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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday 2nd December, 2010

Hi all, this week has been a tough one with the day job and put simply, I'm working away from home, very long days and not really getting a chance to provide you wonderful folks with any updates.
Hopefully ..., maybe I can get you some update tomorrow Friday, but later today is doubtful.

Encouraging brief snippets I have on good authority I'll tell you now is that I do know three artists are working in their respective studios on new releases and they are:

UFO - New album expected in June 2011, some US tour dates starting in May 2011, as previously mentioned, are already listed at the bands site.

Brian Howe - Hard at work right now on new album follow up to the excellent 'Circus Bar.' Don't forget to check out his new Christmas single through iTunes, it does sound great! - See previous news item on Friday 26th November. Expect the odd live date from Brian here and there and I do know, he was hoping to play some European dates, but guessing that won't happen now until some time next year at the earliest.

Night Ranger - Currently working on new material.
They were a number of rumours and certain pointers that a covers release may be on it's way, especially with some of the cover tunes the band shared live this past year. Also, the bands website kind of gestures through a current site survey, asking what new material / new album would you like to hear from the band and cover tunes are included the answer options ... FYI - If you do the survey, you'll get 10% off any site item in the store! -
My understanding is that a cover tunes release from the band is not out of the question, but it's not next on the cards. The next one is planned to be new material, as a follow up to the excellent - IMHO - 'Hole in the Sun' release, that receive a very mixed reception from fans and reviewer alike elsewhere.

Interesting teasers for you? Sorry that's all I can give you right now.
Hope to give you more updates as I say Friday, at some point. Cheers!

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