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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday 11th January, 2011

Hello all, I just wanted to apologise to you for the recent lack of updates here on the site and yes, as well as today.

Along with the family, I've now been fighting sickness that's been switching owners in the Williams household for the past two months. I've had my latest bout since before Christmas.
You think you've got a bit of a cough and you can deal with it, then it keeps you - and your significant other! - up through the night, with the constant coughing comes the headache that won't bloody go away!
Then your cough gets wheezy and rattles the old chest cage!

I guess this affects us all differently but yesterday I went into work, still hacking away, but feeling worse than ever, but in a relatively new job, you don't want to lose it so you fight your way to work no matter what.
I was seriously struggling though and burning up ... Got into the doctors office for the first time in over six months or so and learned that I have pneumonia and that it was in my best interests to get home and rest!
I guess what they call the walking kind, but do I feel like crap, drained and like I'm going to cough up a lung.
Sorry, too much detail, but I plan on catching up soon ..., but right now, I'm getting dizzy writing this.
I hate being sick, who doesn't, but I thought that since there's not been updates as I typically do daily, that I'd share why.
Hope to get back to normal soon ... Thanks for the understanding folks. 

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