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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday 6th, March 2010

Hi all, will post more updates late tonight or tomorrow ... We have a gig today, charity event so we have to be there early for set up and sound check. Then come home to chill a bit, then head back for the gig.
Huntingdon's Disease is the cause that many bands are offering their services for free today for.
I know there are many valid charities out there and yes, this is another that needs support to find a cure and the whole event tonight is titled, 'Spotlight On A Cure.'
For more info on the disease, go to
Thanks for listening. :)

Very brief this morning.

Survivor Looking to release new album soon!

Well, contradictory to what I thought, it seems there will be a new Survivor album soon!
Frankie Sullivan has posted on his Facebook page that a deal has been secured and ...
Well, this is what he posted!

Frankie Sullivan 'Well, with the deal in place we will now release the New Survivor CD of all new material! it is a great time for us all here after alot of time and the hardest of all work in writing the tunes that set the bar for the entire project. We are just weeks away from the first release and excited as one can be! Stay tuned for the details as they will be released in an official press release this week.'

Follow this link to keep up with Frankie through Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1674621232&ref=nf

Sorry folks, that's it right now, must run!

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