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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 18th August, 2010

Aerosmith ... At odds again or just an accident?
It seems that tension may have risen again within the Aerosmith camp or maybe Steven Tyler can't stay onstage anymore!

Almost a year to the incident in South Dakota last year, when Aerosmith were playing and Steven Tyler fell off stage, at that time accused of being or seemingly 'drunk', the man falls off the walkway into the crowd in Toronto last night.
This situation though did seem to be a little different though, where Tyler went over to Joe Perry, as Perry was jamming his guitar solo during 'Love in an Elevator,' and Tyler leaned against Perry. Perry apparently then looked around at Tyler and must adjusted his stance, as it seems it was at this point where Tyler lost his balance and ended up in the crowd!

You can find the story here:
and another here:
Is this Iron Maiden's last album and tour?
There are a number of pointers right now that may suggest that Iron Maiden are going to call it quits!
Why, you might ask?
Well, the latest album is called, 'The Final Frontier,' it's been 30 years since they first broke through in 1980 with the N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) alongside Def Leppard, Saxon and many others at the time and revived careers by many hard rock and metal acts at the time AND in current interviews by band members there are suggestions towards these being the bands last tour dates.

In an interview with Jannick Gers with 'Headbang,' MSN's section of their site dedicated to Heavy Metal he says in reply to Headbang's question: 
Headbang: 'Some people have been worried about this being it for the band, with the title "The Final Frontier", and the lyrics to that song, with Bruce [Dickinson] singing about how he's accomplished everything he ever wanted to… what's the deal? This isn't the band's last hurrah or anything, is it?'

Jannick Gers: 'Well, I don't know. I hope not. I'm enjoying it, I think everybody else is enjoying it, and I wouldn't like to think this is the end, but you never know. You just never know when your last gig's gonna be. It's like a heavyweight boxer, he's at the peak of his game and he goes out and he gets knocked out. You believe you can go on forever. I believe we're a really good band, and as long as it's fun, and as long as we're cutting it, and as long as we're valid, I wanna go out and play. But I don't wanna end up doing a cabaret set with a load of other bands playing the greatest hits album all the time. That's part of it, having the hunger for what we do, and I think everybody in the band does. And as long as we're cutting it, and bringing great songs in, trying to go down different paths and further ourselves musically, then I think we carry on.'
Read the full interview here:
There's nothing else really of any substance, but other rumours are being picked up on through various posting's on forums, etc.
Maybe it's just time for Bruce (Dickinson) and Steve 'Harry' Harris to do their own solo albums?
Bruce of course has done it before and done OK, but Steve Harris the man behind most of the lyrics and music, has yet to induldge.
I guess well ..., we'll have to wait and see ...

No Brazil for Michael Schenker, not right now anyway

Michael Schenker has just posted the following statement at his site regarding playing live in Brazil:

To everyone in Brazil: we are also disappointed that we will not be coming to Brazil this summer. We are in the process of some really big things and look forward to coming to Brazil when the timing is right. For the sake of completeness: There has not been any contract or contract breach on concerts in Brazil; we simply had to pass an offer this time. The promoters already removed their first ambiguous note, as it was based on a misunderstanding. We had really great shows and fantastic audiences in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in 2009. So MSG can´t wait to be back to Brazil!
Keep Rockin'!

The band will wrap up their US tour this weekend in Chicago, finishing with one of Schenker's former bands, The Scorpions.

City Winery presents: Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop Commemorative Wine

Oh boy! Another rock star getting on the wine selling trail!
At least the former Triumph man Rik Emmett with this one is dedicating 'some' of the proceeds from sales to charity.

Want a special memento to remember a great show?
A unique present to give as a gift?
A great bottle of wine celebrating your favorite musician?
City Winery is proud to introduce our new range of Limited Edition Artist Selections chosen by your favorite musicians to celebrate their performance at City Winery.

Purchase a commemorative bottle of City Winery’s hand crafted wine, specially selected by Rik Emmett and Dave Dunlop to celebrate their sold-out show at City Winery.
At Rik’s request a portion of proceeds to go to cancer research at New York’s own Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. (

This powerful and decadent Syrah from Lake County, CA., has been specially bottled and labeled at the winery for your enjoyment. Fresh black fruit is framed with a hint of briary spice on the nose, supple tannins and balanced acidity give weight to the mid-palate. This is a fine example of what great Syrah can become in the hands of a great artist, and like the boys, every note leaves you asking for more.

Visit City Winery to order today and your Limited Edition Wine will be waiting for you when you attend the concert.

To catch Rik Emmett on his current tour, check out his tour dates here:

Francis Rossi recording live show at St Luke's (London, England)

Francis Rossi and band will be playing an exclusive, one-off special show in London on September 15, at St. Luke’s, 161 Old Street, London. Just 200 standing-only spaces are available for this intimate solo gig, which will be filmed and recorded for a future live DVD and album.

Admission to the event is £20, and access is only being offered via the Quo Shop.

No tickets will be issued for the show; instead, fans that have purchased admissions from the Quo shop will be asked to present their proof of purchase receipt at the door, on the night.
Doors will open at 7pm.

Francis Rossi recently completed a UK tour in support of his latest solo release, 'One Step At a Time.'
For more Status Quo related info:

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