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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 20th October, 2010

I sincerely apologize, but after scouring websites and receiving a distinct lack of new press releases, this is all I have for you for today folks.

NELSON Releases First Music Video in 15 years

HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 20, 2010) –Never before seen music video YOU’RE ALL I NEED TONIGHT from NELSON’S forthcoming album “Lightning Strikes Twice” premiers live on AOL Music and Noisecreep today at 12pm EST - or

YOU’RE ALL I NEED TONIGHT is the first music video created by Matthew & Gunnar Nelson in over 15 years. It is the first single to be released from the critically acclaimed new album “Lightning Strikes Twice” from Frontiers Records scheduled for release in Europe on November 5th, and in the U.S. in February 2011 from Frontiers Records USA. “Lightning Strikes Twice” is a sequel to NELSON’s classic multi-platinum debut album, “After the Rain”.

YOU’RE ALL I NEED TONIGHT captures the melodic rock signature NELSON sound and harmonies from the twin lead front men and songwriters performing at the top of their game. A-list stage performance led by Matthew Nelson and featuring backing musicians Juke Kartel, provide the perfect compliment to the powerful lead vocals of Gunnar Nelson, whose stellar vocal performance ignites the screen.

NELSON went back to their roots in Hollywood and music television shooting the music video in September. The video provides a simple, stripped down, clean white background – with no fancy effects or staging -- only guitars and harmonies. “Gunnar and I felt we needed to let the music speak for itself which is why we went for simplicity”, says Matthew. Adds Gunnar, “Music videos with all their embellished imagery brought NELSON and their songs to the attention of the world back in 1990. Now we hope it’s the song and the music itself that will bring the attention back to NELSON. ”

NELSON’s single YOU’RE ALL I NEED TONIGHT is now available for digital audio download purchase from Frontiers Records online at, iTunes and Napster.

Magnum - The Visitation, more updates on the forthcominmg release

On a music scene which laments with increasing vehemence a lack of consistency and artistic standards, Magnum are a band who possess these very qualities. For almost 40 years, they have been among the most consistent leading lights in rock history and continue to impress with their unique style, a mix of powerful energy, deep melodiousness and perceptive lyrics. At the same time, Magnum’s songs immediately captivate their audience and lose none of their fascination, even after repeated listens.
“I’d even say that many of our songs reveal all their strong points only after you’ve heard them a few times,” guitarist/songwriter/producer Tony Clarkin explains, adding: “Our brand-new compositions in particular feature a large number of harmony and rhythm changes, I feel they should definitely be heard a few times so you can discover their many details.” Clarkin is referring to the latest Magnum release, The Visitation, due out on Steamhammer/SPV on 17 January 2011 (Germany: 14 January; US & Canada: 25 January) and without a doubt one of the strongest albums in the band’s history to date.

The five Magnum members, Tony Clarkin, Bob Catley (vocals), Mark Stanway (keyboards), Al Barrow (bass) and Harry James (drums), have invested all their passion, skill and great experience to come up with an optimum result. “I feel we haven’t brought out one really weak album, yet none of our previous recordings featured a better production than The Visitation,” Clarkin announces proudly. “This release sounds more rock-oriented and at the same time more personal than anything we’ve recorded so far, and it definitely features the widest range of stylistic directions and atmospheres. What makes it so special is the fact that the music’s arrangements match the atmosphere and the lyrics’ statements. Every cog turns perfectly within the wheelwork.”

Magnum prove repeatedly on The Visitation that their lyrics are anything but superficial or mediocre: ‘Mother Nature’s Final Dance’ has the musicians decry the destructive way we treat our environment. “Just look at what’s going on in the world at the moment, toxic red mud polluting a whole village in Hungary, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – terrible. It’s always a mix of greed and lack of responsibility which leads to these kinds of tragedies.” The rock number ‘Freedom Day’, a kind of paean of praise to self-determination, is equally profound. Clarkin: “We live in freedom in Europe, but looking at a lot of South-American or African countries, you see oppression, you see people living under the brutal reign of a dictator. That’s why we say: let’s fight for freedom.”

The cover artwork, which was again created by graphic designer Rodney Matthews, reflects the lyrics of ‘Door To Nowhere’, which has Magnum look back at their own childhood. It would hardly be possible for a track to be more typical of this band than this number with its dynamic guitar parts, gritty arrangements and charismatic vocals.

 The Visitation will be available in four different formats: as a standard version, in a limited-edition DigiPak featuring a bonus DVD, in a limited-edition 2-LP boxed set, and for download. Starting early March 2011, Magnum will embark on a two-month European tour which will see the band present, along with songs from The Visitation and popular classics, tracks which haven’t featured on their live playlist for a number of years. So the party is about to begin!

Black Skies, Doors To Nowhere, The Visitation, Wild Angels, Spin Like A Wheel, The Last Frontier, Freedom Day, Mothers Nature's Final Dance, Midnight Kings, Tonight's The Night.
Official band website:

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