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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock News for Thursday 16th September, 2010

The Eternal Idol - Black Sabbath album - Feat. Ray Gillen to finally be released

It seems after years and years having passed and the original version of 'Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol' having been released years ago, featuring the vocals of Tony Martin, something has happened to make Tony Iommi agree to the release of the original recording of the album.

Back in 1986, after Glenn Hughes had sung lead vocals on the 'Black Sabbath (Feat. Tony Iommi - Seventh Star" and had done a few tour dates, Hughes was let go. Enter one Ray Gillen to fill the lead vocalist slot!
Ray Gillen had then gone on to record 'The Eternal Idol' album with Tony Iommi and crew, but he then left to form the hard rock act, 'Badlands' with another ex-Sabbath member Eric Singer.
Well, the album wasn't quite finished and Tony Iommi then found Tony Martin, to complete things and thus, 'The Eternal Idol,' featuring the new vocals of Tony Martin was released.

Well, now 'The Eternal Idol' is to be reissued, as a double CD set, with Disc one, the Tony Martin album with two bonus tracks in, "Some Kind of Woman" and "Black Moon (demo).'
Disc two, will feature the Ray Gillen recorded version of the album.

Anyway, enough of my info on it, for further info on this and all things Balck Sabbath related, go to the excellent site:

Ace Frehley to Appear at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, FL on October 8-10

Sounds a little sad to me but ....
Ace Frehley will appear at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend on October 8, 9, and 10 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Please click here - - for additional information.
Meantime, check out Ace's site here:

Stryper make new 'Covering' material available through iTunes ...

... Sadly don't get too excited though, as it's only one track, their tribute to Ronnie James Dio - Which is cool, but ... - in their cover of Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell' track.

You can make the download right here:
The princely sum of $1.29

I just wish they'd release the full album of 'The Covering!'

Phil Collins explains Genesis is most likely all done now

Phil Collins recently did an interview with and talked a lot about a forthcoming Motown and Soul covers album to be released later this month on the 28th September ... Yawn! Sorry, it just does nothing for me!

During his interview with Billboard's Craig Mclean, McLean asked the obvious question most fans of Genesis wanted to hear, 'What does the future hold for Genesis?'

Phil Collins replied:
I think Genesis are no longer. I don't foresee me doing any more Genesis shows. Not because I don't like it or don't want to. But it doesn't fit in with my life and wanting to be with the boys, and taking onboard [my other interests like] the Alamo and writing a book about that. And the other stuff that I'd like to do-and that includes doing nothing as well. But also, I can't physically play the drums. I don't want to sound like a spoiled kid, like I've had my stuff and I don't want to do it anymore. But I have done it all my life, and now I'm enjoying another side of life.

So there you have it .... That's all folks! He doesn't feel up to it anymore it seems.
I guess if anything was a pointer to where his heart was, just check out his solo material. Not a lot of rock or very much with a Genesis direction, is there?
Ah well, if you wanted to read the full interview, go to:

MelodicRock Records introduces Degreed - Life, Love, Loss

MelodicRock Records is proud to add another fantastic band to its small roster of artists in signing Swedish melodic hard rocker band Degreed for the release of their debut album Life, Love, Loss. The album will be released worldwide October 29, with pre-orders (available from today) shipped the week of October 22.

Degreed were founded during 2005 at the Conservatory of Music in Stockholm by Mats Ericsson, Robin Ericsson, Jonas Erkers and Daniel Johansson. With the same musical interest and the same taste of music Degreed started writing music with the result of a hard/melodic/alternative musical mix of five peoples minds and feelings.

During 2006 they participated in Emergenza, and won the Swedish/Norwegian/Finish finals, which resulted in that Degreed represented these three countries in the world finals in Rothenburg, Germany. 8000 bands participated in the competition but only 21 of these 8000 came to the world finals. Degreed finished at the 10th place but won a couple individual prices such as 2nd best drummer, best arrangement, 2nd best guitarist.

2007 Micke Jansson, who's Robin's and Mats cousin, joined the band on keyboards, which brought the band to a whole new level musically.
After the band came home from playing the Frankfurt Music fair Jonas left the band due to musical differences and Jesper Adefelt took his place.

Vocalist Robin Ericsson participated in the Swedish Idol during the fall of 2008 and took the Swedish people by storm and gained a lot of respect and credibility among the young as well as the older viewers. He ended up in sixth place and got himself and Degreed a load of fans that voted and followed him through Idol and are now following Degreed.

During the fall of 2008 and the spring/summer 2009 Degreed recorded their first full length CD with the producer/songwriter Erik Lidbom (Sheri, Masterplan, Paulo Meneguzzi, Kat-Tun etc).
Another new track was added to the final sessions just a week ago, resulting in the completion of the final master for an amazing debut album set to be unleashed upon the world.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: "Degreed is another band I have been friends with for some time now, and have been following the recording of their debut from the demo stage until now. Quite frankly, it is once again a shock to me that such a fantastic sounding band with quality musicianship and brilliant songwriting hasn't already been signed up by a major label, leaving me the great pleasure of being able to sign them myself. I can't wait to unleash another quality fresh new face on the rock scene and believe this is just the beginning for a great group of guys. Fans of fellow Swede's Eclipse, Goran Edman and Europe need to check these guys out pronto. Another album without a filler in sight. I'm really proud of these guys."

Track Listing:
01) B.O.D.
02) Arms Of Misery (Full Length Song Download)
03) A Little Bit
04) Captured By The Moment (Steve Perry cover)
05) Just Imagine
06) Story Of Life
07) Human Being
08) Colour Me
09) Catch The Feeling
10) Keep Me Alive
11) My Fall
12) By Your Side


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