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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brief News Update for Tuesday December 20th, 2011

Hey folks,
Thanks again for your great support of Chambers of Rock, you folks are fantastic!
Last night I was working on the painstaking task of the transfer of audio files to text and since the Windows built in voice recognition option is next to useless with doing this to my recorded telephone interviews with various artists, I have little choice but to play it all back, stop / start all through and type it up. Last night after an hour and a half of doing just this, something went badly wrong and the file I was working on, did not save .... I'm so mad about that right now ..., yeah, still, especially when my time to do this is already so limited, even more so at Christmas with so much family stuff going on.

Anyway, enough of my moans and groans.
Here's a little of what news updates I was made aware of ... Cheers, Al

Hoax Jon Bon Jovi dead rumours resounding across the internet

As I was about to leave work last night, when a guy there was saying ... 'Jon Bon Jovi found dead, at 49.' He went on to say, 'You've got to be kidding right? Did you hear this?'
My obvious answer was no.
Immediately I jumped onto, MSN, BBC, Classic Rock magazine, Billboard and a few other's and nothing came up.
Then a Google search on the subject matter, revealed a bunch of 'news' sites and blog sites - I guess like this one. - were posting that he had been found dead in a New Jersey hotel and could not be
Unreal what people will do for kicks, huh? Posting stuff like that ...

Here's one of those sites that had posted it:

You can search more and you'll find more that are still up and active ...

When I got in my car to drive home, I tuned into Sirius XM radio and Eddie Trunk's weekly radio show on 'The Boneyard' and he pointed out from the offset that this story was a complete hoax!
No truth in it whatsoever ...
He had just heard from Dave 'Snake' Sabo of Skid Row, who grow up with Jon and he'd just got off the phone with him and he was just doing fine! Not sick, nothing to raise even the slightest concern.

So ..., the man is alive and this was posted last night through Jon Bon Jovi's Facebook page. 

Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey: Jon Bon Jovi tweets that he's alive and well after death rumours cropped up today

So there you have it, Jon Bon Jovi is doing just fine and he will soon be promoting a new Bon Jovi live album, as far as I understand. It is initially being released through the bands fan club, through their website, so if you are interested in checking that out, go to:


MR BIG’s 'Live from the Living Room' finally made available worldwide on Frontiers Records !

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of MR BIG’s new acoustic Live Album "Live from the Living Room" on February 24th 2012 in Europe and February 28th in North America.

At the end of January 2011, during a week long promotion trip to promote for their latest reunion album “What If” and tour, MR BIG were invited to the WOWOW TV Studios in Tokyo to perform a special show in an intimate setting.

When the talk of a broadcast first came up, the band wanted to present something different than they’ve ever done before. Thus the idea of an acoustic show came about and a string quintet was brought in to enhance the project even more, with arrangements provided by Takashi Miyazaki. Although Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan hooked up electric on a few songs, the show was still very much acoustic in nature throughout. Pat Torpey played various acoustic percussion instruments during the gig.

In Eric Martin’s words:
 “The idea for the show came out of a quick conversation the 4 of us had after a day of interviews promoting the new “What if” CD. We did an acoustic show at the Hard Rock cafĂ© in Singapore in 1996 that (till this day) is one of my favorite live recordings. It had a stripped down, up close and personal feel to it. If we were going to do something like that again it would have to be extra special. We were talking about the old days when musicians used to live together in a band house and practice day and night. Our favorite rock band posters and tapestry’s adorning the walls, family hand me down furniture, amps that doubled as lamp stands, friends hanging out and the usual cluttered mess on the floor, lyric sheets, guitar cases and chords, music stands, beer cans, Pizza boxes, wine bottles etc. “Live from the living room” was born out of that. We wanted to recreate a harmonious atmosphere and treat our fans to an informal jam session of songs from the past and present while throwing in a few surprises from our wish lists (Strings, Japanese taiko drums).

Mr. Big Fun fact - it was recorded live in front of a small but intimate audience at Tokyo studios where great movies like Seven Samurai, Godzilla and hundreds of other legendary Japanese films were made.”

The result from that magic night in Tokyo is now here: 10 Mr Big classics in a completely new and fresh dress and a portrait from the very first ever acoustic show from the band.

MR BIG’s latest album “What If” saw the band come back in the original line-up featuring singer Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan on bass and Pat Torpey on drums.
The album charted in several European countries in the week of release and went gold in Japan.

"Live from the Living Room" will be exclusively released in a glossy digipak and will include the following songs: Undertow; Still Ain't Enough For Me; As Far As I Can See; Voodoo Kiss; Take Cover; Around The World; Stranger In My Life; All The Way Up; To Be With You; Nobody Left To Blame.

It is now possible to listen the first single “Undertow” on the Frontiers Records Webradio.


An Update from Escape Music

Just visiting the Escape Music website, there's some interesting stuff on the way in the New Year, suffice to say, Escape Music have avoided my requests for review materials, so all I can do is share the news of their releases, if nothing else!
This from their website:

Coming to you folks in 2012 on Escape Music

1- Lee Small January

2- Human Temple February

3- Phenomena: March Featuring (Terry Brock, James Christian, Rob Moratti, Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Chris Antblad, Magnus Karlsson, Lee Small, Tommy Denander and Mike Slamer)
Produced by Tom Galley and Martin Kronlund.

4- Departure: “Hitch A Ride” April

5- Overland: in productions with (Christian Wolff, John Payne of ASIA on Bass, Jay Schellen Of Hurricane and Unruly Child on Drums, and Mike Slamer on Guitars and production.

6- Final Frontiers: in productions with Rob Moratti on lead vocals, and MLADEN

7- OZONE: in productions (Steve Overland and Chris Ousey) with Mike Slamer in production duties

8- Gypsy Rose: on Lead Vocals Lee Small

Last but not least Alliance featuring Robert Berry (Solo, Hush, GTR, Ambrosia),
Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar), David Lauser (Sammy Hagar), Alan 'Fitz' Fitzgerald (Nightranger)

Plus others to come...stay tuned

Official Website:

And that's really all I have right now folks ...
Sorry, really not too much else to share with you that I've been made aware of at this time.


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