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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brief update for Sunday 2nd January, 2011

Hi all, yes, it really is 2011! Can you believe it??!
Hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and survived New Years Eve, we feel like we need to hit that crash diet and get back on track as Christmas has been seriously laid back, but it's been a great time with family and friends.

Really been pretty sparse on the news front, as you've probably noticed ... I've been looking around each day to try and bring you folks something, but it's been all quiet more or less on all fronts, so here we are we're into the New Year now and off we go with a slight news update for you. Cheers, Al.

Glenn Hughes announces UK tour in Spring 2011

After two successful live shows with his latest 'supergroup' project, Black Country Communion in the UK in December, Glenn Hughes will return in Spring 2011, for a solo band tour, with some low key dates.
Here's the flyer from his site:

Official site:

UK rockers UFO provide update through newsletter

UFO who have recently played a brief UK tour during December including the UK's end of year hard rock festival, the fourth Hard Rock Hell event, recently announced plans in May to play the USA, but at this time only five dates have been confirmed:

May 2011
11th May - Baltimore - MD - Bourbon Street
13th May - New York - NY - B.B. Kings
14th May - Foxboro (Boston) - MA - The Showcase Live
20th May - Chicago/St. Charles - IL - The Arcada Theatre
21st May - Chicago/St. Charles - IL - The Arcada Theatre

Aside from these dates, the bands keyboard and guitarist Paul Raymond, has just posted a newsletter update, include tales of the recent tour, news on a new album for 2011 and more. this can be checked out over at Paul's site here:

To keep up with the bands activities:

Kansas melodic rockers Shooting Star to play rare live show

I literally just stumbled on this by chance, but if like me you enjoyed the music of Shooting Star you may be interested to know that the band will soon be playing a one off gig.
The band from Kansas who produced some excellent albums over the years, including 'Hang on for Your Life,' 'Silent Scream,' 'Three Wishes,' 'Leap of Faith,' 'Burning,' as well as the very good last studio release 'Circles' that featured classy vocalist Kevin Chalfant.
The band's current line up features:
Current Lineup:
Van McLain - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ronnie Platt - Lead Vocals
Dennis Laffoon - Keyboards/Vocals
Steve Thomas - Drums, Percussion
Ron Verlin - Bass
Janet Jameson- Violin/Vocals 

The one off gig will be as special guests to Dennis DeYoung on Valentines weekend, but not Valentines Day, on February 12th, 2011.

Date: February 12, 2010 Time: 8:00 pm
According to Dennis DeYoung's site it's at the Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce, Florida:

Sadly, Dennis DeYoung's site gives no mention of Shooting Star, but Shooting Star's MySpace page advertises the show here:

Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry taken ill

According to the BBC website, rock and roll legend Chuck Berry collapsed on stage in Chicago mid song.
The rock and roller now eighty four years old, has written some rock and roll classics, such as 'Roll Over Beethoven,' 'Johnny B. Goode' and 'Maybelline.'
There's various stories around the world on this, but here's a link to a Chicago news site:

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