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Thursday, June 23, 2011

White Lion Concert Anthology DVD / CD review

White Lion Concert Anthology DVD / CD review
Released on: MVD Visual / Dead line. Release date: Available now!

OK, this White Lion review is such a LONG time coming, seriously, this should’ve been posted a while back, but I have been so deluged in new material for review, it’s insane!
I know you’re all thinking, you lucky so and so and yes, I consider myself very lucky to be in this position but …, I do have a day job as well you know, which means I do have quite limited time to cover all of this great new music!
New albums for review are a lot easier, as they can go on in the car for ease of listening, DVD’s can seriously take a little longer to get to, especially if the other, my better half isn’t in the mood for checking all this music out and the kids are simply not quite old enough, to really appreciate music DVD’s … Yet! LOL!
Anyway, enough of my excuses, right, on to the product!

Here’s the thing with this DVD / CD set, White Lion 'Concert Anthology 1987 - 1991' you probably guessed already that I’ve been listening to the ‘bonus’ CD more so than checking out the DVD and you’d be absolutely right folks and there’s a little more as to why as well! The CD is a great compilation of – IMHO – this sorely overlooked and forgotten band, led by Mike Tramp on lead vocals and Vito Bratta on guitars, as to these ears – And maybe I’m losing it, but … - the mix on the CD sounds a little raw, almost fresher than the released, best known albums by this band, Pride, Big Game and Mane Attraction.
For those that didn’t know it too, Pride was actually a double platinum release and Big Game was gold certified. Very respectable sales indeed!
One thing that really also surprises me these days, is that seriously, as much as all the US classic rock and hard rock radio stations play so much of the 80’s bands, White Lion is one band that I can honestly say – Since moving here in 2000. – that I have NEVER heard played ONCE, on the radio.
I kid you not and I am stunned! Not even Wait, When the Children Cry or Lady of the Valley.
This package focuses on the period of 1987 – 1991, but also on the DVD captures some footage of Mike Tramp’s later band, Freak of Nature, who I really never heard but on seeing this footage I wish I had!
A great cover of Thin Lizzy’s Bad Reputation too, I was impressed!

The CD as I have already said, has been on and off, as a constant player in the car and it includes: Radar Love (2010 Version. Remixed?), Wait, When The Children Cry, All The Fallen Men, Broken Heart (Great track!), Cry For Freedom, El Salvador, Fight To Survive, Hungry, Lady of the Valley, You’re All That I Need and many more, well, five more anyway!
It really is a great compilation CD, no question, of some great tracks that I didn’t recall, I guess it’s been that long since I played any White Lion from my own collection. Personally, the CD alone was worth it to me!

The DVD on the other hand, is focused on two main shows and I personally would’ve preferred that this had been compiled with one concert’s footage first and then the other, but to be honest I think I understand why they did every other track, from each of the two shows in the running order. Chances are people may watch the New York show footage only and perhaps glance at the Japanese White Lion footage, but probably only once!
The footage from New York is great stuff, it really is. The video / camera work is great from that show, so why isn’t there more of that footage here, rather than the Japanese material which is really terrible quality. Perhaps to appeal to the Japanese buyers, who knows?

The DVD includes the following tracks, Hungry, Don’t Give Up, Lonely Nights, Sweet Little Lovin’, Broken Heart, Fight To Survive, Tell Me, All Join Our Hands, Wait, When The Children Cry, All You Need Is Rock ‘n’ Roll and All The Fallen Men.
There’s also the aforementioned live footage of Mike Tramp’s post White Lion band, Freak of Nature shot in Japan which is pretty good too.
It’s certainly better quality footage, viewing wise than the White Lion Japanese footage.

Additional extra’s here are the various interviews too, which overall, bring the running time to around two hours.
The band line up on this package is:
Mike Tramp – Vocals
Vito Bratta – (Great and underrated !) – Guitars
James Lomenzo – Bass
Greg D’Angelo – Drums

I think the fact that the CD was meant as a bonus to the DVD, it’s a great CD compilation, as I’d already mentioned.
The DVD for me also has enough highlights, that it’s clear to see the ability of the band, now gone with this line up but Mike Tramp is treading the live boards again now, with a new line up of White Lion, who would certainly be worth checking out if you ask me!

Certainly worth getting, for old and new fans of the band alike, is it perfect, no it’s not, but there is a lot of good stuff here to justify my rating to be honest.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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  1. szukam koncertu White Lion z Vito Bratta z Tokyo bardzo proszę o namiary jeśli ktoś posiada

  2. I guess I need to ask again folks, please try to post your message and requests in English ...
    Our Polish friend Maja that posted this was asking the question:

    "I am looking for a White Lion concert with Vito Bratta from the Tokyo show. I'll be very happy if anyone has leads ....'
    Can anyone help?

    Maja, this concert captures some footage from the Tokyo show.
    I would recommend that you try either Amazon or search the various bootleg sites, that you would find, through searching Google.
    You could type in Google search - - "White Lion live in Tokyo DVD" or if you are looking for a live CD, try searching with CD in the text, not DVD.
    I did this and lot of options came up. Good luck!