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Friday, December 18, 2009



You know the thing about Quo that is amazing is that they’ve had more UK Hit singles than both the Stones and the Beatles. That’s quite an achievement itself.

This DVD from the tour in celebration of said 40th Anniversary of the band, is to me an excellent reminder of just how good this band is as a live act. That said, the Montreux crowd to me, seem a little stiff to say the least!

This release might have come across better to any newer fans of the band, if filmed in the UK on one of their now famous December, pre-Christmas tours.

There is no doubting the UK's passion for Quo as their appearance at the UK's all encompassing, all genre annual Glastonbury festival proved earlier this year.

Opening here with the only track they ever should open with (Everyone expects?!), Caroline, it's no holds barred from the start and maybe older Quo fans scoff at The Wanderer cover, but it still works. This is though more than made up for with Rain next and then Don't Drive My Car before the back to back of Mean Girl / Softer Ride, which proves that Quo songs do not outdate each other! The 12 Bar boogie lives on and on and really, NO one does it better than Quo.

Seriously, ZZ Top are entertaining but this is the field that Quo totally excel in, but there is the variety that they've proven over the years, but fortunately the real cheese era of Quo is thankfully missing here. Well done lads!

The "Proposing Medley" of What Your Proposin'/Down The Dustpipe/Little Lady/Red Sky/Dear John/Big Fat Mama works really well and as classic as the once staple 15 - 20 minute Forty Five Hundred Times was, it got to a point where it had to go as the Quo back catalogue became so much larger!

Pictures Of Matchstick Men, back to back with Ice In The Sun sounded good among the "beyond the 60's" sounding Quo and the way that it's presented, simply works! Play the original versions and boy, are they dated! Done live here, in my book sound fine!

The more recent Quo years are represented by the inclusion of the excellent Beginning Of The End, the opener from their last very strong release, In Search Of the 4th Chord as well as The Oriental and Creepin' Up On You from Heavy Traffic.

Since Quo came into the new millenium, I have to say there's a clearly conscious effort and successful at that attempt to bring back the classic Quo sound that so many die fans have missed, right up to date and stronger than ever.

This DVD for me, has really given me the huge desire to see these guys again, something I've not done in almost 20 years! The past 10 years, not through choice, as Quo US jaunts have become rarer than rockin' horse crap!

If you've not seen Quo live in a while, GO!!! You really don't know what you're missing, oh and Rossi is as funny as ever!

Parfitt and Rossi could always entertain, away from the music with their one liners, today is no different.

I recommend this DVD big time, I only wish that the USA had a Deluxe version too, as the UK has which includes no less than 3 discs!

Rating 4.5 / 5

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