live debut on stage at the Fillmore and tomorrow they will be available to everyone via the magic of digital downloading. They are the rough mixes, unfinished to their original degree of mixing from March of 2008, and those of you with very keen senses of sound might recognize bits and pieces from the ‘Mission Metallica’ videos posted in the summer of 2008.

Thanks again to everyone who visited us in San Francisco. As Lars (Ulrich) mentioned at the end of the last show, we’ll be back here in January with an announcement about a special interactive fan event in June of 2012 . . . we may ask you to do a little traveling again!


1. Hate Train

2. Just A Bullet Away

3. Hell And Back

4. Rebel Of Babylon

Official band website:

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