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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update note for Saturday September 24th, 2011

Hi folks, just a brief note to apologise for the errors in the posting of the Airrace latest release, 'Back To the Start.' It seems the gremlins won't leave me alone?!

It's crazy and now I guess you can see and have seen first hand the issues I've been having.
It makes no sense, when I type up a review, I typically do so in word format, then drop it into the site template and normally would check to see it's gone up OK and I did to a degree, as those of you who saw it first posted would see at the top of the review, all was good, then about two thirds in, it went wrong? Why ...? Who knows?!
Anyway, I have now done some editing and it should now be a lot easier to read! Once again, my apologies.

Well, it's Saturday night, the Alice Cooper Behind the Music is just wrapping up on VH1 Classic and it's time for 'That Metal Show' with Eddie Trunk and his special guest tonight ... Sammy 'Red Rocker' Hagar! Woo hoo! Good one, looking forward to this one!
Cheers folks, Al

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