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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rock News for Monday 13th September, 2010

UK High Voltage Festival cost the HMV Group £1M in losses

Even with a very impressive cast of rock talent, it seems the big High Voltage rock festival in London's Victoria Park, wasn't a success for the HMV Group, as it turns out they lost in the region of £1M.
Apparently only 15,000 tickets were sold, when the capacity of the park was set up for 25,000.

The event that featured classic rockers ZZ Top, Foreigner, a reunited Emerson, Lake and Palmer, UFO, Uriah Heep, Marillion, even Gary Moore playing a rock set and many more including a special tribute set for Ronnie James Dio (RIP), by his former band mates in Heaven and Hell, obviously wasn't enough to swell the audience any more.
It's a real shame and most likely a sign of the times across the globe, because promoters will of course be even less likely to put on an event again of this magnitude of classic rock acts.
Surprised too, to be honest that it wasn't more of a success.

More details on the outcome or should that be aftermath of the event can be read here:

Mott The Hoople at London Film Festival

The Ballad of Mott The Hoople, the long awaited documentary film of the band from Start Productions, will premier at the London Film Festival in October 2010.
It will be screened on three dates at the British Film Institute, Southbank, London: Sat 16 Oct 21:00 (NFT1), Mon 18 Oct 15:30 (NFT1), and Tue 19 Oct 19:00 (Studio). Festival tickets are available from the BFI: British Film Institute:
The Mott the Hoople website is here:

Uriah Heep Official Bootleg - Volume 2 – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010 coming soon 

'Official Bootleg - Volume 2' to be released soon!

This is an official bootleg recording from the Uriah Heep concert in the Petofi Hall, Budapest Hungary, on the 4th May 2010. There are going to be many more recordings from around the world, as this will be an ongoing series, giving fans the chance to hear the band in many different countries.

These recordings are true official bootlegs in every sense and they reflect that nights performance as it happened, totally untouched. You can almost feel that you are at the concert, so put the CD on, turn it up loud, close your eyes and enjoy a night in Budapest with Uriah Heep.

More of the official bootleg releases can be checked out at the band merchandise page:

Simon Wright posts a message to Dio fans

Over at the Dio site, that Wendy Dio is keeping alive in memory of her husband and rocking legend, the late and great Ronnie James Dio, former Dio band drummer Simon Wright has posted a message to Dio fans, it reads like this:

Message from Simon Wright (Dio 1998 -2010)

Like you all it's been difficult to deal with the fact that Ronnie is no longer with us.
To me, he was my best friend, leader of the band, the driving force behind the most creative and enjoyable music I have ever been involved in.
It was always an honor being a part of his band and always something I was proud of.

I think about him everyday, he had some big plans for the band, I miss his humor and his company, boy could he tell a good joke.
It's difficult to know what to do next, but whatever I do in the future I will take with me the knowledge and wisdom I learned from Ron.

To Wendy, you are an incredible woman, your thoughtfulness and care over these past months, considering how you must be feeling has been amazing..
I want to thank the fans for all the great shows, DIO FANS RULE!!.
Thank you for your time.
Rest in Peace Ronnie,

Simon Wright.

Status Quo New Charity Single - In The Army Now (2010) Released Mon Sept 27th

The CD single release details:
1. In The Army Now (2010)
2. Caroline (Live)
3. Whatever You Want (Live)
4. In The Army Now (2010) (Radio Edit).

On 27th September 2010, Status Quo will release a brand new version of their classic hit "In The Army Now" through Universal / UMTV. The original track is approaching its 25th anniversary and, upon release in 1986, became one of the biggest-selling records of the '80s worldwide. All profits from this updated and lyrically-reworked version of a true fan favourite will be donated equally to the British Forces Foundation and Help For Heroes charities. The former boosts the morale of servicemen and women on the frontline and in operational theatres all over the world, primarily through high quality entertainment, and the latter provides direct, practical support for injured service personnel.

Francis Rossi said, "It seemed like the right time to do this. This release is intended to show our support for the Allied Forces around the world, but in particular, of course, the British Armed Forces. We want people to celebrate what they do, say thank you and also support these vital charities."

The stunning video was recorded at the Kiwi Barracks of the 4-Rifles regiment and on location at the National Tank Museum and is rammed with hilarious footage of the band being put through their paces on the drill square, getting behind the wheel of some seriously heavy military hardware, and much more. The video is an unalloyed triumph and a testament to the work of the British Army. The band were so enamoured by the Sergeant Major who took charge of them that they asked him to deliver the classic "Stand Up And Fight!" line on the single.

Recorded just weeks ago at the Vestry Hall of the London College of Music, the track was, once again, produced by Pip Williams. This 2010 recording also features male and female backing singers from the Corps of Army Music. This release comes ahead of the brand new Status Quo studio album slated for release in Summer 2011.

The "In The Army Now" single is aimed at refocusing attention on the amazing job being done for us around the world by the Armed Forces and also in raising some much needed funds to better support those who need it most. Status Quo are delighted to get involved with these two charities and hope that the British public connect with the campaign too.
Keep up with all things Quo at:

Supertramp 2010 show recordings made available to fans

The current line up of Supertramp, who are currently touring all over the globe, have already performed a number of gigs this year and those shows have been recorded and are being made available to fans, as will future shows on the current tour.
This from the bands website:

Supertramp's 70-10 Tour Live Audio Recordings!

Simfy live features high-quality live audio recordings of the concerts of Supertramp’s 70-10 Tour.
You can get your recording copied to the Supertramp USB flash drive on location at every concert right after each show!
Alternatively, all live recordings are available online as Supertramp 70-10 Live-CD-Set or MP3 download at simfy live.
It’s a must-have for every Supertramp fan out there!
Alternatively, go to the bands site here:

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