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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thin Lizzy live in Detroit, Thursday March 31st, 2011 Live review

Thin Lizzy live in Detroit, The Soundboard, Thursday March 31st, 2011 - Live 'Guest' review

Well, this is perhaps a sore point with me, as many of you have already established, I've always been a bit of a Thin Lizzy fan ... That's really a huge understatement, I love Thin Lizzy!
Yes, I was supposed to be at this gig to review it but the story's getting old now, I know but I was in hospital ... Fortunately some good local muso friends of mine were there and both have since told me, what a great gig it was, after their initial concerns of going to see Lizzy, for them, for the first time without Phil Lynott fronting the band.

To many, the story has played back and forth that Lizzy without Phil should not be called Thin Lizzy, as Phil to so many including myself for the longest time WAS Thin Lizzy.
So old die hard fans say, the project should be called something else, but NOT Thin Lizzy.

Me personally, I saw four different Lizzy line ups that Phil Lynott fronted - Saw Phil's post-Lizzy band Grand Slam twice too. - since Phil passed on, I had seen Lizzy just once with the John Sykes / Scott Gorham fronted act. 
There was so much buzz about this 'new' Lizzy line up from many people, with many saying Ricky Warwick at times sounds scarily like Phil and both current bassist Marco Mendoza and Scott Gorham both telling me themselves that this line up just sounds and feels so fresh.
So what was it like? What would they play, after the Sykes / Gorham line up tended to play the safe 'Live and Dangerous' set ....
 Here's what my good friends Chris Le Boulch and Rob Lehman saw last Thursday night, you'll probably gather they are both guitarists. Sadly, no photos available.
Over to you guys for your guest review ...

Well, since this was a Casino gig, the first great thing was the venue offers free parking - with security cameras everywhere! - to encourage folks into the location and lose their money, usually ...
Ticket prices for this show had been set pretty reasonably, but we got wind of a very special promotion, just a few nights before the show of $10 tickets, no hidden fees, no extra charges, just $10! Can't knock that!
Editors note - No you bloody can't! I'm stunned!
The venue appears to be pretty intimate, with a pretty good seating plan, often rare for a lot of casino type venues and as we were ushered forwards, we were stunned! We got fourth row, center, killer!

 The sound system was great, very clear and the vocals all came through well.
 It really was a great show, Vivian Campbell on loan from Def Leppard and Scott Gorham formed a great guitar duo and amazed me with their harmonized guitar solos. Something that Lizzy were always famous for and always impressed with.

Vivian really is a great fit and I hope he returns to Lizzy after his duty with Def Leppard is finished. - Editors note: Scott tells me the band has offered an open door to Viv Campbell to return as and when he's ready.
Vivian played through a Mojave Scorpion head into a 4 x 12 cab and Scott used a couple Engl heads into some Engl cabinets. Both guitar players had great sound / tone. - Just for all the guitarist's reading this!  

There was a surprise for me, to see Brian Downey's double bass drum Tama kit, that brought back memories of all the early Lizzy pictures, especially inside the 'Live and Dangerous' liner notes. I realize he used Rogers kits back in the day, but this was a impressive looking kit. Brian hasn't lost a step on the drums and put together an excellent solo. Welcome back to the fold Brian!
Nice to hear the effect Darren Wharton had on the band on the song he co-wrote with Phil, 'Angel of Death.'  
Marco Mendoza is a tight fit in the rhythm section alongside Brian Downey too. 
Ricky Warwick is quite scary at how similar he sounds to Phil, quite often! 
I was always a believer that any form of Lizzy without Phil fronting the band, would simply not cut it, but this show has left me wanting more!
The Boys were certainly Back In Town and they rocked the joint! Go and see them, you won't regret it.
One last note, come back to Detroit guys, after all it is 'The' Rock City!

Here is the setlist from the soundboard. It seems to be the same set list that they've played in many other US cities.
Set list:
1. Are You Ready
2. Waiting for an Alibi - this song seemed to set the tone for a great show
3. Jailbreak
4. Do Anything You Want To
5. Don't Believe a Word
6. Dancing in the Moonlight
7. Massacre
8. Angel of Death
9. Still in Love with You - Darren Wharton / Ricky Warwick shared vocal duties.
10. Whiskey in the Jar
11. Emerald
12. Wild One
13. Sha-La-La-La - Marco Mendoza lead vocals
14. Cowboy Song /
15. The Boys Are Back in Town

16. Rosalie
17. Killer on the Loose
18. Black Rose

My huge thanks go out to both Chris and Rob for sharing their input on the show with me, although of course it makes me feel more gutted that I missed it.
Here's to the next Thin Lizzy North American tour! Come back soon guys!
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  1. Got a little project about the band :-)
    Maybe you can find the gigs that you saw on my website

    From Peter

  2. Hi Peter, great site, my local venue where I saw Lizzy the most was Portsmouth Guildhall.
    I also saw Lizzy at Southampton Gaumont, Brighton Centre and Stafford Bingley Hall.
    I saw Grand Slam twice too ...
    I looked at your tickets and I have the Black Rose (Portsmouth) stub, Christmas show Stafford Bingley Hall (W/Dave Flett & Midge Ure), Chinatown (3 Portsmouth, Southampton and Brighton), Renegade and Thunder & Lightning.
    Grand Slam Portsmouth Polytechnic and Crystal Palace. :)