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Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick Note for Monday January 16th, 2012

Hi folks,
Well, hope you all had a great weekend, ours was busy ...
As you can see, no news items for today but hoping tomorrow I can bring you something worth reading.

Scouring the website and the few email notes I received since Saturday, there really wasn't too much to share, so what little I had I felt best to carry over for Tuesday's update.

For long time readers, you may recall I mentioned about a local radio station wanting to interview me - I know, it shocked me too! LOL! ;-) - well, the show is to be pre-recorded for broadcast in a month or so ... Yes, I'm none the wiser to when it will see light of day, BUT ... I will be doing the recording of said interview tomorrow.
I can share with you the site of the show that it will be happening on and that is:

It should be interesting, the good news for all of you is that it is short, just 30 minutes and so I will be limited to how much I will drone on for!
When it is due to air - Hopefully I will learn before it does. - I will let you know.
Meantime, that's it from me for today, cheers,

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