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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slight Update for Tuesday 7th February, 2012

Well today it's been a rough day ..., kind of.
Stayed home to watch our daughter who was sick at school yesterday and asleep by 6.30pm last night.

About 25% of the people at my work yesterday were either off sick already or were hacking or sneezing pretty good in our place ... Nice ...
This morning I wasn't 100% but knew I'd be home watching our girl and as the day has gone on, the sinuses are feeling blocked, my head is just thick with cold and I have the lousiest headache ... Aches and pains too, not good, time to throw some meds down the gullet!

Not much new to share really either anyway, except I'm sure the curious among you have already picked up the new Van Halen that got it's US release today ... Not me, I don't have it ...
Don't have a management contact there either, so a review is unlikely. - We're watching the cash right now ... - Various reasons. - so I'm not likely to pick up a copy at this point either, anyway, plenty of other stuff to get through as it is!
Cheers, Al

Brief update notes only, Tours 2012 ....!

Rikki Rockett has confirmed Poison will tour with Def Leppard this summer ... Should be fun.
No dates revealed at this time though ....

Joe Perry announced that Aerosmith will tour this summer too, but not until after frontman Steven Tyler finishes up his duties asAmerican Idol judge. “AEROSMITH U.S. TOUR STARTS IN JUNE! tickets on sale in March,” Perry tweeted on Monday night. 

Nothing else about the tour though — including dates, venues, opening acts and length — has been revealed. It seems like the run could sync up nicely with the new Aerosmith album, which Perry recently said “has a feel like some of the early stuff” because they’re once again working with producer Jack Douglas ( who worked with the band on ‘Toys in the Attic,’ ‘Rocks’ and more).
We'll see:

Meanwhile after all the rumours on Kiss with Motley Crue, there's no further update ...
Hmmm ...

I also believe Metallica will tour the US this summer too,  European dates have already been confirmed and they have just made their new EP available as well:

If you're a Steve Miller Band fan, he's got dates being lined up too:

Toto slight update

In my conversation with Toto's David Paich last weekend, he did tell me that while there are no plans for a Toto album of new material, it's possible that they could do something with some special guests that may even include some previously unreleased material.

David has also shared this on Facebook about the whole MusiCares project he's been working with Paul McCartney on:

'The MusiCares concert is coming along great! The final line up is: Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Alyson Krauss, Tony Bennett, Neil Young, Katy Perry, Norah Jones, Sergio Mendes, Coldplay, James Taylor, Diana Krall and of course the man of the night - Paul McCartney. I'll try to get my nephew to take some pics or vids of the rehearsals for you guys. Have a great week everyone!'

They are also hopeful that they can line up some US live dates, which I was very pleased to hear, although as of right now, there's just a couple that are almost confirmed, one is at a big event in Denver, Colorado ...
I also hope the discussed possible US double bill that sounded a great idea, comes off too ...
Not really a hard rock act, but possibly a good match with Toto ... I'll go! 

Keep up with Toto news here though:

UK rockers Newman live stuff for 2012

Wrapping up, for UK and European fans of the band Newman - Yes, my old mate Steve Newman! - he said that he doesn't currently plan on releasing any new album this year - At this point in time. - after last year's classy 'Under Southern Skies' studio album the limited edition, 'Another Step Closer - Live at Firefest' CD, the Newman band's focus is going to be on live appearances.

Right now there are just four dates confirmed, but more are - Hopefully - being worked out ....

Official website:

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