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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brief Note for Tuesday March 13th, 2012

Hey folks,
Sorry, I know you're looking for some updates but everything is crazy right now, planning ahead for our visit to the UK next week for my Mum's funeral, work stuff and more, it's been tough.
In all honesty though, not too many newsworthy things of note to plug in a news posting right now.

In the middle of an album review - Typing up outside of this short note. - and was hoping that someone was going to help me out with typing up some of my interviews, but this has again hit a snag and each time someone does the initial 'volunteering' act ... They then start trying to do it and they realise just how much work is involved and then it's passed back to 'yours truly ...'
There simply isn't enough hours in the day to get through all the review materials, interviews and news updates, so it is what it is folks.
Anyone that works a dayjob, has a young family and tries to get through all this, will most likely tell you the same thing.

Updates will come as I can get to them folks, so apologies if there's not an update everyday, it's just how it is.
I do have some more giveaways coming up soon though, so keep checking in, OK?
All the best, cheers, Al

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