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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crashdïet – Generation Wild album review

Crashdïet – Generation Wild album review
Released on: Frontiers Records. Release Date: Available now

Yes, that's indeed a scary looking cover isn't it?
I’ve got to say this from the offset that this is an absolutely killer album, no really!
It really captures so many of the bands noted influences and much more!

Crashdïet has already had some sad history, after their original lead vocalist Dave Lepard committed suicide in 2006, but they managed to bounce back amazingly with the addition of Simon Cruz, who has a great voice if you ask me.
The band also features guitarist Martin Sweet, bassist Peter London and drummer Eric Young.

Here's the thing, I did not look at the band, before I listened to this or the album cover and seriously, honestly ..., if I had, perhaps I may not have given this much attention. I'm glad I did!

I also personally hear influences here that the band do not have mentioned in their press release and I like it, so, please keep that in mind before you turn away from this through looking at the band's image.

Opening after the intro warning sound like an impending alert of some intrusion or attack, it then leads into ‘Armageddon’ which rocks out in a manner not unlike say Ratt. Plenty of harmony vocals going on too and then when the pre-chorus hit, it’s loads of melody and then the chorus proper, give a massive big vocal assault.
The track overall is a hard rocking, sub-metal number with loads of melody.
The strange thing about lead vocalist Simon Cruz’ voice is not just the range but the different styles that he applies across the whole album. Great opening track, it really is!

‘So Alive’ next starts with a riff that could Judas Priest or any other metal act, but the verse and chorus combination has a sound, that while heavy is melodic enough that it could be something from the Bon Jovi back catalogue.
These guys have certainly got the knack for writing commercial / hook driven songs, no question, big harmonies throughout too, all power to them, they have a great sound overall.

Title track ‘Generation Wild’ again while having a heavy edge, has loads of melody and I love the chorus and the song overall to be honest. Great track!

These guys influences are very strong, even if not intentionally, I hear Ratt, Scorpions, Treat, Saxon, White Lion, Motley Crue, in fact loads of the big L.A. type sound too, yet there’s big melodic influences even like Honeymoon Suite if you ask me … I’ll get to that in a minute.

‘Rebel’ next is a short and sweet out and out rocker that has a riff that the aforementioned Saxon could be proud of.

OK, I mentioned Honeymoon Suite didn’t I? Well, when I first heard ‘Save Her’ I thought somehow Frontiers had got a new Honeymoon Suite track in the mix, as this totally sounds like something off ‘Racing After Midnight’ or ‘Big Prize,’ it’s killer!
I don’t care if this band sounds like a load of others, the songs are so strong, it’s hard not to sing along.

‘Down with the Dust’ is an up tempo rocker that reminds me a lot of White Lion meets 80’s era Scorpions, of course done in Crashdïet’s own way. Great stuff indeed!

The dirty sleazy LA glam sound is hugely present on ‘Native Nature.’ It’s a big edgy rocker without question.

‘Chemical’ up next is a more melodic type rocker, with an almost alternative edge, but at times Simon Cruz sounds a little like Johnnie Dee (Honeymoon Suite) again here. Still sounds good to me.

Another more melodic mid paced glam like rocker next in ‘Bound To Fall.’ Nice guitar work from Martin Sweet here and again big harmony vocals make it another strong number.

Last track here is ‘Beautiful Pain,’ which is a big old power ballad in the bands own style, to close things out here.

I’ve never heard these guys before, but apparently they’ve been around since 2000 and this is their third album, I recommend this album and look forward to hearing what they put out next! You go guys!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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