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Friday, August 19, 2011

Late News Update for Friday August 19th, 2011

Hi folks, thanks for all your patience with everything. Just last week I started a new day job, Rhonda's been doing extra hours too and the kids started their football / soccer training too, etc, etc ... So we have been really busy, phew!
We did catch Def Leppard with Heart on Wednesday night and that review went up earlier today, sadly no photo's as there was no photo pass given to cover the review. I even put a plea out on Leppard's FB page too, but no one was interested ... Ah well ...

I did want to add, I've been listening to the new Newman album, 'Under Southern Skies' and seriously, I just don't know how the man does it?! He just goes from strength to strength with each new album! If this one doesn't work wonders for him, then I don't know what it will take?!
Anyway, on we go! Cheers, enjoy your weekend! Al

Michael Schenker - Temple of Rock ... A few more details ...

New album due out October 11th, 2011 through Inakustik records.

With the new, forthcoming Michael Schenker album due to be released here in the US in October, it should be something very ... Interesting and hopefully special, as it will be loaded with special guests!

Michael Schenker has returned to add another flagstone to the mosaic of his creative work, this time taking a look back to his classic albums of the 80s. Punchy and compelling new tracks - ranging from unadorned, melodious hard rock to the occasional bluesy sound, 'Temple of Rock' is distinguished by an immense enthusiasm for guitar, its rich variety and the participation of international superstars. Guests include Leslie West (Mountain), Michael Amott, Carmine Appice, Chris Slade, William Shatner and more!

Tracklisting as follows:
How Long
Fallen Angel
Hanging On
The End of An Era
Miss Claustrophobia
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Storming In
Scene of Crime
Lover's Sinfony
Now Long
How Long (3 Generations Guitar Battle Version)

Release source information:

Official artist website:

Eagle Rock Reissues
DAVID COVERDALE 'White Snake' and 'North Winds' Re-issued On August 23, 2011


'White Snake' and 'North Winds' Re-issued On August 23, 2011

New York, NY—On August 23, Eagle Rock Entertainment will reissue David Coverdale’s solo albums. The history of British hard rock cannot be complete without the inclusion of these two primal and key studio releases.

When the vocalist left Deep Purple in 1976, he put his all into his first two solo albums, 1977’s White Snake and 1978’s North Winds. Exiled in Germany and unable to form a band, Coverdale recorded White Snake with the help of guitarist Micky Moody. Low-key and bluesy, the Roger Glover-produced album marked the first steps in the next phase of Coverdale’s highly successful career.
He wound up taking the name of his solo debut for his new band, which was already on tour by the time North Winds came out. The rest is history.

North Winds is widely considered one of Coverdale’s best. Also produced by Roger Glover, it reflects his growing confidence as he progressed his personal vision further into the realm of blues-based rock.

These albums show an artist in transition, brimming with creativity and vocal power. Intriguing, soulful, and delightfully rockin’, White Snake and North Winds have stood the test of time and sound as fresh and vibrant now as ever.

Track Listing:

White Snake:
1.) Lady
2.) Blindman
3.) Goldies Place
4.) Whitesnake
5.) Time On My Side
6.) Peace Lovin’ Man
7.) Sunny Days
8.) Hole In The Sky
9.) Celebration

Bonus Tracks:
10.) Peace Lovin’ Man (take 1)
11.) Sunny Days (take 1)

North Winds:
1.) Keep On Giving Me Love
2.) Northwinds
3.) Give Me Kindness
4.) Time & Again
5.) Queen Of Hearts
6.) Only My Soul
7.) Say You Love Me
8.) Breakdown

Bonus Tracks:
9.) Shame On The Devil
10.) Sweet Mistreater

JON LORD'S 'Sarabande' Re-issued On August 23


New York, NY (August 17, 2011)—On August 23, Eagle Rock Entertainment will re-release longtime Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord’s 1976 orchestral Sarabande album. A delectable slice of exotica, Sarabande is the culmination of Lord’s fascination with symphonic rock over the previous eight years. As his third solo album, Lord, with the help of the Hungarian Philharmonic as directed by Eberhard Schoener, crafts an intricate and complex all-instrumental web of musical adventure.

The eight tracks — “Fantasia,” “Sarabande,” “Aria,” “Gigue,” “Bouree,” “Pavane,” “Caprice” and “Finale” — clock in at 50 minutes with “Gigue” and “Bouree” each over 11 minutes long. “Bouree,” a Lord original, is not to be confused with Bach’s similarly titled piece. "I wrote that while living in America,” Lord told a Romanian journalist in Bucharest 2009. “It was inspired by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok’s `Romanian Dances.’ (The original bouree was a dance popular in Spain in the 17th Century.) (Mike found this online) “Gigue” is the most “rock” of the cuts, featuring a sizzling electric guitar solo over a rampaging rhythm track. “Pavane” contains a beautiful Spanish-styled acoustic guitar intro before Lord comes in with a bluesy yet softly meditative piano. “Finale” ends things in slam-band style, the orchestra firing on all cylinders.

Musicians used on Sarabande include bassist Paul Karass, percussionist Mark Nauseef, guitarist Andy Summers (prior to forming The Police) and drummer Pete York. Lord, who co-produced the album with Martin Birch, plays the Hammond B-3 organ, piano, clavinet and synthesizer.

The album was recorded between September 3 and 6 at the Stadthalle Oer-Erkenschwick in a small town near Dusseldorf in Germany using a mobile recording studio. Considering the whirlwind schedule of Deep Purple in 1976, it’s a wonder the adventurous musician had any time at all for this grandiose project!

An update from LA rockers Black Robot

Yes, after an impressive debut album from Black Robot, there's a new one right around the corner!
Well, OK, in the New Year anyway!

This from the band's MySpace newsletter:

Hey everyone!
 As you may know, we have been working on our new record for the past few weeks. We have recorded 19 new songs that we are totally excited about. There will be a new BLACK ROBOT record in the new year and no one is more anxious than us!
  If you haven't already, check out these short previews from the studio:

 Come "like" us on our official Facebook page:
for all the latest news and updates.

 You can also follow us on Twitter @BlackRobotMusic
  Your pals,


 Eagle Rock have set a September 13 release date for Paul Rodgers & Friends' Live At Montreux from 1994 on CD and DVD.

Paul Rodgers is one of the all-time rock'n'roll frontmen – Free, Bad Company and Queen.
His soulful bluesy style dominates his hits "All Right Now," "Feel Like Making Love," "Can't Get Enough," "Wishing Well," "Mr. Big," "Fire and Water," plus blues songs "Louisiana Blues," "Crossroads" and more.
Here, at the highly acclaimed Montreux Festival, he fronts an all-star lineup including Queen's Brian May, drummer Jason Bonham and Journey's Neal Schon other friends such as Toto's Steve Lukather plus bluesmen Eddie Kirkland and Luther Allison jam on some good ol' gutbucket blues. Rodgers was touring in support of his Muddy Water Blues album at the time which was Grammy Nominated that same year. There are seventeen tracks..with a rousing finale of Muddy's "Hoochie Coochie Man."

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