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Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick note update for Monday October 17th, 2011

Yes, I'm Back!!!

Hi folks, it's great to be back home and good that now I can FINALLY access 'Chambers of Rock!'
The Chinese authorities see fit to ban access to any blog sites in China, so 'Chambers of Rock' had to take some unplanned downtime, but I am back now!
Albeit a little jetlagged, as my fourteen hour flight only got in this afternoon, so give me a little longer to get up to speed, say 'Hi' to my family that I've missed for the passed week and 'Chambers of Rock' will be up to date again very soon. Sound good?
Facebook and MySpace are likewise blocked and restricted accordingly too, so I couldn't even post anything there to let folks know.

Cheers folks and thanks for your continued support, updates coming soon.
Al :)

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