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Monday, December 20, 2010

Brief Rock News Update for Monday 20th December, 2010

 Hi all, well, not too much new stuff to share with you on this Monday morning, a reissue of an album which is probably my least favourite Dio fronted Black Sabbath release ... A surprise solo release and a metal Christmas message!
Hope you have a good week folks and for those of you stuck in airports in Europe due to the snow, especially London Heathrow, my thoughts are seriously with you.
With Christmas almost upon us, it couldn't be a worse time, I'm also hopeful it sorts itself out and the snow eases in the UK, as my boy Jonathan is headed over to stay with us - Hopefully! - over Christmas!
Cheers, Al 


Originally released in 1992, 'Dehumanizer' was the first Black Sabbath album to feature the vocals of the late, great Ronnie James Dio since 1981's 'Mob Rules'. With a line-up completed by founder members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, and drumming duties carried out by Vinny Appice, 'Dehumanizer' is arguably one of Sabbath's heaviest albums.

This edition is expanded with the single edit of 'Master Of Insanity', an alternate version of 'Letters From Earth' that originally appeared as the b-side to the 'TV Crimes' single, and a version of 'Time Machine' originally recorded for the soundtrack to the movie Wayne's World. In addition, the set also includes five rare live tracks from Florida's Sundome recorded at the beginning of the Dehumanizer tour in July 1992, including a previously unreleased live version of 'Master Of Insanity'.

The set includes liner notes from Metal Hammer's Dom Lawson, based on new interviews with Tony Iommi.

Disc One (Original Album 1992)
1. Computer God
2. After All (The Dead)
3. TV Crimes
4. Letters From Earth
5. Master of Insanity
6. Time Machine
7. Sins of the Father
8. Too Late
9. I
10. Buried Alive

Disc Two (Bonus Tracks)
1. Master Of Insanity (Single Edit)
2. Letters From Earth (B-Side Version)
3. Time Machine (Wayne's World Version)

Live at The Sundome,Tampa, Florida 25th July 1992:
4. Children Of The Sea
5. Die Young
6. TV Crimes
7. Master Of Insanity
8. Neon Knights

Gary Barden to release solo album 'Rock 'n' Roll My Soul'

It seems lead vocalist Gary Barden is not content to release albums with rock guitar legend Michael Schenker, as he has lined up a covers tribute release of his own, to be released through German label Inakustic on January 11th, 2011.
Press details on the release via MVD Entertainment, are as follows:

The voice of the Michael Schenker Group pays tribute to his idols!The English singer and songwriter Gary Barden is famous as a singer in the Michael Schenker Group, as well as for his collaborations with Michael Schenker. Together they have penned several of the greatest songs made since the 80s, with Schenker composing the music and Barden providing the lyrics. 'Rock 'n' Roll My Soul' shows a very different side of Gary Barden.

Rock 'n' Roll My Soul reflects the emotions and impressions which Gary Barden soaked up in his youth. Gary Barden on Rock 'n' Roll My Soul: 'My love for these songs will never die. Enjoy these songs from a long bygone, but truly wonderful, time. You will hear how broad my musical influences are. There are a few surprises in store.'

Full track listing:
•Oh Well
•I'm Just a Singer
•Never Before
•When A Blind Man Cries
•Let's Work Together
•Why Did You Do It
•I'm a Man
•Stay With Me
•Travellin' Band
•The Long and Winding Road
•Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt
•Rock 'n' Roll My Soul

A Merry Metal Christmas message from Saxon's Biff Byford

This message for Saxon fans posted over at Saxon's official site, including news that the band have parted ways with label, SPV and also of an interesting reference to meeting Lady GaGa!
This from the band's frontman and founding member:


Just want to wish all our fans around the world a Happy Christmas and a great New Year !

Just an update on what's been happening on planet Saxon ... We've been working hard on the new album, a big thank you to everyone at Hard Rock Hell who came to the show. We were stuck in the snow a day before the show so I went out and bought a 4x4 truck from the local garage so we could get there (that's dedication for you !). Unfortunately 2 days later the clutch went...

So I spent a cold lonely 3hrs on the A1 waiting for the AA man to turn up !

Got passes to see Lady Gaga for my daughter but she couldn't go so I went with our agent, Steve .. As we walked back stage we met the manager of heavy metal DJ Lady Starlight and a couple of members of the support act Semi-Precious Weapons and they invited us back to the dressing room for a drink. As we drained our glasses we said thanks and say hello to Lady Gaga from us The show was great, we went off to the back stage bar for another drink. Suddenly Lady Starlight came in and said that Lady Gaga would like to meet us, then we had a fantastic 50 mins with Miss Gaga who is a massive heavy rock fan and Saxon fan talking everything rock.
She's a great lady and it was a great privilege to meet her. I think she's put a picture on her twitter. Just Google Biff and Gaga and it'll come up.

(Photo courtesy of

Looking forward to the cruise and off back to Australia again in February and may have to do some recording over there on our days off ( no rest for the wicked ) and the new World tour starts in Greece.

We're not on SPV anymore and we're talking to different record companies around the world. It's important we find the right one for the band.
Keep the faith,
Biff Byford
For all things Saxon: 

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