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Monday, November 8, 2010

Update for Monday 8th November, 2010

Hi folks, good morning ... Sorry no news update for today ... Yet!
Hope your weekend was great, today is our Wedding Anniversary (7th!) and this past weekend to celebrate Rhonda and I headed up to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to go and see a great British, that should read Scottish, comedian in the shape of Billy Connolly.
The guy is 67 years old now or should that be young, as the guys spritely humour never lets up!
We had a great time and met up with my old mate Dave and his wonderful other half and shared a few after the show ... Good to catch up again mate!
We also met Stuart (Hope I spelt it right man!?) who was originally from Paisley, Scotland but has lived in Toronto for the last 30 years of his life. Stuart mate, you are a character! Great to meet you. - BTW - Did you get the picture off the wall or not mate!? LOL!

Anyway, have to run, 5 or so hour drive ahead of me and some work colleagues, so I need to get on the road.
I hope to post an update later this evening, if not, you'll see something tomorrow here.
Have a great day folks and a better week!
Cheers, Al.

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