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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pearl - Little Immaculate White Fox album review

Pearl – Little Immaculate White Fox album review
Released through: R.E.D. Distribution / White Fox Music
Release date: Available now.
Well, I’ve been a fan of Meatloaf’s music for years now, but when this dropped my way – I must admit quite a while back now! June or July. – I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t even realize that it was Meatloaf’s daughter at first as I saw the CD that simply said ‘Pearl’ and the album's title and it was only later when I happened to unfold the press release, buried within a mass of other CD’s for review, that it clicked!

You also kind of wonder, when something is not on a major label as to why and that maybe, that is a pointer.
You’d also think that since she has a famous Dad and that her husband happens to be Scott Ian (Anthrax), that it would be released through a major label?

The press release tells it very much as it is though, that this is a raw, bluesy and even soulful at time and almost rootsy rocking album, with clear influences from say AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin to Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers and more.
One thing is certain, she has a killer voice, ‘kick ass’ to use an American expression!

The out and out rocker ‘Rock Child’ opens the album, kind of AC/DC meets Aerosmith if you ask me!
She kind of has a voice that at times reminds me of UK rockers Girlschool, then Canada’s Lee Aaron too and even early Ann Wilson here and there, not forgetting of course the all too clear influence of Janis Joplin.
It really does blow you away completely, just how good and how strong this track is that she is not signed to a major label on the strength of this track alone!

It’s funny, the album cover tells me and even my media player says that this next track is ‘Broken White’ but in fact the disc plays her cover version of ‘Nutbush City Limits’ which also includes Anthrax man and her other half, Scott Ian on guitars and it really kicks up a storm for sure. I love the point where you think it’s all over and the band takes it down, only for Pearl and band to bring it right back in for a rocking finish!

Next up is clearly ‘Broken White’ that Pearl wrote based on a painting by Marlene Dumas, who tends to paint ‘dark’ related images and clearly here Pearl is influenced to write very darkly, even including in the lyrics a line like, ‘The Holy Ghost is a Holy whore.’ Charming! Pulling punches is something she certainly doesn’t do, she’s out to kick you where it hurts from the outset!
A very edgy track indeed, again as on ‘Nutbush …,’ featuring Scott Ian alongside Carl ‘Nalle’ Colt, sharing guitar duties.

On ‘Check Out Charlie’ she enlists the help of madman rocker Ted Nugent, who many may recalls joined Scott Ian on VH1’s ‘Supergroup.’ It almost reminds me of a Nugent track at times to be honest. Good groove.

She tends to ease back a little on ‘Mama’ next, that seriously has a bit of a Janis Joplin feel about it, kind of laid back soulful, blues feel to it and just eases onwards. Not bad.
She keeps the same kind of laid back vibe on the yet more soulful ‘My Heart Isn’t In It.’ Nice stuff.

OK, if ‘Rock Child’ isn’t a hit single, then ‘Nobody’ should be! This track builds up from gentle laid back sounds before thundering into the chorus and the chorus is really big and the guitar soloing here is great and it could be either of the aforementioned players or other guitarist here Jim Wilson. This track also features the strongest – yet – background vocals on the album on the last chorus. Great track!

Pearl takes on an almost country style vocal to ‘Worth Defending,’ but then again she pulls off that kind of semi ‘60’s Joplin type vocal vibe again. This track still has some tasty guitar breaks present with a more of a mid paced groove.

An almost Stones meets Allman Brothers like vibe takes place on ‘Lovepyre’ as well as some all too brief tasty harmony guitar work midway through and it rocks out with southern rock feel. Tasty!

Alright, if next track, ‘Whore’ doesn’t make you think Aerosmith I’ll be surprised! Her main backing band here consists of members of Mother Superior who wrote both the music and lyrics to this track, which with the exception of ‘Nutbush City Limits’ is the only track here that Pearl did not have a hand in writing.

Final track here ‘Anything’ features a guest guitarist in the shape of Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell and it’s actually a beautifully laid back blues number, really nice album closer.

So, yes indeed it’s a very good album that I’ve played again and again recently by a clearly talented vocalist, that I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of. Good job!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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