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Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th, 2011 - Gary Moore passes away

Gary Moore RIP
4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011

Gary Moore - He was without doubt, 'The Rocker.' - RIP

Absolutely devastated to have learned this today, that rock and blues guitar legend Gary Moore and yes, he has certainly become a legend over the years in my eyes and I'm sure in many others eyes too, has sadly just passed away aged just 58.

No further details on the cause of death at this time, but this was posted at the BBC website:

His own website has been closed with just this sad statement on the home page:

It is with deep sorrow and regret, that we have to announce that Gary Moore passed away while on holiday in Spain last night.
Our thoughts are with his children, family and friends at this sad time.
Gary Moore, RIP


More tributes to Gary Moore from Thin Lizzy bandmates:

It is with great sadness we hear of the passing of Gary Moore. Our thoughts go out to Gary's family at this time and our memories of Gary and his contribution to Thin Lizzy and music in general will live on forever.

Brian Downey: "I am in total shock. I have known Gary since 1967 when he was in Platform Three and he's been an amazing friend ever since. It was a pleasure to play with Gary again in 2006 after his days with Lizzy. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I just can't believe he is gone."

Scott Gorham: "Playing with Gary during the Black Rose era was a great experience, he was a great player and a great guy. I will miss him."

Here's my own feelings on Gary Moore, his past and the loss.
I first saw Gary Moore play in 1979 with Thin Lizzy on their 'Black Rose' tour, but I'd already heard his music on Lizzy's earlier material and his solo work.
His 'Back on the Streets' album released the same year as Lizzy's 'Black Rose' album, was a great blend of rock, blues and even jazz elements.
On that album he was joined by Thin Lizzy band mates, Phillip Lynott (RIP) and Brian Downey, not to mention the great talents of Don Airey on keyboards and Simon Phillips on drums, two great session musicians in their own right.

Gary Moore had such great ability to adapt to different styles, he even had a stab at techno, much to the disgust of many of his fans, with his 1999 release, 'A Different Beat.'
He was clearly most at home with his blues though and after releasing some absolutely brilliant rock albums in the 80's, in 'Corridors of Power,' 'Victims of the Future,' Run For Cover,' 'Wild Frontier' and 'After the War.'
Sadly he then went out and slammed all his previous rock music work as insignificant and that blues was the real, true music that he loved.

He went on to release blues albums such as, 'Still Got The Blues,' 'After Hours,' 'Blues for Greeny - A tribute to Peter Green,' 'Dark Days in Paradise' and more right up to his last studio release, 'Bad for You Baby' in 2008.

Strangely enough and to much joy of many rock fan, he decided to create a new rock project around 2002 that he called Scars and he agreed to play a rock set at the Monsters of Rock tour in the UK that years and from that came 'Live at the Monsters of Rock' in 2003.
He then went back to his blues again for a few albums, 'Power of the Blues,' 'Old New Ballads Blues,' 'Close as you Get' and the final studio release in  2008, the aforementioned 'Bad For You Baby.'

In 2010 he reformed his 'rock' band to tour heavily through Europe and even at that years 'High Voltage Festival' in London. 

Over the year while Phillip Lynott was alive, Gary Moore from time to time hooked up with his fellow Irish brother in music, to write some great songs that so many people loved as well.
Probably his best know collaboration with Phil was 'Parisienne Walkways' but many rock fans will know and love that collaboration best for 'Out in the Fields.'

Gary Moore was truly a great musician who will indeed be sadly missed by so many.
RIP Gary Moore, you were truly a great and believe me, your music will indeed live on, my sincere thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time.

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