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Monday, December 19, 2011

Late Brief Update for Monday December 19th, 2012

Hi folks,
Well, a couple of things, first of all I'm sending out an appeal to to Bill Zwirz in Hoboken, N.J.
Bill, you won the Judas Priest competition back in late November and I mailed out your CD, Judas Priest's, Chosen Few album.
In cross checking with the Post Office, they show that they 'tried' to deliver the CD to you on December 7th, but couldn't and left you a message to pick it up at the post office or request re-delivery.
They will hold it for 15 days, before returning it to sender ... Yes, me!
I sent it with 'Delivery Confirmation' because people in the past have told me they didn't get their prize, when I sent things simply first class mail.
Bill, they HAVE the CD, waiting for you. Please go claim it. I have emailed you a copy of my P.O. receipt and Delivery Confirmation receipt too. Thanks Bill, enjoy the disc!

OK, now here's the big one for me ...
Well for all of us, that is you my readers and myself.

With your support, constant visits, sharing information about 'Chambers of Rock,' with your friends, you have taken this site, in the two years that it has run since I started it in late December 2009, just past the 100,000 page view mark!!!

I could never have thought, that this little old side project of mine, would have done this, thanks to you all!
Not too bad for a blog site with no one else helping me to promote it, no other sites helping to plug it, thanks to my regular visitors, you are fantastic!
Cheers, Alun Williams - Owner / Editor @ Chambers of Rock!  

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  1. I got the CD! THanks so much sorry for the later reply!!!!!