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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terry Brock - Diamond Blue CD review

Terry Brock – Diamond Blue (Released on Frontiers Records)
Rel. Date: Available now!

Terry Brock, what a talent! So much I could say about this guy, here's a little, great voice, great musician, who has played with some very good, yet underrated musicians all over the place!
This is his latest and I must say it, very classy album!
Seems like he’s only just done the Giant album and then this hits us!

This album is a combined effort, co-written – For the most part - with master songwriter Mike Slamer (City Boy, Streets, Seventh Key, Steelhouse Lane, etc.), bar a couple of other co-writes.
Produced and engineered by Mike Slamer too, the guy can turn anything to gold, he has the magic touch!

The opening title track captures so many influences, all good ones, nay great!
Be it Def Leppard, Journey, Toto or whoever, it’s got to be hard for the guy not to write with a nod this way or that.
‘Diamond Blue’ really couldn’t start an album better for this man it just has so much, great structure, phenomenal vocals, what a guitar solo and much more besides! A great song!
I have not been able to stop playing this album, when I needed to get through a mountain of review materials.

With ‘It’s You’ next it reminds me a lot of his old band Strangeways, in classic form. Tasty stuff indeed here. Can’t wait to see what the man brings us with the reunited Strangeways. – For at least one album anyway! ;-)

‘Jessie’s Gone’ – Not Jessie’s Girl, no! – is another prime slice of AOR / Melodic rock of the finest quality and it’s a great up tempo number. Punchy track, great guitar solo and great strong vocals across the track, but then again, that statement could be granted across the whole album.

With the next title, ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy,’ you could be forgiven for thinking it might be a cover of the same titled Alice Cooper song, yet once it starts you know you’d be way off track for having thought it in the first place.
It’s a little heavier than the other material so far, a little close to say House of Lords and what a ripping solo and yes, a great vocal performance.

Ready for a power ballad folks? ‘The Rain’ certainly provides that here and I’m almost reminded of Strangeways', 'Goodnight L.A.' but it’s not, but it’s classy nonetheless. Just smooth!

PS: If you’re new to Terry Brock’s music, check the man out through YouTube.
Here’s Strangeway's Goodnight LA - – Yes, it’s very ‘80’s!
Check out the other Strangeways tracks while you’re there too …

Time for a slightly dark edge with ‘Broken’ during the verses, before the chorus and the song grows into power ballad territory again. Big choruses here and an interesting moody piece overall.

“Face in the Crowd,’ brings back the catchy, happy go lucky vibe the guy has and it’s a great up tempo number. Class Terry, pure class! Beautiful guitar solo here too!

A slower to mid-paced number in ‘Why’ that almost gives a nod to say Jeff Paris’ songwriting style, especially with the punchy chorus line and build up prior to it. Great!

‘Too Young,’ great rocking number a little reminiscent to a degree of Streets meets Def Leppard, great vocals, great song and then some!

The very moving, ‘A Soldier Falls’ next is just awesome. Listen to the lyrics … Sure it’s written in a power ballad fashion, but it’s more than that.

Final track on the album is the beautiful acoustic ‘Face the Night.’ Nice touch to wrap things up.

This really is an enjoyable album, class stuff indeed and yes, I have played it a lot and really got into it, it grabbed me with the opener and the other tracks work just as well.
An album not to be ignored, enjoy it, I did and still do!

Rating: 4.75 out of 5

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