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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Issa - Sign of Angels album review

Issa – Sign Of The Angels album review
Released on: Frontiers Records. Release Date: Available now.

Issa, interesting name young lady, I guess it perhaps gets more attention than Isabell right? Wow though! What a great voice!
I really must say, when I first heard of Issa (Isabell Øversveen), I couldn’t deny how stunningly attractive she was and then hold on a minute … WOW! Seriously, what a wonderful voice!
Hailing from Oslo, Norway she clearly has a very bright future ahead of her, as she sings superbly!

Starting with ‘Angels Crying’ it’s a great strong start to any album, great hook lines throughout, very big sound, incredibly good vocals and a very hard rocking backing band. Good strong opener.

‘I’m Alive’ next is almost like something Cher could’ve done when she was hooked up with Ritchie Sambora. It builds from a very atmospheric beginning, interspersed with infrequent punchy power chords before the huge almost Bon Jovi like chorus.
Issa has a voice that’s right there with Cher’s best material, even that Canadian temptress Lee Aaron and some of Heart’s more commercial rocking material. Good stuff indeed.

I can’t help thinking ‘Give Me a Sign’ reminds me specifically of something or maybe it’s just that absolutely hook laden that it’s screaming out to be heard! A very catchy up and down tempo track! Imagine The Corrs rockin’ out!

‘River of Love’ is written by Tom and James Martin, who’ve penned a number of House of Lords tracks among others and also Nick Workman (Ex-Kick) and who are now all in new band Vega and this clearly shows that together they can write pretty special tunes! It’s a great up tempo pop rocker. Again, I’m thinking a little of Cher at times, but I think that’s down to some of the production tweaks here and there.

A little eerie, even prog or borderline symphonic metal is possibly the best description of next track, ‘What Can I Do.’ Actually, the way it’s presented almost comes across like Evanescence. It’s a fairly slow paced number, heavily layered but with punchy power chords throughout, which is typical on the whole album.

Well, I guess ‘Closer’ likewise starts with an eerie’ish sound too, but before too long we’re into more familiar hard rockin’ stuff, for the chorus. The verse then take it back down a little before the more up tempo vibe of the chorus. Jakob Hazell is the guest guitarist on this track.

‘Unbelievable’ almost brings Roxette to mind (Anyone remember them?), how funny …
It’s a big power ballad production number and Issa is singing sweetly here. Nice stuff.

Those punchy, grinding chord patterns are back again for the intro of ‘How Will I Know,’ as the song chugs through the verses, with some of those atmospheric keys throughout and then a huge chorus that really grabs you. Sing along time!

‘As I Live and Breathe’ next is another creation of those Vega boys, Martin, Martin and Workman! Killer catchy hooks, what a great track … Heck! I’m already thinking I can’t wait to hear their (Vega’s) new album in December (Hopefully!).
Nice guitar solo, even if in one spot, it’s totally Bon Jovi like, a little like the overall song. Great track.

A motorbike starts this track ‘Flying High,’ then some keyboards and a scream! Follow that! They do, with the familiar trade mark (Now ...) crunching riffs again through the steady verse and then the chorus kicks in, big vocals as is par for the course throughout the album. Then an interesting bridge before the solo, then it’s back into the chorus again to sing the song out.

Power ballad time again with ‘It’s Not Me,’ which is a chug along steady number, with some really nice vocals and a haunting guitar solo. It’s well done.

Album closer is ‘Fallen Angel’ another chug along mid to up tempo track. Not too bad at all.
I suppose a little amusing is that clearly Issa is singing ‘He’s a fallen angel …’ The lyrics in the booklet read ‘She’s a fallen angel.’ Minor detail I guess … And that’s your lot!

It’s really not a bad album at all, Issa clearly has a great voice, the crunchy power chords throughout every song though, don’t give it a great deal of balance and that gets a little predictable. Peter Huss' solo work though has elements of Yngwie Malmsteen, even Steve Vai at times, not too bad at all.

The rest of the band is round off with Nobby Noberg (Bass), Tim Larsson (Keyboards) and Uli Kusch on drums.
Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Additional note:
I couldn't find a specific website for Issa and even the MySpace page looks like it could be someone wanting to be Issa or Isabell, as there's really nothing to it.
Probably for the best place to check her work out for yourself though, is through the Frontiers record label site. Here's a direct link to her album's promo:
Here's Frontiers website:

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