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Friday, May 14, 2010

Rock News for Friday 14th May, 2010

Dennis DeYoung announces some exclusive 2010 live dates

Former Styx lead vocalist / keys man, Dennis DeYoung has recently announced a few exclusive 2010 summer tour dates.
I say exclusive, because these days he really does not play live quite as much as he did with Styx, but when he does, sometimes he makes it a pretty special event, playing live with a full orchestra.
His last album, 100 Years From Now, was extremely impressive and won back some old Styx fans as it conjured up some wonderfully class moments, that brought to mind classic Styx ala Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, etc.
Anyway, I can vouch for the live show, as we've caught it a couple of times and last year he pulled in former Night Ranger guitarist, Jeff Watson to help out with the live dates.
Check him out if you get the chance at:

June 16, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm

June 25, 2010
Time: 8:00 pm

June 26, 2010
Time: 8:00 pm
July 24, 2010
Time: 5:00 pm

August 7, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm

Judas Priest British Steel 30th Anniversary Release ... Enough said?!

Check out British Steel 30th anniversary trailer featuring clips from the stunning British Steel Live show plus interview with the band, taken from the bonus DVD - click here now:

Why you need to own this record:
"To me Judas Priest were the first heavy metal band…the darkness, aggression and energy of Priest is undeniable and their twin guitar sound is the template for everything that came after them." Scott Ian, Anthrax

"Without Priest we wouldn’t exist." Matt Heafy, Trivium

"A world-beater at the time, British Steel’s impact still echoes today. It’s an album that played a huge part in defining the geography of the metal landscape." KKKK Kerrang!

"A bumper triple-disc package that once again rams home the brilliance of Priest’s breakthrough release…the ultimate version of a timeless classic." Metal Hammer

"Hugely influential, British Steel is Priest’s career-defining masterpiece." ***** Mojo

"What a celebration this is…an essential buy." Rocksound

Available in 2 editions:
Strictly Limited Deluxe edition (pictured): - Original album + Live album + Live DVD & exclusive 30 minute ‘Making of British Steel’ interview.

CD/DVD edition: Original album + Live DVD & exclusive 30 minute ‘Making of British Steel’ interview.

Lostboy - AKA Jim Kerr - Simple Minds provides update

Summertime Live!
Although I am immersed in my Lostboy! AKA activities over the next month, I am also looking forward to the summer and the growing number of Simple Minds concerts that are due to happen.

I suppose that I am guilty of continually going on about new peaks being reached etc, but I do think that last year’s Graffiti Soul dates in particular hit a level of quality within the performance that we had never touched previously.

A combination of things that made me believe this, the main one was the roving and expansive set list that was augmented with some very strong new songs, as well as simultaneously unearthing past treasures from the catalogue, ones that had lain untouched for decades.

The band itself was in form, and with the ‘new inclusion’ otherwise known as Sara Brown, many commented on how strong an impact this latest model of SM was capable of. Stephen Pollard’s stunning lights framed all of this, and from the little I saw captured on the screens, it seemed that the atmosphere at the shows was pretty near perfect, leaving me to suggest that the aforementioned peak.

Summer is a different game though and as normal in those months, I expect there to be quite a few out door shows, meaning that we have to deal with whatever conditions appear on the night. On one gig for example, it is possible to be struggling for breath as the heat of the summer night refuses to cool, another gig can see both band and audience try to survive the cloudbursts that made the Edinburgh castle show unforgettable.
Basically in these shows we have only our music and our determination to put it across as our weaponry. Then again with the kind of audiences we are used to playing in front of, being there to cheer us on, it is rare to feel that some sort of victory over the conditions will not always ensue.

Finally, it is only a whisper - and certainly not confirmed yet – but seems there is a chance that in addition to the Brazil shows set towards the end of summer that we will also add some Simple Minds shows in North America/Canada. A long time coming but, it’ll be worth the wait.
Fingers crossed!
Jim Kerr

Order the album now! [plus free downloads today]
The wait is almost over!

The Lostboy! A.K.A. Jim Kerr album is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW across Europe if you follow the link here to Jim's site:

JOHN 5 Releases New Solo Masterpiece - THE ART OF MALICE OUT NOW!
On 60 Cycle Hum Records/Rocket Science Ventures

John 5 is hands down one of the most mind blowing guitarists around.”- Slash
“John 5 is an underrated guitar GIANT.” Steve Vai

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 12, 2010) – THE ART OF MALICE is John 5’s 5th album to date was released May 11th on 60 Cycle Hum/Rocket Science Ventures.

THE ART OF MALICE exhibits John 5’s incredible diversity as a writer and guitarist pulling from the pages of his life. “It is a completely different vibe than my other albums,” explains John 5. “The title is derived from the saying “kill then with kindness” like taking a good approach to still obtain a dark result.”

The album also further showcases him to be one of the most technically advanced guitarists in the business today. Fans of driving rhythms and ear-catching, over the top, guitar work will keep this in their CD player for months on end. This album has everything that the fans come to expect, chicken pickin, shred, metal and Spanish guitar. The song titles vary as vignettes into John 5’s life, such as the title JW which are John 5’s initials and what his father had called him growing up. Ya Dig comes from working with the master or front-men David Lee Roth and also features Billy Sheehan on bass – “That is Dave’s saying and it fits the music.”

John 5 has created a worldwide following as a widely respected guitarist with such platinum artists as Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, and Rob Halford and currently Rob Zombie. John 5 has taken his notoriety to the next level with his solo masterpieces that many guitar fans described as “the guitar playing of the new millennium”. John 5’s eclectic influences combine for a truly unique guitar oriented record that once again sets new standards in the genre.


LOS ANGELES – Hot on the heels of his exclusive appearance on A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Bruce Kulick, the former KISS/current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist will be heading to the east coast for his only tri-state appearances on behalf of his new album, BK3 – available now in stores and online on Twenty 4 Records / Rocket Science Ventures.

Bruce will be the special guest at the KISS Philadelphia EXPO on Sunday May 16th at the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge. For further information:

Kulick will also be appearing at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey at 7:30pm on Monday May 17th. Bruce will be signing copies of BK3. Those that purchase the album in the store will receive a wristband granting access to the event. For further info:

BK3 continues to get rave reviews from the press.
Classic Rock magazine says, ‘A well crafted effort that reveals Kulick living up to his full potential as a solo artist.’
Guitar Player magazine states ‘ Kulick is a devastatingly ballsy, inventive and melodic guitarist, and BK3’s blend of 70s and 80s rock styles gives him plenty of room to blow your mind.”

Bruce recently appeared on ‘ Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ performing the debut single from BK3 ‘Hand of the King’ with Nick Simmons. For re-air dates and further info, check out

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Treat - Coup De Grace CD review (Frontiers Records)

Treat – Coup De Grace CD review

Imagine if you will, an artist who produces an album that conjures up, a mass of awesome sound that grabs from many fine influences of perhaps the best 80’s AOR style rock you could imagine. Oh and then adds their own, current unique edge and that’s where you’ll find this latest release from Treat lies, at least in my opinion anyway after repeated, enjoyable listens.

If you liked the best elements of say Europe (Yes, I know they're Swedish too!), Bon Jovi, Bonfire, Journey and even say Foreigner, I think you’ll really enjoy this release very much and I’m not going to say where those influences present themselves, you’ll find out when you play it!

Many artists / acts perhaps hate being compared to other acts, where others sometimes take it as a compliment and what Treat thinks who knows, although I’m sure they couldn’t deny that at least 2 or 3 of the aforementioned acts did influence them to some degree.

After an interesting intro piece ‘Prelude’ with various radio broadcast of outbreaks of war instances and similar the band then launch into ‘The War Is Over’ which put simply is HUGE! What a great sound, what massive hooks and how can you fail not to sing along with the chorus on first listen. Wow! I love it!

Then with ‘All In’ it kind of tricks you into an AC/DC like groove before then blowing you away with AOR at its absolute and biggest best! Big vocals, huge mix and so much more and this is just the second full track!

It simply doesn’t rest with its immenseness – That is a word, yes! – and ‘Paper Tiger’ next is possibly my favorite track here, because the chorus is just ..., well ‘so’ strong, but don’t despair if you’re thinking, what about guitars, keyboards, etc? It really is all here, very strong mix overall, power chords, as well as some nice ‘widdly, widdly’ guitar work, loads of melody and so, so much more.

If you don’t like melodic, hook laden hard rock music, then stop reading this now, because this album should provide all AOR fans with an album that just keeps on giving!

‘(Ready To) Roar’ just echoes again those same strengths as already mentioned for ‘Paper Tiger’ and ‘The War Is Over.’ Yes, it really is this consistent, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t somewhat clichéd throughout, but it is still just so strong and contagious and I can’t help but hear a similarity from vocalist Robert Ernlund voice to Joey Tempest’s for the most part, as well as a few others sometimes.

I won’t begin to say who I think he sounds like on ‘A Life to Die For,’ although musically it’s a ballad that probably any top AOR act wished they’d written. Class.

‘Tangled Up’ up next is a good strong melodic hard rock tune, with an almost Lou Gramm quality vocal here, although the big ‘Hey’s’ and ‘Woa’s’ could’ve been left out if you ask me, although still a strong track.

A mystical oriental type chanting starts ‘Skies of Mongolia’ before the rock kicks in and synth stabs throughout added to huge power chords and again a very strong lead vocal guides us through the track, oh and yes, huge choruses. Excellent! I know, if I'm repeating myself to you it's because this really is an album I can't get enough of.

Mid paced, chug along rocker ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is next and kind of reminds me a little in places of that classic AOR act Streets and it’s again very strong melodic rock with some edge.

It’s funny as in places the keys on this album bring to mind symphonic rock / metal and the start of ‘I’m Not Runnin’’ certainly has that effect to it. This track, if I had to name one has probably the weakest hook to it, but it’s still good.

Wow, I thought Night Ranger had jumped on my player for a minute with the intro to ‘No Way Without You,’ no bad thing but again, I guess to write something with so many strong hook lines, catchy choruses is bound to draw comparisons and I guess it gives potential buyers a guideline of what to expect. This track rocks out, sweet!

‘We Own the Night’ is a slower paced pop type rocker and again big choruses / multi-layered vocals are present in a big way here, it’s so smooth.

In ‘All for Love’ another mid paced melodic rocker and the edgier last track ‘Breathless,’ the band closes thing in a very class way, keeping the total consistency of the quality rock on offer here, to wrap things up.

This album has really impressed me - Could you tell?! - as I have not listened to or heard Treat since the late 80’s and while I recall they got my attention then, it was nowhere near how they have totally astounded me with this really classy album.

OK so it’s not original, it’s really not but as I’ve said before here, people – listeners - often thrive for and I hate to say this …, familiarity. So with the big choruses, chord structures and hook lines, that may for example sound like ‘you know who,’ I think the majority of melodic rock fans should lap this album up and not just because it sounds familiar, but because Treat play it with such class and passion that it deserves to be huge!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 for me.

Rock News for Wednesday 12th May, 2010

Thin Lizzy Confirm New Lineup and Tour!

UK & EIRE Tour January 2011
Universal Music commit to full reissue programme 2010/2011
(Picture from: by Ross Halfin)


Thin Lizzy is one of rock music’s most recognizable names. The fiery Dublin band exploded onto the scene with a fresh sound, look and attitude. Led by the incomparable Phil Lynott, the band reached many peaks and influenced generations of musicians with classic tracks such as “Jailbreak”, “The Boys Are Back In Town”, “Still In Love With You”, “Cold Sweat”, “Emerald” and “Don’t Believe A Word”. Most rock historians would agree the pinnacle of their commercial success was in 1983, followed by the bands’ premature demise, as they played their last gig in September of 1984. Just two years later, the world was shocked when singer/bassist and founding member Phil Lynott passed away at the age of thirty six.

Twenty four years have passed, the world has changed, but the amazing body of work that is Thin Lizzy still retains all of its vibrancy and influence. A new lineup has formed to take Lizzy’s music to a whole new generation of music fans. Led by alumni Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and Darren Wharton (all of whom played in Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynott) the stellar lineup is completed by Def Leppards Viv Campbell (guitar), Bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Soul SirkUS) and The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick on vocals and guitar.

Alongside the new lineup, Universal Music has committed to a series of re-issue, deluxe and special releases of classic Thin Lizzy material over the next 18 months. More details to follow.

Thin Lizzy have confirmed a 2011 UK tour. Full dates are as follows:
Thursday 6th January – Aberdeen Music Hall
Friday 7th – Glasgow O2 Academy
Saturday 8th – Newcastle City Hall
Monday 10th – Leeds O2 Academy
Tuesday 11th – Llandudno Theatre
Wednesday 12th – Leicester De Montfort Hall
Friday 14th – Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Saturday 15th – Manchester Apollo
Sunday 16th – Bristol Colston Hall
Tuesday 18th – Southampton Guildhall
Wednesday 19th – Ipswich Regent
Friday 21st – Cambridge Corn Exchange
Saturday 22nd – Hammersmith, London, HMV Apollo

Doors will be at 7pm. On the UK dates Special Guests will be Seattle based Supersuckers

For UK dates tickets will be available from 9am on the 14th May 2010 exclusively through Planet Rock radio. Tickets are priced £23.50 (£26 London) – subject to booking fee – and are available through and
Tickets will go on general sale from 9am on the 28th May (prices as above and subject to booking fee) and will also be available through VIP packages will be available through  

In addition to the UK, Thin Lizzy’s new line up will play Dublin on January 4th 2011. This special show will mark the 25th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s passing and the event will feature many additional guest stars and performers. Venue details are set to follow.

Deep Purple - Steve Morse update from the road

Type A in Taipei... I am still getting used to being in Asia, food-wise, but they sure have managed to keep order out of what looks like too many people in a small space. The audience in Taipei was incredible, very energetic! We just arrived in Hong Kong, and you just can't imagine the immensity of high rise buildings on top of hills, everywhere.

Australia was a blur, I think I was still trying to get over the change of day to night, and then we were gone. It was better than last time, I think, and it felt like a good result for all. A guitarist that I met years ago at a Guitar Player guitar concert, Nathan Cavaleri, sat in with us, and played very well, as I expected. I touched base with Living Loud bassist Bob Daisley, and we made plans to finish the tunes we started. I do wish Australia would float a few thousand miles closer to the USA, though! Always a good experience.


Full Deep Purple tour dates:
May 2010
Wed 5.12.10 Singapore
Fri 5.14.10 Bangkok, Thailand
Sun 5.16.10 Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Tue 5.18.10 Seoul, Korea
Fri 5.21.10 Vladivostock, Russia
Sat 5.22.10 Khabarovsk, Russia
Tue 5.25.10 Yerevan, Armenia
Fri 5.28.10 Johannesburg, South Africa
Fri 5.30.10 Durban, South Africa
June 2010
Tue 6.1.10 Cape Town, South Africa
Fri 6.4.10 Budapest, Hungary
Sat 6.5.10 Zagreb, Croatia
Mon 6.7.10 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tue 6.8.10 Dornbirn, Austria
Wed 6.9.10 Celigny, Switzerland
Sat 6.12.10 Samara, Russia
Mon 6.28.10 Belfast, Ireland
Wed 6.30.10 Cork, Ireland
July 2010
Sat 7.3.10 Sønderborg, Denmark
Mon 7.5.10 Turku, Finland
Tue 7.6.10 Joensuu, Finland
Thu 7.8.10 Langesund, Norway
Fri 7.9.10 Sarpsborg, Norway
Sat 7.10.10 Kilafors Bollnas, Sweden
Wed 7.14.10 Lisbon, Portugal
Sat 7.17.10 Cordoba, Spain
Sun 7.18.10 Valencia, Spain

October 2010
Wed 10.27.10 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Thu 10.28.10 Rzeszow, Poland
Sat 10.30.10 Katowice, Poland
Sun 10.31.10 Wroclaw, Poland
November 2010
Fri 11.5.10 Lyon, France
Sat 11.6.10 Montpelier, France
Sun 11.7.10 Bordeaux, France
Tue 11.9.10 Rennes, France
Wed 11.10.10 Paris, France
Fri 11.12.10 Huttwil, Switzerland
Sat 11.13.10 Trier, Germany
Sun 11.14.10 Freiburg, Germany
Tue 11.16.10 Mannheim, Germany
Thu 11.18.10 Memmingen, Germany
Fri 11.19.10 München, Germany
Sat 11.20.10 Nürnberg, Germany
Mon 11.22.10 Berlin, Germany
Tue 11.23.10 Rostock, Germany
Wed 11.24.10 Braunschweig,, Germany
Fri 11.26.10 Oldenburg, Germany
Sat 11.27.10 Hamburg, Germany
Sun 11.28.10 Essen, Germany
Tue 11.30.10 Stuttgart, Germany
December 2010
Wed 12.1.10 Strasbourg, France
Thu 12.2.10 Dijon, France
Sat 12.4.10 Troyes, France
Sun 12.5.10 Rouen, France
Mon 12.6.10 Lorient, France
Wed 12.8.10 Toulon, France
Thu 12.9.10 Pau, France
Fri 12.10.10 Limoges, France
Sun 12.12.10 Tours, France
Mon 12.13.10 Lille, France


The following announcement, was actually posted at the Supertramp home website back in April, then just a couple of days back, a new statement from the Supertramp camp ... The reunion tour will NOT include Roger Hodgson ... Read on my friends!

Supertramp has announced their 70-10 TOUR, celebrating forty years since the release of their first album, “Supertramp”, in 1970. The tour will begin on September 2, 2010 in Halle, Germany and will include thirty-five shows in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, England and Ireland.

Joining Supertramp’s founder, lead singer and keyboardist, Rick Davies, are legendary Supertramp members John Anthony Helliwell, saxophones and woodwinds, and Bob Siebenberg, drums. Veterans of past Supertramp tours, Jesse Siebenberg, lead vocals, guitars and percussion, Cliff Hugo, bass, Carl Verheyen, guitars and Lee Thornburg, horns, will round out the lineup.

Rick Davies, along with set and lighting designer, Michael Brian Duncan, is developing a new stage production that will provide the audience with a total Supertramp experience, a delight for both the eyes and ears. Rehearsals are currently underway in New York and during the two hour plus show the band will perform a plethora of classics from their forty year history, including Bloody Well Right, Dreamer, From Now On, Goodbye Stranger, The Logical Song, Rudy and many, many more.

Then this update posted at the site, May 8th, 2010:

In June of 2008 Rick Davies went to meet with Roger Hodgson to discuss the possibility of a reunion with him. After fifteen months of discussions, last fall Rick and Roger did not come to an agreement as was hoped. Roger decided to continue his solo career as he has since leaving Supertramp twenty-seven years ago.

After a bit of soul searching and much encouragement and support from Supertramp’s longstanding promoters, Rick decided to put the band back on the road.

The “70-10 Tour” is a celebration of 40 years of Supertramp, which Rick started in 1970, but it is not a reunion with Roger Hodgson. We wish Roger well and look forward to playing for you this fall.
We sincerely hope this puts an end to the confusion that has been circulating on the internet and in the press.

Kiss is coming back to the USA! - August 2010 Tour expected

Main Kiss 'character,' frontman Gene Simmons has leaked through his Twitter page this news:
 "KISS is coming to North America again... starting in August... See you all then."

Then add to that the announcement at that KISS will make its Indiana State Fair debut Aug. 9 at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand.

Tickets for the concert go on sale 10 a.m. Friday. Admission prices are $70, $59 and $45 plus applicable fees. Fair admission is included with tickets.
Through midnight Sunday or while supplies last, a buy-one-get-one-free ticket offer applies to $45 seats in the upper grandstand.
Tickets will be available at the fairgrounds box office, 1202 E. 38th St., by visiting, or by calling (800) 745-3000.
Stay tuned to for a full announcement within the next few weeks!
Free download of new Heart song

Heart are offering a free download of a new song from their forthcoming new studio album, 'Red Velvet Car' 
coming this fall!
Go to their MySpace page here: or their band website and - you'll have to enter your birthdate and give your email - you'll get the new song available as a download link emailed to you. Sound good? It does to me!

Bon Jovi - 10 Special Editions and Madison Square Garden DVD Released


The "Special Editions" are re-releases of Bon Jovi's entire collection of studio albums that include bonus rare, era-specific live recording tracks. These "Special Editions" also feature new artwork, including images from each period, and new liner notes documenting the evolution of the band. Additionally, each "Special Edition" will unlock "backstage access" to The Bon Jovi Vaults where you can access exclusive content--photos, tour memorabilia, and more live tracks.Visit to the albums today!
Specific link:


Get the new Bon Jovi  Live at Madison Square Garden DVD or Blu-Ray from their performance on July 15, 2008--25 years after their first performance there. The show is captured in high definition and surround sound to make you feel like you're right there at the show. Get the DVD at your local Walmart store or the Blu-Ray edition at Amazon:

Also check out the trailer on Youtube:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rock News for Tuesday 11th May, 2010

Queen breaks free from EMI

According to Queen fan site, - it seems the guys in the band are following in Paul McCartney's footsteps in quitting EMI and it seems that Universal is where they are headed!
Interesting indeed ... I wonder if this will lead to John Deacon hooking up with Brian May and Roger Taylor once more and moreso, since the Paul Rodgers bit appears to be done, who would front the band?

This posted through the Queen site:
Veteran rock band Queen have quit the beleaguered music label EMI for its rival Universal.

Queen, who have been with the heavily indebted British label for almost 40 years, are believed to have been lured to Universal with a new contract worth tens of millions of pounds.

The band’s exit follows the departure of Sir Paul McCartney, who took his solo and Wings back catalogue to Concord Music this year.
Read the full story here:

Joe Elliott's DOWN 'N OUTZ to release MY RE GENERATION on June 23rd

Sometimes the most interesting of projects arise from the most unusual of circumstances. So it is that the Down 'N Outz is a project fronted by Def Leppards Joe Elliott, backed by The Quireboys and playing rare tracks connected only by Mott The Hoople ....

Joe Elliott takes up the story, "When Mott The Hoople announced they were reforming for a weeks worth of shows at the Hammersmith Odeon I was asked that I participate in some capacity. They've always been my favourite band and it's nice to see the rest of the rock world finally catch up and give them their due."

"But, what was I to do? It was suggested to me that the Quireboys would be up for offering their services. This was perfect! A fan since their first album, I loved the idea of working with a band as enthusiastic to do this as I was. I decided that the thing to do was play some songs that like minded people thought they would never hear live again, if ever, songs by spin offs of Mott the Hoople - songs by Mott, Ian Hunter and British Lions. Songs that are close to my heart, songs that I've played every week for the best part of 35 years on record, cassette, CD, Ipod and now live."

The Down 'N Outz supported Mott The Hoople's at one of their legendary 2009 reformation shows at Hammersmith Odeon. In addition to Joe Elliott (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards) the band featured The Quireboys' Paul Guerin (Guitar), Guy Griffin (Guitar), Keith Weir (keyboards) and Phil Martini (drums) and finally bassist Ronnie Garrity (Raw Glory). Following a rapturous reception the one night project took on a life and energy of it's own and an album project was born.

Down 'N Outz then set about recording an albums worth of material. The album was produced by Joe Elliott with co-production by Ronan McHugh. The album was recorded at Joe Elliott's own studio Joe's Garage and Moor Hall studio in Bedfordshire.

Full tracklisting (with original recording artist):

2. STORM (Mott)
5. ENGLAND ROCKS (Ian Hunter)
7. BY TONIGHT (Mott)
8. WHO DO YOU LOVE (Ian Hunter)
9. ONE MORE CHANCE TO RUN (British Lions)
10. GOOD TIMES (Mott, originally recorded by The Easybeats)

Prior to it's general release fans will be able to get hold of the 10 track album cover mounted on the issue of Classic Rock magazine on sale on the 23rd June 2010. Classic Rock, a publication by special-interest media group Future, is one of the U.K.'s biggest rock music magazines and in 2009 recorded its eighth consecutive circulation increase, the only paid-for music magazine to grow. Chris Ingham, group publisher of Future's Classic Rock, said, "We are delighted to be able to offer our readers the first chance to hear the Down 'N Outz record - a completely unique project. To have them also appearing as a UK festival exclusive on the Classic Rock curated High Voltage festival is an added bonus".

An extended version of the album will also be released through Mailboat Records (Joe Perry, Walter Becker, Chris Isaak, Jeff Bridges) on the 13th July 2010. The extended version will feature three extra tracks unavailable on the Classic Rock tied release.

Down 'N Outz have also been confirmed to play the main stage of inaugural High Voltage Festival at Victoria Park, London on Sunday the 25th July 2010. For further details, ticket information and an exclusive interview with Joe Elliott, visit

"MY RE GENERATION" is the first part in a series of projects by the Down 'N Outz, including a forthcoming DVD of the Hammersmith Apollo performance. More details to follow.....

Jani Lane gets DUI ..., again ...

This story of the former Warrant frontman Jani Lane from E News.
Jani Lane, frontman for the '80s hair-metal band Warrant, was arrested on suspicion of DUI Sunday night, E! News has learned. - via Comcast:

According to an LAPD spokesman, the 46-year-old Lane was behind the wheel of a black Infiniti sedan when he allegedly sideswiped a parked car in the L.A. suburb of Woodland Hills. He flubbed both field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests, police said.

The singer, who was not injured in the incident, was taken into custody and booked on the DUI charge. He was released around 3 a.m.
It's not the first time for Lane either, in July 2009, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI and was handed three years' probation, three months in an alcohol-education program and a month of community service.
Sad times indeed for the singer ....

Michael Schenker Group - M.S.G. - Tour line up information released

The MSG - 30th Anniversary - (Special Line-up) World Tour will continue in Europe and North America celebrating 30 Years of The Michael Schenker Group!
Special Line Up - Europe and UK - May/June:
Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Gary Barden - Vocals
Chris Slade - Drums (ex - ACDC/Firm etc.)- May/June
Pete Holmes - Drums (ex Black 'n Blue) - July
Chris Glen - Bass
Wayne Findlay - Guitar/Keyboards

Special Line Up - US Tour:
Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Gary Barden - Vocals
Carmine Appice - Drums (ex - Vanilla Fudge/Jeff Beck/Ozzy Osborne/etc.)
Elliott "Dean" Rubinson - Bass (Owner of Dean Guitars)
Wayne Findlay - Guitar/Keyboards
Tour dates can be found here:

Stone Temple Pilots new video available

Check out the Stone Temple Pilots’ brand new music video for their #1 single “Between the Lines” off their self-titled studio album which hits stores on May 25th!

Stone Temple Pilots "Between The Lines" [Music Video]:

"Breaking The Law (Live)" from the 30th Anniversary Edition of British Steel premiere's at VEVO!

"Breaking The Law (Live)" from the 30th Anniversary Edition of British Steel premiere's at VEVO!
Album in-store everywhere on Tuesday 11th May, or order now from


Achim Kohler (PRIMAL FEAR. SINNER, SILENT FORCE).has recently finished the mix of the third ALLEN / LANDE album which will be entitled “The Showdown”.

With songs once again written by guitar sensation Magnus Karlsson (now with PRIMAL FEAR), the two monster vocalists Jorn Lande (Masterplan) and Russell Allen (Symphony X) unite once again their talents in a fabulous new album that seems to be forged in the fires of Mayhem. “The Showdown” shows again that the musical direction will be Epic, grandiose and very melodic Hard Rocking music. The cover art was designed specifically for the project once again by the amazing Rodney Matthews. Frontiers looks set to release this new masterpiece in September.

A videoclip for the song “Judgement Day” was shot in Scandinavia during April under the direction of Thomas Tjader (Saint Deamon, Issa). You can enjoy a trailer by clicking below…

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rock News for Sunday 9th May, 2010

First of all, a Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's / Mom's in the USA today ... In the UK it was back in March, funny how that goes. Still, enjoy your day! :)

Lukather new album, 'Recording is finished!'

Yes, the guitar maestro, Steve Lukather has announced the last track for his new album is done!
This from his site:
May 6th 2010

Steve Lukather: "Finished the last track today and now it is time to do the last overdubs and sings a few things, a few guests mix and done! Sounds easy right. NOT, lol. IT will take a few weeks yet but I am almost done. My pal CJ Vanston and I wrote this last one and he and Phil Collen from Def Leppard stopped by today as well as my son Trev..."
Pic from the studio - Courtesy of:

May 7th 2010
Steve Lukather: "Back in the studio today with Carlitos and Trev and Me doin OD's on the new tune CJ and I wrote. My son Trev just came up with a KILLER part on the new tune. Great Father and son moments!
I am pumped. Off for a run then the studio then a chill weekend with the family. Mothers day. Dont forget to hug your Mom or whomever IS a mom around you. VERY important people they are!"

May 7th 2010
Trev Lukather: "Heading to the studio 2 play guitar on my pop's new record... didn't get a chance to write with him but he wants me on the record... the song is a killer one."

Primal Fear new live DVD, 'Live in the USA.'

German Metal masters PRIMAL FEAR are back with a new DVD recorded in various locations between September and November 2009 and a live CD album aptly titled "Live in the USA".

The main part of the DVD was recorded in Switzerland a the Z7, but there is more footage from headlining show held at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta USA plus footage from Brazil/Sao Paulo, Toyko & Osaka/Japan. That's why the DVD is named "16.6 - All Over The World" while the Live CD is titled "Live In The USA" because the live CD was recorded in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles.

The DVD is filled with loads of extra materials, such as an entire bootleg section with funny moments on the road, some bootleg shots from festivals and other concerts, all Primal Fear latest video clips, plus the making of the band’s last album 16.6 in the recording studio and a brand new interview section about the past & future of Primal Fear.
The item is available in 3 formats: CD only; DVD only; combo CD + DVD in digipak.

- Youtube clip sample for KILLBOUND:

WIG WAM finish Japanese tour with a party concert

The Wig Wamania Golden Party was held at Shibuya Boxx in Tokyo on Saturday night. This was a special event for the dedicated fans. In a three hours show Wig Wam gave an electric set and an acoustic set. The show also included a Q&A session and a karaoke competition.

May 3, 2010 - Wig Wam completed their Japan tour with an exclusive party concert in Tokyo, 1st of May. A packed Shibuya Boxx attended Wig Wamania Treasure Island, Saturday Night Golden Party on Saturday night. This was a special event for dedicated fans.

Wig Wam started the evening with an electric set, where they among other things, gave the Japanese fans their AC/DC medley with Flash & Teeny spinning around playing each others instruments back to back. The electric set was followed by a Q&A session with Wig Wam on stage answering questions from the audience.

Afterwards, there was a karaoke competition where the public could choose between different Wig Wam songs. Glam was the host and Flash, Teeny and Sporty constituted jury.

In the acoustic set Wig Wam also did the Dream Police-song "Hot Legs". During the very last song Glam left the stage and went down to the enthusiastic audience and sang with them as he walked around in the arena. This was of course extremely popular by the crowd.

When the audience eventually left Shibuya Boxx, Wig Wam stood in the doorway and greeted everyone and gave away signed flyers.

Later that evening Wig Wam had a dinner with the winners from competitions held before Wig Wam came to Japan, and of course the winner of the karaoke contest at Shibuya Boxx.

Mike Portnoy Will Drum With Avenged Sevenfold Throughout 2010

Dream Theater's drummer extraordinaire Mike Portnoy has just shared this information on his plans for 2010!

'After having had such an amazing experience recording my drum tracks for the new Avenged Sevenfold album, we all knew it would be awesome if I'd be able to do some touring with the band after its release...
I am happy to say that the timing worked out perfectly that my touring cycle with Dream Theater (and Transatlantic) was coming to an end just as A7X's was scheduled begin!
(well, perfect for everyone except my poor family!) : )

Although I wish I could stay on board with A7X in a more permanent capacity, the reality is that I am commited to Dream Theater as my main priority (that is my baby afterall!), and I will need to resume work with DT to start a new album at some point in 2011....

However, I will be able to join my brothers in Avenged Sevenfold for at least the duration of their touring throughout 2010...and hopefully this will give them the time to continue to heal and get comfortable back on the road....
You can look at me like the band's "rebound drummer" to buy them some time until they are comfortable and ready to make a commitment to somebody new for full-time relationship in their future!

In the meantime, I am real excited to hit the road with the bring my drumming from their new album to life on stage and to honor The Rev with all of their older material....

(Hey, do I get to have a cool, bad-ass stage name now???) : )
C-ya out there,'

Kottak Rock´n´ Roll Forever out May 14 in Europe

Scorpions drummer, James Kottak is excited to announce that his side project Kottak, have the new Kottak album 'Rock´n´ Roll Forever' released this Friday May 14th in Europe!
No more info than that right now, but apparently this is the album cover!

Jim Peterik's World Stage - Up Close and Unplugged

Mark a big red "X" on Friday, June 4th and make sure you're in town! There will be a "World Stage Unplugged" show at the Montrose Room of the Hotel Intercontinental in Rosemont, IL. Featured guests: Jeff Carlisi, the original guitarist for 38 Special, Lisa McClowry, Jack Blades from Night Ranger and others. Showtime is set for 8:30
This is a VERY limited seating concert so get your tix FAST before they sell out. You can get your tix at Ticketmaster -

Toto reunion - European Tour dates update

So far there's little over a handful of dates from Toto that have been announced, but here's hoping differences can be pushed aside and the guys decide to get back on track as a band and a) add more live dates and b) provide another class studio album!
Here are the current European dates that have been announced:
July 2010
07 - Jul - 2010 Wednesday Neu-Isenburg Hugonottenhalle Germany
09 - Jul - 2010 Friday Clam Burg Clam Austria
10 - Jul - 2010 Saturday Wiesen Lovely Days Festival Austria
11 - Jul - 2010 Sunday Weert Bospop Festival Netherlands
13 - Jul - 2010 Tuesday Heerhugowaard (near Amsterdam) De Waerdse Tempel Netherlands
15 - Jul - 2010 Thursday Locarno Moon & Stars, Piazza Grande Switzerland
16 - Jul - 2010 Friday Singen Hohenentwiel Festival Germany
17 - Jul - 2010 Saturday 83671 Benediktbeuern Kloster Benediktbeuern Germany
20 - Jul - 2010 Tuesday Copenhagen KB Hall Denmark
22 - Jul - 2010 Thursday Pori Pori Festival Finland

Francis Rossi 'One Step at a Time' - Solo Tour - May 2010

Status Quo's Francis Rossi's first ever solo tour starts on May 13th. The "One Step At A Time" UK tour, that takes the name of his solo album to be released by EarMUSIC, released through Edel, will take in six UK dates. He will be accompanied by an 8 piece band.

Support for the tour will be The North, featuring Francis's daughter Bernadette Rossi.

Francis has commented, "I never stop writing songs and melodies but there have been many tracks over the years that just weren't right for Quo. These songs have been gathering dust in my mind for too long and now seems the right time to showcase them. It's a big step for me but I hope to see lots of the same faces out there on the road!"


Never-Before-Seen Footage Highlights Incredible Documentary About The Recording of The Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main Street!
New York, N.Y. (May 3, 2010)—Eagle Vision—the wholly-owned subsidiary of Eagle Rock Entertainment—is proud to announce the June 22 release of Stones In Exile, a compelling hour long documentary look at the recording of what many rock historians call the greatest album in history: 1972’s Exile On Main Street. The packaging comes complete with 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes bonus footage.
There has been, over the years, a veritable mountain of debate, conjecture, written words and mythologizing about this most classic album. It has been the subject of books, of rumors, of innuendo, of stories that have only added to the Stones’ legend. Now, for the first time, one can step back in time to the spring of 1971 and enter the villa called Nellcote at Villefranche-sur-Mer in the South of France where Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor created and recorded this most classic of albums in the most chaotic of circumstances.

The footage is extraordinary. It includes interviews with all five Stones as well as sections of the long-dormant notorious Cocksucker Blues movie, which every Rolling Stones fan has talked about, wondered about, but few have actually seen. Other key cinematic moments have Mick and Charlie returning to Olympic Studios where some of the early Exile work was laid down, as well as Mick’s country estate, Stargroves.

There’s also a star-studded list of contributors to this film who share their most intimate remembrances: Martin Scorsese, Anita Pallenberg, producer Jimmy Miller, engineer Andy Johns, photographer Dominique Tarlé, legendary sax man Bobby Keys and many others.

Stones In Exile, is directed by Stephen Kijak and produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker John Battsek, Victoria Pearman and executive produced by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, & Charlie Watts. The film will be aired May 14th on NBC TV’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” In the week leading up to the broadcast, Fallon will host a celebration of the Rolling Stones beginning May 10, saluting the re-release of the band’s 10th studio album Exile on Main Street. Exile will be available in the U.S. May 18 with never-before-released bonus tracks. Ladies And Gentlemen…The Rolling Stones 1972 concert movie will be fully restored and released for the first time on Blu-Ray later this year as the second project in the two-film deal between Eagle Rock Entertainment and the Rolling Stones.