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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brief News Update for Wednesday 7th December, 2011

Cozy Powell - New documentary on legendary drummer
Cozy Powell photo
Yes, friends of mine out there who know me best, would know all too well that anything happening that relates to the legendary, late, great rock drummer, Cozy Powell RIP (Jeff Beck, Rainbow, M.S.G., Whitesnake, E.L.P., Black Sabbath and many more!), would clearly get my attention!
When I started drumming, around 15 years old, Cozy Powell was the guy that had already impressed me in my younger years, during the mid 70's, with his solo UK hits, 'Dance With The Devil' and 'The Man In Black.'
I could talk for hours on Cozy Powell, I really could as he did inspire me and I was fortunate enough to have seen him live with Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group and Whitesnake and he always impressed!
Sadly Cozy was killed in a tragic car accident in 1998, after leaving a recording session with the Peter Green's (Fleetwood Mac) Splinter Group.
Some wonderful news to me, that a friend mentioned to me on Tuesday, was that there was going to be a new documentary on Cozy Powell and that I should look into it.
Here are the details that I found at the official Cozy Powell website:
Cozy Powell Documentary Under Production
Apparently, there’s an all new Cozy Powell documentary under production. It’s just started, so it won’t be out for awhile yet, but, there is a teaser trailer available, follow the link below.
Once we get closer to release, there will be more to say here.

'A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of one of Britain’s most acknowledged and respected hard rock drummers of all time, Cozy Powell.
Featuring exclusive and extensive interviews with family, friends, work associates and fans, inbetween various archival footage, “Dance with the Devil – The Cozy Powell Story” will be an essential, in-depth and personal account of the man who, from humble beginnings, would go on to play an essential part in British and American rock drumming by playing in and alongside multiple bands and solo artists including Jeff Beck, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath and Brian May, as well as his own solo recordings including his signature instrumental “Dance With The Devil”, up until his tragic death in 1998.'

The documentary is being made by independant film maker, Lee Hutchings and the trailer for the film, can be found by following this link right here:

I for one, cannot wait to see this and ultimately, own a copy!

Beggars and Thieves
"We Come Undone"
Official video:
Taken from the album, 'We are the Brokenhearted,' out now on Frontiers records.

Special Guests:
Ron Keel, Jake E. Lee, Blas Elias, Sunset Thomas and Paul Shortino.

For more on this and all Frontiers releases, go to: 


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