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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rock News for Friday 27th May, 2010

ASIA's critically acclaimed single "An Extraordinary Life” chosen to promote Hit NBC show America's Got Talent

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 27, 2010) - ASIA's critically acclaimed rock track "An Extraordinary Life," was chosen as the soundtrack for promotional spots announcing the 2010 season of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. This show is among the most popular entertainment reality shows of all time. Last season the show peaked at the #1 position in overall viewership.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT producers specifically sought out the rights to use the famed ASIA song, which was written by members John Wetton and Geoff Downes. The track was recorded shortly after Wetton survived open heart surgery, in 2007. The song celebrates "carpe diem": each person's ability to seize each day, living life to the fullest. The promotional spots for America’s Got Talent featuring “An Extraordinary Life,” begin airing on NBC in prime time, Wednesday, May 26th.

English band ASIA recently released OMEGA, their fifth album since 1982's multi-platinum world best-selling debut, and the third release since reuniting in 2006. The band will launch a new North American tour in August, 2010. The already well-received album OMEGA is distributed by Frontiers Records (
EMI released ASIA’s best-selling album Phoenix [under license from Frontiers Records], containing the hit “An Extraordinary Life”. Both albums are available at and other fine retailers.

The original members of ASIA are rock n’ roll superstars Geoff Downes (keyboards), Steve Howe (guitars), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (lead vocals and bass).
More about the band can be found at

 Ozzy Wants To Scare The $&%* Out Of You

...and for some unsuspecting tourists at Madame Tussauds New York in Times Square, he really made ‘em SCREAM! Watch now as Ozzy poses as a wax statue and gives them the scare of their lives:

And while you’re there, make sure to get a sneak peek - - of Ozzy shooting the music video for “Let Me Hear You Scream” right now! Rolling Stone called it an ”over-the-top spectacle”, and promises that “The Prince of Darkness is making sure you'll hear his call.” So, what are you waiting for?!
To get your Ozzy fix go to:

Journey new album expected Spring 2011
Journey's lead guitarist and founding member, Neal Schon has been talking to Classic Rock's Dave Ling recently, giving some insight into the new album being produced by class act, Kevin Shirley.
Schon told Ling, “We’re going to be here [in the studio] for a little bit over a month,” he continues. “Overdubs and vocals are going really well. Kevin has to run off to another project, so we will come back and sing some more in November. The material is extremely strong.”
The band have recently been given more of a boost, on the back of children's TV show, 'Glee' using a remake of the band's possibly best known song, 'Don't Stop Believin'' which actually battled it out in the UK's Top 10 singles chart, earlier this year, with the original Journey version of the song.
“[The song’s success is] brilliant for us and bands like us,” maintains Schon.

The bands' as-yet untitled forthcoming album is to be released next spring.

Barclay James Harvest lines up 2010 UK dates
Well, the current line up featuring BJH founder members John Lees and Woolly Wolstenholme that is anyway! This from their website:
JLBJH Confirm UK Dates

27th May, 2010 - John Lees' Barclay James Harvest have just confirmed three UK dates for November 2010, as follows:

November 26: London Islington O2 Academy
November 27: Manchester Academy
November 28: York Grand Opera House

Tickets should be available from 31st May - more news here as soon as we have it.

A message from Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch)

No, he's not announcing any new product or doing anything along the lines of Coney Hatch, but this week, Carl Dixon wanted to share with fans a very personal message:

MAY 25-2010
(Photo by Denise Grant from
Sunny days, starry nights; freedom from winter cover-ups, which are now tucked away for another six months; the livin’ is easy and it’s only late May. What news?

The equipment I needed for so long to get around, ie crutches and then walking sticks is now set aside. I propel and support myself now. Hurts a bit, but why cry about it? The healing and recovery from my car accident continues nicely.

In April I returned to Australia, the scene of my erstwhile setback. With my wife Betty I visited the hospitals where I spent months in medical care. We also went to see the people who were on the scene of my crash
and who saved my life. It was a very emotional time. I owe so much to so many. Gratitude will forever be the enduring theme and guiding light of my days.

How can we ever know the full extent of the impact we have on other people’s lives? During this trip I learned of the psychological trauma which my rescuers suffered. I learned of the pall which was cast over the little town outside Melbourne, Daylesford, where my family was based when the news of my accident reached the townsfolk. I learned of the changes which were wrought in the aftermath of my crash, and of factors that night which both aided and endangered my survival. Betty and I visited Australian friends and restored some calm to the waters made turbulent by my dramatic change to everyone’s script. Everyone in Oz needed to see me whole and ambulatory so as to move on.

There was also an agenda of visits to medical specialists, nine in all, to be attended as the main reason for my return. Their task was to determine, collectively, the extent of disability which I am left with at this point and presumably for good. That became a bit of a depressing discussion, as I was made to focus repeatedly on the complete story of what’s wrong with me (I grant that may be an inexhaustible topic). I’d spent these last two years thinking about what’s still right with me. Positive thinking makes such a difference, as I was reminded again in those testing appointments. I don’t know yet what those otherwise genial doctors decided about me, but my own determination is that nothing will stop me from returning to the things I do well with all the energy I can muster. To that energy I can now add the wisdom and knowledge with which I’ve been blessed.

Enjoy this life. It is good! People are good. We should reach out and help one another to make the best and happiest world that we can. Peace, brothers and sisters.


Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy are focusing their time together for the rest of the year on material for a new album, but we are happy to announce they are getting together for what might be their last live show of 2010 Sep 11 @ HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE!
We have two exclusive premium ticket packages that will be available for this show.
Go here to visit the tour page for details:

News from Glenn Hughes

Glenn's new band now has it's website online - Go here for news and tour dates - and a video of the band live!

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