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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Note for Thursday December 1st, 2011

Hi folks,

Sorry, lack of news updates for today, so I thought it's time to stand on the old soapbox!

Well, the Grammy's last night, what a huge disappointment!
So much hype about Van Halen 'possibly' being on there and then there was nothing!
What a wasted hour of anyone's life that you'll never get back, sitting through so much dirge!
The person from the Grammy's organisation that Tweeted that message, weeks back now, to get everyone thinking we'd see Van Halen should be fired for sure or at least endure some form of reprimand, what a joke and farce ...

Honestly, as I was sitting there listening to all these nominations, it was all dance, rap or country, no rock and as the show rolled on I thought to myself, there's no way they're going to slot Van Halen in amongst all this, surely ...?
They would stand out, like a sore thumb!

You know, there was one reference to rock and that was for the Foo Fighters album, under album of the year nominations, but that was it.

It's really sad how 'bad' the music scene or should that be music industry is now, it really is, yet year in, year out when gives it's results of Best Selling tours, then you see the real deal and this past summer / fall, I know has had some cracking multi-band bills passing through all the US cities.
I know Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show, Sirius XM's Boneyard - US rockers will know who I mean.), is constantly ranting about what a joke the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions are and it must be said, when you see who does get inducted in there, you have to ask, how come there's no inductions for the achievements of Deep Purple, Rush or Kiss as just three major examples.

For us rockers there was - That I recall ... - Def Leppard with Heart, Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger, Whitesnake with Tesla, Alice Cooper with Ace Frehley (At least in Detroit anyway!), for metal fans there was the Big Four Tour too. Then from early Fall and over the past two / three months, Judas Priest went through with Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy.
Some really great, impressive shows indeed!
I know there was no doubt many more, but we were really tight for cash this year, so we had to basically look away, while others went along and enjoyed themselves ... You lucky people!

My point on those live summer packages, is that anyone that was there will speak up with me, to say how packed those events were, sold out or very close to it and through all the industry awards, Grammys, Billboard, etc, etc, the fact that many classic rock acts have more than proven their longevity, goes without saying to you and I, sadly, these events - With the exception of - are rarely if ever referenced.
So these days as in recent years, sadly, rock bands get hugely ignored by the majority of the industry.
I think it's time for Ticketmaster and Live Nation to start having their award show, for the top selling tours of the summer, what do you think people?

OK, I'm done for now.
Hope to get some more album reviews up for you all soon and of course, news items as I get them.

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