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Monday, July 5, 2010

Rock News for Monday 5th July, 2010

As you can see folks, the weekend has kept me busy and away from the site, so playing catch up again, although as is usual during the summer months, there's never too much new, news and all the artists are trying to hold things together with their huge summer tours. Some of which of course are great!
Enjoy your summer folks and where I can share updates I certainly will. :)


Andrew McManus Presents is proud to announce that America, Chicago and Grammy Award winner Peter Frampton will be touring Australia for an unforgettable night of classic rock’n’roll favourites this October and November with tickets on sale from Wednesday 30th June.

"I can't wait to get back down under and visit with my Aussie fans and play some oldies as well as some new music. It's been too long and I promise to make this a habit for the future. It will be fantastic playing shows with Chicago and America” said Peter Frampton.


October 2010
10/27 - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Harbour Theatre TIX
10/29 - Wollongong, WIN Entertainment Centre TIX
10/30 - Brisbane, Riverstage TIX
November 2010
11/03 - Melbourne, Palais Theatre TIX
11/06 - Hunter Valley, Hope Estate TIX
11/07 - Canberra, AIS Arena TIX
11/09 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Theatre Mode TIX
11/12 - Perth, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Kings Park & Botanic Garden TIX

Tickets are on sale from 9am Wednesday 30th June through the above outlets. For exclusive pre-sale and premium tickets go to

 Shred Guitar Master PAUL GILBERT To Release 3rd Guitar Instrumental CD FUZZ UNIVERSE on SHRAPNEL RECORDS out AUGUST 3rd

HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 2, 2010) – Paul Gilbert unleashes his 3rd instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records, August 3rd to the world. FUZZ UNIVERSE is my third guitar instrumental album,” explains Gilbert. “Being a fan of pop music and rock bands, I am a reluctant convert into the art of instrumental rock music. But after touring with Joe Satriani’s G3, I witnessed firsthand the power of the electric guitar to take center stage and rock the audience. Playing my guitar-driven songs live was a blast! This discovery led to a huge increase in my touring as a solo artist. In the last couple of years, I've played nearly 150 shows all over the world, with my guitar leading the way.”

FUZZ UNIVERSE title is inspired by Gilbert being so immersed in the world of guitar it made him realize that he lives in a FUZZ UNIVERSE. “Every generation of guitar players has their own terminology for the rock guitar sound: Distortion, Overdrive, Gain, Crunch, Saturation, Drive etc. For me, the word is FUZZ”

Gilbert’s extraordinary talent of arranging/composing lends to the new music’s fresh melodies for songs that shows his true diversity and only in Gilberts words will you understand:

“On FUZZ UNIVERSE, I think I've taken a giant step closer to the ultimate rock guitar sound and playing of my dreams. I've used many of my signature techniques from RACER X and MR. BIG, but twisted them into new chords, grooves, and emotions.

As always, my influences are diverse and not what you might expect from a "heavy metal" artist. While I was writing the songs for FUZZ UNIVERSE, I was immersing myself in Bulgarian Female Choir music, Baroque lute and violin pieces, Johnny Cash songs about trains, cows, mules, and mining coal, the Bee Gees, and Ronnie James Dio. I mix all this into my head, and out came endless new ideas for my guitar to chew on.

After several months of being locked in my writing room, I gathered my touring band together and headed to the studio. Jeff Bowders played drums. Craig Martini played bass. Emi Gilbert (my wife) played keyboards. And I bent the guitar strings until I couldn't play anymore.

As usual, there are no dramatic stories here. No heroin overdoses, motorcycle accidents, celebrity divorces, or band-member boxing matches. The emotion, drama, and power are all in the music. That is the universe that I want to live in”

Paul Gilbert is regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry. Starting his recording career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late 80’s, Gilbert remains one of the most active guitarists from the original shred guitar scene. His rise to Platinum success includes a number one song with Mr Big, and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band Racer X.
For more information click on

And keeping with the guitarist theme ....

Humanity Thru Music - In Benefit of Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary EBAY AUCTION NOW!!

HOLLYWOOD, CA – (July 5, 2010) – Signed guitar and custom stage clothes from the legendary STEVE VAI and monster bassist BLASKO of OZZY OSBOURNE has been added to the eBay auction

Besides the love of music, rockstars have a soft spot for our four legged furry friends. With the help from so many artists and actors with their charitable donations of instruments and signed memorabilia, FUR & FEATHER ANIMAL SANCTUARY comes closer to breaking ground in the next year for the first fully solar and wind powered, no-kill animal sanctuary. The sanctuary will also provide the community with a low-cost animal clinic, education and cultural center.

Currently on the eBay auction block sits legendary ax-slinger STEVE VAI’S custom made silver outfit by famed rockstar couturier TERRI KING. It was worn on the Ultra Zone tour in the late 90's. Also STEVE VAI has signed a black IBANEZ up for auction with the thanks to the help of IBANEZ – With the help from Brian Ball of ERNIE BALL we also have a bass singed by OZZY OSBOURNE’S bassologist Rob BLASKO Nicholson – GO BID NOW!!!!!

Adding in the next week to the auction will be a signed Ibanez guitars one from PAUL GILBERT and a Schecter Diamond Series guitar signed by horror Icons TYLER MANE (Michael Myers / Halloween 1&2) and DEREK MEARS (Jason Voorhees / Friday the 13th). More items coming!!
Keep an eye out for additions of cool signed memorabilia from your favorite rockstars!! All items come with signed letters of authentication for your collection!

Did you know?
-Between four million and six million pets are euthanized every year because they are homeless.
- An animal in a shelter is killed every 1.5 seconds.
- Only one animal in 10 born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime.
- There is a direct correlation between animal abuse and neglect and child abuse and neglect.

FUR & FEATHER ANIMAL SANCTUARY is a 501(c)(3) that was organized exclusively for charitable, and educational purposes, more specifically for helping homeless and un-wanted animals with medical care, adoption in a no-kill safe environment.

For more information go to (almost finished) or visit them on Facebook now! Just search for Fur & Feather Animals Sanctuary and look for the happy Pit-bull ~ To donate to the cause use Paypal and email to or email to get address to send checks.

Uriah Heep say thanks to US fans

Although British rockers Uriah Heep's USA tour started badly with some cancelled shows - Thanks to US immigration! - eventually it did happen, albeit just under 10 dates, it seems like it was a result for the band and they plan on coming back with hopefully, a more widespread tour that should take in both the USA and Canada.
See the message from the band here below from the bands website.

A big thanks goes to everyone that came to the USA concerts and saw us play. The tour has been a huge success, and a building block for more to come. I do apologize to all of you that could not see us with the cancelled shows, but the good news is they are going to re-schedule these on the next tour. I hope the next one goes further afield, so that we can play concerts to those of you that could not travel to the shows on this tour. The reception and response we have received haS been overwhelming, and we are looking forward to playing the USA and hopefully Canada more frequently.
‘Appy Days!

And finally ....
Russian Rockers Pushking's new All-Star Album "The World as We Love It"

OK, this is an interesting piece indeed ... I have never heard of Russian rockers Pushking ...
That said, the list of who's who contributing to the album is without doubt 'impressive!'
Guessing this is one that should be checked out, there does seem to be significant amount of 'name' artists involved ...
Side note - This press release was published back in January 2010, I only just noticed it as a recent posting / plug at Joe Lyn Turners website:
So, the album should now be available, I'm just plugging the original press release due to the interesting detail! Just check out all the names!!!

Russian Rockers Pushking Prepare All Star Album for Release

Gabe Reed confirmed that Russian rockers Pushking are putting the finishing touches on the on their new all star album entitled "The World As We Love It" and are working with mastering expert Tom Baker who has worked with Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Cher, Crazy Town, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver.
The album is produced by Fabrizio Grossi and the band was assisted in the enlistment of the album's many guest stars by entertainment attorney Gabe Reed.

The album will have 19 tracks:
Night Rider (vocal, guitar Billy Gibbons)
It'll be O.K. (vocal Billy Gibbons, guitar Nuno Bettencourt)
Blessing Traveller (vocal John Lawton, guitar Steve Stevens)
Cut the Wire (vocal Paul Stanley, guitar Stevie Salas)
God Made Us Free (vocal Graham Bonnet, guitar Dobro Al Perkens)
Head Shooter (vocal Joe Lynn Turner)
Heroin (vocal Jorn Lande)
I Believe (vocal Jeff Scott Soto)
I Love You (vocal Dan McCafferty)
'My Reflection after seeing the Schindler's List movie' (vocal Koha, guitar Steve Vai)
My Simple Song (vocal Dan McCafferty)
Nature's Child (vocal Udo Dirkschneider)
Open Letter to God (vocal Eric Martin)
Private Own (vocal Glenn Hughes, guitar Matt Filippini)
Tonight (vocal Glenn Hughes, guitar Joe Bonamassa)
Trouble Love (vocal Alice Cooper, guitar Keri Kelli)
Why Don't You (vocal Glenn Hughes, guitar Dobro Al Perkens)
Kukarracha (vocal: Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Eric Martin, Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes, guitar Steve Lukather)
That’s All That Love Can Do (bonus-track)

The band main line up is:
Konstantin "KOHA" Shustarev - vocal, guitars
Andrey "DRUNIA" Kruglov - drums
Oleg "IVANICH" Bondaletov - keyboards
Dmitriy "MITYA" Losev - guitars
Roman "ROMA" Nevelev - bass
The Album is expected to be released in Spring 2010.
The bands website:

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