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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rock News for Thursday 26th August, 2010

Genesis Publications releases
Jimmy Page - The photographic autobiography

Genesis Publications is proud to present Jimmy Page's first official published work. His photographic autobiography is a visual history of one of the world’s most iconic guitar players.

Jimmy Page: "I’ve really got a lot of time for the way Genesis produce their books, they’re really quality items. As someone who’s always been interested in having a library themselves, I appreciate fine bookbinding and their whole ethic of what they do and what they’re trying to do with a whole catalogue of books."

I will say this about the book, it is a limited edition with only 2150 being made available, but come on, even with 650 pictures that Jimmy Page has provided, being leather bound and having Jimmy's signature ... £445?!!! That's nuts!
If you're still interested in checking this out:
Frontiers signs Swedish rockers 'The Poodles.'

Frontiers Records are proud to announce their new worldwide partnership with Swedish Rockers THE POODLES, which will kick off with the world wide release of the group’s long awaited live-DVD, “In the Flesh” and the accompanying live-album “No Quarter” before the end of 2010, followed by The Poodles’ fourth studio album in early 2011.

The band promises that the forthcoming studio album will be something extraordinary; a modern take on a classic rock n’ roll epic. Fans of the band will recognize themselves while the journey will take them to unchartered waters. Non-believers will get an opportunity to reappraise their beliefs and take the music of The Poodles to their hearts. The producer of “Clash of the Elements”, Mats Valentin, is once again the Captain of the new adventure and will take the band further along the road they started on together in 2009.
Since the release of The Poodles’ third studio effort, “Clash of the Elements”, the band has received and discussed several offers from potential collaborators in anticipation of future releases. After long and careful consideration, the band chose to go with Frontiers Records, a powerful independent label with a strong passion for rock music and an equally strong desire to work with The Poodles and to develop the band’s presence in all territories.

The Poodles are excited and eager to see the new business venture unfold and they have high expectations on what the partnership will bring in the near future. Jake Samuel, the lead singer of The Poodles says that “The most important thing in any collaboration is a shared vision of what one wants to accomplish. In our case, that vision must come from a deep love for rock n’ roll, mutual respect and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. I think we have found those qualities in Frontiers Records”.

Stay up-dated on what’s happening with The Poodles and coming releases on or

Ted Nugent talking new album "Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead" ... Nice ....

'The Nuge,' Ted Nugent who is currently on tour here in the US, that wraps up a week this coming Sunday in his hometown of Detroit on Sunday September 5th, has been talking to Billboard about his next album.
His last release was 2007's 'Love Grenade' which received mixed reviews upon it's release.

Nugent tells that he has "well over a dozen" tracks written and "eight or nine that I 'have' to capture on tape as soon as possible," including a couple that were demoed in Waco, Texas, prior to his current concert tour. The album is to be named after his current tour's title of, "Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead", the album, which Nugent describes as "just a roustabout, a classic Motor City upheaval. You can hear my Mitch Ryder influences in there right away."

Other songs include a "grinder" called "I Love My Barbecue" and "I Still Believe," which he likens to 1975's "Motor City Madhouse." And he compares "Never Stop Dreaming" to the Rascal's "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" and says it was inspired by his hunting trips with terminally ill youth.
To read the full story at Billboard, go here:

  Classic Meets Rock European Tour 2011
A line up of classic rock vocalists, promises an interesting night of music for any attendees.
It seems that Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE), Lou Gramm (FOREIGNER), Steve Lee (GOTTHARD) and Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH) will take part in the 2011 edition of the "Rock Meets Classic" tour.
They will be supported by a band, directed by Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and including American singer-songwriter Amanda Somerville, and by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

Not much more info on this event unfortunately and even the official website - Link at the bottom - doesn't mention this line up?
"Rock Meets Classic" 2011 dates:

Jan. 05 - Frankfurt, Germany - Jahrhunderthalle
Jan. 06 - Prague, Czech Republic - Telsa Arena
Jan. 07 - Vienna, Austria - Stadthalle
Jan. 08 - Linz, Austria - Tip Arena
Jan. 09 - Nuremberg, Germany - Frankenhalle
Jan. 11 - Passau, Germany - Dreiländerhalle
Jan. 12 - Bamberg, Germany - JAKO Arena
Jan. 13 - Kempten, Germany - Big Box
Jan. 14 - Genf, Switzerland - Arena
Jan. 15 - Sursee, Switzerland - Stadthalle
Jan. 16 - Zurich, Switzerland - Kongresshaus
Jan. 18 - Basel, Switzerland - Congress Center
Jan. 20 - Regensburg, Germany - Donau Arena
Jan. 21 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Frankenstolz Arena
Jan. 22 - Halle/Westfalen, Germany- Gerry Weber Stadion
Jan. 23 - Berlin, Germany - Tempodrom

Links to help give anyone, any more information on this tour are sketchy at best.
Here's one that is simply an Ad for one show:

Here's a link to the official website and the story behind the whole production, but the website currently shows nothing on the above line up?!

High Voltage Festival Performances to be Aired in the UK

Interesting to see this piece about the 'High Voltage Festival' that is to be aired this weekend, sadly only in the UK.
This was posted at Foreigner's site actually, but for anyone who missed the gig in London's Victoria Park a couple of weekends back or anyone who's wants a reminder of the event, here's a few more details. 
Highlights of the High Voltage Festival 2010 in London will premiere on Sky Arts 1 in the UK on Saturday, 28 August at 21:00. The program will be available in both HD and regular programming. Foreigner leads the highlights with their performances of Urgent and Feels Like The First Time. The highlights will re-air at 2:00, 9:00 and 15:00 on Sunday.

Details and full highlights list at the Sky Arts website here:

Francis Rossi Shows Cancelled

Due to unforseen circumstances the three Francis Rossi shows in Norway on Sept 7th, Sweden on Sept 9th and Denmark on Sept 11th have been cancelled. Refunds are available from the point of purchase.

The forthcoming shows in Amsterdam, Antwerp and London will go ahead.

Yes Union DVD and Double CD Coming Soon
This DVD of the 'Union tour' - which featured eight members of Yes - will soon be released by Voiceprint, as well as a double CD; release date forthcoming. Click here - - to sign up to be notified when the DVD is available, and a clip from the DVD can be found here:

Looking at the order site details I'd guess they'll be a deluxe set too of the DVD plus the 2 CD set.
Yes website:

An update from Luke Morley (ex-Thunder)

This update from Luke Morley was posted over at the Thunder website.

'Hello everybody,

As a group of people to whom I owe a great deal (not least of all my house!), I wanted to bring you up to date on what has been a very busy and happy year for me musically.

Since the other Thunder boys and me toddled off into the sunset to pursue new and exciting things twelve or so months ago (where did the time go???!!) I’ve spent most of that time working on a new project called ‘The Union’ with my old friend/collaborator Peter Shoulder. I know some of you have already been along to a Union show (well done and thanks for the support!) and some of you will have seen Pete performing even before that with Winterville or helping us out on extra guitar and vocals at our Xmas shows so you’ll already be acquainted with his exceptional talents.

Our first album together as The Union (cunningly titled ‘The Union’!) is released this week on our own ‘Payola’ label and, although I know some of you have already got your hands a copy, there’s probably still a few of you who haven’t. If you’re one of the ones who haven’t, may I politely suggest you get yourself over to The Union's official website immediately where you can listen to the album in it’s entirety with no obligation. You’ll also find tracks to download and links to our Facebook, You Tube and My Space pages there.

If you like what you hear you might also want to pick yourself up a couple of tickets to our UK tour in September and October (we’d love to see you there) -

Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and fancy getting up close and personal with Pete and myself, we have introduced a VIP option which gains you access to the band’s soundcheck and aftershow meet and greet as well as dinner with the band which also features my old Thundermucker Chris Childs!!

We’ve really had a fantastic start with Classic Rock, Guitarist and Powerplay all giving us fantastic reviews for the album as well as appearances at Sonisphere and High Voltage during the summer and over the next few weeks we’re hoping as many people as possible will come along to a show or grab a listen to the album. We’re really proud of the album so please check it out, and if you like what you hear, maybe you can help us spread the word.

You know it makes sense!

Gary Moore Announces Russian Tour Dates for October 2010

Summer of Rock Tour Dates (In Autumn!)

October 17 Dvorets Sporta Yarygina, Krasnoyarsk
October 19 Fesco Hall, Vladivostok
October 21 Platinum Arena, Khabarovsk
October 23 LDS Sibir, Novosibirsk
October 24 Teleclub, Ekaterinburg
October 26 UDS Molot, Perm
October 28 Dvorets Sporta Don, Rostov-On-Don
October 30 Kremlin Palace, Moscow

The “Summer of Rock” tour is set to continue into the autumn, with a major tour of Russia announced today. Gary and the “rock” line up will be playing eight shows across the vast landscape of the Russian continent.

Alice Cooper Joined On Stage By Peter Frampton

When Alice Cooper recently played at 'Rock The Park' in London, ON, he was joined onstage by the great Peter Frampton for "School's Out." Check out this video at YouTube as Peter KILLS the guitar solo!

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